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Found 16 results

  1. We are a small NW museum. We believe this rod to have been built 1920-30 based on what little provenance we have. The guides are expertly attached. The fancy work at the butt of the pole mimics that done by sailors for a hundred years or more. The reel seat is a mystery. The guides too are a mystery. The signature area at the front of the butt has not yielded to our research. We think the rod was probably built to be a salmon rod, the base is 3/4 inch in width. We appreciate information on the guides, pole identification, and/or the reel seat.
  2. Like new, got this from a board member only used 2-3 times to troll. Awesome reel, perfect for trolling line counter is great for measuring distance. Needs a new home! $100 pickup NorCal + $15 shipping lower48
  3. Taking trim in mid-late June to Talkeetna with 4-8 guys. It is part of a larger trip, so this will be a couple day side trip. We are looking for help with lodging and guides. I'd say a mid-priced trip. So not an all-inclusive trip with high end food. We would do a package trip of lodging and fishing, or book them separately. Given the time of year I think trout will be the primary target but love to get into some salmon too. Let me know if you think we will have a decent shot at some salmon. Thanks for the help
  4. I was looking thru a Mepps catalog I got the other day and saw these called Flying C. Made for West Coast salmon fishing but my mind went right to fluke & weakfish! Tons of colors & combos. 5/8s & 7/8s weight. Treble or single hook. Single hook is a Permasteel hook and I think the hook is replaceable. I was thinking maybe a squid strip or some GULP. Any West Coast folk out there tried these? How do they hold up with saltwater? Any strength issues? I did order some so I'll try em myself.
  5. Any source with metal lure bodies above 1/2 oz? I'm making Flying C or spinner lures for salmon fishing. I can't find the same shrinkwrap latex tubes either expect in UK. Mostly interested in the lure weights.
  6. Hey guys, Sorry to beat a dead horse some more but I was hoping to get some help with deciding what baitcaster to buy next. I fish the surf for Coho and Chinook, and sometimes off a rock jetty but just as often I am waded to my knees and being pounded by waves. I've been using Daiwa BG which is amazing for its salt resistant qualities in the meantime, and Abu Ambassadeur 5601 C3 which take a beating and stop working so fast, even with maintenance. It's always the anti-reverse bearings that stop working and can't really be maintained since the bearing housing is plastic with little plastic V springs which bend when you try to clean them, or the main gears end up going. I maintain them every few days sometimes but it doesn't seem to matter as water wicks up my line and directly into the reel or waves hit me and get it wet, and the thing just lets water right in. I fish the surf hard in the summer, sometimes 8 hours a day,5 days a week casting lures from 7 grams to about 28 grams (ounce) max. I would like a casting reel as I can get further distance with 15lb mono and I land far more Coho on mono as they flip around like crazy at the shore and pop off with braid. Spinning works with 20lb braid for distance but I find I lose more fish on it even with a mono shock leader. I've read tons over the past week on these and other forums and have come to the conclusion that there is no salt sealed baitcaster as the spool needs to be free to spin, so water will always enter there. I am leaning towards a Daiwa lexa 300 HD Left hand, or a Daiwa Coastal tws 200 left hand/ sv tw 150 left hand, or an Abu revo 4 inshore. I am sort of leaning towards the lexa 300 HD but I just can't choose. If they all will take water and need maintenance I am even tempted to just replace the 5601 c3 parts but it's very annoying having to buy a whole new side plate for 40$ to replace the anti-reverse (I don't have access to a press to press the bearing out, I am in an apartment), and new gears for 50$. Almost may as well buy a whole new reel at that point. Any advice is appreciated, open to other reels too. I am in Canada. Looking to spend 300$ Canadian, could got a little over. Looking for sheer casting distance with 7 grams to 20 grams on average (sinker with 6 foot leader to a weightless size 5 spinner), salt will be getting into the reel so maybe ease of maintenance, and DURABILITY of the parts being the most important I reckon. Thanks!!!
  7. WTS two Diawa Great Lakes System 8'6" graphite trolling rods and two Daiwa Sealine Great Lakes 47 LC Reels. Both reels are in excellent condition and both rods are in good condition with normal signs of wear. Meet up in Providence -Cash. Two Rods: $30 for both Two Reels: $30 for both Take Everything: $40 total Happy Holidays
  8. Hello All, i am going to be traveling to Whidbey Island For two weeks for work, I am going to have two full wknds out there... I am being an 8WT and 9WT set up with me... I am very new to fly fishing... wasn’t sure if anyone would be willing to through me some pointers and or some spots to check out. I started fly fishing this year, I head out west a lot for work now so I’ve been trying trout fish... I have gotten fish to rise but nothing to report as far as any catch and releases. I always go to a couple local fly shops and ask around and buy a cpl flies to try and get some information from some locals. I am being told the Salmon should still be running and Coho will be around as well. Thank you and tight lines.
  9. I’m heading to Sitka in the summer for work and am looking to tack be a a few days of river fishing for salmon. Anyone have a guide/outfitters recommendation?
  10. $175 Shipped east coast St. Croix Avid AVS96MLF2 9’-6” Medium Lite Power Fast Action, 2-piece 6-10# 1/8-5/8oz like new condition, great steelhead/salmon rod
  11. Hey all. A friend recommended this forum. Just moved to Pacifica CA, and I've heard stripers, salmon, and crab are pretty plentiful here. I live about an 8 minute walk to Linda Mar Beach, so looking up to load my wagon on the weekends and do some shore fishing. What's good to catch in March? Anything bite consistently throughout the year at this beach? Any general tips for good fishing here? Thanks!
  12. (2) Diawa Sealine 17 reels on Okuma Kokanee 7ft Light action downrigger trolling rods in excellent condition. Reels spooled with 10lb flourocarbon. $115 per combo. 2) Diawa Sealine 27 reels on Okuma 8" 6" 2 piece ML trolling rods. Reels spooled with 8 colors of Suffix Performance 12lb leadcore. $100 per combo. Setups only used 5-6 times in freshwater trolling on Lake Winnipisaukee. Great set ups for trolling for land locked salmon and lake trout. Selling because we sold boat. Prefer to meet in person somewhere in Northeast MA or Southern NH but will ship on buyers dime.
  13. What kind of rod would I need for salmon fishing? Big salmon.
  14. What are all your secrets ? Looking to escape the crowds and hit the quabbin with my son every week end till closing. Loooking for any tips your willing to share. Thanks in advance!
  15. Is it just me or is anybody else becoming upset with the slashing of Salmon with swords on the tv show Forged in Fire ? I don't know the origin of the fish but in one show alone they went through 6 large fish . I wish i knew someone there so i could find out more about what happens to the fish afterwords . I just hope these fishes are not going to waist . One thing is certain , every time i see it , the more upset i get . Forged in Fire goes on air on the History Channel . I love the show but this part of cutting through the fish just to see if the sword is sharp enough is sure driving me nuts !
  16. Hey everyone I am just starting up surf fishing and I am going to Half Moon Bay soon to try it out. I am used to mountain fishing and flyfishing as this is my first time at the surf. So I was curious how to catch different types of fish in this area? What you can catch? And if you recommend bait or lures, and the different setups on your line for the bait or lure. Also which lurse do you recommend? I will be using a 10 foot and 9 foot Okuma Surf Rod. They both use 30 pound braided line. And are supposed to use 2-4 ounce for the 9 foot and 2-5 ounce for the 10 foot.
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