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Found 89 results

  1. WTS my like new St. Croix Legend Surf rod. 11ft rated 3-8 oz, 2-pc, medium-heavy/Moderate action. Rod was only used a few times. Absolutely perfect, only light marks from being stored. $350 picked up.
  2. Hi, I am looking for a used Airwave Elite 9'6" shipped (tried locally and no biters- zip 11225). If rod have broken guides, or lost a bit of the tip, but the blank is sound I am also interested. If you have one please post the condition and price. I can pay through PP. Thank you for looking
  3. Brand New never used custom Lamiglas fishing rod. Local pickup Islip terrace, Ny $450 Length: 9' Pcs. 1 Line Wt. 12-25 Lure Wt. 1/2 - 2 Butt Dia. 0.690 Tip Size 6.5 Avg Wt. 5.0
  4. some new rods from lami
  5. I have one of these Daiwa Ballistic Rod Blanks (model number is SA-BS 33-405 B) and decided sell it since I never got around to building it... I was told this is the "better" early version that was made in Thailand. Still in the original plastic packaging but bag has been opened. "These rods are great because they are in 3 pieces but when you put them together they feel like one piece." On most websites these are listed for $350+ each. Looking to sell this for $250 including shipping, insurance and tracking.
  6. WTS Mojo 8' Surf Rod Rated 3/4-3 oz. Good condition. Has some cosmetic scuffs after 3 years use. Pick it up for $50 cash in Providence RI. What: Used Mojo 8' Surf 3/4-3 oz. Price: $50 cash Where: Providence Thanks for Looking!
  7. (Brand new) Lamiglas super surf 2g pro for sale. 11ft rod rated 2-6oz. Still in bag with all tags attached to it. Looking for $420. Thank you.
  8. I'm looking for a power wrapper in good working condition. Thanks in advance.
  9. Does anyone own/know about the Tica Striper Collector series rods? My local shop has a WIGA70MH2S (7ft MH, 2peice) on clearance for $40 and it seems like a cool little rod. Rated 3/4-3oz and has a nice longer butt section. I don't particularly need it but..... well I don't think I need to explain
  10. Looking to see if anyone has the bottom half of the 10'6" TFO surf rod (blue). I broke the bottom of mine, hoping someone else sent one in for warranty when their top broke and has an extra bottom laying around. Thanks for looking.
  11. Looking for a previously owned 2-rod rack a rod. Thank in advance
  12. I'm looking for old Ugly Stik Bigwater series one piece 7' rods specifically the BWS1102 spinning rod and BWB1140 boat rod. I'm located in Boston, MA. Would prefer to pickup, but willing to have shipped if reasonable. Will be in NJ next weekend.
  13. Hey guys, first time poster here, long time fisherman. Born and raised on Cape Cod, I’ve been fishing for over 20 years, 10 of which I’d consider “serious”, and figured I’d try to make my first post here somewhat interesting and informative. * This past spring I had contacted Lou Caruso about a potential build for an all-around Cape Cod Canal rod. Something similar to a Slingshot 1328 (which I had already owned). Lou being Lou is much more in tune with new companies and the quality of the blanks being released. I told him what I’d be looking for out of a rod, what I threw for plugs/jigs/Swimmers etc, and Lou turned me onto ODM, specifically the 11’ 4-10oz Jigster. He spoke of the incredibly wide range this blank can throw, its ability to lean on fish in the tide, and he thought it would be a perfect fit for what I was looking for. I didn’t want be that guy with 17 rods in his bike, and really wanted to narrow it down to just 2-3 max (one being a lighter schoolie/albie setup). Rated for up to 33 pounds of drag and 4-10oz lures I was expecting this blank to be a heavy telephone pole, and frankly had my doubts. I contacted CMS and had the opportunity to throw their 10’ model with a variety of my stuff, and immediately put a build into place. So after being paired with a Saltiga 6500h, over the next 2 months of fishing I would throw everything from SP minnows (the 1 7/8oz salt pro) to 7.5 oz. Bill Hurley’s (paddle tail included), and even an 8 oz trolling stick shad, jigging, plugging, and taking fish up to 44 pounds in moontides, I can say without question this blank is incredible. I own Century rods, Lamiglas, Cousins/Ron Arra, St. Croix, and TFO and you can see me fishing them in any of my videos. This was the first time I felt compelled to make a video about a product just to show people what it could do. It’s not a technical video, just casting a multitude of plugs and jigs before showing the Jigster take down a #35 on a 3 oz pencil. Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a jigging only rod. A big thanks to CMS for doing such quality work, the seamless transitions and wrapping done is beautiful. So take the video for what it’s worth. This is directed mainly at my fellow canal rats as another potential option to consider. I look forward to becoming a contributing member of this forum!
  14. I have an el cheapo 7 ft MH Daiwa Samurai rod that cost me about $15 that I use for snagging bunker and it casts a crazy mile. I've had people around me oohing and ahhhing as I cast that snagger into the next town over. :P I also have a 6,6 ft MH Shimano Voltaeus that I bought on sale for $20. There's a youtube video of a guy catching a 100 lb shark with it. I like it when I want something stout and short to fish with in a hurry from a pier.
  15. I need to replace a guide in one of my rods. I am new to Rhode Island. Is there any shop in Narraganset who can do the job? Thank you
  16. Im selling my chunking rod, had it for years just collecting dust. Used only a few times. $100 picked up on long island.
  17. I have a like new condition st croix mojo musky casting rod. It’s been used less than a dozen times over the year and a half I’ve owned it. I’m selling it because it’s too heavy of a rod for my fishing style anymore. Specs are 40-80 lb test, heavy power, 3-8 ounces, 8 feet. Retail is $170 I’ll sell it for $120. Local pickup only. I’m just outside of Philly.
  18. WTB/ WTT for either TFO or Fenwick Inshore Rod Looking for either one of these rods TFO: TAC INSHORE # TAC ISS 806-1 Fenwick: Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore Spinning # ETIN76MH-FS Have a Tica 10' Surge Surf or a Tsunami Airwave Elite 9' 3" that can be included with cash.
  19. Hey everyone, this is my first post so please don't kill me just yet! I currently fish the nj surf with a St Croix Avid Surf 9'6" 2-6oz. It is an absolutely amazing rod and I love the action, but the other day I took it out to a field to measure my casts, and I was underwhelmed. I always thought that, despite the rod ratings, it threw bucktails and soft plastics pretty far. I never really had an issue not reaching fish and was impressed at how well it threw the lighter jigs. Well on the field, the 1oz & 1.5oz bucktails and plastics only flew around 60yards with no wind. Even mag darters only flew 70ish yards. The 1 ounce metal flew about 90yds, and 2oz flew easily over 100yds. Now I know that these distances arent that bad, but my friend was casting beside me with his st croix legend surf rated 1-4, and the same bucktails and plastics flew an easy 80yds. We both have the same casting technique and we both were using 40lb pp braid. So here is my question: should I sell my avid and upgrade to the 10' 1-4oz version or just suck it up and continue fishing how I have been? and If the answer is to sell and get the lighter rating, what rods rated 1-4oz and around the same price (about $300) would you recommend? Thanks Everyone!
  20. Trying this again with price dropped. Lightly used Sage Response 8'6" 4 weight 4 piece rod with tube. $200 picked up western Essex County or Secaucus (where I work). Add $10 if shipping to continental US. The model shows 476-4, 7'6" but per the picture with tape measure it's 8'6". Great rod. Cash, postal/bank check, or PayPal. Thanks, MaCe1
  21. Models I am interested in: TAC ISS 765-1 GIS SCS 1065-2 I can meet in MA, RI, North Eastern CT. Open to shipping as well. Thanks!
  22. Yo, I want to get into shark fishing from the surf for small/medium sharks, 4/6 feet. I need to get a rod, but I'm not sure which one to get. I don't want to spend more than $100. I was looking on Tackle Direct and after filtering surf rods to being 10-12 feet long w/ medium-heavy to heavy power, I came down to this list: - Penn Prevail 11 foot - Penn Prevail 12 foot - Star Aerial 11 foot - Ugly Stik Bigwater 11 foot - Tsunami trophy surf rod 11 foot (it's normally $130 but right now it's on sale for $90) - Daiwa Emcast - Daiwa Emblem 11 foot Any opinion on which one is best or any idea of another rod that can hurl baits and lead out into the surf and handle some big fish? Thanks gents
  23. Just got my first nice rod for surfcasting. It's rated for something like 2 oz total, and I think that is pretty common for a lot of the rods y'all have recommended here. And yet I see many people using rigs with pyramid or drop weights that are more than those two ounces. What am I missing? By how much is it safe to exceed that rating? Under what circumstances? Only weights? Or only lures? Only when throwing old pieces of fruitcake?
  24. What is everyone using to fish Blackfish? Never fished them before until Saturday Morning off a local Jetty. Much more powerful than i expected and the excitement of getting them up and out of the structure was fun.. Feel free to add photos and suggestions/ explanations of why you use that combo.