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Found 4 results

  1. I was at a Fisherman's Marine supply store and saw these on sale for 20% off - 11' MH and 12' MH Daiwa Emcast Surf (new model "A"). The rods are lighter than the originals and the blanks look very different. Also the guides are nicer and there are more of them. 2 piece. So I picked both up for $150 ($70, $80) to use as back-ups. Have to say I am impressed with the newer lighter blanks and the components (except for the reel seat) appear to be an improvement over the older model Emcast. The guide layout is decent, but the first collector guide is a bit too low on the blank. The top part of the handle/grip is a bit too thin for comfort (I have big hands). The 12' Medium Heavy and 11' Medium Heavy are both marked 3-6oz. I have the 11' paired with a Daiwa BG 5000, and the 12' paired with the Daiwa Emcast Surf 5500 distance spinning reel. The reel seat is the new cheaper plastic molded seat Daiwa is starting to use on their budget rods. It will not accept some larger spinning reel feet. I have used some other moderate and budget rods - Tsunami Airwave, Ticas etc - but these are lighter and seem stronger. Only wish the reel seat were nicer and the collector guide was higher up on the blank. Time will tell if these hold up but I think they are nice rods - in particular the ferrule fit is very close tolerance and snug. The blanks look similar to the Shimano Tiralejo blanks but the tips are more flexible. Decent rods especially for the money, IMO.
  2. I'm new to building and am really enjoying it. I've purchased one of the all in one kits from Mudhole and just finished that up...not the best but should be able to catch fish but won't look pretty doing it. My next step was to purchase a couple of cheap blanks from Mudhole at 50% off... 5'4" Graphite Spin/Jig Blank - SRB-2 SKU: #SRB-2 5'4" | 8-15 lb. | Moderate Action | Medium Power | 1 Piece | 6 Tip | 0.490 Butt | 12” Metallic Silver Butt Section At $17 bucks...I didn't think it was a bad deal, plus being graphite, I might luck out with a decent rod. My goal was to improve my wrapping skills at using a low budget...I had already the rest of the stuff from the other project, just picked up some guides and a kit handle. It turned out better than I thought and the rod itself was pretty nice for the price. Has anyone else used this blank? What were your impressions of it? I'm thinking about a river/back bay rod... I was thinking about picking up a few more while they are still on sale...Would like to make a few more for my kids...they seem to be enjoying this. Thanks for your feedback. Dave
  3. As modern fishermen, there is a plethora of gear available for us to purchase. However, most of us have limited funds which makes us cautious about the things we buy. We often scour through forums to find evidence justifying our purchases and to acquire information about products that interest us. Although there is certainly great advice to be found, I see many responses that lack any real evidence or logic behind them. People often respond "I heard that that rod is terrible", or that it "doesn't hold up", but they fail to offer any real evidence. Many of them might have experience with these products, but just don't mention the specifics, they just give their opinion. Other times, I feel the reviews of a few people propagate, spreading to become a collective opinion that's not evidenced by reality. Almost like a Pyramid scheme, where a leader recruits a bunch of followers based on empty promises. The point of all this is that while have a great resource available to us, the quality of the information that we give determines the quality that we get. This is of course a community where people have fun and converse casually, but it is also a reference where a lot people look for advice. In conclusion, I urge you to think about your responses, try to provide as much sound information as possible and think about the context in which they will be read. Make evidenced and clear remarks about products or don't put them up at all. It will make this site a better place for all of us to learn and reference when we need to and it will cut out all the bull s*** people looking for answers have to read through. This site rules! I am not trying to rain on anyone's parade. I just think some posts could be a little more refined. Opinions anyone? Anyone buy something that people said would suck and love it? The opposite?
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