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Found 8 results

  1. I was fishing last night in MA and there was a guy that was snagging herring and then casting them out on a J-hook. I tried to tell him that he can't do that, but there was a language barrier and he couldn't understand what I was trying to say. It was frustrating and he kept doing it over and over. Did that guy know that what he was doing was wrong? Probably not, but ignorance is not a good excuse. So, I made these flyers/handouts (attached)--in English and Spanish--which I will be printing and bringing with me when I'm fishing from now on. It talks about the new slot limit, inline circle hook requirement, no gaffing, no herring, and includes pictures. I figure that if people know the rules, then they'll be more likely to follow the rules. And, if I know someone has/knows all this info, and they continue to break the rules anyway, then that's a completely different situation than someone just being ignorant...and karma's a b****. A lot of the text/pictures is copy-and-pasted from an OnTheWater article I found online and other sources. I don't claim ownership of anything attached; it was all sourced online. I have no idea how good the Spanish translated from English; it was copy-and-pasted from an online translation tool...but it should get the point across. Feel free to use these yourselves if you want; and distribute to others as you wish. I figure it can only help the more this info is distributed. Let me know if there's anything missing or wrong. Good luck to all this season! 2020 striper regulations (english, spanish).docx 2020 striper regulations (english, spanish).pdf
  2. When will the new NY regulations be official?
  3. I cannot find any state regulations on white perch. Any information would be appreciated. I have a brackish area I want to target.
  4. I am going to Punta Cana the end of February and plan on doing some surf fishing. It is my understanding that I do not need a fishing license. Are there fishing regulations I need to know about? If so where can I find them?
  5. New reg just came out which requires recreational striped bass fishermen to clip the right fin on any fish over 34 inches that is kept. I'll post the press release in the next post.
  6. I was reviewing the MA Rec fishing tables and it looks like you can keep one cod per angler over 19" if you are on a private boat. I had thought all cod fishing was shut down so that surprised me. Does anyone know if that applies to Stellwagon or just state waters? I'm thinking of hitting up a few spots in state waters this Spring just to get out there and see we can get a little dinner. Would be good to know if the Wagon is an option. Can't wait for the stripers and flounder to get to Boston!
  7. Hello all.. First post here.. There is an older thread on this subject, but as airline regulations frequently change, I thought I would start a post. I am flying to Costa Rica for 10 days of fishing, and am bringing 2 travel rods. (Okuma Nomad Travel Surf, and Okuma Nomad Express) These both fit into one tube that is 35" long, by about 3.5". It looks like an easy carry on. From what I read on the internet, I am left a little confused. I called Delta, and the person on the other end of the phone sounded confused, also. After about 10 minutes, she said that no poles were allowed at all. That seems strange, and incorrect. I think she may have just wanted off the phone. Has anyone recently flown Delta with rods as a carry on item? Again, this is a short tube. Any thoughts? Experiences? Also, any experience with reels without fishing line in carry on? No problems? Thank you all in advance!
  8. Anyone read the PID and have any comments? I think the regional proposals make a lot of sense.