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Found 13 results

  1. cleaning my collection display out a bit. if you never had a chance to buy the full gold color anodized Saltiga 30T 40 or 50, years ago, as it was extremely limited run. even I dont have any gold Saltigas in my collection. and i aint paying $600-900 for one. a great alternative was this JDM Sealine 600GM is it the same size as the Saltiga 40, as shown in the picture. The Saltiga 40 is not for sale, as thats my extra heavy heaver big bait reel. the 600GM's are about 20 years old. all bearings were changed out and cleaned/relubed all moving parts. everything works great. normal wear and tear on exteriors. spools has some corrosion but brushed them cleaned and shot gold paint to stop it from going anymore. just fully tape the arbor or line it with a full layer of thin mono before you load up braid. it has a lower gearing than the USDM Saltiga 30T 40 50 the sealine 600gm had a 4.2:1 ratio where as the USDM Saltiga had 4.9:1 it also had a higher max working drag at like 29lbs compared to the saltigas 25lb. more power!! best for heavy jigging, vertical jigging, bottom wreck fishing, even trolling if needed. i used them for cod and wrecks. lovely to work with. does not have clicker or pin brakes like the Saltigas and the 6 point drag star is a nice addition. nice blingly reel. did i mention its fully gold anodized? reel auto engages with handle crank. Stock drag materials works great. You can upgrade to carbontex if wanted by contacting dawn and buying the saltiga 30t 40 50 washers. no boxes or clamps. $320 shipped for the slightly nicer cosmetic one (left) $270 shipped for the slightly more worn exterior one. (right, its has some more scuffs on the left rim) take both for $520 shipped. Or cash local 11209 PPFF, VenmoFF, Zelle. If you want G&S +3% and I'll run it through my business PP invoice and potentially have to charge you sales tax. buy with confidence, as with any reel i part with. if you dont like it, or its not as described. i will always take it back. no questions. Brand DAIWA Model SEALINE 600GM Reel type BAIT CASTING Gear Ratio 4.2:1 MAX DRAG 13kg LINE PER HANDLE TURN 78cm LINE CAPACITY 6-400m , 8-300m , 10-230m Ball Bearing 7+1 Weight 700g HANDLE RIGHT
  2. The best slow jigging specific designed reel ever made. Even better than the current S2T model that cost $2000 and very blingy looking. To my knowledge. Only has about 100 pieces for each variant: lefty, righty, hi or low gear, so 400 total. Best feature of this reel is its drag cam, when you engage freespool, the lever can keep going down into "brake" mode. Which allows you to stop the line to hold in place, crank up a few times, let lever go(springload) and itll jump into freespool again. All with 1 handed operation. Made in Japan, not Korea like the usual L50s Lined with ~850m of jdm super fireline 1.2 Did one maiden trip and that was all. $1500 shipped.
  3. Chrome Abu 7500c3 reels. What you currently see is a nonexistent factory reel. You cannot buy these. I made them years ago when i swapped the frame and spool from an Abu 7000 Narrow with the standard wide 7500c3. So i originally had 4 reels. 2x 7000narrow. 2x chrome 7500c3. And I flipped the middle parts around. So unless you buy both reels to swap parts. You wont be able get my version. compared in width, the spool space is about a 6500 in size. so its uite a bit narrower than a 7500 size. Refreshed with new Carbontex drags. New old stock power handles from the 70s. one has a new Vintage "oil" nut. I couldnt find another oil nut for the other. This setup can cast pretty far, very tame reels with XL fiber blocks. I tuned it so it does not backlash at all. So if you want an easy cast, good distance, good power 15-30lb mono reel. Its pretty sweet. Beginners or advanced users. Both reels have usage marks but in great working condition. first few pics were from the previous thread. selling reel only. rods are not included. $150 shipped for one. $250 shipped for both, discounted also.
  4. alot of pics, i hope its arranged correctly. continuing my clearout of gears to fund for my next upgrades these are all JDM models. Saltiga z20, z30 reels. Has a sealed gearcase, auto engage spool on crank, butter smooth even after more than 10 years of use. I just regreased all the reels today... second time in 10 years. testament to its service life. 5 years interval. Pucking outstanding. bearings, shafts, gears. all good. you dont need to service them for a long while. just use it out of the box. internal gears are the C6191 Bronze, same as the old saltiga spinners, legendary wear resistant material. US models were NOT sealed gearcase, wide frame, not narrow, and did NOT have auto engage on crank. i attached pictures of the z20, the most used one out of the bunch, all scuffed up outside. i am not joking, its clean as a whistle inside. take it apart yourself if you dont believe me. internally, every reel inside, dry as desert, no water or moisture stains got in anywhere, looks like new the day i got it. gasket outside AR bearing, around perimeter of crank sideplate. o-rings on all the screws, gasket surrounding spool shaft entering pinion. its basically waterproof. you can literally crank it for a short while underwater. (not advised, but just FYI) bullet proof design. the best out of all the conventional reels ever made. i dont know why Daiwa stopped making them like this. if you never used one before, this is a great chance to get your feet wet. all used, all have usage marks, all have some flaking minor start of corrosion of anodizing around capstan on spool or side (see all pics, i show it, disclosed) it is normal and very common, steel and aluminum contact point, doesnt effect jack squat, took 10 years to get to this point, it wont break for the life of the reel. my guarantee, or send it back, and ill return your money. the gear sideplates are all pretty clean, handles always protect that side of a casting reel. no boxes or anything. been many years already. EVERY SINGLE REEL IS BUTTER SMOOTH. No operational problems. I keep my gear in good working condition. #1 Saltiga Z20 $230 shipped #2 Saltiga Z30 $250 shipped #3 Saltiga Z30 $250 shipped #4 Saltiga Z30 $260 shipped Buy all 4 ? $930 shipped. (220+240+240+250. 950-910. 910, +20 shipping. $930) Cash, check, mo, venmo, maybe pp+3% fees (not cool)
  5. All are new. All are Hab's Sr. The jointed needle (#9) is signed. Entire lot of 20 for $720 shipped.
  6. Super Strike Trans Blue Green Darter. $35 shipped. PP only.
  7. Al Gag's Repaint Green Mackerel Super Strike Bottle/Darter Pair. Bottle does not have rattles. $75 PP shipped
  8. New Super Strike Trans Blue Trans Green Darter. $40 shipped via PP
  9. Good morning everyone, I have a pretty extensive book collection when it comes to fishing books, (how to, stories, guides, basically everything. But I’m always looking to add more to the collection. Anyone have any recommendations. Rare books or discontinued ones. If there still in print I most likely have it, but I’d still like to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks!
  10. what is the most collectable musso period is their a holy grail
  11. Add $5 for shipping, Paypal only please. No splits. $125- Facebook special lot, rootbeer carriered all others new. $125- bottle lot, sandeel and trans chart used, black and mullet DEEP DIVERS. $65- Bunker popper new, trans green over white used but great condition. $65 - Needles green eyed bullet, BI green, trans pink white, RM floater
  12. Hi guys, I have a rare reel that I am trying to find out more about. It's an old school Daiwa PM 7000H. I know its a long cast reel. I have only used it once. The one time I did get good distance out of it. I have seen people selling similar reels (model numbers starting with ST or CC) on British and Euro ebay. They've sold for quite a bit and that was over 10 years ago. I'm wondering what it sell for now. Any Ideas?