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Found 7 results

  1. Grs

    For sale brand new mint grs medium slim porgy 130$ shipped
  2. scup

    How successful have y'all been in livening scup? i had some 40's on liveling from shore. saw a 70 doing it and didn't even believe they got that big!!
  3. Looking to trade this brand new Deep Giant Porgy GRS for a Block Island Green Surface or Medium Giant.
  4. Hey all ~ just wondering if anybody has some good scup/porgy recipes? Thanks, josh
  5. Hi fellas this is my first time attempting to sell a rod on this forum so bare with me. I have a Tsunami Classic Series 7' ft Lure 1/4 - 1 oz Rod (1 piece) i want to sell as its just collecting dust on my shelf. its in good condition only took it out a hand-full of times. cant justify keeping it when i hardly use it so want to sell to someone who will actively fish it. I purchased for $75 but am only asking $50 for it. Im based out of queens but have no problem meeting in long island around nassau county for cash to hand it over to a buyer or ill mail it out providing your comfortable paying for the shipping and paypal transaction cost. Lue
  6. I can not keep it in me any more; it just burns too hot. It has to come out to the public. 1. We all suffer and get angry every year about the unjust beach closures for a few plover birds. We all know by now it's a scam, to control prime real estate and to make $$$$$$ by managing these plover habitats. Well, I have been fishing this area on the North Shore which is closed to outsiders because the locals feel they own the beach. I believe that they do not have any rights below the high water mark, so I tend to go there and fish. Had some guy run at me the other day with a page which was supposed to read that the beach is private. I told him I am below the high water mark and that belongs to all. He said he was going to call the cops and I asked him to go ahead. I continued walking and fishing, and that brings me to my main topic: While I have been fishing there since early September, I have been noticing a lot of plovers. Just today I noticed 2 groups of 6 and 12 by the shore. Of course that area never gets roped off for plovers because there are beach front homes there, and nobody is going to upset the rich folk living there for plovers. And we all know by now, they only close the beaches which are fishermen beaches only. But let's not digress too much. So my point is that there were 18 plover birds in an area which is not controlled, roped off, and these birds are not counted by anyone. So are they only counting the plovers in the areas they rope off? How about the fact there was only one plover family in the entire Smiths Points area? a 7 mile prime fishing area which they closed down for what reason? Maybe these birds are thriving in all the other areas, which are left open to the public. Maybe these birds like to nest and they thrive in areas around people. Please call your local representatives, organizations and alert them of this major finding. All of you insiders, please call the PUC's to get the plovers out of the endangered list. I will offer pics below (11 plovers shown): =================Plover Major News End ====================== =================Porgy Major News Start ====================== 2. Early in the season I was catching mainly 12" - 16" porgy. (Porgy and fluke are the only fish I would keep for the bbq once in a while) Since August, most porgy I catch are 6" - 8" now. In prior years, around now, the big ones are by our shores. But not this year! I am still catching 6" - 8" porgy. What's my Point? I said this to you all 2 years ago, and I am bringing it up too: The Experts who came up with the new porgy regulations, to go from 10 to 35 must be mad, crazy, maybe they had some spiked drink during their meeting, or pushed by the industry to destroy another fish species. It is obvious now that this is exactly what the end result of the new regulations are doing. SAVE THE PORGY! BRING BACK the 10 FISH LIMIT NOW Porgy are the food source for bass. If they go, then this will result in more deterioration of the bass fishery too. Please call and write to the Fisheries experts and tell them to stop the madness and bring back the lower porgy limit now. All of you insiders, in the industry, call your reps now and alert them. We cannot afford to see the porgy go down like the flounder, blackfish, striper.
  7. I am selling this like new setup - I purchased this at JH tackle when I was looking for a fluke setup for my Kayak. Its an awesome setup, I am just more comfortable with my spinning gear and prefer not to mess with star drag and level wind on my kayak. Im sure Many will love this setup! I later found out this is the same setup John skinner uses if that means anything to anyone. Very nice for buck tailing fluke on the kayak or the boat, but will also make a nice freshwater rig for heavier baits. The Rod is a Tsunami Classic Series 7' tscc701mh 1/2 - 1oz 10-20lb line. Rod is only 1 month old. The reel is a quantum Accurst PT lefty - loaded with 15lb power pro. Only 1 month old. Both items have only seen 3 fluke trips. Caught maybe a half dozen fish. Very lightweight and sensitive. I paid $180 for the rod, reel, and braid - Looking for $150 local CASH sale. Slightly negotiable - I am located in Massapequa, NY can meet up on south shore of the island, or most of western suffolk. I work in Holbrook during the weekdays. I can ship also, but this will be $195 to ship due to the size of the shipping tube. Will also accept trades, looking for a Shimano Stradic 3000 reel.