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  1. All plugs are new, no hook rash, been in storage from last season. Spring cleaning for newer stuff. (top to bottom) 1. Chkn scratch piglet. (4in 1.5 ozs) 2. Christmas edition Dart waverer (5in 1.4oz) 3. Block Island green Jigsmith. ( 6in 1.8 ozs) 4. Albino chkn scratch Jigsmith (6in. 2.6 ozs) 5. Yellow tiger Backdoor popper (4in 1.8 ozs) ** 25$ a piece add 5$ for shipping PP ** * 125$ shipped for all 5 **
  2. I bought an entire lot of these on ebay thinking they were poppers. There's no brand markings on them. They are very heavy (guess is 2+ oz, possibly more) and seem to be made of some hard synthetic. So I cast it out the other day and it is neutrally buoyant and doesn't pop on the surface but kind of retrieves like a plug. Anyone know what they are? They look like something Atom makes but I always thought those were poppers.
  3. Remember it fondly as it was the first time I ever used a big plug to troll for blues. The fish cut through the line and so when I saw this in the store I bought it to replace the one of my grandfathers that I'd lost. He of course refused to take it so it ended up as my own. If you reel it in like usual it becomes a swimming plug (my grandfather used it for trolling) but it's also a surface popper if you bring it in slower. Used heavily, honestly don't think I ever caught anything on it but it has a lot of nostalgia attached to it so am trying to figure out the manufacturer and model.
  4. From top to bottom 1. Big fish bait co. Popper. 30$ shipped 2. Big fish bait co. Metal lip 35$ shipped 3. Big fish bait co. & RM paint collab 45$ shipped. 4. Big fish bait co A -40. 45$ shipped. Take em All for 140$ shipped. All have been used except the collaboration ( #3 ) Thanks for looking
  5. - plugs here, new never carried or thrown, with exception to the Sunkist bunker popper. All the new ones are 30$ plus 6$ for shipping. The 1 used plug I'll sell for 27$ shipped only cus its been fished and shows small signs of hook rash. Could probably sell em all for 180$ shipped. If 1 person wanted the lot.
  6. WTS - Two used Fixter pencils in good condition. 2.5 - 3 oz, 7.5 - 8 inches $70.00 shipped for both
  7. Why is it that some poppers like to sit horizontal with the water surface and others like to sit almost vertically? Is there a "proper" way a popper should sit? I do want to know how the popper sit affect the action, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. In the picture is two poppers sitting in different ways as described. The one that is almost looking straight up to the sky is a Rebel popper.
  8. Most of them are in new/excellent condition with one or two with some rust on the hooks. There are 18 total. I think I paid anywhere from $8 to $18 (Super Strike and Yo-Zuri Mag Darter) for these. Asking for $125 shipped for the lot.
  9. $4 to ship 1 or combine and save. If need any additional photos let me know. ALL HAVE NEW HARDWARE (HOOKS AND SPLITRINGS) 1. NEW Jobo Jr XH 3.5oz Longcast Fluorescent Yellow Mackerel - $23 2. USED Jobo Jr 3oz Fluorescent Yellow Mackerel - $21 3. USED Jobo Jr XH 3.5oz Longcast Yellow Scale - $21 - SOLD 4. USED Lil P 1 5/8oz Yellow Scale - $17 - SOLD
  10. Are these Gibbs? Did Gibbs make more than one size popper?
  11. Hi, selling 3 lures that seem to fall into the Surfcasting & inshore striped bass fisheries. Tsunami Talking Popper, 6”, a couple scuffs. $7 shipped. RonZ 10” Big Game series HD, weighs 4oz incl. tail. $15.00 Ava Diamond Jig with green tube. 4”, 2.75 - 3oz (depending on source). $5 would love to combine these into one lot, $25 shipped
  12. This lure was never used. Brand new condition - $10 plus $4 shipping A classic version of a “bottle neck popper” from long ago, originally created to be Use a pop-pause retrieve to mimic a wounded baitfish being devoured. Considered one of the must have or best saltwater poppers for striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, tuna, Dorado, Snook, Tarpon, and Redfish when weather conditions are not exactly perfect. No saltwater tackle box would be complete without this saltwater Popper lure or the other saltwater lures offered in this online fishing tackle warehouse. Product Specifications 5 inches, 1-3⁄4 oz. (51 grams) • Stainless Steel through-wired • Heavy Duty hangers • VMC® 3X Strong PermaSteel Rust-Resistant Hooks • Wolverine™ Triple Row split rings (200 LB Test) • Extra loud rattles to entice strikes from wary fish • Tough 3X clear coat finish
  13. As above - new or used, even a rental - thanks
  14. I have had these for a while and most were bought here on SOL. Left column: Afterhours squid - might be the only one not fished. RV Pencil - may have been thrown years ago but can't remember. 2oz I think. Winch Spook - I'm guessing 3oz. Thrown a few times and picked up from him directly maybe 7 + years ago. Right column: Pencil - 3oz but can't remember maker Salty - 1.5 oz and used maybe once Black Label Floating Needle - Used maybe once. Around 2oz. Middle bottom: Big Don's? I believe I bought it here (used) and never threw it. $105 shipped. Not looking to split. PP only. Thanks for looking!
  15. Four (4) fish-catching plugs in very good to excellent condition, rigged with VMC 4x hooks. $60 shipped. PayPal / Venmo OK. From top to bottom: 1½ oz. Gibbs darter; 2⅜ oz. SS zig-zag darter; 2¼ oz. Tsunami Talkin' Popper; 2⅜ oz. SS Littleneck Popper
  16. $30 shipped These are either fast sink or sinking with upgraded hooks (one doesn't have hardware.
  17. $20 shipped for the lot. Can't remember the manufacturers but all of the stock hardware has been removed and upgraded. the white swimmer is in really good shape and saw very little use. Going to max out the four thread requirement, once these sell I will have others. Check out threads in other areas of the site, I am purging all of my gear.
  18. Hoping to sell this all locally in RI, but will ship rods if needed (add $15 to any price) and plugs if you buy more than 10 (no additional cost). Will bundle it all together for $600. A lot of this was used a few times and then put away for a rainy day. -LL Bean Orion Fly Rod 9' 10WT - $150 No longer made and in excellent condition. This rod is super light and has a lot of backbone. Took a few stripers over 40" on this last year but haven't used it since. -TFO 12' 2Handed Fly Rod - $250 No longer made and in excellent condition. Looks like it is brand new. Great 2 hander that is perfect for salmon and stripers. Picked this up years ago and used it a few times. -Shimano Moonshot R 9' -$100 Rated to 1-1.5oz. Perfect albie or schoolie rod. Very light and super sensitive. Great condition. -Daiwa Maddragon Carp Rod 12' - $50 Used a handful of times and just more rod than I need for carp. I think this is the heaviest test curve. Lures/Plugs/Jigs - $300 This is almost 50 lures/jigs, and includes a lot of classics. Will split for reasonable offers and local pick up. -Super Strike: Needles, Darter, Bottle -RM Smith: Mini gliders, Giants, Bayminnow -BM Needle and Metal Lip -Afterhours Needle and Dukster -Guppy Jobo Srs -Pikies (look like Fixter copies) -Savage Minnows and Popper -Sebile Stik Shad (medium and giant) -Random other lures (poppers, swimmers, bluefish, gliders, magdarter) -Canal jigs and bucktails (2.5oz-5oz)
  19. ODM glider & popper. $50 shipped. Payment via PP please.
  20. Super stoked, landed my first Striper! Looking forward to more! 6.5 Sardine Pencil Popper, xxxxxx dropping tide, second break, hour before sunset. Removed spot name per spot burning rule - Surf Hunter
  21. Two new Stillwater Smack-It Jrs for sale. Blue/silver and green/orange. Don't think either were used but one has some oxidation on the hooks. $17 shipped, PayPal preferred.
  22. Used plug lot for sale. 2 blurple SS darters, 1 blurple Northbar bottle darter, 1 black 2 3/8oz SS popper, 1 white 2 3/8oz SS popper, 1 yellow/white SS bottle. $90 shipped PayPal
  23. Discontinued Superstrike Colors. Price includes shipping w/ tracking. Payment via PP. New Black/Green/White Bottle and Darter set ($75). Will split at $40 each New Herring 2 3/8 oz black eye Popper ($40) New Neon Yellow/White 2 3/8 oz black eye Popper ($40) Used Neon Pink 2 3/8 oz black eye Popper ($35) New Bronze/Bone/Orange 5-1/4" Heavy Needle ($40) Thank you!
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