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Found 4 results

  1. Was in South shore yesterday some boat came in nice looking bluefin tuna is it still the season
  2. I put my kids in their rubber room at my parents so they cant get hurt at the canal. Dads white cell are up since tuesdays " hard chop " chemo round. Kids sat inside all day on devices safe from the canal dangers. Anyhow, pulled up to a lot that easily holds 4 cars and a motorcycle, but people park like idiots. Wasnt goint to fish, just wanted to see how bad it was. Two " tan guys were approaching a car in the lot. One guy was caryying a fish, the other had a contractor bag with three spine lines showing. I rolled the window down, one guy said " hi" and i said " how many are in that trash bag?" Complete shutdown from them at that point. Trash bag was put in the back and a sheet of some sort pulled over the whole deal. Though about parking behind them but didnt know if they were low intelligence " dinghy " types so i backed up, snapped a pic, and let let them leave. Heres the car, plates, and all. ( in all honesty, if they were a "dinghy" type of guy, And did something stupid, id just throw it in low, call the attorney, and put a subaru in the canal.) Long story short, Watch for these poachers.
  3. Today's Press: Three Pennsylvania fishermen were caught in the act of poaching 87 striped bass on the Manasquan River, including 46 undersized bass. One of the men had a prior conviction for poaching striped bass and has had his fishing privileges revoked, according to state Department of Environmental Protection spokesperson Larry Hajna. The New Jersey Conservation Officer Association posted the incident to its Facebook this week, however, the three men were apprehended this summer and plead guilty to the charges in Brielle Municipal Court in September. Conservation Police Officer James Woerner, and Conservation Police Detective Christopher Moscatiello were alerted that fishermen were harvesting striped bass illegally by the New Jersey Transit railroad tracks, which span the river. Woerner and Moscatiello then conducted an overnight patrol on Aug. 28, along the river in Brielle and observed three fishermen suspected of harvesting large numbers of undersized striped bass. The officers stopped two of the fishermen as they were on their way back to their vehicle and inspected their catch. The officers found the fishermen to be in possession of 31 undersized striped bass, according to the post. An officer then went out along the railroad tracks and scooped up a third fisherman, who was found to be in possession of 15 undersized striped bass. The fishermen were issued court-mandatory summonses for possession of undersized and over-limit striped bass. The three men appeared in court Sept. 25. They are: Domingo Rodriguez, 51, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania pleaded guilty to one charge of possession of 15 undersized striped bass and one charge of possession of 13 striped bass over the daily limit. A combined penalty of $2512 was assessed, plus court costs. Luis A. Rivera Feliciano, 37, of Allentown, Pennsylvania pleaded guilty to one charge of possession of 14 undersized striped bass, and one charge of possession of 12 striped bass over the daily limit. A combined penalty of $2012 was assessed, plus court costs. Victor M. Rivas, 52, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania pleaded guilty to one charge of possession of 17 undersized striped bass and one charge of possession of 16 striped bass over the daily limit. A combined penalty of $3012 was assessed, plus court costs. Rivas had a prior conviction in 2015 for striped bass violations. Rivas’ hunting and freshwater fishing license privileges are now suspended for two years in New Jersey. New Jersey has no saltwater fishing license and so there is nothing to preclude Rivas from continuing to saltwater fish. The suspension has been reported to the 46 other member states of the Interstate Wildlife Violator’s Compact, which may impose license suspensions as well. New Jersey regulations permit fishermen to harvest one striped bass between 28 and 43 inches, and one striped bass over 43 inches. Dan Radel
  4. I know the state doesn't have enough officers to watch every area that is heavyly fished . My question is , how many of you have called to report fishing violations and seen an officer show up and take action ? Many have called fish and game to report violations where i fish , including me , never to receive a response or have someone come over . Someone killed a 16" striper in front of me because the a******e and his daughter wouldn't stop taking pictures with the fish . After i came over and asked them nicely to release the fish they did but was to late . Soon after he caught a 25" and he told me straight up he was going to take it home . I reported him . Nothing was done .