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Found 112 results

  1. Does anyone know what minnow lure the second one is (bunker patern)? I purchased it years ago and I'm not sure of the model or if they're still being manufactured..
  2. Dropping this post to get any feedback on the Outcast MagNeat plugs. Does the system aid in keeping the hooks out of the line? How do they cast compared to other related swimmers ?
  3. I just stocked up on sp minnows and cracked open the packages to switch up the hardware. I pulled out the 3/0 VMCs to put on the 17 size so minnow and realized the hooks on the plug seem to be carbon copies of a 3/0 vmc. Did they start putting good hardware on these things? If so, did the do it for the 15 and 13 size as well? I did do a quick search and couldn’t seem find any topics on it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Looking for ID and value of a few plugs I put away as "Rare" , wondering if any are worth anything.Preview attachment IMG_20220222_213810462.jpg #1 Asylum darter
  5. Cleaning out the garage. 12 PlugLabs plugs and 1 NorCalKat & Mike Fixter Collab Plug up for sale. Asking $55 ea for PlugLabs and $250 for the Collab Plug (#13 in the photos) plus flat rate shipping. The collab plug is #10 of 13 total. Paypal or Zelle
  6. Do you use any of the Heddon Spooks? If so what size hooks do you put on that do not impact the movement? I have a few stock that I have thrown but worry they are not strong enough for Striper fishing in NJ.
  7. 4 plug lot, $53 shipped Paypal Gags used 3oz pencil, has scratches and paint chipped Gags 9" needle new in package Habs Jr 3oz pencil used
  8. What do you find to be the best length/action combo for getting the proper action out of your topwater plugs. For instance, I have a 9'/MF that is a great rod but I find it is lacking the bounce to get a proper walking action. It seems a 10.6 has a nice top of rod bounce to really play the plug without wearing out your arm. Granted, there is a lot of pilot interaction that is part of the action, but wondering if any of you have strong preferences. As always, thanks for any feedback.
  9. Last fall was the first time that I can actually say I truly surf fished for stripers. I have done it in the past but very sporadically. I had good success last fall when the sand eels were around throwing tins and teasers. I tied my braid to a barrel swivel then I added about 3 feet of mono to a TA clip that I either connected to a plug or tins. From the same spot on the barrel swivel that went to the plug/tin I attached 4 to 6 inches on mono to another TA clip and this is were I attached my teaser. My question is did I attached the teaser to the correct spot on the barrel swivel or should I have attached to the spot where the braid was tied on?
  10. Looking to help a friend out in a fishing slump, looking for a couple lots of plugs. I have a good friend who recently moved away, looking to send him some plugs to get him back motivated. Anything really, let me know what you have. I can do zelle or cashapp.
  11. Just curious anyone ever use smaller metal lips for LM/pickerel?
  13. Hypothetically, if one wanted to learn how to get started on building their own lures and plugs, how would they get the stuff and make the lures? I've got a metal lathe that should also work for wood - that seems to be the important thing. Basically just wondering where to begin - I want to keep it small at first, upscale if I like it. Any books/videos/other informational outlets you would recommend? Thanks! Patrick
  14. Title is pretty self-explanatory, I'd love to hear some opinions!
  15. Have this Plug bag with some plugs that Im clearing out before I leave do have any use for asking 150. OBO for everything picked up reasonable offers considered don't have time to ship right now go home in a few days, would make a good addition to a plug rotation or nice starter setup for those starting to build there collection Everything u see is included don't want to sell piece meal so one shot sale picked up. The bag is in ok shape the strap is included but need new clips.
  16. I'm just a striper fisherman looking for a hobby, something to talk to people about and network with. Seems like collecting plugs is an interesting outlet to that... At the same time, I'm not trying to go gangbusters and blow a bunch of money. A smaller collection that I can swap and trade around would be nicer. How would I get started? Seasoned Collectors: any mistakes you made starting out that you wouldn't want to repeat? Thanks!
  17. Hey y’all, looking to get into rigging some eel skin plugs this year, any advice would be awesome! Thanks
  18. Hey all... did a search on SOL and found that the late Billy West was a good man was amazing at making plugs. If anyone has one of his plugs, I would buy one. Reason being, I have one of his personal reels, and would like a plug to just to be with the reel. Thanks all.
  19. *
  20. Mikes Custom 7 1/4” Mag Swimmer With A40 Lip White Pearl Blue Eye looking to trade for other Mikes Custom Plugs. New With Package
  21. Looking for a slightly lighter set up than my SaltX 6000 and 10'6" Lamiglas to fish the North Shore of Long Island. Bought my heavier setup last year and I'm really happy with it but looking for something lighter that can still pull in nice holdover stripers! Also, not trying to break the bank... Any rec's on rods, reels, # test line I can use, and anything else on good spring lures/plugs/bait would be appreciated!
  22. grs,s gone up a bunch but for what?