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  1. 1 Ruru Jointed $30 Shipped 1 Ruru Giant Metal Lip $30 Shipped 2 Alan’s Squids $25 Shipped Per 1 Rm Smith Squid Popper $40 Shipped
  2. Have these brand new Costa del mars Top of line Glass lens , Yellow lens sunrise silver mirror Blackfin Pros black frame They easily fit normal to large head They retail at 280$ looking for a couple high end plugs only like Mikes, CV etc
  3. Hi all, this is my first post so thanks for having me aboard! I hear somewhere that I’m obligated to present a joke, so here goes! How did the striper hurt the speckled trout’s feelings? He called him a weakfish This post is mainly to ask about other people’s experiences with GRS plugs! Particularly his slim and giant deep diving pikies. I have a couple of surface pikes from him but given the price, I’m debating whether it is worthwhile to get a medium or deep diver as well. Anyone have any experience with fishing the GRS plugs? I want to know how deep the medium and deep divers swim, and if its worthwhile to get one if I already have surface pikes. I’ve heard I can just bend the line tie up to make the surface plugs dive deeper.
  4. What lure do you find to be your favorite or best producing plug in your bag? Perhaps it's just something you never fish without. For me it's a white darter, preferable a ss one. After a few seasons of throwing everything I got I found that nothing finds the fish quite like a white darter from a breachway. Mikes, CCW and a load of other white darters also work really well, but I just seem to always throw the white ss Darter when the fishing gets tuff or when trying to see if there's anything around, because big or small they fool them all.
  5. Well, this is unfortunate. It is unfortunate that it seems to be a trend that had been going on for the last 6 or 8 months. I've ordered quite a few different plugs in the last couple years or so, and I must say that almost all have been very good quality. I will say that I do not order collector plugs. But things are changing.. Over the last 6 or 8 months as I've placed orders, things seem to have just went south. The quality, right out of the box is just not consistent, it isn't a problem of the plugs taking on water, or a paint chip problem down the road, its just a plug put into the bag and shiped out without a care to an obvious hardware or layout issue. I dont want to put names on here, as it ,on its own, with respect to each builder could have been isolated. But from my perspective, with multiple builders, over a period of time, its an issue. I dont know if others are seeing the same conditions, but I sure hope things take a turn from what I am seeing.
  6. I recently got into throwing custom plugs! I am was curious what everybody’s favorite set up is for this! I’m usually using a spinner because I’m out at night. I can’t be experimenting with a conventional just yet at night with these plugs! So, I went out for my first outing recently with a SS darter with a 8’ 1pc Tica2 and conflict 5000 loaded with 50 pound super slick original with 50 pd flouro as leader material. I’m not gonna lie, I really didn’t like not being able to feel my plug thumping away. I know they say that there’s not a lot of action to these darters, but I basically really couldn’t feel anything while slowly retrieving it back against the current! I was even trying to work it like an underwater slash bait and still didn’t feel the side to side action! I’ve been other places during a run and I noticed that it looked like they were mostly using 10-11 ft rods! Is this technically the norm for throwing these wood swimmers, needles and darters? Are they doing that for distance or does having the longer rod affect the way the plug swims? Many thanks in advance! EA
  7. Alright, so how to y'all deal with the family coming to visit and fish but wanting to use the plugs you spent hours or days on trying get in touch with? When the plugs start to feel right and you know them. The mojo is there. My nephews like to toss bait and sometimes plug, often when I'm at the beach they don't bring gear, which is fine, I got extra setups they use. But then comes the difficult part, the plug selection they participate in. I got MY plugs I use in my couple bags and some Plano flats. I takes a while as y'all know to get to know how each swims about. I try to steer them to the reusable shopping bag just about full of unfished plugs, still in the plastic bags with hook protectors on them. All kinds of custom plugs. I tell them to take whatever ones they want and have at it, take a Plano box and put the ones you use in there and take them for next time. BUT this seems not to work out thus far, they goto the boxes I keep and start in on MY plugs and ,me not wanting to be a selfish tool just shake my head and bear it. How do you deal with this stuff?
  8. Well, after grabbing a new rod to cast heavier metal lips this fall I am tasked with working with a faster action rod while trying to keep the metal lip cartwheeling to violently. So.. my thoughts are to try increasing the drop on the plug from the rod tip, while making a effort to not horse the plug too much. Have any of you found that the drop length of your casting plays a role on the flight characteristics of a Danny?
  9. This year has been the first I have tried night fishing with plugs for striped bass. The first night out I caught three of my best fish of the year and have been addicted ever since. I have several spots along the Southern Maine coast that are in rocky areas on the shoreline. Recently I have tried to try out the beaches to see if I could have similar success. I haven't quite figured it out yet. I live in an area with extremely flat beaches that don't have the "sandbar" type of build that many of the beaches south of Maine do. It is a long gradual sloping beach so it does not get deep very quickly. All of the research I have done recommends certain methods for targeting fish on sandbars and troughs, and I am wondering what tips might be out there for a more flat beach with active surf conditions. Any ideas?
  10. So, I’ve decided to get my feet wet and start fishing some custom plugs at the advice of some other members here! Although I don’t like to admit it, I don’t know a whole lot about custom plugs! I’m definitely learning what some of them are and who the makers are! I’ve played around with a couple different plugs, mostly top waters, as I love to work pencil poppers and always have! So, I don’t really need any help with the pencils! I guess my big question is, what plugs should I start out and stick with? I know everybody’s big on metal lips and darters and I think swarters lol, Pikies! I know there’s a bunch of different types of wood swimmers and such! So if anybody has any advice on what sizes and weights to start out with, I pretty much know what colors work around here! But, I would love to hear what most of you feel are the most productive costums, here in the Jersey Shore waters! And if it’s been asked before, apologies in advance lol! Thanks! EA
  11. Does anyone know what minnow lure the second one is (bunker patern)? I purchased it years ago and I'm not sure of the model or if they're still being manufactured..
  12. Dropping this post to get any feedback on the Outcast MagNeat plugs. Does the system aid in keeping the hooks out of the line? How do they cast compared to other related swimmers ?
  13. I just stocked up on sp minnows and cracked open the packages to switch up the hardware. I pulled out the 3/0 VMCs to put on the 17 size so minnow and realized the hooks on the plug seem to be carbon copies of a 3/0 vmc. Did they start putting good hardware on these things? If so, did the do it for the 15 and 13 size as well? I did do a quick search and couldn’t seem find any topics on it. Thanks in advance.
  14. Looking for ID and value of a few plugs I put away as "Rare" , wondering if any are worth anything.Preview attachment IMG_20220222_213810462.jpg #1 Asylum darter
  15. Cleaning out the garage. 12 PlugLabs plugs and 1 NorCalKat & Mike Fixter Collab Plug up for sale. Asking $55 ea for PlugLabs and $250 for the Collab Plug (#13 in the photos) plus flat rate shipping. The collab plug is #10 of 13 total. Paypal or Zelle
  16. Do you use any of the Heddon Spooks? If so what size hooks do you put on that do not impact the movement? I have a few stock that I have thrown but worry they are not strong enough for Striper fishing in NJ.
  17. 4 plug lot, $53 shipped Paypal Gags used 3oz pencil, has scratches and paint chipped Gags 9" needle new in package Habs Jr 3oz pencil used
  18. What do you find to be the best length/action combo for getting the proper action out of your topwater plugs. For instance, I have a 9'/MF that is a great rod but I find it is lacking the bounce to get a proper walking action. It seems a 10.6 has a nice top of rod bounce to really play the plug without wearing out your arm. Granted, there is a lot of pilot interaction that is part of the action, but wondering if any of you have strong preferences. As always, thanks for any feedback.
  19. Last fall was the first time that I can actually say I truly surf fished for stripers. I have done it in the past but very sporadically. I had good success last fall when the sand eels were around throwing tins and teasers. I tied my braid to a barrel swivel then I added about 3 feet of mono to a TA clip that I either connected to a plug or tins. From the same spot on the barrel swivel that went to the plug/tin I attached 4 to 6 inches on mono to another TA clip and this is were I attached my teaser. My question is did I attached the teaser to the correct spot on the barrel swivel or should I have attached to the spot where the braid was tied on?
  20. Looking to help a friend out in a fishing slump, looking for a couple lots of plugs. I have a good friend who recently moved away, looking to send him some plugs to get him back motivated. Anything really, let me know what you have. I can do zelle or cashapp.
  21. Just curious anyone ever use smaller metal lips for LM/pickerel?
  23. Hypothetically, if one wanted to learn how to get started on building their own lures and plugs, how would they get the stuff and make the lures? I've got a metal lathe that should also work for wood - that seems to be the important thing. Basically just wondering where to begin - I want to keep it small at first, upscale if I like it. Any books/videos/other informational outlets you would recommend? Thanks! Patrick
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