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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all !! Im looking at doing a spinning trip casting for small-Med sized BFT in the general NY area. From what I know Aug-Sept is a good time. Anyone have tips or pointers on timing ? Charters ? BFT are new to me, but I have a decent amount of experience plugging For GT's and YFT and other species. Thanks in Advance.
  2. I’m going to Cabo for Christmas. I am bringing my 10’ St Croix travel rod and bailless Tsunami Shield 5000. Gear wise am I ok? Anyone have any experience surf fishing Cabo in December? What is biting and what should I be throwing?
  3. Hey everyone, this is my first post so please don't kill me just yet! I currently fish the nj surf with a St Croix Avid Surf 9'6" 2-6oz. It is an absolutely amazing rod and I love the action, but the other day I took it out to a field to measure my casts, and I was underwhelmed. I always thought that, despite the rod ratings, it threw bucktails and soft plastics pretty far. I never really had an issue not reaching fish and was impressed at how well it threw the lighter jigs. Well on the field, the 1oz & 1.5oz bucktails and plastics only flew around 60yards with no wind. Even mag darters only flew 70ish yards. The 1 ounce metal flew about 90yds, and 2oz flew easily over 100yds. Now I know that these distances arent that bad, but my friend was casting beside me with his st croix legend surf rated 1-4, and the same bucktails and plastics flew an easy 80yds. We both have the same casting technique and we both were using 40lb pp braid. So here is my question: should I sell my avid and upgrade to the 10' 1-4oz version or just suck it up and continue fishing how I have been? and If the answer is to sell and get the lighter rating, what rods rated 1-4oz and around the same price (about $300) would you recommend? Thanks Everyone!
  4. I've been to Hatteras and Buxton only once, at least twenty years ago, and maybe thirty. I don't actually remember. There's an issue of manners to address. When I was there (whenever that was) braided lines were starting to penetrate the marketplace. I was told, I think at Red Drum, that it was bad manners to fish a reel with braid amidst anglers fishing with mono, because untangling mono from braid is such a pain in the arse. Is this still the case? I have a Newell 220 with quality mono, P-line C-XXX, ready to go; if the house rules dictate mono, I'm happy to comply. Otherwise it's a 525Mag and 50 lb. Sufix 832. Your advice, please. Second question. Hatteras Jack's is in the neighborhood, and he had or still has some association with Seigler Reels. If there's ever a situation for which a conventional reel optimized for casting large sinkers is optimal, it's casting bait for red drum. I'm sure there are some Truth/Release/Seigler reels in circulation; how are they performing on drum, cobia, and the occasional shark? The bride might indulge me. I'll be there in mid-September with my wife. She will be happy to hunt the beaches for shells, I just wanna fish. Plugs aren't worth the time for drum, but bluefish and bass ought be available in mi-September. Are there locally popular plugs for that season? When I was there last, I heard a recommendation to always have a second rod at the ready that's rigged with an eel. If you see a big ray, cast the eel in hope that there's a cobia following. Is there a locally preferred eel?
  5. So I do a good amount of kayak fishing and this past season, I picked a wetsuit to wear on the yak from leisure pro in NYC. I fish out of staten island. I got 3MM neoprene booties off amazon, to go with the 3MM Pinnacle wetsuit considering I'm using it mainly on the kayak. However once October comes around and i make my trips down to Montauk, id like to wear the wetsuit when I'm fishing because there are some days when the waders are just a headache walking up and down the beach. My main question is, considering I have the neoprene booties now, would those work if I am able to find a pair of cleats for the bottoms? Do they even have that option? They are just rubber sole at the bottom and flexible to conform around your feet. Im sure they would be wearable down on hither hills, town beach, sandy beaches and etc. I just think if I'm down by the point or turtle cove where there are rocks and obstacles, to climb around that I will need some sort of cleated boots. If that is the case, what do you guys recommend for the wetsuit boots? (Brands, models, etc..)
  6. A couple weeks ago i talked to a kid that id say was maybe 10 or 11 at where i work (tackle direct), He wanted some jerkbaits for early spring largemouth bass fishing because he had a tournament that weekend. I was pretty surprised at how young he was and the knowledge he had about bass fishing. My question is how young did everyone start really fishing and really figuring it out? For me it was probably about 5 or 6 years ago , im 17 now. While most guys my age are partying on the weekends at 3 am im in the middle of the bay on a sod bank or on a jetty. That happened about 5 years ago. Now i work at tackle direct and between work and high school i fish whenever i can. So when did everyone start really fishing? Yak