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Found 284 results

  1. Hello Gentlemen! (And ladies) I'm looking for some info on the old Penn Slammer 760L live liner. Back then I was still using my trusted 710's, 712's, 704's, and 706's. It would be another 15 years after the introduction of the 760L before I begrudgingly purchased my first live liners/baitrunners. I'm intimately familiar with the Fierce II 2500, 4500 and 6500, Somewhat familiar with the baitrunner D and Spinfisher V and VI but never had my hands on a 760L. I know the size/weight/feel of the 460L and 540 but here's my question. How big is the 760L? Is it roughly in the size/class with the Fierce II 6500, Spinfisher LL 6500 and 704 type real size or is it much, much larger as in comparable with an 8500 Spinfisher V/VI LL? Thanks in advance folks! -Ry
  2. I have a Penn 8500SS in very good condition that I really don't use very much, maybe once a year for the past few years . I 'inherited' it from my father-in-law who I don't think used ever if at all. If I keep the reel I would consider getting it serviced based on its age and the certainty that it has never been serviced. I think I saw that Penn no longer services this model. Does anyone know if Penn does or if they have an upgrade program? If not, how about recommendations for shops in Suffolk County, NY where I could get a servicing/tune-up done? Not sure how much I'd use the reel but even as well as it seems to be functionning, I would like to be sure lubrication, seals, drag washers, etc. are refreshed. Thanks.
  3. 120$ shipped spooled with 20# super slick, includes original plus upgraded handle
  4. Brand new unused Penn 706z. $200 to your door (FREE shipping, US ONLY).
  5. Serial number H090001 this serial number seems unique to me. if it is can some one explain
  6. I know that the spinfisher VI’s are outclassed by the Slammer III but with the new improvements in sealing and smoothness (as advertised at least) in the Spinfisher VI, was wondering if anybody has fished with both and has an opinion on how they match up. Just a week ago Slammer III’s could be had at the same price or less than the new spinfisher, still kicking myself for not picking one up. I suppose the SSVI has the advantage of bailless and long casting models being available, but just how much better are the Slammers?
  7. Up for grabs is a very nice condition Penn Slammer 260 It has some very minor cosmetic flaws from light use and being stored in a tote with other reels It has one very small scuff on the bottom of the spool The mechanical condition is awesome and operates perfectly! Full Disclosure: It is not marked USA and has a number engraved in the foot and was told it was from a series of test reels from Penn. Not sure how true that is anymore, but offering here it for sale. $85 shipped, tracked and insured Another member saw this listed in another thread and asked to start a new one! As always thanks to Tim and the SOL community EA
  8. Long story short, I used to fish a ton as a child and then work/career took me to places where there it wasn't very feasible to fish so it kind of disappeared from my life. Whenever I visited family, I'd be sure to grab my old gear but found that I had a number of my rods snap on me as it seems they just had shelf lives which made them brittle over time so I'm very hesitant about using rods that are over 20 years old now as a result. These were fairly low budget freshwater rods so that may have played a factor. I am in possession of over a dozen of my grandfather's saltwater fishing rods. They are mostly conventional Penn rods with a few spinning rods with Mitchell reels in the mix. I haven't researched them yet, but these have been around since I was a kid so they are at least as old as the 1980s & am guessing most circa the 1960s (but there could be some older ones mixed in there). Rods were mostly used with surf casting or fishing from the boats for stripers and blues in mind. There is a pretty heavy duty one with and mount for fighting belt in the butt and rollers on the eyes that he may have taken out deep for cod and/or tuna. I have no doubt that with some servicing the reels could be brought to working order but will the rods still be useful? I think they have a great aesthetic so happy to continue keeping them up on the wall as decorations but part of me really wants to get them out in the field again. I'm having PTSD from snapping 2-3 of my cheap freshwater rods but I'm thinking that these were built with a higher level of quality which means they won't become fragile and brittle with age like the cheap freshwater stuff I used as a kid. What you guys think, will the rods hold up or are they purely decorative at this point?
  9. Looking for recs for a decent boat/kayak rod, not too heavy, in the 6-7 foot range, MH to H power, fast action (though moderate might not be bad either), to pair with an old Penn Special Senator 112H. I found an old US made one in really good condition at a local fishing expo and couldn't pass it up, super smooth given the age, clicker works fine. Any rod recs below $150 would be appreciated, and any other recs for spooling it too. I'm thinking about 50-75 yards of 30-40lb mono backing with 30-40lb braid on top? Thanks everyone.
  10. FS, Penn Spinfisher VI 4500, pretty much as new. Not a mark on it, No jetty drop, no dunk. All Penn 'as greased from the factory" still present. Drag knob still suctioned on with factory grease. Includes everything when bought. Box, shims, papers. $150.00 Includes USPS Priority Mail shipping for East Coast.
  11. Hi there, yesterday I bought this new Penn Squall II Strad Drag 25N. By getting it out of the box and trying it, I am hearing this noise, probably from gears. When the spool is freely rotated there is not any noise, however when reeling the noise is there, together with a dry-hard feeling. Is it normal or should I ask for an exchange? The is never been used before. See the video here Thanks!
  12. Does anyone have the new slammer 4 5500 bailess? There is next to nothing online about it besides a J&H tackle product vid. Seems odd there isn’t any info on it anywhere.
  13. Have a Penn slammer 3 for sale, used it for 1 season, never dunked and always rinsed. Just cleaned and re greased this winter. Mechanically 9 out of 10, aesthetically 8.5 out of 10. Asking 150$ shipped or best reasonable offer. Also can meet locally in MA,
  14. Hello, I joined the club of Kayak anglers a few months ago. I fish in Mauritius, inside and outside lagoon, where the weather allows us to fish all year round I got a UltraLight Rod and Shimano Stradic FL 3000 which quickly become my main Rod. It's a bit small, but so light that It's super confortable to fish with all day long. However it's small when I cross the reef. I also have a Spinfisher 3500 on a medium heavy rod. I find it super heavy. Especially comparing it to other reels on the same size (daiwa BG RR 4000, A Stradic FL4000 for exemple). And even the drag is less than the Daiwa and Shimano. If i was fishing standing on a boat maybe it'd be better, but sitting in this kayak I don't find it great. Do you find the weight of this reel justified? I'm considering selling it but I never caught anything huge on it. (Biggest yet was a small 9lbs tuna on the UL set up) Thanks!
  15. Hi just wondering what size reel would be ok on an 11 foot tsunami for pencil popping? I want to put the new slammer dx 5500 on it, but worried it would be small?
  16. Dear all, I am kindly asking if anyone on here has a schematic for the PENN SurfMaster 70, as well as Penn Lever Drag SSB340. I am desperately trying to find one and this is my last resort after Googling, asking in tackle shops, emailing Penn, etc. Thanks!
  17. Selling a few reels I seldom used. All reels were very well cared for and can almost pass as new. Great working condition. All included items are pictured. Shipping is in the contiguous USA. Van Staal VM150 - Brand new in box. Only taken out for photos. $450 shipped. Shimano Saragosa 8000F - Two available. Both are in very good condition. $170 shipped EACH. 1 SOLD, ONLY 1 LEFT Shimano Stradic 5000FJ - Very good condition. $150 shipped. SOLD Shimano Stradic 8000FJ - Very good condition. $170 shipped. Shimano Chronarch 200E6 - Very good condition. $170 shipped. Penn Spinfisher VI 2500LL - Very good condition. $140 shipped. Penn Spinfisher VI 4500LL - Very good condition. $160 shipped. Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 HS - Good condition. $125 shipped. SOLD Photos
  18. Penn torque 5 in black with gold accents. No bag. No box. They were stolen out of my car. 9.9/10 condition. Probably a 10 but ive taken it on 2 trips and caught one fish on a boat with it. Will need line as I only used it to take line off other reels so it has a bunch of random line on it. $460 shipped lower 48.
  19. Looking to sell these reels. All in great shape. PayPal please. Squidders both have static mags and power handles. 65.00 each shipped. Diawa 30 Slosh. Picked up from another user. Never fished by me. Nice shape. 80.00 bucks shipped. Black ABU 6500 Hatteras Light house Edtion. 1 of 210 made. Fished, Nice shape 150.00 shipped. Chrome Abu Rocket 6500 Like new. Never fished 150.00 shipped. 3 Red Abu CTC3 mag. Fished but in nice shape. Cast like a banshee. 135.00 each shipped.
  20. Fiberstar Composite Predator blank with Fuji and American parts custom wrapped. Blank is about $220, parts/materials about $150, labor about $200. Reel is a new Penn Torque II 5000 with 40lb power pro line $700 Take the total package for $800 before the season start.
  21. For sale 120.00 for both reels shipped conusa Penn 320gti level wind. Missing cap for spindle tensioner (about a 3.00 part available online). It is used and needs a good lube but functions fine Penn 309 level wind. Again not pristine but catches fish. I used these for deep drop trips for sea bass, cod and pollack mostly. Spooled with 30lb braid
  22. Hi guys, this is as far as I can take apart a Penn Jigmaster as the right sideplate is jammed. How is it out of 10, and was it a good deal for 50 bucks? Made in USA. So far, free spool works, the spool makes a clacking sound when the spool tension is untightened and I shake the reel. Probably the play in the spool. Handle is still rigid, dug a trench with it into my palm when I tried to get the sideplate off. Left sideplate may have some twist, look at the top left where the left sideplate doesnt meet with the plastic exactly.
  23. Hi guys, Due to unspecified reasons I wanna have a go at landing a big ray from a jetty in the second half of the year. I'm saving up for new tackle. For a reel, I've decided that if I wanna get a conventional (if im getting a spinner a spheros/saragosa 14000 is om my mind) I'm gonna go for the Penn US113 Senator (not the narrow version). Planning to pair it with an Uglystik tiger for now as at where I live, I can't get a Penn heaver which would have been my first choice. Anyone have any experience on the US Senator/Baja special? Or should I get a Fathom 40/Torium 30 instead? Will be casting 6 and bait from a jetty. One more thing. I'm slightly obsessed with old (especially Penn) reels, which is the primary reason why I want to get the Penn Y̶e̶l̶l̶o̶w̶t̶a̶i̶l̶ ̶S̶p̶e̶c̶i̶a̶l̶ US Senator. A guy is selling a 6/0 made in the usa Penn 114H that is basically brand new (basically no corrosion, stock 1 piece frame) for 100usd. Is that a good deal, especially if I wanna fish it? I will be doing casting off jetties with it because I have no money for a charter. Alternatively, will a Daiwa Sealine 400/600 be better at casting than the Senator? Consensus says they're better than the senator as a reel in general but the only sealines I can find where I live are the sl0shes. Will the Senator be satisfactory then? To clarify my style of fishing: I fish off piers/jetties with 4-6 oz sinkers being enough to hold most bait. I'm using spinning tackle at the moment but I wish to slowly graduate into using multipliers/conventionals after exams, when I have more time to fish. Currently, I'm targeting anything below 10kg using a Daiwa BG 4000 spooled with 30lb shimano kaikiri. My ultimate aim with the tackle I wish to get is to land rays weighing approx 10-30kg, with a meagre possibility of a 50kg biting. For this, I plan to spool the reels with 500-600m of 50lb braid then fill the rest with a 50-70lb mono topshot. In the case I opt for spinning, I'll likely spool the reel with 500m of 30 or 40lb jbraid with a shock leader length 50lb topshot.
  24. Have 5 old reels that are just taking up space, may as well see if anyone else can get any use out of them All are used, Have scuffs, but function well enough Happy to take further pics if requested Located in central CT pickup preferred Shimano sienna 1000 $10 Daiwa legalis 2000 sh ( with spare spool) $30 Daiwa regal 3000 $30 Shimano nasci 4000 $35 Penn fierce 5000 $20 Or $100 for everything
  25. NIB Penn 4400ss never used, taken from wrap for pictures 60.00 shipped 50.00 picked up 11901