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Found 260 results

  1. Selling Penn Battle III LE 10' 2 piece Rod. Heavy, Mod-Fast. Only used once. Condition: like new $90 + shipping: Paypal
  2. They are not all shot, and it's not the last bushel.
  3. I am looking to get a new surf fishing setup to upgrade from my garbage $50 combo. After a lot of research I think i'm starting to settle on a Spinfisher VI (although right now Slammer IIIs can be found for cheaper than spinfishers, i don't like that the min drag on a slammer is so high). I have never used a Long Cast or a Bail-less reel and both interest me, i don't think i'd mind the lack of a bail as it's one less part that can break due to salt/sand ingress; and I feel like any advantage to casting distance is a plus (why aren't long casts more common?). So i have a few questions: 1) Why is there no Long Cast + Bail-less reel? Can I convert a Long-Cast into a bail-less long cast or will removing the bail allow for salt/sand ingress or throw off the balance of the reel when i crank it? 2) Can anyone with experience with the Long Cast version tell me how much difference it makes? 3) If the reel gets dunked or i crank it underwater, will it last? What parts are likely to rust/corrode and are they easily replaceable?
  4. Selling 4 surf rods that explain the evolution of my surf fishing journey... 1. (First 8 pics) Started out with tossing bait on an Ugly Stik Bigwater 11ft rated for 3-8oz <excellent condition rod> $45 2. (Next 11 pics)Moved to plugging on Penn Prevail 10ft rated for 1-5oz <excellent condition> $50 3. (Next 21 pics) Stepped up to a Mojo Surf 10’6 Medium Power, Moderate Action, rated for 3/4-4oz <excellent condition> $170 4. (Last 14 pics) Inherited a Classic Rod from my uncle, a G Loomis SUR 1266S 10’6 Surf Series rod, rated for 1-5oz <replaced the ugly original wrapping on the handle with rubber shrink tube, overall... the guides, the reel seat, the blank itself, is in very good condition> $180 Now I’m fishing a GSB 108L and don’t really use these rods. I’m a fanatic when it comes to taking care of my tackle. All rods are in excellent condition... I tried to post as many pics as possible. I’m accepting cash for these rods. Local pick (Jones Beach, NY) up only.
  5. For sale is my black Penn Torque 5, TRQS5, Gen 1 (I believe… 38” per turn) with bail. Mechanical 10/10, cosmetic 8/10. Fished once this year, serviced last year. Has performed flawlessly. Spooled with Power Pro Super Slick 40lb I am pretty sure. Box, Penn oil & lube, and cover included, no manual. Have heard and read these are reaching “unobtainium” status - hence $450 shipped. PayPal.
  6. Wts 9’6 1145 slingshot for $360 if your willing to pick up. Rod is in excellent condition. I’m located north shore, Ma.
  7. I've had my slammer 3 for a while now and had no issues, but on my most recent outing it was like anything that could go wrong did. 1. After hooking into a good fish, the reel bound up. I backed off the drag and let the fish run and that seemed to free things up, but I couldn't reel properly for a few minutes 2. Casting next day I got 2 absolutely terrible wind knots. Looking at the spool, I noticed the line was laying on the skirt 3. Put on a bucktail to cast out as much line as possible. Cleared the mis-spooled line and held tension on it while reeling in and it seemed fine. 4. Next cast with a Hydro minnow and boom, spooling back on the skirt again with a large portion near the bottom of the spool Has something like this happened to anyone before? Seems like after I had the lockup issue maybe the occilation is now off... I'm going to send in for service, but just seemed weird that all of a sudden it all went to **** after it being smooth and flawless for so long. Also, I did not remove or add any plastic washers on the spindle so the line lay should not have changed.
  8. WTB Everol, Penn International, Avet, Shimano Tiagra 50-130W. If you are selling as a combo with a rod am open to that as well. This will close when I find something whether it’s here or elsewhere. Thank you
  9. Girlfriend and I were on the Potomac last night. Blue cats are my favorite fish here. This one was 45”. We also caught the 12lb one at same time (which is about my average size fish. caught on a 4oz piece of channel cat penn battle 4000 7’ penn rod 30# runcl braid from Amazon , 7/0 gamakatsu octopus, 60# big game leader, wind was nasty, but otherwise beautiful day had to use 4oz lead i included a pic of how I fish. Lash a 1.75” pvc to doc post. Carry it all in a wagon from Home Depot. Still angry when released! IMG_1038.MOV
  10. Has anyone else thought of this??? And please correct me if I am wrong, but similarly to how the VS oscillates, if Penn should make a slammer that oscillates like that and spool itself oscillates down below the liner roller bearings with every turn of the handles like the VS, I think VS would be in trouble?? What are your thoughts
  11. Have a Lamiglass xs 101 mhc with penn international 965 available. $275 obo 10' 3-6oz lures Overall in good shape. I am located near Farmington,CT. But I will be traveling to Cape Cod 9/3-9/6 and be on Marthas Vineyard 9/14-9/24 and 10/6-10/16
  12. Hello, I want to sell this Penn Int. 50tw with Cal sheets 2 speed and tiburon frame. There is some scratches but mechanically is perfect. The asking price is $450 plus $20 shipping. (USA quote). I am also looking to trade it for a 12'+ spinning surf rod with or without a surf reels. I'm a sucker for vintage Penns, so a 706z would be a huge bonus. Best,
  13. Crack 300 Lot $120: Two fully functioning reels, one bailed, the other made bailless and “sealed” by the previous owner back in the 70’s. Tons of parts including bearings and an extra spool. Penn 704z Bailless $65: Bought this a few months ago from a member as a backup, thought I’d give bailless a try again, still hate it. Asking what I paid, cleaned and lubed, works perfect, has 20lb mono Penn 85 $10: part boat classic, cleaned and lubed, works as it should, previous owner only used it in freshwater Plugs are pretty self explanatory, any questions just ask. Prices as follows: 1) $6 *****sale pending 2) $5 *****sale pending 3) $2 tail is cracked and missing plastic sale pending 4) $10, never thrown been sitting on my pegboard for a while ******sale pending 5) $5, this is older, hooks need to be replaced sale pending 6) $10*****sale pending 7) $10 sale pending 8) $5 9) $5 10) $5 11&12) $2 each 13&14) $3 each? vintage bucktails, I know nothing about them, if you know better let me know. As of right now I’m not shipping, located in Suffolk County LI. Open to trades for Penn reels, surf rods, anything you think I might be interested in, let me know
  14. Does not seem to be on the Penn USA site, yet. Check Penn AU for details.
  15. Selling my Penn 707z. Has no emblem, and the rotor was drilled by someone who was clearly inexperienced at doing so (not me hahaha) Asking $250 or possible trade for high quality spinning equipment
  16. Selling some beautiful old school spinning reels here. I'm willing to negotiate on prices/value, so don't worry about offending me with an offer. Also open to trades of other spinning reels/rods. Prefer Shimanos, love Saragosas and Spheros. I like quality gear from almost any maker so feel free to shoot me a trade offer as well. Would also consider trades for saltwater jerkbaits, XRaps, Diawa SP minnows, etc. Penn 714 greenie - Cosmetically pretty nice, some paint loss on the rotor and reel foot, but both emblems look great. Mechanically it needs a little love, the bail release lever sticks a little. Other than that it's in great shape from what I can tell. Gonna start the asking price at $125 obo. Penn 430ss in PHENOMENAL condition both mechanically and cosmetically. Comes with a mint condition spare spool. This thing is absolutely beautiful, as is the spare spool. I'm asking $200 OBO for the reel + spool Near mint Daiwa BG-10. Beautiful little ultralight Daiwa BG10 here. I'd give it a 9/10 cosmetically and 9.5+/10 mechanically. Asking $100 obo Absolutely perfect Daiwa BG-20. This thing seriously doesn't look like it's even been mounted on a rod, it is immaculate cosmetically and mechanically. Asking $125 obo Beautiful Daiwa BG60, also in barely used condition. Works beautifully and looks perfect. I'd give it a 9.5/10 both cosmetically and mechanically. Asking $125 obo
  17. I have a Penn Squall II 15 star drag for sale. This is a LEFT HAND retrieve. Spooled with 50 lb braid. Used a few times this spring in freshwater. Still in excellent condition. Asking $110. I also have a Penn Battalion Surf Rod BATSFII1220C10. This is a casting rod that was paired with the reel. 10 foot medium 2 piece rod. Rated 1-5 oz. asking $70. Will post pictures tomorrow. located in Narberth, PA just outside Philly.
  18. I just thought I'd share....I've mentioned a bit that I'm totally replacing my saltwater gear after about 20yrs away from fishing anywhere. Been hunting sealed reels because I'm older now and flat do not trust my hands not to drop a reel in the drink now and then, even before I dunked my old Mitchell 302 a zillion times but that reel was so simple to maintain I could even clean it, repack grease and be back fishing in 20-30 min. Not with today's gear unless I went with a Z. Narrowed down to the Slammer III, the Torque 2 and the SaltX. I have to admit for some reason the SaltX totally seduced me and, like my wife, I have no idea how that happened. I was bewitched for sure. I usually have zero problems being patient in these things. Then I was shopping last night in my typical insomnia (life time of poor sleep). I just said 'screw it' and bought a Torque 2 5500 and a SaltX 6000. YES I know they are essentially the same reel size class but maybe that is a good thing? Of course I added a new but frugal rod, an Okuma Rockaway 10' 1002mh just because I needed something and they seem like decent mid-range rods and will be OK for now. Plus the rod is rated for 1-4oz which I take to mean nothing more than 3oz and maybe I can sneak in a 3/4oz on the low end. Where I live we have lots of wind and low or non-windy days are by far the minority and the wind is a guarantee after about 3pm every day. Added some line, was thrilled to find my exact old Case folding fishing knife was still being made...I really missed that one it does everything I ever needed. I've never fished with braid and thought a couple 300yd spools would let me get a sense if I like or will never adjust to it and go back to just mono. I picked what I guessed are decent options Power Pro SSV2 40# (wanting a bit more diameter so I can see it, hahaha) and J-Braid x8 in 40# as well. From reading and watching YT I reached the idea that a rounder line would handle wind better than the flatter brands? Please do let me know if you see flaws or something I missed in what I am trying? Oh, I put good old mono om my new US Senator 113N for bait casting. I think it was supposed to be 25# but zi have my doubts there as a, supposedly, 540yd spool only filled 2/3rd's of the spool. Then I read the diameter and it is equivalent of about 17# US mono. See I never knew there were different standards for line measurements. Sigh...we'll see. I am going to put about 150yds or so mono backing on both the new spinners to save cash (unless I can catch a few fish, I'm eating cat food for the next 47yrs now.) I have the defense of I got it all thanks to an offer from my CC I used to take 18-months no interest so the hit isn't that awful. I did hold back though, I mean there is always next month, right? I just hit 60 this month and decided screw it all, my heath kinda sucks so enjoy it while i still can. Hoping to hit the road for a year covering the coastline of the US fishing everywhere I can. My cat, Ozzy, thinks I am crazy...
  19. Two reels on the barrel: 1. Penn SSV 6500. Excellent condition functionally and cosmetically. No issues. Smooth and snappy in the right places. Balanced; clean spool lip; smooth line roller. $130 shipped flat rate. 2. Fin Nor Lite S-400 (does not say Ahab, but looks just like an Ahab S-400?). Roughly the size of a Shimano 3-4K for reference. Super smooth. Metal body. Clean spool lip; snappy bail; smooth line roller; balanced. Excellent functionally, with some scuffs on the bottom plate where you’d expect. $65 shipped flat rate. PayPal preferred.
  20. -Shimano nexave 2500HG brand new, no box. $35 -two shimano sienna 2500 FE. Used but good condition. A few scratches on the spool lip. $15 each -penn pursuit iii 4000 loaded with 20lb j braid. Used a few times. $30 -shimano tekota 500 spooled with 40lb power pro super slick. Good condition. $100 -quantum accurist with jigging world power handle. Only used a few times. Has 15lb power pro on it. $90 pickup suffolk or shipped PayPal
  21. Just added this to the collection recently and I'm in love with it! Not sure if it would be considered collectible to most, but it's one of my favorites now!
  22. Used just once. Only a tiny Nick on the spool. Barely noticeable. Looks brand new. 300yds of 30lbs Beyond Braid blue camo. $60 pickup Plymouth, MA. $70 shipped PayPal.
  23. Been dealing with some back issues so looks like my kayak fishing is on hold for a bit. Looking to put together surf fishing spinning outfit. Interested in the following reels: Penn Spinfisher vi 4500 Shimano spheros 6000 daiwa bg 4000 looking for 9 ft 1-4 oz rod to pair with it. Looking to stay under $120 on the rod. Located in Philadelphia area. Let me know if you got anything that fits the bill.
  24. Bunch of things for sale here in South Jersey. Penn Fierce II LL 6000 (year or two old) with new 30 lb braid never used - $75 St Croix Mojo Surf 10' M 1-4 Oz (2 piece, 3 years old still under warranty with Penn Battle 5000 and 30 lb braid) - $250 Okuma Surf 11' 3-8 Oz (2 piece, 2-3 years old) with Penn Fierce II LL 6000 - $150 St Croix Triumph 8' 1/2-2 Oz (need to check if it is 1 or 2 piece, 5-6 years old with 1-2 year old reel) with Penn Battle 4000 and 20 lb braid - $150 Beach Wagon (3 years old or so) with 3 rod holders on the back and two sand spikes - $75 Everything is in good condition. Would prefer to sell rods with reels but may end up selling separate. Pictures below.
  25. Looking for a Penn Spinfisher VI. Prefer 4500 size but would consider 3500. Would also consider LL version as well. Located by Philly and willing to drive about an hour to facilitate deal. Shipping is fine too. let me know what you got. Thanks