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Found 196 results

  1. See below for description. Local pickup / meet up. No shipping. I am located in Brooklyn, Park Slope area and travel to Long Island, Nassau County approximately once a week. Im willing to meet within reasonable distance. For sale are the following rods: 7’0 Shimano Sojourn SJS-70HA Price: $15 Condition: Very good, lightly used 7’6” Penn Squadron SQDIN815S76 Squadron Inshore Spinning Rod Price: $25 Condition: Good, normal wear and tear from use, one of the guides was slightly bent, which was corrected. 10’ Cabela's Salt Striker CSS-CTS10A Surf Spinning Rod Price: $35 Lure Weight (oz): 2-4 Condition: Good, normal wear and tear from use Rod is broken down in pictures. Tica UGSA12XH2S EX-HEAVY TC3 Dolphin Surf Spinning Rod Price: $150 Condition: Very good, normal wear and tear from light use. Rod is broken down in pictures. St Croix MIS76MHF Mojo Inshore Spinning Rod Price: $125 Condition: Like new, very lightly used. St Croix MSS90MMF2 Mojo Surf Spinning Rods Price: $190 Condition: New, never used with tags. Rod is broken down in pictures.
  2. Good Morning! I have a new to me 145 squidder and the sideplate is a bear to twist on and off. Any suggestions on how to get this so I don't have to use a strap wrench to remove/replace the side plate? I am going to do a full tear-down/overhaul/regrease, but I've never had on that is so bloody tight! Many thanks!
  3. Hello all, looking to purchase a new reel for my 10 foot Lamiglas surfrod. I will predominantly use it off the beach. Looking at either a Penn Spinfisher Longcast (5500 or 6500), Regular Spinfisher (5500 or 6500) or a Slammer III (5500 or 6500). Thoughts?
  4. New in the box with papers Penn Slammer 3 8500 HS. Never been spooled or mounted... I did spin it a few times though for fun. Retails for 330-350 depending on where, I will let her go for 260 shipped.
  5. Looking for a light duty spin reel under $60 lmk what you have thank you
  6. Hey guys, So I went to use a Penn Battle 2 I’ve been using from last few years after it sat this winter and when I went to throw a lure I noticed I’m getting the bail opening/closing on its own when I throwing lures or put any momentum on the reel. Then today I’m sitting here and when I stop it hard from a fast turn, you can hear it almost release the bail and the bail re-engage, it’s weird. I haven't had any issues with this reel and I’ve maintained the internals pretty well, but I’ve never done anything to or for the bail-arm or anything around there. So I’ve attached the video would love to hear anyone’s thoughts why this is happening. Thanks guys! IMG_2483.MOV
  7. Unfortunately I found out that I am being furloughed starting Monday. I just bought this Quantum Smoke Inshore last week and have fished it twice. Reel is like new and is smooth as can be. Asking 130.00 shipped OBO. Located in MD and accept Pay Pal and Venmo.
  8. Brand new Penn Torque 2 7500 bail less reel for sale. $650 shipped!
  9. Inherited a box of old fishing gear. If any collectors have a use for one of these reels, PM me and we can work out shipping. Got a bunch here, and they're dusty but all seem functional. Ocean City No. 167 - SOLD Penn Jigmaster 500S - SOLD Abu Ambassadeur 5600AB (really good condition) - SOLD Penn Atlantic No. 14 - SOLD Huron - SOLD Pfleuger Supreme (nice bakelite handles, one is sort of bent though) Ocean City 936M - SOLD
  10. Have three spinning reels that I used for the kayak. All great shape Penn used 2 seasons ton of life left Both tsunamis used 1 season. Rinsed and greased regularly..... penn has 30# PP just put on and 20# on the tsunamis.... penn Battle 2 4000 tsunami shield 3000 tsunami shield 4000 would like to sell as a lot for 150$ And shipping 7$ located Nassau County Long Island if u would like to pick up Paypal or cash
  11. Hey I am mostly a trout fly fisher in VT but will have to go to Hyannis for work for a few months this year so I want to try some surf casting while I’m there. So recently this Penn Pursuit II 6000 reel fell into my lap, and I know it’s not a hi end reel, but it feels rock solid and it looks mint unused. spool drag is well-lubed, and the gearbox is coated in blue grease that looks new. Loaded with what appears to be a new 50lb powerline braid. so I brought it in to bass pro in NH to try it on some rods and walked out with a 12’ bigwater ugly stik Heavy rod. It felt like a good balance setup, but I don’t really know much about surf casting and I’ve been searching the forum trying to answer my question of basically “is this a good rod?” And “is this a good reel size, with the right line, for this rod?” ive seen mixed reviews for the rod but most of the bad ones seem to do with damage during shipping, or the fact that some people forget it’s fiberglass or Chinese until after they bought it pics show the reel, gear box opened, the rod rating, and the balance point when the reel is on the seat, when I hold the rod with one finger Searching Around I’ve seen the pursuit Ii 6000 was sold paired with an 8’ MH rod as a combo, but I want to rip long bombs with weight and bait and be able to reel in whatever bites. just trying to get my feet wet and I don’t have much of a bank to break. I still have the reciept for the rod, so if it’s not a good choice I can return it for something else. I was looking at a few other options the penn Carnage II 12’ reel but it was 4x more $$ than the ugly and also I wasn’t sure if it was meant for a spinning reel bc the guides were so small and close to the blank. What rod would you get if you had this reel?? Also any tips on prepping the reel before my first time using it would be great. I’ve seen some people say to pack the box full of grease and I know there are prob tougher drag washers available to replace the oiled felt, but it seems pretty strong as-is. Thx for any help
  12. Looking for a Penn 525 manual. I have a new old stock 525 Mag with box, clamp, and reel oil. I am just missing the manual. Looking for the manual to complete the set. Thanks!

    Hello fellow anglers Im new to forum as a member but have been following along for years now, my question is does anyone know where I can find the schematic for the fth 2 15sd? I have looked at the Penn site but all they have posted is the first gen Fathom 15sd with the centrifugal break and not the second gen 15sd with the mag break? Thanks for looking and any help is appreciated much, Tight lines friends,, Dutch...
  14. I'm selling my Penn Leveline 350 Conventional with an upgraded spool. Reel details: -Self Leveling Line Bar -was unique to this reel for many years. -Mint Condition. -Upgraded Aluminum Spool for better casting (costs $40 on its own). -Use for Shore Casting, Jigging, or Trolling. Asking $30 cash picked up in Providence Happy holidays
  15. Penn SSV6500BLS Like new bailless 6500 SSV, bought as a backup and don’t think it was ever used. Currently heavily greased to protect from salt and to minimize handle rotation when casting, so turning it is a little stiff (intentionally, more like a VS/ZB). Box included. $90 shipped, Paypal
  16. Penn SSV6500BLS Like new bailless 6500 SSV, bought as a backup and don’t think it was ever used. Currently heavily greased to protect from salt and to minimize handle rotation when casting, so turning it is a little stiff (intentionally). Box included. $100 shipped, Paypal Daiwa BG2500 Like new super smooth, only hint of a mark I see on it is on the reel foot from mounting on a rod. Box included, line not included. $75 shipped, PayPal. Daiwa BG2000 Like new super smooth, only hint of a mark I see on it is on the reel foot from mounting on a rod. Box included, line not included. $75 shipped, PayPal.
  17. Hello all. I am hoping this reaches the Penn rep himself "Penn". I purchased a spinfisher vi 8500Live liner model from an Australian tackle seller. * They have over 10K great reviews and seem like an honest reliable seller. I received my spinfisher reel and when i opened it and began spinning and inspecting it i could feel a slight ticking sensation and hear a wobble/tick noise coming from the reel. Something did not feel right. I released the drag and took the spool off to find the rotor cap busted, 2/3 screws stripped, and a greasy fingerprint as well as grease shoved into a little hole on the bail assembly (pics attached). There is doubt in my mind that this thing was assembled properly. The seller has agreed that something is definitely wrong and would like to amend the issue. He says the item is eligible for the same 1 year warranty as all penn products and would reimburse my shipping to penn. My concern is that because this is an item through ebay that this may not be the case. If this is still covered can you advise me as to how best provide proof of purchase? (specifically what do i need screenshots of?). Also would i be responsible for paying for anything other than the shipping TO the headquarters in PA? Best, Daniel
  18. Seeing Penn Torque's on sale for $50.00!! Don't know if this is legitimate but its from a site i've used in the past and have not had an issue. It's only size 12 and 15 which for inshore guys like myself is all we really need.
  19. Still have a few items I'd like to move to a good home: Rods: Diawa Beefstick B123S, 7' 1-3oz, 16-30lb test, Medium Heavy action spinner $25 Centurion Brute CK-199-10-2HC, 10', 2pc conventional surf rod $15 Shakespere Ugly Stik BWS 1100, 10', 2pc surf rod, 12-30lb test, Medium Heavy action $25 Reels: Penn 704Z, 30lb Power Pro, $85 Penn 710Z, $65 Penn 320GTI w/box & papers $45 Penn Surfmaster 200 $25 Diawa A-4000L $15 Shakespere SeaWonder spinner w/papers $10 All prices are picked up, West Islip, NY or meet nearby. shipping is extra for reels. Rods are pick up only. Package deals welcome. These are excellent entry level or loaner set ups. Pics available in my old posts or just ask. Thanks, Stu
  20. Last year I bought a spinfisher 6500V last year. For the first half of the year, it was spectacular. Then, I was having trouble on the retrieve. I brought it to Luke's at the beginning of this year, and he basically had to replace everything on the inside, a $75 repair bill. I used it up until August, when it started to make a grinding sound again. I dropped it off at SBT as Luke was pretty busy (he's a great guy, does great work). I had a gift cert for bean. I picked up a Penn Battle II, not as nice, not completely sealed. I took it out. It's not even been three weeks. Every night I bring it in, I wash it down, and I dry it off. Apply reel grease when it is called for. Now this one is sticking. Since I got it from Bean, I'll have them replace it, but I'm extremely disappointed in Penn's surf cast equipment. Their deep sea reels are top notch, never had ANY problems with the senators, or even the Long Islands, but the surf cast equipment has disappointed me greatly. Any one make a suggestion for a surf cast reel that will be used about 100 times a year in the surf with sand and wind and salt water is surrounding me all the time? I wash it every time I use it, and dry it when done, and oil it accordingly.
  21. I have a penn spinfisher V 6500 bailless and a St croix Triumph 10 ft rod for sale both are in like new condition, the reel is spooled with #40 super slick. $225 for both. Local pickup on Long Island preferred
  22. Hi, Stumbled upon a very low priced brand new Penn Conflict II Long Cast 6000 on a well know online shopping platform and bought it in 5 seconds. I've already read alot of mixed reviews on these reels, the whole Conflict II lineup in fact. But I was looking for a light long cast reel with great line capacity and fast line retreive per crank and this seemed to be the winner considering the low price. Don't care if it's not sealed and don't care if it only has 18lbs of drag. I just hope it will lay line correctly and perform great when (if) there is a 40-50'' rooster on the end of the line next time I visit Cabo's beaches. So I'd like to hear about any of you guys experience with the reel. Things to look out for, particular care... I have other Penn gear so I know they are somehow different than Daiwa and Shimano, but hey... at the price I found them.... I just made a trip to Rhode Island last week and fished my 9' medium Tica UEHA paired with a Spheros SW5000 spooled with 20lbs braid for the first time and wow... that was a good homemade combo. I will pair this 6000 Conflict with a Penn Carnage II 10' MH that I also found on this same shopping platform for a ridiculus low price. I wish YTs Tackle Advisors wouldve talked more about his Penn Spinfisher VI Long Cast and maybe hear his opinion on this Conflict Long Cast if he tried them.
  23. Hi all, i decided to pull trigger on a brand new Penn Slammer 8500hs for everything from land based shark fishing to throwing big metal and poppers. Straight out of the box I noticed a very weird creaking/grinding sound when turning the spool against the drag (almost sounds like somebody snoring). I thought lining it up and pulling out drag might spread some grease around might fix it but to no avail. Has anybody dealt with this or have any suggestions? I will try to upload a video. Thank you in advance for the help. -Dan
  24. I just purchased a penn spinfisher LL 4500. ..I wanted the fierce in a 5000 size. But it’s only is a 4-0r 6 before the sale ended today. I bought the 4500 .. it’s just a tad bigger the the fierce 4000. But large enough to make a difference.. I love the new fierce lll. It replaced my Daiwa. Moreover it was this forum that put me on to it . SO. Any reviews on the spinfisher ?? Liveliner ? Before I unbox it ? many thanks. Jim
  25. WTS a practically new shimano saragosa sw6000 that I bought new at the beginning of the season and only had 2 opportunities to use it. It’s already spoiled with over 300yds of 40lb braid. $190 and plz no tire kickers. I’m in north shore Ma and sometimes southern NH.