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Found 10 results

  1. How is it even remotely possible that we have allowed this?
  2. Pretty much every day in NYC. Unreal world. Full of sick people.
  3. Hello. I recently started fishing the east river from the queens side. The couple times I have been out so far it has been low tide +- 2hours. Where I go I can see/hear fishing coming up and attacking the fish in the shallow water but I have not been able to catch anything. I have been using 4 inch swim shads or one ounce bucktails. I have not been able to catch anything even though I know the fish are there. With it being low tide and everything being more exposed I am finding that I either get caught up in rocks or catch a bunch of seaweed. Does anyone have any tips on what I should be doing? Do I need to get better technique with the bucktails and shads? Switch to topwater/floating lures? Move to a new spot? Thanks.
  4. I have a graco 390 paint sprayer I bought years ago. I only used it ONCE and then it's been in the garage since. Spraying Kilz all in one primer paint in a 1 storey house. Like 800 sqft. Every year I changed out the alcohol used in the piping when storing unit as manual prescribes. Even right now when I pulled trigger, I can still smell the alcohol coming out. This is a prosumer model, important parts are all heavy duty commercial grade parts. Wheels just need some oiling on axles. Which I'll take care of. Little stiff right now. But will be fixed by time you want to buy. I have most filters (new in packaging) I bought with unit and throat seal liquids, oils, etc with the unit. They sell around $900 new + with accessories, easily over $1000. $500 local pickup only in Brooklyn, NY. Dont send me offers. $500 is a good deal. If you're a painter or someone who might need to paint a big problem. Please consider. You do one job and make this money back. Weekend project? Paint your fence? House, brickwall, literally do it as fast as you can reload a 5gallon bucket.
  5. Had this many moons ago, never used much, I think only 1 trip for my little cousin. I dont even remember the builder. Was old cheapy fiberglass seeker or calstar blank. Honestly dont remember. Whatever it is my price reflects it. Like just buying components, or having someone wrap it. Would be good for a fluke, porgy, seabass, snapper, herring rod. Wrapped spiral. Simple green chevron and all black whips. Very soft whippy tip. Good for absorbing braided lines hardness. Wont pull hooks as easy. Good for like 1/2 to 3oz It can really bend with no problem. High stick the crap outta it. See pics. Reel was set to around 15-18lb drag. Reel not included. $50 picked up in Brooklyn, NYC
  6. I'm interested in surf fishing as Open Charter Boats get kind of expensive after a while. I have never been surf fishing and was wondering what are some the basics you need to know about surf fishing. I live just outside NYC and would appreciate any advice or suggestions on Tackle, Gear, Bait and Locations to start fishing in the tri state area. I like to fish for fluke, sea bass, stripers, porgies and just about any edible fish.
  7. Hi everyone I am hosting an event for CAST for Kids. CAST is an organization that lets disabled children go out and enjoy a great day of fishing. I am posting here because I am looking for volunteers or participants. If you know anybody who could participate or volunteer let them know about this event. It is a great cause and hope i get a a good response. I have put a brief description below of the event. Thanks to all in advance. I am excited to be hosting a first of its kind fishing event for special needs children on September 18 at the Harlem Meer in Central Park, NYC. I am co-sponsoring this event with Cast for Kids. My goal for this event is to give these children the chance to enjoy fishing as much as I do! Are you a fisherman? Volunteer to be a fishing buddy for a participating child. Would you like to volunteer? Other volunteers are needed to register children and their families, organize the picnic and snacks, and run our awards ceremony to close out the day. Willing to sponsor? Your dollars or in-kind donations will provide fishing equipment, food, award plaques, and other necessities to make the event a success for the children. I hope you will join me as a volunteer and / or sponsor. Please visit the link below to make a donation, register to volunteer, or to register a child to participate: The day will begin with volunteers arriving at 7:30am. Children and their parents arrive at 8:30am. The children will pre-register and will receive a C.A.S.T. t-shirt and hat, rod and reel and tackle box to keep as their own. Breakfast will be served before they are paired, along with a parent or guardian, with an experienced fisherman and head out around the Meer for 3 hours of fishing. Lunch for all and an awards ceremony will follow where each child is presented with a plaque as a memento of this very special day If you know anyone who may be interested in participating in any way please share my email. Cast for Kids is special to me because it provides participating children the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and catch the special thrill of fishing. Max Marcus Event Organizer NYC (917) 957-1603 (Deborah) (917) 332-9926 (Max)
  8. I want to get out there and just try to catch some fish. I'm thinking of going off the beach. What should i try to do throw chunks, bucktails, topwater? What tide should i fish? Should i fish across the bridge by the rest stop/picnic areas? Give me some tips!!!
  9. I have a new crown steam boiler in my house. In which it was installed from a oil to a gas conversion. This has been the first winter in service , and it has warmed the house pretty good but i have notice some issue. First the boiler has been turing on and off , meaning the flames goes on and then off. The plumber said i needed a bigger gas meter since i had the old meter. Then coned replaced the meter. Then after the meter was replaced , i still was getting the power cycle after the boiler was on for 15 mins or more. I thought it was because the water level was bouncing up and down it was triggering the boiler to ask for more water. i empty out the boiler since on the water level i notice mud . More over after checking on google , i have seen people mention my return wet line might be clogged, and that i have to replace all those pipes. i have uploaded a video on youtube. now do i have the unclog my return lines?
  10. I'm new to surf fishing what places do you recommend getting tide information from, and where to see fishing reports for certain areas?