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Found 11 results

  1. So my kid came home with a venison roast given to him by a fellow marine that was harvested from a hunt in pa. this fall. (Of course with no description) The freezer is overstocked at the moment and this came out to defrost yesterday and it is still a bit frozen. At the moment is scales at 3 lb 4 oz with the liquid. There is no visible bone in it and there is just a hint of marble fat in it if the pictures dont show it Sunday will be busy so Im thinking crockpot,... new at this so i could use some pointers How would you cook it in the crockpot ? and what would you put in with it....I have done crock pot pot roast in the past and have had decent luck, but im thinking venison should be somehow treated differently....
  2. Long time stalker, first time poster Anyhow, I have read through countless beginner combo threads but figured I would post to get everyone's input. I am fairly new to surf fishing and would like to try to find a combo that I can fish bottom and cast lures with (if thats not too much to ask). With that said, I will be purchasing my gear through an employer sponsored rewards program which limits me to certain options for the reel. From the list below, which would you recommend? Reels Available: Shimano Nasci - 2500 or 3000 Shimano Spheros INSHORE (not the good one) - 3000 or 4000 Shimano Spheros - 6000 *costs extra but can swing it if its significantly better Penn Spinfisher VI - 4500 Daiwa BG - any size For rods, I've heard good things about the Tica Dolphin rods and am considering that but would like some input on best length/power. Any specific line recommendations would be appreciated as well. If it matters, I will primarily be fishing the Texas Gulf and will be fishing for whatever bites.
  3. Hi, I hope everyone is healthy and having a productive fishing season. I'm wondering what everyone likes in terms casting finger protection. I've been using Mechanix gloves for the last few years but they tend to wear out. I also sometimes use duct tape, but I don't like the tactile feeling on my fingertip with the line. I've seen some people using what looks like an ACE bandage finger condom kind of deal, what are those? I've also seen people using golf/batting gloves. Protecting the casting finger is key to throwing long but I'm tired of blowing money on work gloves. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  4. I'm a complete newbie. So far I have only been using trout gear I had on hand. I can't jump in at the $300+ rig level and so I am shopping around for modest setups. Durability and all that is a top concern for me since I am new and will probably abuse things more than an experienced angler would. My question is this... do you really think that a $200 reel lasts 4 times longer than a $50 reel, or whatever other math and multipliers you can think of? Why not get $30-$50 reels and consider them kind of disposable?
  5. Hey guys so Im in the surf fishing game for about 2 years (should have quit fall of 2017 but now Im hooked for good) . Over those 2 years Ive been spending a lot of time in front and in back of MoCo. Ive fished SSP, IBSP, and BI several times as well. Ive a pretty good idea about what all those places have to offer during the different times of year. One place I really want to try this spring is Barnegat Bay. In Moco theres a few different regions..north central and south. While similar each region has its own feel. Also certain parts of Moco are better to fish during certain conditions or time of year. Does the same thing apply to BB? Do you guys spilt it into different geographical sections? If so what are they ? Is fishing the eastern side of the Bay from the barrier island different from fishing the western side? Are certain sections better to fish? I know that certain parts of the bay are dirtier then others. How about the wind? Is the bay unfishable under certain weather conditions or is it mainly just a water clarity issue? Is there any point fishing the flats or is it better to find deeper water? Im a total noob to BB and would appreciate any help or advise you guys have to offer.
  6. Apologies first because I'm sure this exact same thread has been started a zillion times on this forum, but nevertheless I feel like this is the only place to ask the couple of dumb questions I'm sure everyone has about buying a kayak. 1. At north of $3k all in (looking hard at the Hobie Outback), for the boat, propulsion, rigging, fish finder, roof rack, and probably a couple of new rods - is it worth it? Do you connect with more fish than you did from shore? Do you only fish from the kayak now? 2. Night fishing, seems pretty scary to me to go out after dark, but I see dudes doing it. I'm sure just like anything else with the right safety precautions it's manageable, but from the sidelines it looks terrifying. I'd like to hear your thoughts, do you fish at night? how do you rig the boat? and what kind of weather criteria do you look for? 3. If I want to target stripers offshore in the fall, I absolutely need a dry suit, right? Thanks.
  7. I am changing teams. Still haven’t bought a boat but have a couple contenders. I’m looking for something relatively small (would like to store it in our 19’ garage) and it would primarily be used inshore.....what would you do for under 5k?
  8. I may be taking an impromptu trip to NC this week and I'll be bringing the kayak. We're staying around New Bern along the Neuse River and I'd really like to get into some drum. I've never fished for drum before so I don't even know what to look for. If anyone could give me some tips or is feeling generous enough to PM me a spot or 2 I'd appreciate it.
  9. (I apologize in advance for this post, I'm just really excited to go fishing this summer) I spend a lot of time freshwater fishing in the north shore area and it was just this summer that I started to transition towards saltwater fishing. Last summer however, my lack of proper saltwater gear and knowledge of the fishery limited me to jigging up squid and mackerel from the Salem Willows pier. Currently, during my Christmas break, I've been spending a lot of time researching the striped bass fishery and purchasing new tackle for this coming summer. Hopefully you guys who are familiar with the fishery in the north shore area will be able to answer a few of my questions regarding tackle that I would need and some other striped bass related questions. The equipment that I have right now is: pflueger trion spinning combo (6'6'' medium action graphite rod, trion 30x reel, 12lb mono) - the only saltwater readyish rod that I had last summer unfortunately Ugly Stik Bigwater 9' medium-heavy + Okuma Avenger abf 50 + 17lb mono w/40lb shock leader - just recently bought from a friend barely used I plan on purchasing: -a couple 3/4 oz bucktails -a couple 4 oz bucktails -pack of softbaits (something along the lines of berkley gulp) -2 floating daiwa sp minnows -2 cotton cordell pencil poppers -Berkley big game 17lb -Berkley big game 40lb -a bunch of the basic tackle (bank sinkers, swivels, hooks, sabiki rigs, etc.) This season is going to be mostly a figuring things out time for me, so I don't plan to put too much money into it, but I am willing to spend enough to where I'll be able to figure out what works and what doesn't. I honestly have no clue how to surf fish for striped bass and bluefish, however I did spend some time browsing forums and reading articles on the subject, which gave me a pretty basic understanding of what I'll need. I'm not too sure though so I have a few questions. Will the surf rod and reel (the ugly stik and okuma) that I picked up work well for surf fishing in the area? Also, do you think that the lures that I picked out will be sufficient for catching bluefish and striped bass? I understand that giving away fishing spots in a big no no in the fishing world, but as someone who genuinely is clueless as to where to fish from, do you think you guys could direct me to a general location in the north shore that would a good place to for me to get the hang of things and learn the ropes? I've heard good things from the plum island and Gloucester harbor areas. Also, I don't really need to go to an established "fishing' location like a pier or a jetty right? Like with surf fishing I'll be able to just set up along a beach that seems fish-able and make a day out it? Last part I promise. This is purely out of my obsession over getting everything planned out as soon as possible. For bait, I hear a lot about using clams, mackerel chunks, bunker chunks, and eals, but I seldom hear anything about squid. After last summer, I've gotten pretty good a catching squid. I was wondering if I'd be able to rig up a squid the same way you would a fish chunk and cast it out for bluefish and striped bass. For example, on Monday I spend day catching a whole bucket of squid off the salem willows pier and throw them in the freezer right when I get home. Would I then be able to use it for bait later in the week. This would save me a lot of bait money. Hopefully I won't get banned or something for this ridiculous post, but thank you so much to those of you who reply!!!
  10. Biotech Index down 4.5% today. fortunately, research stage biotechs don't rely on share prices to raise capital to innovate and grow. oh wait...... when if ever will he realize its a zero sum game ?
  11. New saltwater fisherman. No access to a boat . Predominantly fishing plum island, trying to learn as much as possible. I've had a little success with school stripers at Plum island , using a fish finder rig baited with eels,clams and seaworms on a 6/0 gamakatsu circle hook. Using 50lb power pro braid To a 40 lb leader . What species of fish can be caught off shore ? What hot spots are there in Massachusetts for any species of saltwater fish ? (hot spot for blues, Mack, sea bass, striper etc) What lures work best when targeting blue fish and stripers? Tips for catching more fish ? What seasons are certain species more active? (I heard Blue fish in the summer during the day ) Locations to fish from shore ? Bait tips ?
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