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Found 20 results

  1. Grizzly tabletop bandsaw for sale. Not sure of model. pickup or local delivery only. Located in northern ocean county. $75
  2. Hi everybody! I bought an okuma 8k surf over this off season. I currently have it loaded with a whole lot of 20lb mono. I have seen people taking about using alot of 65lb braid and then a topshot of heavy mono. Supposedly it is strong enough to bring in medium sized sharks and heavy rays. Does anyone else agree with that? It's not a metal body reel but it is strong. I just wanna know if it would hold up to some abuse.
  3. I just got a VSX150 on the forum. As luck would have it, I broke my 10' Airwave the first time I used it. Thankfully I bought insurance on it at Dicks when I purchased it. Now I have a nice little gift card to put towards a new rod. I MOSTLY fish NJ beaches but will make it to LI 1-3 times per year and up to MA 1-2 times per year. The vast majority of my time will be spent throwing bucktails, artificials and plugging (and in the summer put it on a 7'6" MHF St Croix Mojo Inshore for fluke and smaller species). Now I don't need an all arounder that can try to do Montauk and the Canal, but something I can use on NJ beaches + jetties, but can also be used if I visit family "Out East" would be ideal. As I just learned through experience, a good warranty matters, but I can also get 2-3 rods before I pay for 1 St. Croix legend. I'm looking at a 9' Grumpy's Sandstorm (3/4-3oz)... I held it at the show last year and was impressed. I also like the 2021 9' St. Croix Triumph (1/2-2.5oz) and the 2020 St. Croix Avid Surf 9' (1-4oz). QUESTION: Grumpys describes the Sandstorm as designed for NJ. What does the perfect NJ Surf Rod that mean to you and how do you fish in NJ? What rod/reel combination do you use in NJ (when not deep in the 24 hour soak #GarbageMan). What rod pairs best with this reel and allows me to do the most. For years I've almost exclusively fished IBSP (fishing with the family) but this year and in the future, I want to see more of what NJ has to offer when fishing saltwater from shore, jetty or maybe even pier. Let's see where this goes (let's pretend there's no budget, then work our way back to reality when we get some consensus). Thank you, tight lines, and happy Sunday!
  4. Finally, Governor Murphy’s wife, Tammy Snyder Murphy is from the Norfolk area. We are always finding connections between the Deep State and Tammy’s family. Her father, Edward Brown Snyder and owned Checkered Flag Auto dealerships in that part of Virginia and before that helped run the family business, L. Snyder’s Department Store in downtown Norfolk (opened about 1890 and closed late 1960s.) .... No one is saying Malcolm Hoy shot the President or meant to shoot the President. He does tell two different stories, which seems suspicious. The interesting part of Hoy’s relatively small FBI file is one of the personal references he used. That would be Senate Candidate Louis B. Fine. Full story JFK Assassination “Witness” from Norfolk Used Tammy Murphy’s Great Uncle as a Reference.
  5. NEWARK — The city of Newark will be governed entirely by one party in 2022, the first time in anyone’s memory that has occurred. The Democratic Party, almost irrelevant in countywide races for two decades, lost all eight Newark City Council races in the 2021 general election, giving Republicans a 10-0 advantage among regular council voting members. The fortunes of Newark Democrats have collapsed in a few short years. Just eight years ago, Democrats enjoyed a majority on city council, and six years ago there was an even split of voting members. The city’s 15 elected positions identified by political party on the election ballot – mayor, council president and council, auditor, treasurer and law director – will all be Republicans. Democrats have lost the last 16 city elections, in 2021 and 2019. Whether it was a voter turnout of just 18.6%, Republicans' unprecedented coordination among campaigns, a fundraising deficit for Democrats, or the COVID impact on campaigning, Democrats were not even competetive in wards they previously dominated. Bill Cost, a Democrat and former councilman who lost the council at-large race, said one statistic stands out as the reason for the outcome. "When you have a turnout of 18%, that’s the biggest factor." Cost said. "I can accept losing, but I can’t accept that voter turnout. If people don’t care enough to vote, I don’t know how to fix that. “When you have a low voter turnout, the Democrats are not going to win. We need to have a decent turnout to have a shot." Cost fell just shy of 40% of the vote, with 2,353 votes in a city of 50,000 residents and 31,771 registered voters. The seven Democratic ward candidates received a combined total of 2,122 votes. "I know candidates worked hard on both sides, and it ends up depending on the demographics of voters that turn out, and the message of candidates and who people like better," Licking County Democratic Party chairwoman Marcia Phelps said. "I do think there should be a balance of power. It’s a disappointment.” Most shocking was the defeat of Jeremy Blake, a two-term 2nd Ward councilman, 2019 mayoral candidate and former Newark School Board president. Blake received just 38% of the vote in a ward where he received 54% in the mayor's race two years ago and 65% in the 2013 ward election. He was unopposed in 2017. Blake has still not commented publicly on the defeat but pushed for nonpartisan elections in his final council meeting. Democrats, not identified by party on the ballot, do win in some judicial elections and races in nonpartisan cities and villages in the county. "Hopefully, at some point in the future, the people in Newark will be able to vote on a charter amendment to remove partisanship from our city government," Blake said. "I think that is something that should be considered and should be voted upon by the people.” Dee Hall, D-1st Ward, and Sean Fennell, D-7th Ward, joined Blake in thanking their supporters in the final council meeting of the year. “It’s been a great eight years and an honor," Hall said. Fennell said council made a difference and made progress during his tenure, but said work remains to be done. He admitted the job can be challenging and implored people to speak their mind and vote their conscience. “On a council that is one party, it’s important to speak up and to bring in as many ideas and perspectives as possible and I encourage everybody to be true to that," Fennell said. "I haven’t always agreed with my party on certain things and those votes came out. “It’s really important to remember to do that, especially when you don’t have the built-in checks and balances, and I really hope everybody will take that to heart.”
  6. Hi everyone, I’m an intermediate fisherman looking to hone my skills in surf and jetty casting. Most of the guides I come across in my research are for fly fishing. Does anyone know of any contacts in the Monmouth County that can take me out front and give me a few lessons. I specifically want to work on my retrieves with buck tails, pencil poppers, little necks, spooks, and minnows. I would appreciate any leads.
  7. Looking to buy 9-10 foot CTS rods - surf and jetty, bay caster, vapor trail, etc looking for lightly used to new condition rods, will pay above acv for the right rod. Philly/ jersey /New York area or willing to ship. Broke a few rods - help me out.
  8. In an incredible right-place, right-time moment, Scotty Vee and his son found themselves face to face with a marlin in the surf. At the North Jetty of Barnegat Inlet in Island Beach State Park, New Jersey, they spotted a sickle fin come poking out of the sliding waves in the undertow. “Once I figured out that it was a marlin on bait I knew the chances were slim [to catch it], but we had one or two follows on a popper,” Vee says. Historically, New Jersey anglers will see some bluefin tuna move within the surfline, and huge sharks are common in the summer, but marlin? Not so much. Marlin, or any big game pelagic for that matter, rarely come close enough to the coastline, especially in the Garden State, making this sighting a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “We followed it for about 45 minutes up and down the beach as it was feeding on the sand eels all around,” says Vee. “I just couldn’t believe what we were seeing. The fish was hanging in close actively feeding, it wasn’t like he was stuck or sick.” Looking at the video evidence, it seems the fish may be a small white marlin.
  9. Hi Everybody, I'm planning on heading out to Sandy Hook this coming weekend to try to catch, well, fish. Whatever fish I can. I just moved to NJ from the Rockies and I haven't done much salt-water fly fishing and none in the mid-Atlantic region, so I'm a total beginner at this. Any advice on what to do once I get out there would be much appreciated, especially what to look for and what to throw at the fish this time of year, and also any recommendations on shops in the area carrying flies and fly gear. I have a few clousers and some shoddy home-tied bunker patterns but if I want to use anything else I'll have to pick them up between now and the weekend. Have a 9 wt with intermediate line.
  10. Hi - new member, 1st post, so apologies if this isn't in the correct forum. I'm looking at getting a new set up and have decided on the Shimano Stradic FL. Unfortunately, the 3000 I want is completely sold out in US it seems. I can find a 2500 or 4000 here or there. I fish almost exclusively at a pier/inlet in jersey (no surf fishing yet). Normally targeting summer flounder, sometimes will take blues if they're running. Hope to stumble across a striper or two. I normally use bait, but have just recently begun to teach myself bucktail jigging (any suggestions on this welcome as well!). Anyway, with that as background, I'm pretty sure the 2500 is sufficient for what I'm targeting but wanted some second opinions . The only reason I even hesitate is there is a chance once or twice a year I may end up on a party boat and would maybe rather the 4000 for that. I currently have a Daiwa BG 3000, so diversifying my lineup would be added benefit. As an aside, any rod suggestions to pair the reel with would be welcome, specifically with the bucktails in mind. Anyone ever used a 13 fishing Omen green or Shimano Teramar SE inshore? Because of the tidal currents where I fish, I've been using 1 1/2 oz to 2 oz Spro bucktails, but again I'm just trying to learn that so maybe I'm off base and using way too heavy?
  11. I read about a week ago that Atlantic City beaches are still open along with North Wildwood, but that Ventnor fenced off its beach from Atlantic City. https://www.inquirer.com/health/coronavirus/coronavirus-atlantic-city-sex-shop-boardwalk-open-beach-ventnor-closed-20200405.html Other than Atlantic City and North Wildwood, are there any other New Jersey beaches open for fishing?
  12. Hi all, New to the forum but I just recently purchased a couple of Hobie's for me and my son. Any suggestions on good locations to fish, where to launch, etc. Thanks!!
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a new surf setup. I have been looking at the shimano saragosa 8000 and need opinions on a great rod to match with it. Will be used to fish the Jersey shore if that helps so I'd be targeting blues, stripers, etc. Any advice and or opinions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi All, Anyone here ever participate in the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Cooperative Shark Tagging Program (CSTP)? I got some tags last week from NOAA and was wondering if anyone had any tips or recommendations. Had some luck with 3-4' sandbars last year .... Planning to use the tags in CMC, Jersey. Thanks
  15. Was itching to check old spots since mine have been so hammered around the area. The pond is so weeded you would think it was a field from far away. Waste of time
  16. Where are those Stripers??!!!
  17. Today I experienced my first surf blitz. I've been gearing up for it all year and I've been fishing in the wrong places all Fall. Today I got a tip from a friendly fisherman and relocated. I happened on over 50 fisherman shoulder to shoulder at the tail end of a nice blitz. The beach was littered with big cow keepers. By the time I got there, only schoolies were to be had but I got 4 in the first hour. It was dead low tide and when the tide went slack the bite died off. I threw a Danny plug but ended up catching all of my fish on a swim shad with a teaser. I'm hooked. I will be out every chance I get from here on out.
  18. New Jersey provides an advisory with regard to eating stripers caught in and near the State: "2016 Fish Smart, Eat Smart: A guide to Health Advisories for Eating Fish and Crabs Caught in New Jersey Waters" http://www.nj.gov/dep/dsr/fishadvisories/2016-fish-advisories.pdf With regard to the Delaware River, the advisory breaks down the river into sections between Trenton to the "mouth of the Bay." The last segment of the Delaware River advisory is "Delaware Estuary & Delaware Bay: Chesapeake & Delaware (C&D) Canal out to the mouth of Delaware Bay" and it advises that only up to 1 striped bass meal should be eaten per year that is caught in that segment. The “mouth of Delaware Bay” seems inexact, arbitrary and ambiguous since the mouth of the bay probably means where the Delaware Bay generally meets the Atlantic Ocean. Also, the fish up the Delaware River undoubtedly often travel to Atlantic Ocean 24 hours later (and the advisory for NJ coastal waters is 1 striper meal per month – that’s 12 times as many meals in a year!) What is your understanding of where the “mouth of the Delaware Bay” is?.....more precisely, how far North up the bay is it?..... Higbee Beach?...Villas?...Sea Breeze? [i’m interested in surf fishing in all these areas if the stripers are generally safe to eat (i.e., 1 striper meal per month)] . [i didn’t post this in the New Jersey regional forum because the NJ State Advisory is probably also good advice for the other side of the Delaware River/Bay in Pennsylvania, Delaware & Maryland.]
  19. I have been thinking of purchasing a new surf rod. I only fish beaches in Ocean County. I cast 7/8 ounce Bombers up to 2 3/8 ounce Super Strike Lures and everything in between. I’m looking for some recommendations from other members who fish in NJ. Please make a recommendation for a factory rod that you believe will perform best for this situation. Thanks for your input.
  20. hi all, new to the board and to the world of fishing. right now i really want to pick up an affordable (<$100?) rod and reel combination. i am leaning towards an Ugly Stik. i'll mostly be using it off piers, jetty's, bridges, and occasionally the beach in NJ and NY. any advice? can someone get me started in the right direction? thank you all!
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