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  1. looking for jim jaget needle fish new or used any pattern
  2. Does anyone have the dimensions on the original Wadd needlefish? Or can point me to an archived thread with them?
  3. Hi, Looking for any and all E.B. Norris baits. Particularly looking for hens teeth. Thanks. Please give me a day or two to reply to any offers. Happy new year. Nick
  4. Looking to buy new or used needlefish. Thanks for looking.
  5. $75 shipped. AH is new as well as the black/silver and green/white Stetzko. Others have been used and the 24/7 and blurple Stetzko have the weight written in sharpie top to bottom: Afterhours needle 24/7 montauk chubby needle 2.5 oz stetzko needle 1.75 oz stetzko needle (both)
  6. Looking to buy beachmaster needledish (Wadd or levelsink) and or 3oz / 2oz darters. Looking to fish, heavily used is fine as long as they still work. Colors, white, black, olive, I do like herring blue
  7. This year has been the first I have tried night fishing with plugs for striped bass. The first night out I caught three of my best fish of the year and have been addicted ever since. I have several spots along the Southern Maine coast that are in rocky areas on the shoreline. Recently I have tried to try out the beaches to see if I could have similar success. I haven't quite figured it out yet. I live in an area with extremely flat beaches that don't have the "sandbar" type of build that many of the beaches south of Maine do. It is a long gradual sloping beach so it does not get deep very quickly. All of the research I have done recommends certain methods for targeting fish on sandbars and troughs, and I am wondering what tips might be out there for a more flat beach with active surf conditions. Any ideas?
  8. Looking for some more BIG plugs. Specifically OVER 8 inches and weigh between 4 and 8 oz (having a 1321mh built so need these to load it). Preferably metal lips like trollers or pikies but also open to giant darters or needles. Thanks!
  9. What do you guys think this is? How would you fish it? It is all one color. It feels like it’s wood and close to 2oz. Thanks!
  10. Planning on picking up a 1321mh and I'm looking for some oversized plugs that'll be able to really load the rod. Metal lips (preferably deep divers), and darters 8 inches or bigger. Also needles in the 10-12 inch range. Thanks!
  11. Needlefish. 7-8” or even the 11” thank you.
  12. Lot 1 Habs sr : skunk nite and gale $45shipped Lot 2 : SOLD Habs jr: pink and white 9” needle and tony C jointed needle 90$ shipped Lot 3 Habs jr: yellow over white 7.5” Black yellow white 9” $80 shipped
  13. I'm looking for super strike needlefish in blue. Any/all weights, size and condition. Thanks.
  14. Looking to buy any Surf Asylum Flat-Glide Needlefish. New or Used. Thx.
  15. How to work needles, and plugs to use. hope this helps, I can go more into depth on plugs and or needles .How to work needles
  16. Looking for new or used Choopy needles. Not interested in any particulars but would be more interested in... Yellows, schoolbus, greens, olives, blacks, blurple. Standard fishing colors... Even though "color doesn't matter - until it matters", haha!
  17. What are everyone's method on labeling weights of plugs for bucktails and needle fish? I hear some scratch the weight on for bucktails. Writing the ounces with black or white sharpie on needle fish seems like another way to me. Thankyou.
  18. Welp, Needlefish plugswap Limited to 10 people. Chime in with im in so i can get a list post up.
  19. Looking for the 10 inch version. Any color except black
  20. A pair of very early Habs needles still new in packages. $150 shipped, PayPal
  21. 2.5 oz. BM eel skin was recently bought on BST, it’s just not what I was looking for. It’s brand new. The SS are lightly fished with some scuffs from being carried. Black is a medium red eye and yellow/white is a small red eye. Im looking to trade these for: - Yellow or red eye 7 1/4 inch SS needles - Always open to SS specials (needles and darters) - Needles from other makers - Quality metal lips
  22. Habs (not signed so is it a Sr?) needlefish. Very lightly used. 3.2oz 9" I believe a knockoff flat glide, doesn't quite look the same as the Surf Asylums I have. Looks new other than a hook pointer, finish isn't perfect. 2.2oz 8.5" Both very lightly used, $60 shipped PayPal for the pair
  23. Recently I've been fishing a particular spot that has been very productive at the height of the current. Like most productive places its often packed with other people shoulder to shoulder. In this spot a 3 oz. SS needle just doesn't get down into the strike zone fast enough so I can use it effectively before I have to get it back in to avoid other people. I have other plugs that get the job done if I need them ( bucktails, savage eels, etc.) but for me but I have a lot less confidence in them, also it'll allow me to carry less stuff. Anyway I'm starting this thread because I want to load an SS needle to about 3.5-4 ounces. I've only loaded red fins with water before so I'm curious about the proper method to load an "N"fish. I've seen the videos and read what I can but I want to get your guys input. Can I load a 3 oz. needle to that weight? What's the best type of shot to use? How much will it weigh when I'm done? Any "cheaper" 4 oz. needles on the market that i can just buy. (I don't let myself spend more then $25 on plugs) Any articles/videos that would help me would be appreciated. Thank you
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