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Found 19 results

  1. I have an opportunity to be in Montauk for a short trip in mid November. Would like to do some surf fishing but have not ever fished that late in the year. Is fishing at all productive this time of year? Hoping for some guidance from folks who have knowledge or experince with this. Thanks.
  2. I wear my plug bag on my belt with its belt loops and even though I have a quality surf belt, the bag can still weigh the belt down a bit. I know many guys just wear theirs around their shoulder with a strap but I feel like that'd get uncomfortable after a few hours of casting and 10 lbs of lures in the bag. How do you guys wear your surf bags comfortably and effectively?
  3. I flew a drone over some enormous bunker pods on Friday to see what was bothering them. This was about 800 yards off the beach about 1/2 mile west of town (16M marker) in Montauk. Any thoughts on shark species? The shark in the top photo, upper right is huge.
  4. My buddy and I will be in Montauk at the end of September. I understand this is a short notice. But if you can recommend guide with boat for fly fishing outing, it would be greatly appreciated. We never done it before. So, we can use all advice you can give - rods, lines, flies. PM me if you prefer. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi All, thank you for your time. I surf fish in NY and usually chunk fish finders with clam or sand turtles (sand fleas/crabs). I recently picked up a few Daiwa SP minnows online and had some good luck hooking up (small/medium sized blues) but so many fish were lost just before we got them to the sand in the final wave. Dad was fishing with: 8ft Okuma Longitude w/ Penn Battle I 4000, 25lb braid I was fishing with: 10ft Penn Prevail w/ Penn Battle II 5000, 25lb braid The lures were 7", Sinking, colors: Bone and Blurple I am wondering if they were getting loose because of the treble hooks, since I've never really lost fish using circles. Does anyone know why we were losing fish or suggestions/best practices to keep them on? I loved fishing with lures. It was lots of fun. Thank you!
  6. I have a boat out in Montauk and I have been fly fishing for the better part of 1 1/2 now and I think its time to upgrade my reel. I am using a cheaper Reddington 9wt reel now and would like to upgrade it. I go to school upstate so it will be used as a reel for muskie and the salmon run on the pulaski river. I am leaning towards a hatch fanatic gen two with an intermediate fly line for stripers. Any input would be appreciated.
  7. Heading to Montauk this weekend and hoping to get some fishing in. Normally when I go I fish the beaches near the campsite and use a guide. There is such a wide area to fish out there I am looking for advice on where to start. I know you should fish the North side on the flood and the south on the ebb. Looking for some advice on where to start. I have the NYS permit, Suffolk county permit, Camp hero and Empire pass. Do people just start at the point and walk north or south, drive on to the beaches, camp hero etc? I know an experienced Montauk person knows where to go by winds, tide etc but I am looking for a general idea of when I leave the campsite at night or early morning where to begin my search based on the parking available. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. I was wondering how well I would be able to go fluke fishing in Montauk on a 16 foot stiegercraft with a 30 hp? If i would be able to fish any areas that are worthwhile if its possible?
  9. Hey all I wanted to ask those of you who actively wet suit during the fishing season if the Hyperflex Cyclone 2 Men's Wetsuit 4/3mm an adequate suit to use in montauk during the fall run. this would be my first attempt at wet suiting after taking several spills last season while wearing waders and being lucky enough not to have em fill up with water. My knowledge is limited on wet suits and right now only know that warmth and comfort while wading out to rocks is paramount. so what else should i consider when choosing a wet suit. how far off from shore is safe for doing this type of fishing? how do dose one get over the thought / fear of doing this at night? after 7 years I still consider my self a bit of a tourist in this sport and want to be more committed to earning my stripes in catching these fish, i feel wet suiting might help with that. Lue
  10. Hey guys, this is my first post and I just wanted to test the waters and see if I can get an answer. Currently I fish with a custom made 9'6" lami with a penn battle. The rod is fairly stiff and id just like to upgrade it. i just ordered the St. Croix Mojo 10'6" MM because it'l be better for plugging and pencils then my current setup and I've been reading great reviews on the rod. Im looking to pair up the mojo with a vs200 or a vs250 in the near future. What do you recommend? The vs200 or the vs250 for a 10'6" Medium Moderate rod. I know that either reel will probably be suitable but id like to hear some opinions. Thanks guys
  11. Hey guys, I am looking for anyone who knows a good captain of a Montauk charter boat. Unfortunately, I am going with some "boat" people so I lost that battle. Looking for ~25' center counsel, only 3 of us going. If you would be so kind as to leave a name/number/website I would greatly appreciate it. (Or DM me the info, whichever you prefer) Thank you gentlemen, Alex S.
  12. Still looking if anyone is selling a VS200. Preferably Gold but open to any of the 3 colors. Serial number and pics if possible. Thanks a lot
  13. I made a deal on a vs200 and should be getting it within the next few days. I am going to put it on my 10'6" St Croix Mojo MM that I picked last week. I usually use 50lb braided spiderwire or powerpro with 20-25lb mono backing. I have my penn battle and vs250 both setup like that. My question is, should I put less then 50lb braid or is that okay for the vs200? Im primarily using it to fish for Stripers and Blues in Montauk, Riis park and the surf along jersey and long island. I will be fishing around rocks and etc, so I will use a leader that I normally use in the surf. Would I be better off using a lower pound test braid to increase casting distance or should I stick with around 300yards of 50lb???
  14. Hey Guys, I go down to Montauk mid October for a few days every year and will be going this year around then as well. I'm thinking of taking another trip or two down a bit earlier so I can go more then once this season. Most of my fishing is out of Riis park and jersey. When do they usually start to see action around the point in MTK? The earliest I've been there over the years is like first week of October. Late septemberish is there action? Because I know the water is way to warm now and its been a late summer so it be warm for quite a bit. May be a later season. Thanks !
  15. So I picked the sony as100v action camera last week primarily to use for fishing. Basically for taking pics and recording blitzes, fighting fish and stuff like that since its a waterproof action cam. I ordered the head mount and the chest mount straps but the head mount seems to be little heavy and the camera is annoying. The chest strap seems to feel fine but idk if the videos will look as good from that POV. Has anyone else recorded any fishing with a go pro or sony action cam and used the chest or head straps??? Is it just me that doesn't feel comfortable with the head strap? Id like to get the best footage I can so that I can edit it at the end of the season and make a video clip out of the footage.
  16. Hey guys. So my St Croix 10' 6" came in the mail this morning. I have to say, I am very impressed with I ordered the rod a day ago and it shipped within 24 hours and I had it the next day. I got free shipping and it came with a free St. Croix hat. The rod came in a hard cardboard tube and was fully protected and wrapped up. First thought on the rod was, "damn, this thing is light". The rod weighs nothing out of the box. Paired up with the right reel, you are fishing a great lightweight setup. I ordered this rod because the reviews were awesome and although its a 2 piece, everyone said it feels like a one piece. I through my penn battle 6000 on the rod with 50b spider wire braid and I have to say the rod feels like as if its a one piece. Im going to put a vs200 on it once I buy one. You can feel the lure at the end of the line and its got a sensitive feel when reeling in. I ordered the Medium Moderate action model. For pencil poppers, it is a good rod. I through out a 2oz pencil and a 3.5oz pencil. First of all, all the lures I throughout from 1 1/2 oz to 3 oz skyrocketed. The rod is rated up to 4oz. However I feel that the sweet spot is around 2oz. After 3oz or so, you feel the stress on the rod. Yes it can launch a 4oz lure but i would recommend keeping it at 3oz max for ideal conditions. The thing I like is that its more of a 75/25 split where the rod connects to each other rather than 2 piece rods that are traditionally 50/50. Therefore you feel the action better and its easier to transport. I wish I would have caught something on it during my test casts to test the rod in action but I'm fishing out of the bay area and its the middle of august, theres pretty much no fish back here besides sand sharks and small cocktails. Im going to go down to Riis park, fort Tilden area over the weekend to test the rod some more in the surf and test my sony action camera on my chest to see how the angles look on it. Overall I love the St. Croix mojo and highly recommend it. For a $220 rod, it feels just as good if not better then my older custom lami. I like the long casts, accuracy, smooth pops and the lightness of the stick. Also as for the color. It is a publish color when in sunlight and when in the shade or dark it appears black. Great bang for the buck and when paired with the right reel, its a good setup. If you guys have any questions on the rod, LMK and id love to answer them if I can.
  17. So I do a good amount of kayak fishing and this past season, I picked a wetsuit to wear on the yak from leisure pro in NYC. I fish out of staten island. I got 3MM neoprene booties off amazon, to go with the 3MM Pinnacle wetsuit considering I'm using it mainly on the kayak. However once October comes around and i make my trips down to Montauk, id like to wear the wetsuit when I'm fishing because there are some days when the waders are just a headache walking up and down the beach. My main question is, considering I have the neoprene booties now, would those work if I am able to find a pair of cleats for the bottoms? Do they even have that option? They are just rubber sole at the bottom and flexible to conform around your feet. Im sure they would be wearable down on hither hills, town beach, sandy beaches and etc. I just think if I'm down by the point or turtle cove where there are rocks and obstacles, to climb around that I will need some sort of cleated boots. If that is the case, what do you guys recommend for the wetsuit boots? (Brands, models, etc..)
  18. Not sure best place to post this but gets the striper blood pumping.....happy weekend.
  19. What is your preferred method of catching stripers off the surf in NJ and NY during the month of April? April seems to be getting colder every year and was wondering if it has changed the strategy for most surf fishermen in the area.