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Found 15 results

  1. How do yall rank your top 5 braided lines? This debate comes out time and time again but I wondered about y'all's opinion for overall castability and knot strength ignoring price. (Not including braids over $80 for 300 yards or so) The top 5 that I have tried are Suffix 832 PowerPro Original Berkley X9 Daiwa J braid (tends to get wind knots sometimes) PowerPro Superslick 8 v2 (knots tend to slip+castability decreases significantly after a couple uses) Do not like:Nomad Design, Spiderwire, BeyondBraid, Piscifun, Yo-zuri BTW, how does fireline and Diamond Braid handle?
  2. A specialty knot question to kick around. S'pose you wanted to tie 150 lb. mono to a swivel, or a hook. What knot would you use? The thicker the mono, the harder it is to snug it up. Once I am past 80 lb., I like the clinch knot, NOT the usual improved clinch knot, but the original and un-improved clinch; three times around the standing line, once through the loop by the hook and snug it up with plenty of spit. The late Capt. Greg Beacher, who ran the Tuna Hunter out of Long Island (not the current boat of the same name in New England) recommended this knot in his book, and it's worked well enough for me in 80 lb. I had a trip for tilefish a week ago. Store tile rigs are constructed with crimps, not knots, with typical tile rigs having two hooks on 80 lb. attached to 3-way swivels attached to each other, and a heavy swivel at the top for the running line, of 150 lb. I'm going to make up some rigs, some single hook and some with two hooks. I don't own a good, bench-mounted crimper and would rather not buy one - I have enough junk as is, and little enough space for more. Is there a better knot than a simple clinch?
  3. I have not used fluoro yet and find conflicting info everywhere. I have just started plugging for stripers, mostly in the surf, in the last year or two and have simply used either 30 or 40 lb mono for my leaders. I had it on hand and it works. But the blues are coming soon and traditionally I tied on a wire leader when blue fishing. The blues will be hitting my striper plugs and I am not sure what weight leader to use and if fluoro is even the way to go. Any advice is appreciated.
  4. It seems to me that a long mono leader tied to braid with a thin knot on a spinning reel would make a lot of sense. It would remove a swivel that might be pulled through the guides by accident, and keep sharp braid away from the casting finger. However I don't see this on spinning reels, just conventional reels. I'm guessing it doesn't work so well on spinners? Does an FG knot hang up or produce excessive drag on a cast through the guides? Haven't had a chance to test it myself but I have to assume many have. Have you tried this? What is the result? Thanks for any info.
  5. Hi all. Looking to up my game and get 2 new casting setups that can throw at least 8oz (maybe up to 10) for Assateague. Currently using 11ft 2-6oz Penn Battalion setups but had trouble holding bottom last time. I cant always pick best weather when I get a chance off to head down from Baltimore. Looking to spend medium to decent money... maybe 600 total but dont hold back on more $ recommendations. Prefer options readily available somewhere and on short notice (maybe even buy by Friday or Sat. Rods- any recommendations on 11, 12, or 13fters? Glass or graphite? Need to be 2 piece cus I roll in a wrangler tj. Reels- im new to conventional casting so what reel is best? Considering 2 Abu Blue Yonder 7500s cus the mag cast control. Anything cheeper that still has mag control and good? I have heard Mono is prob best for conventional. 20 or 25lb? Colors like hi-vis Green KastKing ok? I usually use a 50lb big game shock leader for my 6oz setups... do I need to go to 80 or 100lb for throwing 8 or 10ozs? Lastly I am also planning on getting 4 long beach spikes... the ones that hold reel at chest level. Any instructions for self making or a guy that makes and sells them? Cheers Guys!
  6. I thought i would load a bottom fishing reel with 30lb backing, (3/4 full) then 40lb braid (200ft) then a 12ft top shot of 30lb mono. So the mono top shot breaks , not the braid if stuck? what do you think and why .
  7. For sale, may have been spooled but then taken off. Never ever fished. I have a new 300yrd spool of regular power pro 40lb test moss green Full 300yrd spool of superslick V1 in aqua green. 30lb test. About 280 yards of 40lb test marine blue superslick V1. An indetermined amount of 40lb superslick marine blue. Berkeley Trilene 30lb 150yrds in moss green. Package is open but it’s never been used. I think it’s a full spool, I’ve never used it. Found it in one of my boxes. Berkley mono 50lb test, 55yrds. Never opened. Selling for $55 shipped.
  8. Hey guys, I’m picking up a Siegler SG this evening for surf fishing. Most of the time I’ll be casting between the 2nd and 3rd bar on the texas coast with 4-8 ounces of lead and bait. What are some good rods for slinging bait out that far with this reel? Hoping to have 100 yard throws in good conditions with sone practice Most likely will run 250 yards of 50lb braid and fill the rest with 30 - 50lb mono. Targeted species will be bull reds, black drum, and various sharks. (40-200 lb fish) Any advice and suggestions are welcome!
  9. Been working on this spreadsheet (pic is only a screen-shot) since ‘15 & wonder if anyone would like to input, review, trouble-shoot, etc.. It has two more tabs - one w/lookups for generic braid & mono sizes & a new one for adding tape or yarn, etc prior to the mono backing. Thought it might be useful to SOL members - only want only a few helpers that are reasonably proficient w/Excel. BTW I am running Excel 2007 !!!
  10. I just purchased my first surfcasting reel and rod. I got the BG5000/1002MH Combo with the 10 foot Rod: http://www.daiwa.com/us/contents/pmc/bg_spinning_combos/index.html What line should I use with this? I will be targeting primarily stripers on both the North and South shores of Long Island. I expect to mostly be on sandy beaches, a few jetties, and some backwater areas. I'm torn between mono and braid. A little nervous about my finger getting cut off with braid. I like the idea of mono being more newb friendly. I've never tied a fishing knot in my life. But most people seem to be pointing me towards braid. I like the price point on the Daiwa J-Braid. What lb. test is good for what I'm going for? Does color of the line matter? Do I have to go with the specific lengths and tests outlined out the rod/reel product page? (copied below) Any brand or specific product recommendations? Thanks in advance. From Daiwa product page: Reel Line Capacity (Lb. Test/Yards) Mono: 14/470, 17/380, 20/280 J-BRAID: 40/480, 50/360, 65/310
  11. Is fluorocarbon necessary for fishing the south shore of Long Island for Stripers or can I get away with a Mono leader?
  12. Hey All - I have two VS 150 spools - one spool has 16 # Momoi Diamond mono, other spool has 12 # Berkley Big Game. I want to remove XX yards of the mono on the 12# mono spool & fill w/150 yds of 20# braid. Ditto for the other spool, tho it will have 150 yds of 30# braid. According to VS, the 150 spool holds 360 yds of 12# mono & my spreadsheet says: 260 12# mono & 150 yds of 20# braid 12# mono is 72% of the spool & 20# braid is 28% 206 yds of 16# mono & 150 yds of 30# braid 16# mono is 66% of the spool & 30# braid is 34% I am spooling off a 300 yd spool of braid, both 20# & 30#, & would go with the just remove the mono down to the 72 & 66 percentages, but don’t know the actual dimensions of an empty 150 spool. I get 200 mm (~ 13/16ths) for the height, but w/o removing all the mono, I don’t know the depth. Anyone got a bare 150 spool they can measure ???
  13. Curious about experiences/advice: How old is your saltwater leader mono when you retire the spool? Assuming you use mono line or mono as a leader/tippet on your braid reels, when do you generally retire your mono ON THE SPOOL? (Not replace your leader -- that's different) Heavier mono (30# plus) still seems to have some life after several years on the spool. I've broken lighter mono (10# and less) with the pull test and see a difference as it ages, but do you feel the heavier stuff needs to be retired? When do you judge mono on the spool has outlived it's fishing use?
  14. So I know there are guys who do it differently. Personally I backup my reel less then half a spool with around 20# mono before putting on the 50# powerpro or spiderwire braid to my VS250 and or Penn Battle. I was just wondering what other people do because sometimes idk how much mono I should put on the reel to prior to the braid. Its rare that when fighting a fish it comes down to the knot between the mono and braid when im fishing but it happens ocasionally with a big fish that is running out. I know guys who dont back the reels at all but I havent tried that. Opinions please ?!?!
  15. Hey everyone, which one for fluke>? stren high impact 30 pound mono or 40 pound flouro? Fishing on a private charter in the sandy hook bay/ocean for fluke. Using a 6 oz spro bucktail with a 6 inch gulp swimming mullet and a foot above a 4 inch swimming mullet, so which leader? dont have any 30 pound flouro atm and the 20 i have is under too much stress on this rod. Thanks
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