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Found 12 results

  1. I keep losing the dumbbell eyes on my clouser minnows. It is driving me nuts. Not sure if it’s a casting problem or if I’m tying wrong or if I’m using a bad batch of dumbbells but I swear nothing is more frustrating than pulling in a weightless clouser after less than 10 minutes of casting, and then to have it happen again ten minutes later. I am relatively new to shore fishing big rods on the ocean, mostly a 2wt for Brookies kinda angler, and lots of my flies have lasted me 15 years so far... but maybe this is just an aspect of the surf game? Anyone else experience this? How often do you blow through flies?
  2. Does anyone know what minnow lure the second one is (bunker patern)? I purchased it years ago and I'm not sure of the model or if they're still being manufactured..
  3. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has experience using the Daiwa TD Minnow or if anyone knows the difference between the TD and SP Minnows. The only thing I can find is that the TD is made in Japan? (Not sure if the SP is too though). Thank you!
  4. Hi, caught this today, thought it's one kind of shiner? Is it legit for bait? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys recently got an 8'6" inshore rod with extra fast action rod rated for 3g-12g lures. Living in MA, I have plans to fish smaller species- namely, schoolies, flounder, and blues. Have been looking to increase my inventory of light surf fishing lures. So far, I have some Spro Bucktails rated from 7g-14g and a Smithwick Suspending Rattlin Rogue 3/8oz Jerkbait. Having casted the Smithwick jerkbait, I noticed that it's quite poor at casting- the lure seems to tumble quite a bit... I was wondering if you guys could recommend me some sub 1/2oz minnow baits/poppers that are more capable of going the distance. Ideally, the plugs are less than 10 dollars each. It seems that the heavier lures have the internal weight transfer system, while the lighter ones don't. Some lures I've been looking at are the X-Rap series as well as the Yozuri Crystal Minnow series, but I'm curious to as whether you guys have found any cheaper alternatives [ideally anything under 10 dollars] I've seen tons of cool looking lures on AliExpress, but don't have any experience with them, so if anyone has any lures that they swear by from Ali, I'd be open to hearing about it!
  6. Original vintage 5 1/2" Naturalized Rainbow Trout Floater, F3071S. New in original boxes. New old stock. I have nine of these. $18 each - shipping and paypal included.
  7. Selling by lot only. Paypal payment + shipping. PM for payment information. Please, include the lot number, your name and your shipping address in the PayPal payment message. Only serious inquiries, please. Thanks. UNLESS A LOT IS MARKED AS SOLD (WHEN PAYMENT IS MADE), IT'S STILL AVAILABLE. LOT 1: RM Smith Danny & Waverer - $40 LOT 2: RM Smith Custom Plugs Jigsmith (Zombie Mackerel & Chickenscratch) - $40 LOT 3: Large Musk mania Doc and squid plug - $28 (SOLD) LOT 4: Sebile Magic Swimmer , 5oz 9", slow sinking - $45 LOT 5: 2017 Sebile Stick Shads Sinking - $26 LOT 6: Sebile Magic Swimmers, 5oz 9", slow sinking, (2017 and older model) - $28 (SOLD) LOT 7: New Canal Magic Swimmers, 5oz 9", slow sinking - $16 LOT 8: Canal Perfect Swimmer, 6", 1.3oz - $8 (SOLD) LOT 9: Guppy Pencils and Left Hook Popper, about 5" 1.25 to 2 oz, slow sinking - $36 LOT 10: Creek Chub Wood Wooden 8" Pikie Metal Lip Diving + Herring Danny - $18 (SOLD) LOT 11: New Papi's Pride handcrafted wooden danny plug, swimmers. 6.5" long, 1 1/4" wide and weigh roughly 2 oz. - $18 LOT 12: Likely new Washed Ashore swim darter 8" 2oz (squid) and Spook 5" 1.5oz - $38 LOT 13: 2 new and 1 likely new Bomber Magnum Long Shot A, 5" 3/4oz - $13 LOT 14: PK's Canal Bombs - $29 LOT 15: Jesse Koder's bombs - $35 LOT 16: Two Guppy Pencils (6" and 5") and 1 Left Hook Popper - $45
  8. Cleaning out the ol' stash and have plenty of new to barely used plugs. PAYPAL ONLY!!!!! I will cover paypal fees so the lure prices are the actual price, no fees added, as per the new rules. However please add $5 to the total of your order for shipping... If you want more than one lure, i will combine the lures into one package to keep the shipping cost at a constant $5 The lot lists will list each lure from top to bottom, left to right. ok, now for the goods. LOT 1: Head Lures Spook - NOT AVAILABLE (decided to keep) 7" Tsunami Talkin Popper 3 3/8oz in Blue Mack - $SOLD 5.25" GuppyPRB125 Pencil Popper 1.25oz in Yellow/White - $SOLD 6" Tactical Anglers Sea Pencil 2oz in Chartreuse/White - $SOLD 6.5" Ron Arra StrikePro Flat Bottom Pencil 2.75oz in Pink Mack - $12 SOLD 7" Tactical Anglers BombPOPPER 4oz in Chartreuse/White - $SOLD 8.5" Tactical Anglers Large Sea Pencil 5oz in White - $12 SOLD 6" Lights Out Flat Bottom Pencil 2.75oz in Bone - $SOLD 6" Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser 1 5/8oz in Holo Blue - $SOLD 4.5" Tactical Anglers Crossover Stalker 3/4oz in Mullet - $4 SOLD 4.75" Yo-Zuri Sashimi Popper 1.5oz in Bunker - $SOLD LOT 2: 4.5" Shimano Waxwing 1.5oz in Bone - $10 SOLD 6.5" Sebile Magic Swimmer 1.5oz in Yellow Perch - $8 SOLD 7.25" Sebile Stick Shadd 5.25oz in Blue/Red - $SOLD SP Minnows (upgraded hardware) Blurple - $SOLD Ghost - $SOLD Bullet in Sandeel - $8 SOLD 7" Bomber Long A Magnum Jointed 2oz in Blue/Chrome - $4 LOT 3: 7" Bomber Long A Magnum in Black - $SOLD 7.25" Northbar Bottle Darter 2.5oz in Black/Chrome - $SOLD 7" Tactical Anglers SubDARTER 3oz in Gold/Yellow - $12 9" Ron Arra StrikePro Ultimate Needle in Black Diamond - $13 SOLD 5.25" SuperStrike Super N Fish 1oz in Copper - $10 LOT 4: ALL SOLD
  9. I like these plugs for few locations I fish but dang they are expensive. If you have used ones laying around and want to part with them. Please post price and colors.
  10. WTB Any SP Minnows Any Fishable condition Prefer bone, mother of pearl, blurple, black Please post your pics and prices including shipping to 32082 below I can do immediate PP and I will pay 3% fees
  11. I prefer to sell all of them at once. You pay the shipping cost and Paypal fee. - 1 NEW GUPPY GHOST WHITE POPPER: 8" 3oz, $35 - 2 SEBILE MAGIC SWIMMERS (WHITE PERCH) - Slow sinking, 9" 5oz, $17 each - 2 SEBILE MAGIC SWIMMERS (RED HEAD) - Slow sinking, 9" 5oz, $17 each - 1 MACKEREL SWIMMER 5.3" 1oz, Internal Rattle, Floating – Surface to 3 feet $12
  12. Like the title states, I'm looking for SPs; floating, sinking, or bullet. I've got a new and beautiful J. Stirpe (waverer?) that's to nice for me to throw. Also, a never wet Bomber 17A with vmc 5/0 siwash tail and a new 5" chrome CC redfin. I'd like to trade all three for some SPs, or maybe something else? Let me see what you've got.