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Found 13 results

  1. Finally have a week off on the east coast to chase stripers on the fly in the surf . Next four days. RV and fly rods. any hot shorelines for striper CT,MA,RI above or below? Not particular spots but specific regions
  2. Looking for Tog on the Northshore of MA. I have heard of a few spots up in the Marblehead, Salem, Beverly areas. I have tried them several times this year, but never had any luck. Tried green crabs, clams, white crabs even bits of lobster. Been trying very hard. It just hasn't worked. I really hope someone will help me out. I do know how to catch them, I just can't seem to get them in my area. Would anyone be willing to share a couple of spots with me? I boat out of Beverly, MA. I can share spots where I believe there are Tog up here and/or share my spots for Stripers, Squid, etc. Thank you!!
  3. Over the years I've had some really good days fishing western Mass. -- on the Housatonic and some of the ponds and lakes around Lee and other towns up there. But one place I've had only so-so luck is Laurel Lake, even though I keep hearing that it's a solid place for smallies, largemouth, and perch. Just curious if any of the good people here have fished Laurel and other places near Lenox, Stockbridge, etc., and what your experience was like. (Not looking for favorite spots, obviously. Just general impressions.) Thanks.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if I can catch a sandeel at any beach I visit and also how do I do it, I think I need a rake but I don't know what kind. Does anyone think I could put it on a circle hook and liveline it for a striper? If someone has any experience with this please tell me because I would like to learn it. Thank You
  5. Ive always wanted to fly fish for shad but I don't know the rig to do it. Im looking for something for the Connecticut River and its tributary's.
  6. I was fishing last night in MA and there was a guy that was snagging herring and then casting them out on a J-hook. I tried to tell him that he can't do that, but there was a language barrier and he couldn't understand what I was trying to say. It was frustrating and he kept doing it over and over. Did that guy know that what he was doing was wrong? Probably not, but ignorance is not a good excuse. So, I made these flyers/handouts (attached)--in English and Spanish--which I will be printing and bringing with me when I'm fishing from now on. It talks about the new slot limit, inline circle hook requirement, no gaffing, no herring, and includes pictures. I figure that if people know the rules, then they'll be more likely to follow the rules. And, if I know someone has/knows all this info, and they continue to break the rules anyway, then that's a completely different situation than someone just being ignorant...and karma's a b****. A lot of the text/pictures is copy-and-pasted from an OnTheWater article I found online and other sources. I don't claim ownership of anything attached; it was all sourced online. I have no idea how good the Spanish translated from English; it was copy-and-pasted from an online translation tool...but it should get the point across. Feel free to use these yourselves if you want; and distribute to others as you wish. I figure it can only help the more this info is distributed. Let me know if there's anything missing or wrong. Good luck to all this season! 2020 striper regulations (english, spanish).docx 2020 striper regulations (english, spanish).pdf
  7. Well 2019 ended up being a very rewarding fly fishing year despite the population issues for striped bass, because our efforts to get a fly fishing club going were successful. My friend Marc initially drove the idea of getting a club established in 2018 with main goal to make a group of fly fishing friends. It was not really successful so we revisited the idea at the end of 2018 and we decided to focus on getting more people fly fishing for striped bass as the clubs goal. It was a lot of work, but I think my big take away is two dedicated people can build a decent social fly fishing club. I hope more people take on the challenge of building their own clubs, because the biggest issue we have seen as a deterrent is driving distance to the meeting location. I had four people at our last meeting personally thank the club for helping them improve their fly fishing game and one person in the club had never fly fished prior to 2019 so I consider this year a huge success. My main goal is to get more people fly fishing and we did that ever little bit helps my favorite sport. Club Milestones: 1. We have over 100 members and meeting size averaged 22 people per meeting. 2. We have pretty young demographic for a fly club with an average age of 39. 3. We have 11 active female members which was important to me since I have a young daughter I hope to get into the sport. 4. We conducted 10 meetings including presentations from Dean Clark at Stripers Forever on conservation efforts, Joe Goodspeed at Thomas & Thomas on rod building, and Joe Cordiero on Estuary Fly Fishing strategies followed by fly tying demonstration (IF you are in a fly club you really need to book Joe Cordiero's presentation its fantastic!!). Pictures of original venue and Joe Cordiero's Presentation: Lessons Learned: 1. Its hard to find presenter without paying fees. So our goal for 2020 is just have three great paid presenters spread out over the year and not try to do a presentation every meeting. 2. Being close to a main highway helps attendance also people want to drink beer. I had concerns about alcohol liability so we decided we need to move to a place that had a bar and was closer to the highway. So we currently meet in the private meeting space in the brewery of Barrel House Z. Its very close to RTE 3 highway so helps with people getting to the event and puts the liability of serving people alcohol on the bar staff. 3. Make sure your venue has air conditioning. The non profit estuary center had a good set up for presentations and lectures, but we found out this summer there were only three ceiling fans. Joe Cordiero's presentation was in August and it was a tough one. Joe earned major points for soldiering through a tough environment and delivering an awesome presentation. 4. Summer is a bad time for club meetings in New England. We had our three best speakers June, July, and August. June the flow of people dropped from 30+ to around 20 attendees. July we had 15 people show up. August for Joe's presentation arguably our best presentation content of the entire year only had 8 people attend. September came and we were back to 20+ people again. So in 2020 we will not run meetings in June, July, or August. Instead we will focus on casting seminars, club fishing trips, and teaching youths like scouts the sport of fly fishing. 5. You need a website. Social media and word of mouth works to point, but having a solid website is very important. We just finished building ours out "South Shore Fly Casters" .com 6. Leveraging technology to get administrative work off your plate is worth spending money on. Online intake forms for club memberships and clothing orders, Eventbrite for club events with cover fees, and MailChimp for email communications are good examples of things that have taken a lot of heavy lifting of my co-founder and my shoulders. Pictures from our September, October, and November meetings at new Venue: Barrel House Z The Future: 1. We plan to have social meetings January, March, and October in 2020. 2. Steve Culton @The Fisherman will be presenting his "Trout Fishing for Striped Bass" at the February Meeting. 3. Stephen Pogodzienski (AKA Pogo Pike) will be presenting on "Targeting Trophy Pike and Musky on the Fly" at the April Meeting. 4. Pat Cohen (AKA RuSuperFly) will be presenting on "Targeting Trophy Smallmouth on the Fly" and giving fly tying demonstration at the September Meeting. 5. Summer time we plan to do some more fly casting seminars and more club fishing trips. No meetings. 6. We plant to make a December "Sleigh Ride" to Bears Den Fly shop our Annual December event it had its inaugural run this last Saturday. 7. We are committed to conservation efforts in our local fishery and are current working with Marine Fisheries to clear impediments to herring migration on the Weir River. The herring run and smelt run are shadow of what they once were and the club is working with state agencies to help fix this critical link in the local ecosystem. Club Members removing alders braiding the channel of Accord Brook to restore herring passage to Triphammer Pond: December 2019 Trip to Bear's Den: Member fishing pictures from 2019: And @Mike Oliver is named an official club member effective June 2019. Thanks for coming fishing with me Mike!!
  8. Looking for a few people to plan weekend kayak fishing trips around MA North Shore this fall. Who is interested? My preference is to have at least 2 people when fishing the ocean at night. Looking for saltwater trips mainly, some freshwater, and I fly fish quite a lot as well. I moved to Lowell last year, the people I usually fish with like to stick to their home waters; south of Boston, and western mass. My kayak setups: Hobie rev 11, Hobie sport, Garmin striker 4, marine radio, and navionics.
  9. Can anyone explain to me what they think the deal is this year? There's an abundance of bait and loads and loads of schoolies but my success (and many people I've talked to) has been absolute s*** when it comes to bigger fish compared to the past few years. By bigger I mean fish 20 pounds and over, and this applies to both surf and boat. Last year was phenomenal for me with 40 inch + bass the norm and I made sure I logged everything. But trying to repeat it this year, fishing the same tides and winds, same techniques, etc. and I've yet to catch anything over like 32". Am I doing something wrong? Or are the bigger fish just not as abundant this year?
  10. I am selling my K2 Snowboard which comes complete with bindings, boots, soft travel case and a $50 gift card to Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, Mass. The board is 60" long and the boots are a mens 9.5. This would be a great board for adult male or teen. $300.00 Local only not shipping.
  11. (I apologize in advance for this post, I'm just really excited to go fishing this summer) I spend a lot of time freshwater fishing in the north shore area and it was just this summer that I started to transition towards saltwater fishing. Last summer however, my lack of proper saltwater gear and knowledge of the fishery limited me to jigging up squid and mackerel from the Salem Willows pier. Currently, during my Christmas break, I've been spending a lot of time researching the striped bass fishery and purchasing new tackle for this coming summer. Hopefully you guys who are familiar with the fishery in the north shore area will be able to answer a few of my questions regarding tackle that I would need and some other striped bass related questions. The equipment that I have right now is: pflueger trion spinning combo (6'6'' medium action graphite rod, trion 30x reel, 12lb mono) - the only saltwater readyish rod that I had last summer unfortunately Ugly Stik Bigwater 9' medium-heavy + Okuma Avenger abf 50 + 17lb mono w/40lb shock leader - just recently bought from a friend barely used I plan on purchasing: -a couple 3/4 oz bucktails -a couple 4 oz bucktails -pack of softbaits (something along the lines of berkley gulp) -2 floating daiwa sp minnows -2 cotton cordell pencil poppers -Berkley big game 17lb -Berkley big game 40lb -a bunch of the basic tackle (bank sinkers, swivels, hooks, sabiki rigs, etc.) This season is going to be mostly a figuring things out time for me, so I don't plan to put too much money into it, but I am willing to spend enough to where I'll be able to figure out what works and what doesn't. I honestly have no clue how to surf fish for striped bass and bluefish, however I did spend some time browsing forums and reading articles on the subject, which gave me a pretty basic understanding of what I'll need. I'm not too sure though so I have a few questions. Will the surf rod and reel (the ugly stik and okuma) that I picked up work well for surf fishing in the area? Also, do you think that the lures that I picked out will be sufficient for catching bluefish and striped bass? I understand that giving away fishing spots in a big no no in the fishing world, but as someone who genuinely is clueless as to where to fish from, do you think you guys could direct me to a general location in the north shore that would a good place to for me to get the hang of things and learn the ropes? I've heard good things from the plum island and Gloucester harbor areas. Also, I don't really need to go to an established "fishing' location like a pier or a jetty right? Like with surf fishing I'll be able to just set up along a beach that seems fish-able and make a day out it? Last part I promise. This is purely out of my obsession over getting everything planned out as soon as possible. For bait, I hear a lot about using clams, mackerel chunks, bunker chunks, and eals, but I seldom hear anything about squid. After last summer, I've gotten pretty good a catching squid. I was wondering if I'd be able to rig up a squid the same way you would a fish chunk and cast it out for bluefish and striped bass. For example, on Monday I spend day catching a whole bucket of squid off the salem willows pier and throw them in the freezer right when I get home. Would I then be able to use it for bait later in the week. This would save me a lot of bait money. Hopefully I won't get banned or something for this ridiculous post, but thank you so much to those of you who reply!!!
  12. Hi all, I was wondering what are some top areas to fish in the northeast, preferably in Massachusetts while I wait out the saltwater migration? Thanks, saltyfishing01
  13. I was fishing a spread last night and I had an interaction with the guy next to me that had me wondering. I'm not sure if he was sour grapes that I was in a spot I put in 50-60 days/year, but I've never seen the guy nor has any of the neighbors which are near where I fish. Anyways, the long and short is that on his way out he says, "You look like you know what you're doing. I'm pretty sure MA law says that you can only have two rods in the water. You should check it out." Well, I immediately got on the phone with the guy who owns the local BST. He says this came up in 2012 and that it may be more of a freshwater thing. I've asked other anglers and no one knows. I checked the MA DF&G site and saw: "More than two hooks for fishing open water or more than five hooks when ice fishing. A hook is defined as an angling device attached to a fishing line that is designed to take one fish at a time but is not limited to devices commonly called spinners, spoons, bait harnesses, jigs, or plugs. To me, that means anything over a tandem rig is banned. It doesn't say anything on rods in the water. I'm using single hook fishfinder rigs and almost exclusively doing catch and release, so I think I'm on the right side. Can someone opine and/or post the actual reg in case I missed it please? Thank you.