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Found 11 results

  1. So after a dozen school is bass and four short flounder my tsunami shield 3000 is basically shot!!! It’s clunking, grinding, a little sticky when cranking!!!! It’s driving me nuts. After several inquiries on here it seems nobody knows how to service these things? I’m sure I could get the reel to a tolerable condition if I could get inside of it and clean it grease it you know basic maintenance. Anybody have any info on how to get inside? Has anybody had theirs serviced? I know it’s only a 100 dollar reel but I’ve fished a penn fierce at 60 dollars through much much more abusive conditions than the shield has been through without these same results.
  2. Hi - I want to do an off season maintenance on my reels. Tired of paying a premium for some kid to add grease, but on the other hand I don't do it myself. Any advice on technique or grease recommendations? Talking about working on a Diawa, Penn and eventually want to restore some old classics that are sitting on a wall. As always, thanks!
  3. Can't quite get my Tranx 300 back to normal performance after my first breakdown of it. With the drag loosened all the way from 0 to about 33%, everything feels fine... once I tighten down the drag star to about half and beyond, this also is having a moderate lock up effect of the handle turning. Although the reel does function, this issue creates a distinct and persistent knocking sound and vibration of the whole reel in hand as you turn the handle. In light drag scenarios this is unoticeable, but when I go to use this reel for flippin and punchin with fully engaged drag it will be an issue. Any thoughts/suggestions? Have reassembled the handle/tension nut/spring/etc portion of the reel several times now and nothing seems to mitigate. Thanks for any help!
  4. I have a Cabela's Verano 3500 spinning reel (clone of the Daiwa Ballistic) and want to do some maintenance on the reel. I can't even get started as I don't know how to take off the pieces that hold the spool so I can get to the lock nut for the rotor. On other reels I can just pull this off, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Photo attached of what I am facing. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks- MBoles
  5. So as the title states I made a mistake by putting oil on the line roller of my Certate LT. I had put oil on the parts I was supposed to and then read the word “line roller” and did that as well without giving it much thought. I shared the directions. How bad of a screw up is this and what is the fix?
  6. How do you guys take care of your dry suit after you come back from fishing? And how long has your dry suit lasted? I have a Kokatat Supernova drysuit, which I purchased back in 2013. After fishing, I typically rinse my drysuit with freshwater and hang it out to air dry. I want to say I do this 8 out of 10 times. The other times, I just roll up the dry suit after fishing and keep it in an open duffel bag until the next time I go out. Regarding the longevity, my Kokatat drysuit had some issues with leaks in both of the booties. Two years ago I got it repaired by a local drysuit repairman, but my first time out this year, I noticed that I had some leakage again. I just sent my drysuit to Kokatat to see if it is covered by the warranty, so I'll just have to wait and see. How has your luck been with drysuits? Should I look at any other brands besides Kokatat?
  7. Recently purchased a Daiwa Sealine X 50HV and decided to open her up for some cleaning (after some luck with doing so on a Penn 113H). Welp I seem to have ran a snag here, and can't seem to get the spool properly lined up with the pinion gear along with the driveshaft that connects to the handle. I thought I was able to get it, but today after playing with the drag a little bit, I noticed the spool not moving. Any ideas or tips on how to get things aligned? lol if not any ideas or tips to the nearest reel repair service in Phoenix AZ?
  8. I can really use advice from you who've used this reel extensively. I've now got the Ultegra XSC 10k and the 12-ft Tiralejo. I'm an old school dude, only switched to braid last year and I'm used to essentially drama-free Penn reels. A little leery of this machine. 1) Some have advised that the reel needs to be opened up and greased before use. Though it seems that Shimano only recommends oil on the drive train. How are you guys prepping and maintaining this reel in general? 2) 40# braid is the lightest listed by Shimano for this reel. I assume 30 is fine and maybe 20? I want max distance, but I don't know if lighter line will increase the likelihood of twists and knots. Or decrease it. No rocks around where I'll be fishing this. And 20# mono has been plenty for the fish I catch. 3) Spooling line on. Lots of conflicting advice out there for this reel. Shimano say no machine, but to reel it on off of a free-spinning spool held vertically. Some say this is best, others say it will cause problems without the stronger tension applied by a machine. But then a machine will leave you with a horribly twisted first cast. Etc, etc. Haha. Perhaps I'm worrying too much about this. What to do? 4) The spare spool. I was assuming it would be an identical spare. It's not. Why? It's a 6000 with about 40% of the line capacity. Still plenty though...it can hold 250 yds of 30# PP. For the main spool, which can hold 600+ yds of 30# PP, what kind weight mono backing for 20 or 30# braid? Is there a ratio for braid to mono that works? 5) Lastly, the shims. There is nothing in the manual or website explaining why or how to install. Baffled. Is this something that I need to just watch for at first? An uneven line lay? Sorry for all the questions. My "distance" caster has been a modestly powered 10.5 ft GLoomis 1264-S. Real nice, but this new rig reminds me of the day my dad took the .22 from me and handed me the 12-gauge for the first time.
  9. First time car owner here, so this is a very simple question. I have a 2001 dodge durango with 174,000 miles on it and the service schedule in the owners manual only goes up to 125,000 miles, so what do I do start over from 0 and do the service listed for 50,000 miles or do something else?
  10. I have an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500-C3 reel that I recently oiled and cleaned completely. After I put it back together, i could just pull out line without pressing the button. I have monofilament on it, so it is not slipping. What should I do?
  11. What do you boat-owning guys do for maintenance of your boats? If there are any repairs or engine work needed, do you do it yourself or hire someone? If you do it yourself, how did you learn? Reason for my questions is I am pondering getting a boat of my own one day but concerned about the work that will be needed to maintain it, and a lack of skill on my part. Also don't have money to keep hiring someone every time something needs to be fixed, esp when buying something used. Thanks! Jay
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