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Found 27 results

  1. It’s been 24 years since I last caught a Maine bluefish. This morning was a nice surprise with multiple mid to high 30” blues. I know many people that have been catching them the past few years up here, but I’m not one of them. I sure hope they stick around for a little while! IMG_0780.MOV
  2. I was a moron last night and snapped my rod high sticking a fish. So I’m in need of a new eeling rod, a 1201l or 1321m spinning in Maine would be ideal. Let me know what you have. thank you
  3. Just moved up here for school. I am coming from NJ so this is a big change of scenery for me. I am 10 min away from the mouth of the Saco River. So far I have scouted the inlet and talked to a few fishermen. From what I have gathered they say it is a tough year for bass and right now according to them the water is too warm so they wont hit plugs. Personally I think bass everywhere will always hit a plug/artificial if it’s the right depth, speed, and profile. Any pointers for fishing this area would be greatly appreciated, also any current fishing reports. Friends I have talked to in NJ said the Maine bite for large fish is all in creek mouths on eels; any truth to this? Also how long do the bass stick around for up here? Ill probably be making a few more posts to pick your brain as I keep discovering the area.
  4. Need help identifying a fish I caught in the Mousam River in Kennebunk Maine. Caught trolling on tube and sea worm while striper fishing. Been fishing here for years and first time I’ve caught any other species on this setup in the river. The scales were very iridescent at certain angles in the sunlight and fell off very easily all over the boat. It was a narrow fish with a fairly small mouth. I never offshore so I’m not very familiar with other saltwater species so I’m hoping someone can help identify it for me.
  5. This year has been the first I have tried night fishing with plugs for striped bass. The first night out I caught three of my best fish of the year and have been addicted ever since. I have several spots along the Southern Maine coast that are in rocky areas on the shoreline. Recently I have tried to try out the beaches to see if I could have similar success. I haven't quite figured it out yet. I live in an area with extremely flat beaches that don't have the "sandbar" type of build that many of the beaches south of Maine do. It is a long gradual sloping beach so it does not get deep very quickly. All of the research I have done recommends certain methods for targeting fish on sandbars and troughs, and I am wondering what tips might be out there for a more flat beach with active surf conditions. Any ideas?
  6. Usually spend some time up in Maine at the end of July at a lake. This year we are on the coast near Portland/Freeport. Looking for Any advice for surfcasting in the area. Last week of July. Thanks!
  7. Been trying to surf cast Popham for the past few seasons and despite great structure, current and bait, I haven’t been able to land any fish over 30”. I’m a surfcaster and only use plugs besides chucking and reeling eels sporadically with some good results. I usually fish Georgetown and do extremely well (got three 40” and over in a 3 day period last season) but haven’t done much at Popham. Anyone else surfcast here? What should I throw? Bottle plugs? Darters? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. For sale I have a st.croix premier 10' 2 pc spinning surf rod. 3/4-4oz. Made in the USA. Excellent condition, used maybe half a dozen times. I don't think they make this rod anymore. $125 picked up anywhere between Brunswick and Portland Maine.
  9. Shark

    I will be camping on the beach for one day and one night soon. Ill be bringing about 9 rods (to split between some friends ofc), and I want to at least see someone catch a shark. Ive been trying for a while now, but can't catch one. Anyone got any tips? Edit: probably should have mentioned that it's in maine (winter island specifically)
  10. Hi all! I posted this in the wrong forum before but was lucky enough to be steered in the right direction by @Water Dog (thanks again!) I'm going to cut right to the chase. My husband is a huge Striper enthusiast. Our wedding anniversary is August 29th and I wanted to take him fishing on either the Damriscotta or Sheepscot river. He has always laughed and poked fun at my lack of fishing know-how so I'm DETERMINED to surprise him with this trip. I have borrowed a 25" outboard from my brother and I plan on departing early in the morning for a nice long day of fishing. I was hoping you guys could tell me which of the 2 rivers would be better for Stripers this time of year, as well as any other tips I should know of for a successful anniversary surprise He has all the gear in the world in the garage, if you could provide that too it would help make for an even better surprise! I also just learned from @Water Dog about "spot burning". I don't want to burn anyones spots, just make my hubby happy. A little guidance is all I require I attached a photo of the map area I was thinking of taking him. God bless you all. Donna
  11. Looking to find out what peoples experiences are with fish species at Fore River mouth - near Casco Bay Bridge, Portland, Maine. Commercial or recreational. Thanks.
  12. Looking to see if the squid have started running near shore yet near searsport.
  13. My father in law has caught these from shore in southern Maine. He says the locals there call them bluefish. I have caught bluefish and this is obviously not a traditional bluefish. Anyone know what these are? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hey pals, hope everyone is having great times fishing out there. I recently switched up my tactics due to a sharp decline in fish I could produce by the holy and sacred tube and worm method. I picked up a 4 ounce umbrella rig with 4 6 inch swim shads and a single trailing 9 inch swimbait (all in magical chartreuse). When I took to the river and dropped the rig beside the boat to begin trolling a deep and narrow section of a river I realized I had overestimated the strength of myself and the 10 foot surf rod and spinning reel. I felt like I was already fighting the biggest fish of my life as the rig pulled the rod towards the water. Shortly after the rig dropped deeper into the river I felt a sharp tug followed by drag being peeled off the spool. It felt like a fish, but was taking line like I had snagged the bottom. After drifting down current on top of whatever I had hooked, I was able to pull up a lovely 23 inch striped bass. Hooked on the 9 inch swimbait! It was a great feeling to make a conscious self guided change of tactics and be rewarded with a fish for it. I trolled the tube and worm after that and was given one 16 inch fish which I am very thankful for. Next time I go out I plan to invest in a more suitable set up for trolling ridiculously large rigs. Any suggestions for a rod/reel or tips and stories from your own umbrella rig experiences would be welcomed. I’m interested to hear how many others in Maine use this method since I haven’t seen or heard any others discussing. Thanks and happy fishing! Dont forget to release those healthy cows :-)
  15. Went out to a Local tidal river yesterday and was greeted by some awesome shad fishing, Herring were also super thick to the point that at dead low they were spooking themselves out of the water almost like they were being chased. I have heard many claims from a few individuals and a tackle shop that stripers are here in very small numbers but I watched many people try for what would have been the first striper I have seen this year on a wide variety of baits and lures from bloodworms to sp minnows and even live herring with 0 success. I did see a guy who swore to me he was getting hits from 28 inch fish pull in a 2 foot eel after losing a whole box of blood worms but thats as close as I've come.. Anyone else claim their first fish up in Maine yet? Also can anyone give insight on this years regs regarding Herring/Alewife
  16. What is the best reel for a 9wt fly rod for striped bass around $200?
  17. Today a little after noon striper madness began in the Saco river, the catalyst for this being a picture of a single schoolie at a now VERY popular fishing spot. Sadly I still have not landed one after seven outings this year but as usual I settled for a shad in order to end my skunking. I will probably be going after it every day until my first striper, may even be out somewhere on the river later tonight. Happy fishing to everyone and don't forget to release those cows safely .
  18. Does anyone catch bluefish at the * southern Maine? I have heard of them being there in the past but I've never caught them there.
  19. Does anyone know any good spots for Bluefish in Maine?
  20. Does anyone know any good Striper spots in Southern Maine?
  21. I am fairly new to fishing in Maine. This year I went a few times, to only be skunked. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice or general productive locations in Southern Maine to fish at. I know it's very early, but I was hoping to get ahead of the game.
  22. I was wondering if anyone knew where to go flounder fishing around york Maine
  23. Hello SOL! New to this game, and like many before me, ‘hooked’ simply does not describe this obsession. I live in Bath, ME about 30 minutes north of Portland. I am not looking for spots or coordinates, but had a question about my location. Southern Maine has its famous beaches, but the options seem slimmer up in the Mid Coast. Is it worth putting in my hours in the mid coast? I want to conquer this area from the shore! Any insight or input is much appreciated. TL!
  24. Hey gang! I'm looking for some advice for mid-july fishing from the rocky coastline. I usually heave bait-n-weight from the Outer Banks on our summer vacation, but we are going to Winter Harbor for our summer vacation this year. What should I expect to be hitting, if anything? Pollock and Mackerel? What should i fish with? (rod length and line weight and terminal tackle) What bait should I be using? Plugs and bombers? Thank you for the advice!! Sorry to sound like a noobie...I just haven't fished up there since I was a kid. -Buckmark22
  25. After being a guest and just casually watching from the outside looking in, i've finally succumbed to the urge to register. So, forgive me if there's a hidden away post or some discussion about this in another spot... I'm looking to start making regular drives from Montreal to South Maine (between York and Cape Elizabeth), and have been scoping some potential rock spots via google maps and navionics. My biggest concern (I guess) is access to certain sections of that stretch and knowing what is private use vs public use. I've tried to research a few things but have come up empty handed when it comes to a finding a concrete answer. While I know I can't just walk through someone's backyard, does anyone have any useful info about what property limits might be when rock hopping? What are the norms when it comes to this... Thanks!