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Found 24 results

  1. New to Forum. Looking for some advice on fishing techniques, and lures in and around the above areas. We will have a small boat to tool around from Birch Island and will be cast netting and saabiki jigging for macs and using lures. Any tips for September fishing in Maine? Looking to catch Stripers specifically but not opposed to other species.
  2. $4 to ship 1 or combine and save. If need any additional photos let me know. ALL HAVE NEW HARDWARE (HOOKS AND SPLITRINGS) 1. NEW Jobo Jr XH 3.5oz Longcast Fluorescent Yellow Mackerel - $23 2. USED Jobo Jr 3oz Fluorescent Yellow Mackerel - $21 3. USED Jobo Jr XH 3.5oz Longcast Yellow Scale - $21 - SOLD 4. USED Lil P 1 5/8oz Yellow Scale - $17 - SOLD
  3. $4 to ship 1 or combine and save. If need any additional photos let me know. 1. New mini flat 2 3/8oz pale squid -$22- SOLD 2. used mini flat 2 3/8oz pale squid - $20- SOLD 3. Used Lil p flat 1 5/8oz SPECIAL COLOR calamari -$18- SOLD 4. New Lil p flat 1 5/8oz blue scale -$18- SOLD 5. Used Lil p flat 1 5/8oz yellow scale -$17 6. New Lil p round 1 1/4oz pale squid-$20- SOLD 7. Used Lil p round 11/4oz Pearl white scale-$17- SOLD 8. Like New Cast once Jobo SR XH 4 1/4oz SPECIAL COLOR Calamari - $27- SOLD 9. New Jobo Sr XH 4 1/4oz Mackerel - $25 10. New Jobo Jr XH 3 1/2oz SPECIAL COLOR Dark Green Mackerel - $25 11. New Jobo Jr XH 3 1/2oz SPECIAL COLOR Calamari - $25- SOLD 12. New Jobo Jr XH 3 1/2oz Fluorescent yellow/pink - $23 13. New Jobo Jr 3oz SPECIAL COLOR Green Scale - $25- SOLD 14. Used Jobo Jr XH 3 1/2oz Pearl white scale -$21- SOLD 15. Used Jobo jr XH 3 1/2oz fluorescent yellow/pink -$21- SOLD 16. Used Jobo jr 3oz wacky mackerel -$21
  4. Used Left Hook Raptor 3oz Rainbow Mack Pencil popper $25 shipped
  5. 40$ shipped 2 lures they just don’t fall Into rotation
  6. Al Gag's Repaint Green Mackerel Super Strike Bottle/Darter Pair. Bottle does not have rattles. $75 PP shipped
  7. Had a fun day down south yesterday loading up on bait. Going to try to hit up the shore tonite if the surf stays below three feet. If you see a guy this evening in the surf of southern Maine, say hi.
  8. We have a new live well 55 Gallon - open system whats the general rule on number of mackerel per gallon in a live well... thanks!
  9. I know many of you may not like eating bluefish, but I love it. I bleed it out, ice it down, and freeze it when I get home, and it opens the door to many possibilities. I smoke it, bake it, and have even eaten it raw after it's been previously frozen for safety (judge if you must). If I'm baking it, I like to use some lemon pepper, salt, black pepper, and olive oil. Drizzle the fillets in the olive oil in a baking dish, work them around so they're fairly coated, and cut up some vidalia onions and lay them over top and around the fillets. Once everything's oiled up, sprinkle the aforementioned spices all over, and bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the fillets. Delicious! I've also used this recipe for spanish and cero mackerel, I think it'd be good with any oily fish.
  10. Hey all, I will be staying in Corolla July 13-20. I have limited experience fishing from the sand, but am planning on fishing hard this year. In the past I have usually just found a quiet section of beach near the house and thrown out cut bait near a rip, and thrown spoons on light tackle anytime I see blues on top close to shore. I would like to try to get into some mature bluefish, cobia, mackerel, sharks etc. I'm taking the kayak with me this year and was planning on paddling baits out past the breakers. I have been told to look for changes in water color/clarity, and drop offs etc. any other input? What baits have you had success with in the past? Cut vs. live? Chum bag? What's your preferred rig? Also, do I have any real shot at catching fish up north in Corolla? I have usually stayed in Waves in the past, and fished there, and a couple times at the inlet. Do I need to make the trip down south to give myself a shot? Thanks everyone,
  11. Selling as lot $145 for everything PayPal 1- 2014 mullet show special -NIB 2- 2013 Silver mackerel show special -NIB 3- 7” 1.5 oz Silver mackerel needlefish - bought as new never carried
  12. Looking to buy SS mackerel darters (excluding the ones shown below)... it's ok if they are used. Thanks for looking.
  13. New to Striper fishing and looking for some tips, suggestions, things to avoid etc. Thanks in Advance. I have been using Mackerel to live line for Striped Bass on the Coast of NH and ME. I have had a number of Big Runs with a very low percentage of those actually ending up with hooking the fish. Some information: 4000 and 5500 size spinning reel with secondary drag, usually set pretty low. Size 6 and 7 Circle Hooks. Hooking Mack through the back pretty shallow (in about a 1/8 inch) between the head and dorsal fin. have also tried behind the dorsal more towards the tail. Have used a float and also without depending on terrain. I am not attempting to set the hook using the rod. After a Definite hit- Slam and line screaming off. I have been patient and waited several seconds (3-10?) then started Reeling (primary drag engages). The results have not been good and i'm pretty frustrated. I have either seemingly pulled the Mack out of the Stripers mouth- or as in the case this morning where I think i may have waited too long, I only got my hook back. I definitely understand that this is an art and am happy to keep trying but thought i'd ask the question to see if there are any tips that would help me increase my %. Thanks so much for any feedback~
  14. Has anyone else seen a lot less mackerel this year compared to last?
  15. Goo morning all! I a new to the site, I have been fishing the Merrimack river for 35 years and have done well, I know where to go for mackerel as well as stripers, I now have my boat on Saco river and am trying to find my way around yesterday was my first day out and I did ok with rotten chunk mackerel and clams I bought from a local bait shop I would like to know from the locals or anyone who fishes the where to go for mackerel around here. Thank you
  16. Not "flies for catching mackerel," rather, "flies tied to imitate small mackerel." I rarely see mackerel inshore on Long Island anymore. I wish I did; I'd love to put away a supply of spikes, breaded in kosher salt and vacuum-bagged and frozen, for the partyboat tuna season, for big fluke baits, and so on. And I eat them, too. That said, If I stuck to a match-the-hatch philosophy in tying, I'd never bother. This year, I think I will. There are a zillion or three patterns out there for spearing, sandeels, anchovies and so on, but I'm struck by the thought that I've never seen anyone bring up mackerel flies here. Bright green or yellow barred hackle above, white bucktail below, and a big eye are good enough - at least to experiment. The colors are generic; putting a barred hackle on top of hair could hardly be simpler. "Innovative Saltwater Flies" includes a Bill Catherwood mackerel that's a marvel, but needs more effort then I'll make, for a start. A simple mackerel might be fine in spring, during the few days when they're around Long Island; Chartreuse or bright green over white bucktail, with a wee bit of flash, sounds like it'd be OK for stained water, and never mind the species reference. Your thoughts?
  17. Does anyone have any recommendations or preference for what size and type of circle hooks to use when livelining mackerel. This past season I was using 6/0 and 7/0, inline, gamakatsu circle hooks, but my hookup rates weren't the best and I deep hooked more fish than I'd like to admit. I'm sure I'm more to blame more than the hook, but wanted to see what other people are using since I'm going to be stocking up over the winter. Has anyone tried the thin wire circles? Also, if anyone has any tips to hook the corner of the mouth, I'd appreciate it.. I use a baitrunner reel, let the fish run for a few seconds, engage the main drag and lift the rod. Could setting the hook too early be my problem? Will a smaller hook help? Thanks
  18. Lately I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos and articles online about people in the New York area catching herring, shad, and mackerel around this time of year off the beaches. This has got me interesting in fishing for them around Cape Cod during the winter. During the spring, summer and early fall I catch plenty of hickory shad and mackerel out of an inlet I fish in Cape Cod Bay. So I’m wondering is it possible to still catch them in these areas during the winter or do they move to different areas. I can fish in the harbor or off the jetties in order to access deeper water (20-30 feet) Is this a fishing opportunity strictly available to the waters around New York or is it possible to target these species during the winter around the Cape? Any experience, tips, pictures or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Looking to buy a 30-50 gallon live well that is plumbed and ready to connect to raw water. Need something that is atleast 20inches tall to drain over the side. Not looking for anything special, but would pay the money for something nice like an aqua world or kodiak well. Open to all offers, send me what you have! Thanks.
  20. So I leave for vacation up in Southport area in a few days and am bringing up my rod . Already got my lures (poppers /minnows ) etc but has anyone had success trolling at night with either clams/mackerel strips/ or eel. Would love to catch a striper or two of the kayak so any advice is great.
  21. Northbar plastic darter—New. 7.5”/2.5 oz. Gag’s Rattling Popper—New. 5”/1.5 oz. Choopy darter--V. lightly used. 5”/1.75 oz. Creek Chub Striper Strike—Used. 4.25” (body only), 1.2 oz. Savage Gear Rubber—New In Package—7.5”, 3.5 oz. $65 plus shipping for all. Any payment type is fine. These will all fit into a USPS Priority Flat Rate Small Box when I remove the Savage rubber packaging, which means that shipping is $7 for two- to three-day delivery time (according to USPS guidelines), includes tracking and $50 insurance. More insurance is available upon request at extra cost. If you’re in MA or RI, I’ll be happy to meet you somewhere from PVD to the ditch, and I’m occasionally in Boston.
  22. New custom Grs mackerel $80 shipped paypal
  23. Hi I hope that I am in the right place for my questions since this is my first time in the forum. I am going to go surf fishing for the first time to Chacahua, Oaxaca in Mexico, and I have seen fisherman fishing from the beach, and from a big rock structure and they fished some big fish like different species mackerel, snook, red snappers, and even mahi mahi, and tuna sometimes over 50lb, they always use lures over there. I bought the Penn fierce 8000 combo with the 10ft rod, I also bought 80lb Power Pro line. My questions are: Since I am fishing with braid for the first time which leader material, and strength is more recomended for fishing from a rock structure, and the beach?(the sea floor is just sand, no rocks) Should I use wire leader? Should I use a swivel to attach the leader to the main line or just a uni to uni knot? I am planning on using lures most of the time, so I really want to avoid loosing them because of a bad set up, or a toothy mackerel. Also I am having several issues with cinching the last loop on the double palomar with the 80lb Power Pro, the last loop wont cinch because the other knot is already too tight, because when I pull my line it just tightens the first knot, and not the loop itself. What can I do? or should I just avoid this and use the Double Uni knot. Thank you!
  24. I'd sure like to put a stash in the freezer, well salted and in vacuum bags. News, gossip, anything?