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Found 75 results

  1. $80 shipped LS 69 5.5" Darter in Chartreuse over yellow LS69 6.5" Pink SP Minnow LS69 6.5" Schoolbus SP minnow LS69 5" Sp Minnow
  2. Three nights ago, I left my Plug bag and surf belt on a rock at a local fishing area in Rhode Island. By the time I went back to get them they were gone. If anyone here has happened to come across these items, please reach out. I can name location, brand, belt accessories, and plug bag contents. Any help to recover these items is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. 4 new bob Hahn 2 Gibbs and 1 li fish in vt $ 110 ship any form of payment
  4. Ok I need guidance, just moved to Long Island and love fishing. I never realized how much goes into the sport. I have a lot to learn. The last two seasons i’ve Been surf fishing but with not much luck( yes, i’m a bait soaker). I have tried some lures ( buck tails, diamond jig, spoons) out a few times but since I didn’t know what I was doing I kinda gave up. I have yet to catch a fish on a lure. I would like to be able to learn the lures and someday catch a damn fish. I have been to the trusty YouTube watched a few videos in hopes that things would change this year. Watched vids on how to tie different rigs, on how to read the beach which I still don’t know if I’m doing right. My gear so far: 10’ st croix mojo surf paired with penn battle 6000 12’ penn rod with penn fierce 2 live liner 8000 the 6000 has 40lb braid I believe the 8000 has 50lbs mono i think both rods are medium to heavy what the hell do I need to do other than “ get out and fish more”? More YouTube I guess any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. Selling a bunch of older tackle boxes. $10 each or take all 6 for $30. Lot of 3 at bottom is $10. All are in good working condition. Pick up in Providence- Cash. Fenwick hi tech 5.7- $10 Old Pal Woodstream 4000 Famous Fish Series- $10 Plano Phantom Pro -$10 Various Planos: Take all 3 for $10.
  6. Hi. I'm new here. I wanted to ask for some pointers and possibly share some information about fishing *the south shore. My son and I are reasonably experienced fishermen. But we're entirely new to Jamaica Bay and all of the South Shore for fishing - and fairly new to blues and stripers. For the last couple months we've been renting a small boat and fishing for blues and stripers in the back *. We've probably gone out 7 or 8 times, starting in early September. We've caught a lot of nice, if not wildly large blues and stripers, a few into the 7 or 8 pound range, all catch and release. We're working entirely off the surface, using lures, hunting around for surface commotion and baitfish getting corralled near shores and marshes etc. Last weekend we went out and we didn't see a single instance of surface commotion and we didn't even get a bite, let alone catch any fish. Clearly something pretty dramatic had changed from the previous six weeks. But we were in the dark about what. I was especially curious because my understanding at least was that blues and stripers in that area should be heating up over October rather than trailing off. Has anyone else seen that shift in the same area or in that general area. And for those who know the area better are there obvious things about recent weather or the runs or anything else that would explain it? Obviously, sometimes a day is just a bum day and it's a fluke. But it seemed like something more than that. So I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts, has seen the same thing or has any ideas based on knowledge of that water. Thanks in advance! Josh
  7. I am making lures with 3d printer and i draw myself. Coming Soon.....
  8. Hi y’all I’ve been searching with no luck to find a spot on hickory shad imitator lure. Background I hit one of my favorite fishing spots,about this time of year, just about every night the hickory’s are rolling pretty thick. I want to get a lure that will get me the presentation to catch fish feeding on them. The fish range from 6- 16 in the ones I catch on flies etc are always on the large side. This is a nighttime situation any thoughts or direction to share be much appreciated thanks
  9. In the surf, what do Stripers feed on during the beginning, middle and end of their season? Secondly, what approaches work best for you and your approaches change throughout the season? Thank you in advance ——— Tight lines! SB
  10. what and how big ,for daytime and night.these lures can get your head spinning,especially if you bought some because they look "cool"----realistically,what do you carry for early season.
  11. Hypothetically, say that you had 50$ (give or take) to spend on lure(s) that you would have to use for the rest of your life. Give me a list, or some pictures. I can't wait to see what everyone thinks.
  12. I have this wood 8-1/4 inch bottle plug-signed by Donny in person-I would appreciate info on value-thank you-rreelman
  13. Howdy! Fishing newbie here with another question, what are some good lures or lure colors for dirty/murky water? I'm targeting schoolie striped bass and bigger. There's a lot of rain coming my way down here in CT, but I just can't wait the two to three days of water clearing up after all this rain. That's probably just what I have to do to catch a few fish but I still really wanna try! The conditions are probably gonna be cloudy, breaks in between when its gonna rain in the day, I'm gonna fish in a creek and then the mouth that connects it to a channel and marina/harbor. I hate playing damn video games inside and would rather save it for the winter! All help is VERY appreciated!!! Tight lines!
  14. Hello! fishing newbie back with another question, anybody know any ''good'' or working hard baits for Striped bass in the size range from 14-28 inches? Any of these hard baits could be top water, swimmers, poppers etc, trying to imitate a peanut bunker (small menhaden) or small baitfish. I'm just in need of some hard bait lures right now as an alternative to soft plastic baits. All recommendations and help is GREATLY appreciated!!!
  15. any sugjestions i have tones of lures but i dont want to lug em all around
  16. Greetings, I just joined and was interested in those who collect lures and what screw tails Bomber Long A's any one had. I have over 200 and I know I am missing 80+ colors. Bomber made so many variants on top of all the different color patterns. I am still missing a Pumpkinseed color.
  17. Im torn on which flatlander plug bag to order. Anyone have any pics they can share of their high low bags loaded with plugs? Trying to get a visual of the capacity. thank you!
  18. Driftwood Lures 2oz jr. Cobia plug lot. $50 shipped
  19. Hey All, I've been reading tons of guides trying to find out what are some of the more common and useful lures for a beginner. I'll be going for striper this season at both Robert Moses and the North Shore around the Huntington area. What are your go to daytime and nighttime plugs/lures for this area? I'm not trying to break the bank, and would like to start out with at least 5-6 different options for various conditions. This is what I narrowed my list down to so far: Sebile Magic Swimmer Lures (Bunker Color) - $10-20 Super Strike Darter (Yellow - night time) $20 Daiwa SP Minnow (Black/Purple) - $10 Buck Tails (1-1 1/2 ounce) $5 7-8'' Tsunamia Soft Sand Eel $5 How does this list look? Any other common plug I am missing?
  20. WTB RM Smith sharked out strider. Last one i need for my collection. Also looking for any other customs such as halloween or rudolph.Thanks!
  21. When and how would be the best way to fish luna lures?
  22. WTB RM Smith Sharks * handcarve * hammerhead * tiger * great white Looking for only new condition. thanks!!!
  23. Want to buy Cyclone lures
  24. Hello everyone. I'm a new member on this site, and new to striper fishing. This year will be my first attempt. I would appreciate any info about rod and reel setup, technique, plugs and lures, times of year, and places to fish( I realize that's probably not going to happen).
  25. Give me your top five (or more) saltwater lures, plugs, soft plastics, or anything else that you have used to fish for stripers and blues over your fishing career.