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  1. Looking for the shortest heavy plug that is 2.25-3.5oz. Below I listed some I have found in a somewhat reasonable price range for targeting stripers and bluefish. Any recommendations? -Atom Atomizer (3oz) -Atom Striper Swiper (3oz) -Super Strike Little Neck Poppers (6in/3oz size) (sinking) -Madd Mantis Cherry Popper (5.31in/2.61oz) (floating) -Gibbs Polaris Popper 3-1/2oz
  2. I have been wondering how much a difference little differences make when fishing soft plastics. Let me be specific. It makes sense to me that soft plastics will work better in some situations, over metals or bucktiails, or plugs etc. It also makes sense to me that a "jerk bait" or fluke/fork tail style soft plastic will work better than a paddle tail in soft plastic situations. What I am not sure I believe, is that one brand or style of soft plastic is THAT much better or percieved that much differently than a different brand. For example, when I look at ZMAN - which I think does make great soft plastics, and I compare their Deizel Minnow to lets say the fishaholic swim shad, to me, there is NO WAY a fish would ever prefer one over the other. It seems like FISHAHOLIC made a tiny modification to something that already worked well and then branded and promoted it. That seems obvious to me, but yet you hear people saying "those fishaholic shads are so much better than anything, blah blah". Anyone ever test this out or have an opinion on this? Again in summary, a style of soft plastic where one brand over the other is basically the same but one brand gets hyped up for seamingly no practical reason.
  3. Garage sale of brand new landing net and some gears & plugs are for sale as a one single package. Since there are not only lures I placed them in the general section. 100 USD for everything. 1) Okuma landing net 67 ich (net diameter - 23 inch), salt water stainless steel, telescopic pole 67 inch (folded) and about 10 feet unfolded. 2) Tsunami custom crafted wood lure - bottle style popper 5.5’, #2.25 - 1 item, 3) crippled herring 2 and 3 oz by Luhr Jensen - 3 items, 4) Comoku Jig 2.1 oz and 1.7 oz - 2 items, 5) Deadly Dick #3 - 2 items, 6) Diamond Jig holographic A17 by Tsunami - 6 items, 7) Dimond Jig 2 oz by Run off Lures - 1 item, 8) Flat Shad jig Pro Series - 2 items, 9) green jig heads - 2 items, 11) Storm Swim Shad 2 oz - 3 items (2 package), 12) buck tailed herring 2 oz by Run off Lures - 1 oz, 13) spring rod holder - 1 item, 14) new Jack Daniel Whiskey stainless steel flask (7oz), pocket size.
  4. These metal lips are true legends... both fished but in good shape 5.5" 2 oz $75.00 shipped
  5. Seeing what's out there before I go retail for some additions to shop.. Interested in -routers/routing table/bits (glider profiles) -lead pot
  6. Can anyone ID this thing, or offer any suggestions on how I could restore it to fish it myself? The metal lip appears a bit offset, maybe it warped?
  7. For sale is some plugs few new and new uncle josh$95 ship PayPal
  8. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has experience using the Daiwa TD Minnow or if anyone knows the difference between the TD and SP Minnows. The only thing I can find is that the TD is made in Japan? (Not sure if the SP is too though). Thank you!
  9. A co-worker of mine brought this to me, it’s been in his family for 40+ years and has no real knowledge where it’s from or even what it is. It’s made of a really hard wood, looks hand carved but has no identity markings. It has (pictured) a apparently brass slide in the bottom that has the number 18 stamped into it. This slides out about an inch but we can’t figure out what it’s for. The wire “wraps” around the nose of this appears to be soldered forming two loops. Overal this “plug” is about 5 inches long and ila out an inch thick. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!! mike
  10. i'm just starting fresh water fishin', at a small lake that allegedly has lmb, blue gills,... and something else... i'm using a kastmaster, about 1/5 oz to 3/8 oz, mono maybe 8 to 12#. this lake is so nice and quiet, when i cast i can generally hear my lure PLOP quite clearly from about 80 feet away.. is this a problem? are all the fish on notice? is this a disadvantage of a metal lure? i guess i just imagine if i hear that sound, those fish really hear it, as sound seems to travel so well in water. edit: altho - thinking about it, underwater there must be a ton of things making and doing things with sound... it might be just this awful noisy environment. above water, where i am, it is very quiet. might be very different underwater..... tysm.
  11. Looking to bye a deadly dick lot looking for something Ard 4 to 5 inches long
  12. (7) BM lot $170 for all + shipping No splits (2) spin atom jrs.(yellow/blue) (1)Cowboy Jr. (Blue mullet) (1)Danny Jr. (Parrot) (2) wadds (blurple/Block green) (1) Early style needle (blue)
  13. This wooden bass-oreno style lure features glass eyes and slide in hook hangers. Measures 3 3/4" overall.
  14. Original Don Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmer. This is a 7 1/2" Torpedo Sr. Maple - 4 oz. Off White/Cream finish. Metal parts have oxidation but lure is in unused condition - $155 shipped.
  15. Looking for another plug bag, 2 or 3 tube. Prefer a used in good condition Commando, MAK, Flatlander or Ebbpoint. ODM, Gear Up I’d like to see what is available. Message me here or private message me. thank you in advance
  16. Original vintage 5 1/2" Naturalized Rainbow Trout Floater, F3071S. New in original boxes. New old stock. I have nine of these. $18 each - shipping and paypal included.
  17. Original Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmer. This is the 6" size Torpedo Jr. Gold over white - Pine. In unused original condition - $155 shipped.
  18. Original Don Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmer. This is a 6" Rattler Jr. Pine 2 1/2 oz. Blue Mullet finish. In unused condition - $155 shipped.
  19. Original Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmers. These are the 6" size Torpedo Jr. Two available - both are pine. In unused condition - $130 each shipped.
  20. Original Musso Super Strike wooden swimmers. These are the large 7 1/2" size Torpedo Sr. Two available - both are pine 3 1/4 oz. In unused condition - $130 each shipped.
  21. Has anyone used the mustad hooks 32824 for there jigs? If so what are your thoughts on them, I love mustad hooks and I use them in all my jigs, but these hooks are very expensive. Just wondering what people think about them before investing them into my jigs.
  22. Alans Limited Great white (predator) #4 7inch 3.6oz $45 shipped
  23. Just wondering what year and make this is.
  24. Been using the 9" Doc a bunch lately and while that thing really catches some nice fish, I get quite a few drops as well as badly hooked fish causing some fish damage. I think the fish are annoyed by this lure, smack it and generally attack it in an unconventional way which leads to some unorthodoxed hook ups. Some of these lead to either the fish coming off mid way in or it getting hooked in a way that causes bad, possible longterm damage to the fish. Has anyone modified this lure with these issues in mind?
  25. What was everyone's go to lure for the 2016 season? That one lure that caught you fish when nothing else would produce? Also, was this your projected "killer" lure at the start of the season and it paid off like you had intended, or did it surprise you and now you have a new best friend in the surf bag? For me, it was a 5 Oz bullet style Jig head with any form of paddle tail/eel imitator. Color did not seem to matter too much for me this season, granted this was my first full season down at the Ditch. There were times no matter what I tossed, even 4 oz jigs and I wouldn't get any action. I switch to a 5 oz with paddle and the majority of nights it was lights out fishing. I could not believe this. My catch ratio must have went up like 110%. For my technique and the spots I fished simply using the 5oz head over a 4 almost all the time proved more effective. However, there is a time and place for throwing a 4. The point is, jigging brought me great success and I could almost always count on the 5 oz bullet jig with paddle tail to give me something. This was by far my go to this season. If anyone wants to meet up for some jigging in the spring pm me sometime. How about everyone else's go to? -Al
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