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  1. Hey guys, I am new to fishing and am looking for tips to help me catch more fish. What is one thing you wish you learned earlier about fishing in these waters? What is the most effective method of fishing here? What is your favorite type of shore based fishing here? Any advice is much appreciated! Best, Steve
  2. Hey guys, I am relatively new to fishing and have only fished the western li sound in summer. Lately the weather has been really nice and I would like to get back into fishing. I would like to catch stripers but I know that they are not many around. Would bunker chunking work at this time of year? What methods should I use to catch any fish at this time of year? I am okay with catching anything if striper fishing is not viable.
  3. Hey guys, I am relatively new to fishing and have only fished the western li sound in summer. Lately the weather has been really nice and I would like to get back into fishing. I would like to catch stripers but I know that they are not many around. Would bunker chunking work at this time of year? What methods should I use to catch any fish at this time of year? I am okay with catching anything if striper fishing is not viable. Thanks in advance for any advice given! Best, Steve
  4. This is NEW! Never saw a reel or water!.. Retails 400.00 Medium Fast action 20-65 lb Sell for 250 prefer not to ship at this time Prefer to sell as I'm not looking for anything but may trade.. Whatcha got?
  5. I submitted a topic inadvertently in the LI regional forum when I wanted it in the Main forum. Is there a way I can move it? Is this something one of the site admins/moderators can do? Thanks.
  6. Hi - I am staying with friends in Long Beach next weekend and have an opportunity to fish the surf a few hours in morning and evening. Since my outings will be quick I probably won't throw bait, rather the usual stripper plug assortment with soft baits and AVA's. Any helpful hints or suggestions would be most appreciated on spots that may produce this time of year and rigs. I won't have a car so its purely casting the surf in Long Beach. Thanks for your help! JakerSurf
  7. went out fishing last night off a Long Island beach with a 12ft penn heavy rod and a 8000 penn battle 3 with 80lbs braid, tossed out a chunk of bunker and with in 2 min my rod was bent like a toothpick and the drag was screaming. 25 min later got the ray 10-15 yards from the beach and it was on the surface in the surf flapping, it was massive it had to be 6ft or more across and over 100lbs. But I was alone and as I tired my best to land it the line snapped. I moved spots down the beach a half mile but had 3 more big ray hookups and was broken off all times. I am sure this is the Rough Tail ray, given the size. I have had small ones in protected bays. How do you handle and land these BIG rays without getting stuck? Is the whole Tail Poison or just the barb? when I had the smalls ones last year I pulled them up on the sand by their top gill holes, is this still safe to do with the big ones? or should the line just be cut if you hook up and don't even take the risk? I only like to fish bait, is there any way to avoid these rays? all I want to do is night fish and get a blue, bass or small shark on some bunker. Last night was the fist time I went out at night since I was a kid, but I never remember people catching giant rays, just giant blues and sand sharks
  8. My first attempt to go go surf fishing in august was really incredible. Here is it.
  9. I live on the North Fork of Long Island and have been Atlantic Ocean, Great South Bay and L.I. Sound surfcasting my whole life. I have been wanting to learn more about and get into saltwater flyfishing for over a decade now. I've been a lurker on here and other forums reading posts for years, but have never pulled the trigger on a saltwater fly rod & reel setup. I am looking for a 9wt saltwater setup that would be versatile enough for me to use in the saltwater estuaries around my neighborhood, but also heavy enough to use on the rocky Long Island Sound beaches and in the Atlantic Ocean inlets. Can you please recommend a proper setup for this balance that I am trying to get out of a single setup. I'll keep reading up and learning from you all in the mean time. Thank you ahead of time for your help and insight.
  10. What are everyone's method on labeling weights of plugs for bucktails and needle fish? I hear some scratch the weight on for bucktails. Writing the ounces with black or white sharpie on needle fish seems like another way to me. Thankyou.
  11. Any word on when the 2022 model hobie outback may be released? Or at least when 2021 outbacks will be in stock anywhere?
  12. First things first... I wanted to say hello to everyone!!! This is my first time posting on SOL. It took me some time to figure out how to actually post content, LOL. Anyway, I've been wanting for a long time to get a VS150L with the right hand retrieve. I finally saved enough money for it and was ready to pull the trigger. The Van Staal website shows the VS150L so I assumed they still made it. However, when I contacted one tackle shop to order one they said Van Staal doesn't make the VS line anymore and the VSX line doesn't have any L models. So I called Van Staal and the rep told me the same thing. Now I'm trying to find a suitable VS150L substitute (similar in size & weight but doesn't have to be fully submersible, as long as it could take some spray and wave splash). I'm going to fish this reel on a 9ft rod working the shorelines of Jones Beach, NY ). I would appreciate some feedback, thanks.
  13. Hey, Fished freshwater my whole life but i’m quite new to saltwater. I was looking to fish striped bass/bluefish around the Brooklyn,NY- Long Island area, and I was wondering what beaches are good to start learning at? Heard of Robert Moses and Jones Beach being decent, but where do people actually fish/ are these open with COVID and all? Not asking for secret spots just generally how to get to the water I can fish at (ex: which parking lot to park at). Also, is it better generally to cast lures or bait with bunker during the next few weeks? Any suggestions for lures? Thanks, apologies if the post was long.
  14. In addition to being Long Island's worst fisherman, I have a terrible habit of always changing my mind. So instead of buying a 7' inshore rod which I now believe is too small to handle the lures I use bay fishing (thread here), my new plan is to buy a new 9 foot surf rod rated for 1/2 to 3oz, or something similar. I also want a new reel, and I'll keep my current 9' surf rod for friends and family. Looking for something more sensitive than my current 9' Tica TC2 (1/2 to 3oz) moderate power with mod/fast action- it's mounted with an older Shimano reel which has seen better days. I think a 9 foot rod is a great length for the kind of fishing I am doing - targeting stripers, blues from the surf/ocean beach and also in calmer bay waters. I like to use lures like poppers, minnows and trying to improve with bucktails. I rarely use bait but I'll probably do more of that later this summer from the beach. Suppose you had up to $350 to spend on a surf rod, 9' with faster action. I don't need the best gear available but won't mind spending a few extra $$$ to get a really nice setup I can keep for a long time. I'd love to hear some opinions on these rods, and would love any recommendations: * ODM NXG-93 Genesis * Tsunami Airwaves * St. Croix Mojo * Penn Battalion Paired with a Shimano Saragosa 6000 size (does this make sense?) Thoughts?
  15. Came across these pics in FB which was taken on 2/22 in long island south shore. my questions are, what kind of fish is this seal munching on? if shad, blue, striper or whatever fish, etc, is it possible these moved into our water already or residential ones?
  16. Hey guys I have this 4 rod holder Surfcaster rack for a front license plate mount. Mount included. I'm on the North Fork could meet in Riverhead if needed rather not ship. $100
  17. Hello, guys. I couldn't find any videos or info about this bout, other than the specs on a manufacturer's site before I bought it, so i decided to add some. Video that shows the boat: Video that shows Tidewater navigating 2-4ft waves in Great South Bay , NY Basic info: Centerline :: 17' Beam :: 7' 2" Weight :: 1050 lbs. Fuel Capacity :: 18 gal. Max HP :: 70 HP Rec. HP :: 70 HP Deadrise at Transom :: 13° Appox. Draft :: 10" Capacity :: 5 per./750 lbs. Cockpit Depth (Aft) :: 17.5" Midship Depth :: 21" STANDARD FEATURES No Wood Construction 10-year Transferable Hull Warranty Hand-Laid Fiberglass Hull Foam Flotation Fiberglass Stringer System Self-Bailing Cock Pit Automatic Bilge Pump Aluminum Backing Plates Navigational Lighting Horn Captain Chairs Tachometer 2-12" Grabrails on Console Windshield Built-in Latch on Top of Console Lg Fish/anchor Box in Bow 12 gal Livewell SS Steering Wheel w/knob SS Rub Rail Courtesy Lights Comes with Yamaha 70 HP motor. I like the boat a lot. And ...I am towing it with my 2015 Subaru Outback
  18. eastern li, specilized long casting
  19. Has anyone noticed a strange abundance of shad this year? I have been fishing for 10 years so by no means do I have a ton of experience but I’ve been catching shad for months off of the ocean beaches on diamond jigs which I would have always imagined to be too big to catch them on. They also seem aggressive. With that many baitfish around it’s surprising to me that not much else is happening currently. Just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts.
  20. Looking for a tandem kayak for my wife and son. I'm in Long Beach, NY and willing to travel 100 miles to pick it up. Looking for a sot. Thanks and be safe!
  21. Looking for some input on what your favorite jetty fishing setup is. I’m looking to spend more time on the inlet jetties this year and assume I’ll be throwing 1-3 oz bucktails and paddle tails mostly. And feeding some metal lips into the rips. Been using a 10’6 marauder 1-5 with a vs250 but was looking for something a little shorter and easier to manage Thanks
  22. So it looks like starting in May, NY state will be using the old tapanzee bridge scrap and various other parts and pieces to add to existing and build new local reef systems.. although it will take time for marine life to colonize this new reef, it could potentially be a huge boom for the local fishing... Here's a clip from the press release... "More Than 43,000 Cubic Yards of Clean, Recycled Tappan Zee Bridge Material and 5,900 Cubic Yards of Jetty Rock Will Support Construction of 6 Artificial Reefs... Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the largest expansion of artificial reefs in state history to improve New York's diverse marine life and boost Long Island's recreational and sport fishing industries. In New York's first ever, comprehensive program to construct artificial reefs, the Governor has launched an initiative to deploy materials including tug boats, barges, and scows, as well as concrete and clean, recycled materials from the demolition of the former Tappan Zee Bridge. These materials will support the development of six artificial reefs on Long Island at sites off the shores of Smithtown, Shinnecock, Moriches, Fire Island, Hempstead, and Rockaway." From what little I've read so far it seems like a great idea, but there's always 2 sides to every coin.. Lets hear some thoughts and opinions please gentlemen...
  23. Hey All, I've been reading tons of guides trying to find out what are some of the more common and useful lures for a beginner. I'll be going for striper this season at both Robert Moses and the North Shore around the Huntington area. What are your go to daytime and nighttime plugs/lures for this area? I'm not trying to break the bank, and would like to start out with at least 5-6 different options for various conditions. This is what I narrowed my list down to so far: Sebile Magic Swimmer Lures (Bunker Color) - $10-20 Super Strike Darter (Yellow - night time) $20 Daiwa SP Minnow (Black/Purple) - $10 Buck Tails (1-1 1/2 ounce) $5 7-8'' Tsunamia Soft Sand Eel $5 How does this list look? Any other common plug I am missing?
  24. hey guys I'm new to this so bear with me. I'm in the market for a new custom surf rod either 10' or 11'. ill be using it for strictly plugging, mostly open sand beaches on LI. any and all advice would be appreciated. as i said I'm new to this so if i left anything out let me know!
  25. Hey guys I have a 10' mojo surf rod brand new in the original package from St Croix. It's a MSS100MMF2 rated 10-20 LB and 1-4 OZ. the rod is a 2 piece graphite rod with "x wrap" handles and it comes with tags (under 5 year warranty). I bought the rod for $220, I'm looking for $200 or best or best offer. Please offer the worst I can do is say no. Thanks guys! (First post on here so not sure if pictures will upload)
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