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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, I am new to fishing and am looking for tips to help me catch more fish. What is one thing you wish you learned earlier about fishing in these waters? What is the most effective method of fishing here? What is your favorite type of shore based fishing here? Any advice is much appreciated! Best, Steve
  2. Hey guys, I recently went fishing for stripers with night crawlers because the I didn’t want to pay for bloodworms or sandworms. I was only fishing for an hour and I didn’t catch anything. The nighcrawlers kept on coming off the hook. Is there a way to use night crawlers for stripers without this problem? Are blood or sandworms effective and worth the price? Will fishbites work instead? Will fishbites work at this time of year? I fish the western Long Island sound if that makes a difference. Thank you in advance for any advice given! Best, Steve
  3. Which one is better for striper fishing? I can’t afford to buy live bait each outing.
  4. Hey guys, I am relatively new to fishing and have only fished the western li sound in summer. Lately the weather has been really nice and I would like to get back into fishing. I would like to catch stripers but I know that they are not many around. Would bunker chunking work at this time of year? What methods should I use to catch any fish at this time of year? I am okay with catching anything if striper fishing is not viable. Thanks in advance for any advice given! Best, Steve
  5. I have struggled to find any success throwing Darter's in the northern long island sound / ct coast line. I have tried fishing them close to inlets / river mouths, where there is a a slight current (among other places) and where I know there are fish, but fail to even get a bump. Just wondering if anyone has any tips/suggestions and/or if others have experienced the same.
  6. Hi all, I am brand new to this forum but have been fishing for quite some time off the north shore of Long Island in the LI sound. I go out on my kayak and fish for snappers, so I was never really worried about contaminants as I followed the USFDA and NY Dept. of Health guidelines for eating fresh caught fish. Just last summer I began spear fishing because I'm a young buck and need some more excitement when I am out in the water. I have caught some strippers just at 28 inches, but haven't eaten them due to my lack of knowledge on the level of PCB's and other contaminants in the fish, and how that would affect human health. I believe I would be ok, since I exercise and (try to) eat healthy. I would like to hear some of your experiences and opinions on this matter. If there is any data and/or literature you can cite, that would be very helpful. I hope that some younger folk can respond to this, and/or those who have a more formal understanding of chemistry and biology (like marine biologists). It would actually be great to provide chemical equations on PCB's interaction with other chemicals in the human body, and how that can affect health. This would greatly increase my understanding and make me feel more comfortable in making the decision on whether or not to eat fresh caught striper and blue fish from the LI sound. Thanks!
  7. Remember that they are just a stupid fish, and they will eat a hook with padding from a box spring... Not much action from the material, but holds a good profile, only takes a few minutes to tie, and can be colored to match any bait around! Materials consist of sidewall padding from a box spring, lead wire, WTP eyes, and sharpies. Let's see some more flies with unconventional materials.
  8. I'm 15, should i get a 12" tracker jon boat and a 6-7 hp outboard or a kayak for long island sound fishing? I like the idea of bringing others out on the boat and have fun/playing music etc. kayak is half the price, yet slower with only room for one, and even fishing kayaks seem awkward to fish from too me. No budget for a Hobie.
  9. Are there sturgeon in the Sound? I can't see why not, and why they wouldn't cruise around slurping at the bottom in the wake of clammers and draggers and whatnot ... but I've never heard of their being observed there. Now and then they jump, for some obscure fishy reason, inshore on the South Shore, but I've never heard of it happening on the North Shore. Anybody know?
  10. Friends have the new boat this season, and have asked me to join them fishing this weekend. They are inexperienced fisherman, but I have a lot of experience from the beach and some on party boats and charters, but mostly on the Cape and South Shore of Long Island. Asking if anyone can point us in a general direction for bass - boat is kept in Westport at Longshore. Thanks for any advice about what to look for as well - reefs, wrecks, etc.
  11. Not looking for spots, just trying to find when they arrive. Pics welcome.
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