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  1. Used only a handful of times. Needed a heavier line. It's cleaned and ready to ship. $45 shipped to continental US.
  2. Looking for a thin distance casting braid (20lb/30lb). I heard good stuff about samurai braid but have personally never tried it. Suffix 832 holds too much water to cast very far imo and powerpro superslick has knot slips and random breakage. The top 2 I'm considering are J Braid x8 or Berkley x9. Any other recommendations?
  3. How do yall rank your top 5 braided lines? This debate comes out time and time again but I wondered about y'all's opinion for overall castability and knot strength ignoring price. (Not including braids over $80 for 300 yards or so) The top 5 that I have tried are Suffix 832 PowerPro Original Berkley X9 Daiwa J braid (tends to get wind knots sometimes) PowerPro Superslick 8 v2 (knots tend to slip+castability decreases significantly after a couple uses) Do not like:Nomad Design, Spiderwire, BeyondBraid, Piscifun, Yo-zuri BTW, how does fireline and Diamond Braid handle?
  4. Hey yall I had some questions about backing a spool with mono before braided line. I am going to spool my 5000 penn battle 3 with 20lb braid. It says that the braid capacity for 20lb is 420 yards. I understand that usually it is okay for the amount of braid to be much less than the maximum since it is almost impossible to spool it so tightly that it can take everything. Do yall think 300yards should be enough for the penn battle 5000? And would I have to back it up with mono before?? Or should I just go with the 500 yards of braided line? I also have some leftover braid on the spool and was thinking about doing a uni-uni knot with the new 300 yards of braid just in case I would run short without it.
  5. Hi everyone what company make the thinnest mono line in #25 lb thanks
  6. I am just beginning to get into surf fishing and I’m looking to purchase a rod and a reel. Any suggestions on an affordable set up for a rod, reel, line and etc.? What brands are best for rod and reels? Looking to spend less than $200 for everything. Thanks!
  7. AG11

    Lbsf line help

    Got a 12/0 to go with a 60-130 rod and im a little stuck on how I should do the line. I want to do the line in a way so I don’t have to worry about fishing near rocks because I wouldn’t want to get cut off. How would I do that? Less braid more mono? Like 600 yards of braid and rest mono? Or all mono? But then I heard of all mono messing up the spool so idk. If y’all have any suggestion plz hit me with them.
  8. I have bulk amounts of tufline Fluorcarbon XD, 9 spools of 50 lb and 6 spools of 60 lb, for sale. High end leader line, retails $89.99 a spool for 100 yd spools of 50 lb. Looking to sell for $50 each spool shipped paypal, but will go a bit lower if you buy multiple spools.
  9. Anyone ever deal with braid line smelling like ****? I have a TranX spooled with 50lb Power Pro. I use the reel on jetties, so I need thicker braid to handle some abrasion and there are some big fish where I go, so I need heavy line. Anyway, I always rinse my reels with freshwater after coming back from salt/brackish water trips. Few trips ago, I started to smell something pungent and realized that it was coming from the braid line. I rinsed my reel/line for a minute after my last trip to see if that would help... But It still stank today and I was taking my line off because I saw it as a sign of braid line going bad. Then my wife suddenly says "Is that you?" then closes her nose and says it smells like a wet rag... Lol. She walked out of the room. So I know it wasn't just me smelling it. I have braid on most of my reels and I treat them the same... But I don't remember ever having to change my line because of the smell LOL. I did fish stinky brackish water last season (Green algae maybe?)... Not sure where I picked it up and wondering if anyone else had a similar problem.
  10. Hello all, I have an older Abu Garcia 3 star spinning rod that I got from a tag sale a while back that I plan to use as a second/backup rod. The writing had rubbed off so I have no idea what weight lures/sinkers I should throw. The rod is about 6ft with large stainless steel guides that tapir down closer to the tip (so assuming spinning rod). Since the writing rubbed off over time, is there any way to calculate or guestimate the action and power of the rod plus what weight tackle & line I should use? Overall the rod seems extremely stiff compared to others I've used.
  11. Hello all, I have an older Abu Garcia 3 star spinning rod that I got from a tag sale a while back that I plan to use as a second/backup rod. The writing had rubbed off so I have no idea what weight lures/sinkers I should throw. The rod is about 6ft with large stainless steel guides that tapir down closer to the tip (so assuming spinning rod). Since the writing rubbed off over time, is there any way to calculate or guestimate the action and power of the rod plus what weight tackle & line I should use? Overall the rod seems extremely stiff compared to others I've used.
  12. Hi All, I've never really had a big fight where the fish pulls much line/runs and was wondering if you could give some insight on proper drag adjustments and line test weights for when I (hopefully) hook up with a cow. I am using a 4000 sized reel with max drag of 13 lbs according to the specs. Does this mean that if I use 25lb test braid there is no chance of the braid snapping even if I crank the drag down as much as humanly possible? If that's true, I did have my line snap once so assuming that was from frayed line? Even the 8000 size reels I see have max drags of 25lbs. Does that mean that if using 25 or 30lb test, breaks should be near impossible in pretty much all cases? Nobody's ever really explained drag to me and I just set it by 'feel' when pulling a bit of line with my hand since I'm worried it would snap if too tight.
  13. What is everyone’s favorite type of braid to use on their saltwater fishing reels from the surf? Like what do you feel gets you a longer distance? Thanks
  14. This is main shaft from an old style (washer drag) Van Staal 200/250/300 reel that Steve had made into a drill bit for winding line onto a spoil quickly without twisting. $75 shipped PP/Venmo/Zelle
  15. Hi, Filling up a spinning reel spool with braided line. Something that I think I could improve. What is the best way have as much line as you can get and as tight as possible on the spool? Is it better to spool it by reeling the line with the reel or try and optimize the line lay by having the spool rotating with some tool (like a drill) and lay the line along the spool with your own hands like at the shops? 2 years ago, I bought an Ecooda portable Spooler thing (Piscifun also sells it) I really like that the spool spins as the line goes on the reel. Some people wont agree but I think this might be a good thing because it eliminates (completly?) line twist that I frequently experienced before (when leaving the spool on the ground with the label facing up). With this gadget, the thing is that you are limited on the actual tension you can put so the line feels tight but could be tighter. You are also spinning the reel handle and using the gears, so how much pressure can you actually put... I will share this: Using the Ecooda spooler, I spooled my Penn Clash 6000 with 30lbs Kastking Mega 8 braid. All the way to the last ''Line capacity ring''... It seemed like it was tight enough and would not dig in. The line spool was 547yds, but there is no way I fitted the 490yds of 30lbs braid that Penn states will fit this particular reel. Then I go to Cabo, hook into multiple big fish from the beach en enjoy the longest runs I ever heard on my reel. Alot of line come out...cast + fish run = >200-250yds? Anyway, this line goes back on the reel with all the pressure of these fish. After my trip I realized that my line is much closer to the middle ''Line capacity ring'' than the last one... And now the line is VERY tight on the spool. Looks like I could fit 100yds or so of more braid... Now I'm wondering if I should fill it more with the rest of my spool making a connection double uni-knot (10 wraps each side) or will I whish I didn't when a big fish make a long run with15lbs-20lbs of drag on that knot. (I will prbably make another topic about braid to braid connection knots and purposes) So... Should we over fill it a bit at the beginning? We all know that Penn Spinners don't like being overfilled, so if I'm going to loose 50-70yds on braid from windknot.... Should I wet the spool? ? ? I'd like to here some ideas. thanks!
  16. String theory: n physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. It describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other. Last month, I enjoyed listening to Doc Mueller lecture. He is one of my favorite to listen to because of his scientist background and experience in college education. His books are a must read. His book convinced me to go from a large surf bag to a 3 tube bag. During the lecture, Doc suggested that 20 lb. braid is sufficient for most surf casting. Many people in the room use 30, 40, even 60 lb. braid. Doc did a pretty impressive demonstration where he used a scale to replicate the load placed on the line. Using a volunteer we loaded the line and put a pretty good bend in the rod. The drag was tightened so that it just was at the point of slippage. The load measured on the rod was....6lbs. All in the room agreed that even the 6 lb. load placed on the rod "felt" like a substantial weight despite what the scale said. The point is that a reel manufacturer can advertise 50 lbs. of drag but the user is unlikely to ever need that much drag. a 20 lb. test rated braided line is probably sufficient for nearly all off the beach surf casting (jetty and boat are different). We know that surf casters sacrifice distance by going to heavier lines. Did Doc Mueller blow the lid off over built surf casting equipment? Has he defeated the dogma that we need to be using very heavy lines and massive reels? Discuss. It's been rolling around in my head for awhile. I don't think there is a wrong or right answer.
  17. For sale is a mint condition (zero scratches), used twice VSX200 with 30 pound Sufix Performance braid. All original packaging and paperwork is included (including unfilled out warranty card). Also included is a 14” X 3 1/2” custom engraved wood sign. The reel is 10/10 mechanically and 10/10 cosmetically. Reel was purchased this April and is in the 42,4XX range. I am looking for $550 PayPal, which includes fees and shipping to lower 48 via USPS Priority Mail.
  18. 2 spool of 20 lb 330 yards j braid 2 spool of 30 lb 330 yards j braid 1 spool of 20 lb power pro 300 yards $90 ship or trade for other rod or reel and form of payment.
  19. Hello people, Long time reader, first time poster. I haven’t seen any dedicated info or opinions on the airflo sniper line. I know there are a lot of anglers who use and love the rio obs series of lines. The airflo sniper is almost exactly the same dimensions but not too much info on the sniper. I’m looking to invest in a series of lines so that there will be consistency and no guess work on performance with using different brands. Is that a good idea? What are your applications? Being there are soo many options out there i feel like I'm guessing instead of buying with confidence. I was also looking into rio obs series. I’m going to be using these lines on my 9’ 8wt and echo beach boost 8wt 12’ th surf rod. I’d be using these on stillwater and the surf for any species. Thanks for the help! Cheers!
  20. I bought this. But using a sinking line. 19.95. Picked up n h. Or add 6.00 for shipping. backing is not included.
  21. I bought this. But using a sinking line. 19.95. Picked up n h. Or add 6.00 for shipping. backing is not included.
  22. What is the practical lifetime of good quality braided line on a rig? I have had most of mine on (three brands and weights) on five rigs for this being the third season upcoming. What is a reasonable lifetime for this braided material?
  23. Thanks for looking. I went a little overboard on the line purchased ...and changed set ups. So. New in box striped bass wf7s .....orvis all a rounder wf8f. 29.95 ea. 250 ya. S.a backing. 6.95. Shipping is 5.50. PayPal ,Venmo. I would like to get this stuff out of here Thx. Jim
  24. 2 coils of s.a striper 8. And 9 wt lines. 23.99 ea. Shipped. I’m not going to use them and tired of looking at them . dont let price mislead you. I used them maybe twice . Changed setups .... will trade for 200-250 sink tip 8 wt line. Many thanks to all. Jim
  25. Hi, I know a lot of folks use line weighted over what their rod is rated, and I'd like to try putting 9 on a cheap 8 weight rod to see if it improves cast. But what about the reel? I have a reddiington behemoth 7/8. What is the impact on putting a heavier weight on the reel? Thanks.
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