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Found 14 results

  1. I am just beginning to get into surf fishing and I’m looking to purchase a rod and a reel. Any suggestions on an affordable set up for a rod, reel, line and etc.? What brands are best for rod and reels? Looking to spend less than $200 for everything. Thanks!
  2. I have not used fluoro yet and find conflicting info everywhere. I have just started plugging for stripers, mostly in the surf, in the last year or two and have simply used either 30 or 40 lb mono for my leaders. I had it on hand and it works. But the blues are coming soon and traditionally I tied on a wire leader when blue fishing. The blues will be hitting my striper plugs and I am not sure what weight leader to use and if fluoro is even the way to go. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. It seems to me that a long mono leader tied to braid with a thin knot on a spinning reel would make a lot of sense. It would remove a swivel that might be pulled through the guides by accident, and keep sharp braid away from the casting finger. However I don't see this on spinning reels, just conventional reels. I'm guessing it doesn't work so well on spinners? Does an FG knot hang up or produce excessive drag on a cast through the guides? Haven't had a chance to test it myself but I have to assume many have. Have you tried this? What is the result? Thanks for any info.
  4. I have bulk amounts of tufline Fluorcarbon XD, 9 spools of 50 lb and 6 spools of 60 lb, for sale. High end leader line, retails $89.99 a spool for 100 yd spools of 50 lb. Looking to sell for $50 each spool shipped paypal, but will go a bit lower if you buy multiple spools.
  5. Seaguar Flourocarbon Leader Material - Better than 50% off internet retail price, $45 shipped All spools of flouro and the zip-loc with some 6-8' sections pre-cut leader, two spools of coated light wire leader material Measured each spool: 50 pound test spool: 79 yards 20 pound test spool: 8.6 yards 20 pound test spool: 93.6 yards
  6. $165 shipped First photo is the whole lot, following photos I am trying to give you an idea of how much of each item and/or what each item is. PLEASE DO NOT assume that the qtys on the labels are how many pieces are in each bag. Some bags are fuller than others. However i did count the tactical angler 75# clips and there are at least 43. Most items are brand-new however I have discounted the entire lots based on reduced quantities and then discounted at least 50% off what I paid. These area all of the hooks that I would swap out the 1x junk some manufacturers use. Some of the hooks have been sharpened in the trokar style, some haven't. The 50# flouro, 100yd spool looks full. Some pre-cut leaders in the ziplock below the flouro spool. The kalin-style swim lead heads, one bag has been epoxy dipped, one bag hasn't. The yellow packs are siwash hooks with open eyes, except the 6/0 CL those are closed eye Bonus items some hand poured black sluggos about a dozen. (Not Shown) .
  7. 40# braid with 40#fluorocarbon leader is that ok
  8. "if I am tying knotted leaders I use Ande clear mono. Works great cheap and turns over flies. I don't use floro very often. When I do like for roosters it is usually adding 2.5' piece of 20 or 25 pound to Rio knotless 10' tapered leader. Albie fishing I use it to add on to mono leaders when the leader gets too short --but I try to avoid knotted leaders albie fishing. The fish do not care --my hands do. On a decent day you might leader up 20 albies, your hands are wet and you have cuts in your hands even with gloves - the fish makes a surge and a knot goes through the cut ---nope." Ah HA! Do I understand that roosters can be line shy?
  9. Hi guys so I see and hear a lot of guys using teasers on their surfcasting in front of SP minnows and other plugs... few questions... how far in front of the plug should your dropper loop be? Total length of leader? Also what weight tsunami holo eel is best (or what other teasers used)? Lastly on casting distance... I loose at least a 1/3rd of distance just adding a teaser... any tips on technique to stop the helicopter? Perhaps the first part of this will give me the answer (my current leader and teaser not right). Thanks!
  10. I've been doing a lot of screenshotting knots lately in preparation for trying new ones and lack of data/wifi signal to look it up. I was wondering what is your favorite knot to tie leader to braid and why? I almost always go double uni, but have tied albright as well and had no issues/failure yet (although haven't hit anything 40+ yet...). I really want to master and try the FG knot this year. Seems super strong and has a slim profile so if you end up reeling it through your guides on accident, could be less likely to cause a snag or damage. What are your thoughts?
  11. Somewhere along the line I must've bought something from Melton International, because the catalog comes every year without fail. Fine, I like catalogs. Their catalog is oriented towards big game angling and I notice that some of the offshore billfish lures, Black Bart and so on, are available pre-rigged with either of two leader materials: fluorocarbon or "Marlin Hard" leaders. (This is on page 6, Black Bart Microbaits,Rigging Options). The fluorocarbon is twice the price of the mono. I thought fluorocarbon is harder then mono, so why would a non-fluorocarbon material (presumably mono) be better at resisting billfish abrasion. What am I missing? Second question. Looking at their website, I see six different kinds of Seaguar fluorocarbon leader, none of which are described as differing by intended application. Another site operator wrote a blistering take on the pink fluoro, I recall, but ... other then that, what's the difference? What's Seaguar's best fluorocarbon for a tuna trip?
  12. Anyone use TROKAR hooks for stripers. If so, how well did they work. Are they worth the money or should i stick with Gammus?
  13. Bought a new Diawa Emblem pro reel and need to pair an 11' rod for beach and canal use. Mainly looking for distance cast with top water and swim baits. 1) Should I get something like a St Croix Avid or Mojo or is there a huge difference in quality if I buy say a Tsunami Trophy? 2) I usually fish 40-50lb braid with 50-60lb leader. I've been hearing about line backing, can someone explain the concept and if it's needed? Thanks in advance, Brendan
  14. Hi I hope that I am in the right place for my questions since this is my first time in the forum. I am going to go surf fishing for the first time to Chacahua, Oaxaca in Mexico, and I have seen fisherman fishing from the beach, and from a big rock structure and they fished some big fish like different species mackerel, snook, red snappers, and even mahi mahi, and tuna sometimes over 50lb, they always use lures over there. I bought the Penn fierce 8000 combo with the 10ft rod, I also bought 80lb Power Pro line. My questions are: Since I am fishing with braid for the first time which leader material, and strength is more recomended for fishing from a rock structure, and the beach?(the sea floor is just sand, no rocks) Should I use wire leader? Should I use a swivel to attach the leader to the main line or just a uni to uni knot? I am planning on using lures most of the time, so I really want to avoid loosing them because of a bad set up, or a toothy mackerel. Also I am having several issues with cinching the last loop on the double palomar with the 80lb Power Pro, the last loop wont cinch because the other knot is already too tight, because when I pull my line it just tightens the first knot, and not the loop itself. What can I do? or should I just avoid this and use the Double Uni knot. Thank you!
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