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Found 15 results

  1. So, I have been pouring some lead to make belly weights, and I'm trying to come up with a way to get a more consistent size, and especially weight, belly weights. A 15/32" diameter slug of lead (to fit a 1/2" hole) that is 7/16" long comes in around 14 grams, which is what I'm looking to use. My weight mold is drilled for that size, but I can't pour consistently enough to get consistent weights. I've thought of using a sprue on top of that size cylinder in the mold, but haven't worked out how the get that shape in the mold. Unless I make a 2 piece mold, to put on top of my existing 2 piece mold,, which seems like overkill just to pour the 20-30 weights I'll need a year. Anyone have an idea?
  2. Up for sale is a complete kit for making bucktail jigs. This sale includes: * Do-It Hot Lips mold for 3/4, 1 and 1.5 oz Smilin Bill jigs * Do-It Hot Lips mold for 2, 2.5 and 3 oz Smilin Bill jigs * Hot Pot lead smelter and handy spoon for smaller pours * 40 pounds of good quality lead * Mustad 6/0, 7/0 & 8/0 hooks - I don't know the count. I used mostly the 8/0 ones so they are the fewest. I think the other 2 bags are close to 50. I hardly used 'em. * Pro-Tec powder paint in white and yellow. The yellow is almost full. The white is about half full. * A few bucktails in white and yellow, plus a couple fake ones (not shown) * Partially used bag of Krystal Flash in silver * 2 large spools of red thread and some clear and red nail polish This kit will make a boat load of bucktails (except for the small amount of tails). I prefer to sell as a kit without splitting and local pickup necessary due to the weight of the lead. I'm in Nassau Cty, Long Island. $120 takes it all. Plenty of time to get 'em poured before April.
  3. Assorted sizes of lead weights from 1/2 oz to 10oz, bank sinkers, Hatteras, egg, etc. 14.4 pounds. Most are new, all are usable. $30 shipped. No pics because I took a pic, boxed them up heavily with tape and then pic was gone. If you aren't satisfied I will give you a refund. Paypal only.
  4. glos

    anchor sinkers

    This is what I made for Danube fishing, far longrange casting and concrete holding in strong curent. What are your thoughts on this. I haven't tried these yet
  5. I had what i would call a lucky close call This weekend in my shop. Figured i would share with other lure builders to Show how quickly things can go bad. I was working on some lures while my lead pot was on and next to me on my bench. Normal routine i have done a hundred times. My power plugs are under the bench top attached to the legs of the bench. The cord to the lee pot was hanging down as it always does. Not quite touching the floor but close. I had about 10 lbs of molten lead in the pot and just got finished pouring some ballast weights in baits. I was sitting on a stool next to said pot inserting some hardware in a bait when i dropped what i was working on to the floor. No big deal. I hop off the stool to pick it up and somehow my foot caught the loop of the hanging lead pot cord and pulled it off the bench with 10 lbs of said molten lead. I watched as the whole pot fell between my legs and crashed on the floor. Some how i preformed some type of skateboard - Parkour Jump and avoided a wave of molten lead. I was wearing the proper safety gear of course. Shorts and tennis shoes. The aftermath was impressive with spattered lead all over the floor, Walls, rafters.. Everything but my legs. The only causality were my shoes which took a good amount of splash damage. I have no clue how i avoided certain burns over my legs, arms, face, etc... . Lucky i guess. After collecting myself and cussing at how stupid and close that was i cleaned up what i could and finished up for the day. I have already adjusted my cord situation to avoid this again in the future. NO MORE HANGING CORDS>>>>>>>>> Thought id share this with you all. Stay safe in your shops. Bad stuff can happen in an instant. Of all things this was the last thing i was worried about. I feared the lath, Band Saw and Disc sander much more.
  6. Has anyone used the mustad hooks 32824 for there jigs? If so what are your thoughts on them, I love mustad hooks and I use them in all my jigs, but these hooks are very expensive. Just wondering what people think about them before investing them into my jigs.
  7. Need help finding a bucktail mold like the S&S rockhopper or Andreas jetty caster. I already use do-it molds smiling bills(hot lips). Looking to change pace and try something new. Thanks to anyone with advice.
  8. Hey guys , I’m looking for some heavier sinker molds .. 12,16, 20 oz. bank/flat... whatever you got . Looking to either buy the mold or I have lots of clean lead that I could trade to just let me borrow the mold in exchange for lead . I’m in Clifton NJ. Thanks ..
  9. Has anyone ever tried to pour lead into a plaster mold? I was thinking about making my own crippled herrings. I'm not intersted in getting set up with real molds. I won't be doing a lot.
  10. I've got a total of 50 Mustad Ultra Point 32786BLN 8/0 60-degree jig hooks. These are perfect for pouring ultra minnow (Spro-style) jigheads, putting springs/baitkeepers on for Hogy & Slug-Go type applications, or tying your own giant striper/musky/pike flies. I'll break these into two lots of 25 hooks each for $15 shipped each (Paypal, Google Wallet, check, or MO) Or all 50 hooks for $25 shipped Thanks for looking
  11. I am thinking about getting into pouring my own jig heads. I know there is some equipment needed and am willing to invest what is needed. Knowing how many jigs I go through in a season, I know it will be worth it to invest in the gear needed to make my own. I also find it very interesting the idea of pouring your own heads and then using them and catching fish with them, it is a rewarding feeling for sure! Does anyone have any tips or advice for all the necessary equipment needed to do this? I am somewhat familiar with the process and know I need the following: Jig Mold(s) Jig head hooks Melting pot Lead (of course) Safety glasses which I have Pouring spoon Well ventilated spot to pour Does anyone have recommendations for reliable stores/websites to purchase this equipment at? i.e. Local hardware stores etc. I appreciate any input on this! - Al
  12. 65lbs of lead sinkers $50 local pick up only in ocean county nj
  13. I am looking for someone that has sinker molds for surf sinkers. I have approximately 85 lbs of scrap lead. Below are pictures of the actual lead. If you are interested in trading me the scrap lead for you services (make a portion of the lead into usable sinkers) please send me a message or reply to this post with your contact information. I live in Western MD and have a condo in OC. Currently I plan to be in OC March 11th thru 13th. Looking to get sinkers in 4oz thru 8oz. bird shot - 23.5 lbs old shower liner - 50 lbs (currently cut into squares to fit in a 5 gallon bucket)
  14. I just started pouring lead and I'm looking for strong Eagle Claw alternatives for this mold ..it takes 5/0,6/0 and 7/0 hooks.. I'm looking for just a few of each alternative so I can see which I like best. Thanks!
  15. 3 do-it molds, one is a 1/2-1.5 ultra minnow mold, 5 + 6oz pyramid mold, and a 3 cavity 4oz pyramid mold. Looking to get 30$ shipped on the ultra, and 25$ shipped per pyramid, 75$ shipped on all 3. Cash/check/mo. Thanks
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