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Found 12 results

  1. Got my first megabass jerkbait (Vision 110 1/2 oz Suspending) and all I hear everyone praise these baits for is their deadly jerking and suspending action that is great for lethargic coldwater bass. Went out to try and and it certainly casts phenomenal but as soon as I start the retrieve and stop it the nose or the tail points straight down and it sinks like a rock in the least life like fashion imaginable. Seems like the sliding weights inside go to the front or back and just weigh the bait down way too much to suspend. Is there something maybe I am doing wrong or something with the bait? I am using this bait in very cold water (upper 30's) which I know plays a big part in sink rates I see it all the time fishing hudds in March vs September but I didn't think it would have this drastic of an effect on the megabass jerkbait to the point that it sinks like a rock. Comes stock with 3 trebles which I plan on replacing, maybe only put on 2 hooks to help with weight distribution in cold water?
  2. My fellow Rhode Islanders, Starting a thread to see your largest largies of 2021. This is purely a brag thready so brag away! I've filled in part of this pic to hide location. 5 pounder caught on a chatterbait
  3. I am going to be in New Brunswick tomorrow and may have decent amount of time between meetings to fish. I am open to both freshwater and bay fishing. Target species: Trout, Largemouth Bass, or Stripers. Haven't really fished in that area. Any tips or suggestions will be highly appreciated. Don't spot burn, obviously, but also please tip on parking as that seems to be a problem near most fishable waters. Thanks in advance
  4. The saltwater fishing in my local waters has been pretty bad the past few years. I still love to fish but the effort does not equal the reward so I have been concentrating on other endeavors, one being the small lake I live on. It is only about 4 acres and is shallow but it does hold some decent largemouth bass. I noticed if you throw the same lures consistently, they know not to hit it. Besides using bait as an alternative and mixing up the lures, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these fish to hit lures? I imagine this must be a fairly common problem on some lakes/ponds. I also noticed action seems to pick up later in the day when I get some shade back there but have not had much luck in the past fishing after dark. Do largemouth bass swim out in the open at night to feed? Lastly, does anyone know of any good books on largemouth bass fishing that they could recommend? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, I'm hoping to start a thread where people who do freshwater or saltwater fishing could share information and possibly meet up and go fishing. I live in Boston and have been kayak fishing for little over a year all freshwater throughout MA and NH, I'm looking to start doing some saltwater fishing and would love to meet/go out with others who are more experienced in inshore/offshore fishing. I was out in Dorchester Bay for the first time last week and caught a few stripers biggest about 22". Dealing with the wind and waves was an experience but overall I enjoyed it. I'm looking to go out tomorrow to fish for stripers, I'm not sure where I'm going, Possibly Dorchester Bay/Boston Harbor or somewhere south shore. If anyone is going out tomorrow and wouldn't mind me and possibly my cousin tagging along or want to tag along with us let me know.
  6. Never used live for bass but I wanna give it a shot. Anybody catch their own golden shiners for bait? Talking about the big 7-12 inch ones. I read that you can use bread or meal worms on a small hook but I'm assuming you'll catch alot of bluegills or perch too. Is there a way to just target the shiners?
  7. Fished the lower end of Lehigh River over the weekend to avoid the blow at the shore. 6am-1pm. cool morning bite. bite slowed to a crawl after the jetski's woke up. Managed several largemouth bass 3lb range, tons of smallmouth bass mostly though. great fun. all released. all caught on spinners, crank baits, etc. they munched mostly white, then later green. 8-9 ft water. cheers.
  8. Started the month of September with a decent outing this morning. Got a bit of a late start and headed over to a large lake at a county park. Caught 4 nice LMB with the largest at 3lbs. The wind was really blowing and it took quite a bit of kayak manipulation to present the bait properly.
  9. I think I may have mentioned this to a couple of you before. Finally got the video up. Something happened on a fairly recent fresh water outing after I caught a LMB. This is one of those once in a lifetime things. Not a huge deal but it was surprising to me. Good chance I will never see this again.
  10. Went out the other day in search of the elusive clown knife. Was highly disappointed with no clown bites despite seeing over 20 of them gulping on the surface. Did manage this nice toad, my biggest so far this year.
  11. Anyone use a six weight for largemouth, and what flys do you throw on it?
  12. Largemouth, Bream and Catfish reside in the canals that wind through the campground that lead to Bay Lake at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground. This a fine place for youngsters to test their skills. And thats exactly what Manny did during the first leg of our vacation, before heading to Estero & Sanibel for the salt. Chernobyl Ant was the fly of choice for the bass & bream. The catfish on the other hand, required a bit of innovation. He spotted this large catfish cruising nearby in the clear shallows. Being a bottom feeder, Manny knew he needed to get a fly to settle to the bottom. A sparsely tied Ray's Fly accented with a "smidgen" of kielbasa did the trick. (a minor sacrilege, but apropos none the less)
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