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Found 96 results

  1. Been fishing a 1201L for 4 years. Absolutely love the rod. Looking to get a rod with more backbone for fishing areas with high current. difference between the 1201M and 1321M cut 6" off the butt. Realistic rating on a 1201M blank and realistic rating on a 1321 with 6 inches off the butt? Will be putting a vs200 on the rod. Any info is appreciated, Thanks guys
  2. I’m planning to do a custom 10’ odm evolution 3/4-5oz. But it’s going to take 2-3 weeks to complete. I was wondering if anybody can suggest a 1 pc rod 10’ or 10’6 rod that I can buy that would be better than waiting to get this odm evolution rod. Budget is around $500.
  3. Rod building

    I am looking to build a saltwater medium action, composite (graphite/glass mix), for line 8-17lb, 8’ length, throwing 1-2.5oz. What are your suggestions. I would be using it to catch stripers, bonito, tautog.
  4. Hopefully going to Cabo San Lucas to surf fish for rooster fish and maybe some Cubera this upcoming June. Might be getting guide for a day, but want to be able to DIY it the rest of the week so I’m planning on building a 2 piece surf rod for the trip (but if a there is a finished rod that better fits the bill I’ll go with that). Does any one have some insight on what rods are best for area? I know pencil poppers, poppers, surface irons, etc. are common lures, and I’m also not apposed to snagging a mullet and throwing it out there. (Florida mullet run style). Hopefully that narrows it down a bit. I know many use 12+ footers in Baja for longer casts, but I want to keep it 11 foot or under so it still has some use when I back home in Florida. I also will probably put my vs 200 on the rod if that narrows it down any further. Right now looking at cape cod nano 10’6 (heavy or light) and Lami gsb 132 2l or 2m, but open to other options.
  5. Lamiglas supersurf 2g 9’ 1-4 oz brand new tags are still on rod. 300$
  6. Anyone use this rod ? I'm looking for a rod to throw those larger plugs on the open beach and around jettys and such , and seems like the new GSB would be awesome! just wanted to know if anyone has any input on it
  7. My Mojo Surf has a crack in the eye so need to get into a quick replacement rod for a fishing trip this weekend. Looking for a used 2-5 oz rated rod, Lami 1201m preferred but open to others, including trimmed 1321m's and other brands. Pick up preferred given tight timing, near long beach island/jersey, brooklyn, or long island.
  8. Really REALLY hate to let these go considering how little they've been used. But times are very tough so I have to. For sale we have a Lamiglas GSB 1321MH spinning 4-8 and GSB 1361MH conventional 6-16. These are great blanks with unmatched stopping power, and they throw their rating perfectly. I'm asking 250 for each, but if you would like both, I can do both for 400. I'm located in Hull MA and can do local meet up on the south shore. No shipping unfortunately. Having a problem uploading pics so PM me and I can text them to you. Perfect rods for that June new moon 50!!! Thanks fellas
  9. Title says it all. Will post pics after work. Asking for $200 picked up south shore of MA
  10. Anyone know the tip diameter of this rod? Just broke the insert and no calipers here on the beach. Thanks for your assistance.
  11. Need some help building a lamiglas GSB150 mh2 using aVS300. I plan on using 60-80# braid and throwing 8&B. Game plan is fishing for medium sharks,Drum and sturgeon when at home. Not sure what guide setup to use but I would like long distance. Been looking at other post here and some are saying to take 3” off tip for throwing heavier weights. Blank is 12’6” and plan on using Fuji titanium guides. Would also like input on what reel seat is best for the VS300. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks Christian
  12. I bought this rod new roughly about a year ago. I’ve used it a dozen or so times for some light plugging and eeling. Been doing the boat thing this season. Would like to get at least $280. I’m located in Beverly, Ma
  13. Looking for a GSB or SSU 1442mh blank if anyone still has one laying around. Would also be interested in a finished rod as well as long as it's conventional. Located in MA
  14. hello, gently used lami TFX 6'6 1/4 to 1. Amazing rod for albies, blues, bass, fluke, bones, seabees. I have taken forty inch fish on the 6 foot version. True moderate flex, excels at a fluke rod. Weighs around 4.4 oz if I remember correctly, and originally retailed for 244. Ill trade around Boston or Newburyport MA or rhode island in person. Not thrilled to ship, but might do it... Reel not included. Looking for spinning in the 2500-4000 size. like a stradic fl. I have 2 of these, one 6 one 6'6.
  15. Going out of town and need to pick up a couple of 2-piece surf rods. 9-10 foot. Lamiglas, St Croix etc. Need 50/50 split. 1-4 oz rating. Located in Northern, NJ
  16. Looking for a new toy. Which would you choose and why? Mostly throwing light weight lures like spooks, SPs, pencil poppers under 3oz and the occasional bucktail. Open beach to backwaters and a few jetties are the main area of fishing.
  17. Title says it all. Located in Hull MA
  18. Hey everyone, I'm a young angler and been fishing since I was 5 years old. Now that i'm 19 going on 20, i've experience a pretty good variety of fishing in the northeast and down in Florida and have recently fell in love with surf fishing and the gear that needs to be used with it. I liked the challenge of landing large fish from land. I gave me a sense of accomplishment that I am sure many others also share. Besides all that, I want to hear about what everyone else is using and their experiences with the setup they use either their home waters or specifically the Cape Cod Canal. I fish my home waters in New Jersey so the equipment difference is going to be drastically different which is something I was expecting. I am currently using an ODM 9ft 0.5 oz to 3.5 oz paired with a Van Stall VSX150 bailess and is doing wonders for me in New Jersey and is going to probably be my setup for Florida when i take trips down there (might be saving up for a surf setup for florida with the same rod). I am currently looking for a blank that would be around 10ft-11ft suitable for throwing larger plugs, eels, jigs and possibly able to handle the canal. I know trying to make a setup for things back home and it to be usable for the canal is not an easy task and would be seen as being very unreasonable but in a sense I like my rods to be versatile so I can be prepared to fish anywhere up and down the coast. In detail, something that is 10ft-11ft that can handle 2-10 oz would be preferable (I fish with guys that use rods 2-6oz and would like to be in that spectrum). I've been researching blanks from Black Hole, Lamiglas, ODM, and blanks from RH Customs rods which is a builder I may be working with. I would like to use Fuji K guides on the blank in a 8 guide setup similar to my ODM (haven't decided on which guides yet), a low profile reel seat that would fit another vs or maybe the new BG MQ (might get a larger VS that the build will be based off on but will use a higher gear ratio reel for canal). and a grip that isnt too thick. I like my rods to have the smallest profile possible and keep it as light as possible without sacrificing power. All I am really interested in is people's experience with fishing the canal, experiences fishing their favorite custom builds, experiences with rod building, and anything you would like to share that relates to the topic. I am young and I love to learn from people and their idea and perspectives in the sport. Fishing and the equipment involved in the fish they intend to target is something I love to discuss. Feel free to give me your two cent and share your experiences with me and maybe others could learn as well. Thank you!
  19. Never used. It’s in beautiful condition. Not a scratch anywhere. The cork tape has been rewrapped with x-flock and added gold diamond wrap by CMS Tackle. This is a last batch with Alconite guides. $240 pickup in SE MA.
  20. Brand New never used custom Lamiglas fishing rod. Local pickup Islip terrace, Ny $450 Length: 9' Pcs. 1 Line Wt. 12-25 Lure Wt. 1/2 - 2 Butt Dia. 0.690 Tip Size 6.5 Avg Wt. 5.0
  21. Want to sell brand new, never fished (I did remove the tags But still have them) lamiglas GSB 1201m aka gsb 101OS, 10’ “old school”, 1 piece surf rod. My wife bought me this as a present and I cannot return it. I’m looking for $400 or willing to trade for a GSB 1201L. Will not ship, Long Island pickup only (will travel to nearly any part of the island).
  22. As titled, looking to sell a Lamiglas Inshore Classic 6’6” MH, Line 8 -17lb Lure 1/2 - 2oz. Asking $115 plus shipping. Local pick up - Central Florida
  23. I hope this is the right place to ask. I just purchased a bundle of "vintage" rods which I was going to mend as necessary and use, kind of got hosed, was told 8 complete sets, one being a Grizzly-Fenwick SP964 (wasn't included) I did get a sweet old interchangable rod handle with a still functioning 1970 minicast on it. We met in the dark and there were a lot of pieces handed over... I should have looked it all over before leaving... I'm an idiot, well I have 1 Berkley Buccaneer B91, a HUGE 14' metal rod with one guide on the tip, and what looks to be a mend in it, but no other guides. LONG STORY SHORT: Have you ever seen a 14' rod with only 1 guide (the tip). I checked and it is hollow, just not a interline as far as I can tell. I see its handle was rewrapped and covers the make and model of the rod, just shows 5m which sucks. Please let me know if you would like to see pictures, but any knowledge would help. I have googled for hours with the same results.
  24. I have a brand new never used Lamiglas GSB10LS. This is the 10' two piece, moderate action rated 1-3 ounces. I was sent this rod by Lamiglas as a replacement for my Surf and Jetty that developed a crack in the reel seat. Unfortunately, my surf reel, a Penn Torque, doesn't fit this rod's reel seat. I think this rod retails for $440, I'm just looking for $300. I'm in Maine, but moving back home to Baltimore around Thanksgiving, so I figured I'd see if anyone in between here and there would like this. I can meet anywhere in between Maine and Maryland (within reason) on my way home around Thanksgiving.
  25. (Brand new) Lamiglas super surf 2g pro for sale. 11ft rod rated 2-6oz. Still in bag with all tags attached to it. Looking for $420. Thank you.