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Found 4 results

  1. My first venture into the KR concept. FSC Predator 1087. RV reduction into LDB #6 running guide. The tip recovery rate is quite a bit faster than my KW build 1088 factory rod. Not ideal for pencil, but I would imagine this is quite good for bucktailing and spooks type lures.
  2. I recently built a Rainshadow 1087 for fishing with buck tails and plugs. I like it very much. I used a Fuji KR setup with a 20/12/5.5 reduction train into 5 mm running guides and a 5 mm MN style tip top. I like everything about it, almost. There is one real problem though. My preferred line rigging is 30 lb Suffix Braid with about a three foot long Bimini twist connected to 30 lb. or 40 lb., 6 ft. flourocarbon leader with an FG knot. With this rig I can cut back the leader many times as the snook and mackerel and obstacles nick and abraded it before I have to replace it. Also, the water here is often very clear and I believe the longer leader may be an asset for our line shy fish. The problem is that when I cast this rig on this rod, the Bimini twist knot comes off the spool, whips into the 20 mm collector guide, wraps and hangs, then comes to an abrupt halt. The first time I about lost my rod into the channel. The second time it bent the guide and slightly fractured the epoxy on the wraps. The third time I realized I had a problem (I am a slow learner). My remedy so far is to tie a really short Bimini loop, maybe 8 inches and run a shorter, 3 foot leader. Then it works fine for long sessions (with no wind knots or guide wraps so far). Casting distance is great, line handling is great, but for the reasons above, I prefer the longer leader. Is this something I just have to live with using a rapid choke guide setup, or am I missing something? I keep looking at the American Tackle Microwave 30 collector guide and can’t help but wonder if that might successfully and reliably guide my preferred collection of knots and leaders down the rod and into the distance without wrapping on the collector guide and hanging up. Can anyone comment on that for me? Changing a few guides out is easy enough.
  3. Hello, excuse my little English (I do not speak much, and I write it bad). I am writing to you so that you can guide me and help. A few days ago, I bought 2 blanks that I want to mount: A) GP1082H - GP Blank (G1000 Pro) 9 'Heavy Power 12-25 Line 1 - 2 1/2 Lure Wt. B) ISS 110 2H - 9'2 Salmon Blank 12-30lb 1/2 - 2oz Lure Wt Buy, according to recommendation of the information searched on the internet, the following packs, which I have in my house: I) two set fuji KR-Concept: T-KLTG-L 6L T-KLTG-L 7M T-KLTG-H 12H T-KLTG-H 25H Ii) two fuji guide TRVTG-25FH, and one TRVTG-16H My questions. * Which running guides do you recommend and in what size? KT, KB or LDB? * How can I know the exact point of shock? If I want to accompany the rod by a reel Daiwa Morethan 3012H? Spool diameter: 55 Millimeters * If the reel is small model, is it appropriate to start with a 25H throttling guide? Or should it be smaller 20H? * Is it necessary to replace the stripper KLTG-H with a stronger guide like TRVTG? * And the last doubt, because of the work he did in salmon fishing of over 33 pounds, would it be wise to change radically a combination of the TRVTG guides with TKWTG? RV25-RV16-KW12-KW10-KW8? Sorry if I mix themes, but I need the guidance and help of this wise group! Any input is very well received Egn ---
  4. Hello, excuse my little English (I do not speak much, and I write it bad). I am writing to you so that you can guide me and help. I bought 7 years ago a blank rod, the brand lamiglas, specifically the "Kenay special" model 8' 6" length. At that time install "LV" guides that were all a success fishing for Salmon King or Chinook. I love that blank, but for reasons of wear and tear over time, remove the guides Where I live to fish the Chinook salmon, I need: + Gain more distance at launch, from spoons of 30 to 40 grs + Fight against the strong wind + I use braid 15 to 30 pounds I have available "Y" model guides, with titanium frame and SIC rings, saved and ready to use. But I see that the world of guides has many advances and improvements, which I feel I am in the past. My question: will it be appropriate to buy some set of "KL" model guides or apply the KR concept with the corresponding guides? It will have some quantifiable and important gain, additional to the decrease of the weight of the guides, like to obtain more distance (that is important). I consult you. Thinking that I have available "Y" model guides in my house (new) If you recommend "Y" guides, how do I apply the NGC or 27x concept? Which running guides recommend me? KT, KB or LDB? size? Any input is very well received Egn ---
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