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Found 25 results

  1. Help!!! I can't find 3/8 oz bucktail jigs anywhere. After reading that post about casting eggs I'm trying to find some jigs to give it a shot. I've got soft plastics and flies but can't find any decent saltwater jigs. If anyone has a clue as to where to order some from please for the love of God let me know.
  2. Simply cutting a piece of pipe and cinching off both ends will make a very reliable spoon or jig. All of these have landed stripers. Do not recommend drilling holes in them, that was a failed experiment. Still works fine but arguably worse than without so no need for the extra labor. Also, surgical tubing, is a super cheap & fast way to add a teaser or build a sabiki rig. I've even used old McDonald's straws on homemade sabiki rigs.
  3. Looking to buy a used melting pot to get back into tackle making. Bottom spout style preferred. Also looking for jig molds under 2 oz. Must be able to ship unless local here in SWFL.
  4. Up for sale is a lot of excellent stripper fishing tackle. Below is a list of most of the items and I've put in as many pictures as this post will allow, which may not have been enough to cover all the gear. All this gear is to much to ship economically, so I'm hoping to arrange a local pick up within say, 50 miles of Providence, RI. Please read through the list and let me know if your interested. I'm asking $200 for the whole lot. Thanks for looking! Three (3) Salty’s 1.5oz Fathead Poppers (colors: Blue/White, Pink Squid, Pearl White) (lightly used) Two (2) unknown maker Umbrella Rigs with extra hook/teasers. (used) Two (2) unknown maker trolling tubes (colors: red, yellow) (used) Four (4) Hogy 19” Perfect Tubes (colors: Black, Wine (2), Bubblegum) (2 used, 2 unused) One (jar) Berkley Gulp saltwater 6” worms One (1) Livetarget Menhaden (pogy) twitch bait lure (bronze) (used) One (1) Sebile 6.5” Magic Swimmer 1.5oz (used) Two (2) top water 5” rattle poppers (used) Four (4) RonZ 1.5oz soft baits (two used, two unused) Two (2) Point Jude metal lures (lightly used) Two (2) Hopkins NO=EQL 4.5” metal lures (used) One (1) Kastmaster metal lure (used) One (1) 9ER’s Lures 6-Arm umbrella rig 6” Black Back Shad (unused in orig tube) Two (2) Flambeau partition boxes Two (2) Plano partition boxes Ten (10) trolling jigs Two (2) diamond jigs Assorted SPRO terminal tackle Assorted Circle hooks #5, #6, #8 Two spools of Yo-Zuri 30lb disappearing pink fluorocarbon leader (1 full spool, 1 partial) One (1) jar of Uncle Josh sea rind 70-S One (1) Plano tackle box One (1) Plano two-tier magnum satchel XL tackle box Many lead weights Other miscellaneous tackle to tedious to list
  5. Getting jigs made up for this season if anyone is interested. Up to 1.5oz
  6. Two lots of hand tied buck-tail jigs for sale. Lot one 22 jigs 75 dollars. Lot two 34 jigs 115 dollars. Buyer pays for shipping @ $7.75 per lot.
  7. Sporto10003


    I've been using tactile clips to get my jig on but it's taking the paint off. Don't want to tie direct. Any one have a solution? Split rings don't work as eyelet of jig too thick. Have not tried any type of clip as I don't trust them with big fish.
  8. If this is a redundant topic please delete. Saw an instructional video where a guy pours his own lead jigs into a mold he made: Found the mold material he uses, which is what he sells: https://www.ebay.com/itm/183754726281?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Wondering what type of molding material he is using, and if there is a more affordable alternative.
  9. So found some of these sitting in the basement. Put a hook on this. Is the hook too big? This is 1/2oz. What would these be good for up Northeast here?
  10. Looking to sell 6 hogy Jigs never used 3- 3.87 ounce in sardine, green Mack, bone glow 3- 5.64 Ounce in sardine, green Mack, bone glow added in a 3 ounce run off sand eel $45 shipped (PayPal )
  11. Ok i have three big lots i want to get rid of, i haven't done much salt water fishing the past two years. Slimming down what i have. I am located in RI if you want to pick up. I accept paypal or cash. Plug lot $250 picked up, $265 shipped. Jig lot with diamond jigs and bucktails $140 shipped. $130 picked up. Soft plastic lot $140 shipped. $130 picked up. Willing to do $400 picked up on everything.
  12. Anyone got some metal jigs they are trying to sell? Diamond jigs/slow pitch jigs any style is fine with me, used or new as long as the hardware is in relatively good condition. Looking for jigs in the 4oz-8oz range. Thanks
  13. In the surf, what do Stripers feed on during the beginning, middle and end of their season? Secondly, what approaches work best for you and your approaches change throughout the season? Thank you in advance ——— Tight lines! SB
  14. I need a new Canal rod because of my mojo breaking. I’m thinking about buying the TFO GIS SURF 10’6 rated 2-8 oz. anyone out there use this rod and is it cable of 6oz jigs? And how true is that 2-8 rating. Does it have enough backbone to cast far? Does it handle the current when fish is on. Last questions has anyone dealt with TFO’s warranty program. Thanks
  15. should I be putting money into pre rigged swimbaits, or jigs and soft plastics?
  16. All prices are shipping included. Paypal preferred. If I know the maker I listed it. All weights listed are as is (if there are hooks, the weight includes the hooks). I can provide more pics/ details (length or weight, if not already included) upon request. Check out my other thread. I got a few lots still open. Will do deals if taking multiple lots from either thread. Lot# 1: 3 Rapala plastic shads. Top one is brand new. Other two are used. These retail new for about $15. $25 for the three. Price drop: $20 Lot# 2: Three on the left are foam. Good bluefish chew toys. Three on the right are plastic. Counter clockwise from top left: 5.5" yellow popper, 7" yellow popper, 4.5" green over white popper, 5" 1.3 oz red and silver popper w/ dressed buckhair tail hook, 6" black Matzuo popper, and Brand New in package 4.25" 1oz Montauk Mike's "Big Mouth Popper" green over silver. $22 Price drop:$18 Lot# 3: Sold Lot# 4: Sold Lot# 5: Sold Lot #6 conter clockwise from rope left: new 5.5" green Storm Mag thunderstick 13, 5.5" firetiger repala, new in package (but package has seen much better days) 5.5" Rebel floating minnow 3 hook silver with black back, 4.5"school bus bomber windcheater, and brand new 4.5" green mack bomber windcheater. $25 Price drop: $21 Lot#7 Jigs- listen counter clockwise from top left: 2.7oz blue, 2.6oz A27 diamond, 6.35oz diamond A67 with red tube and 4.1oz diamond with treble. $21 shipped Price drop: $18
  17. I've got a total of 50 Mustad Ultra Point 32786BLN 8/0 60-degree jig hooks. These are perfect for pouring ultra minnow (Spro-style) jigheads, putting springs/baitkeepers on for Hogy & Slug-Go type applications, or tying your own giant striper/musky/pike flies. I'll break these into two lots of 25 hooks each for $15 shipped each (Paypal, Google Wallet, check, or MO) Or all 50 hooks for $25 shipped Thanks for looking
  18. I am thinking about getting into pouring my own jig heads. I know there is some equipment needed and am willing to invest what is needed. Knowing how many jigs I go through in a season, I know it will be worth it to invest in the gear needed to make my own. I also find it very interesting the idea of pouring your own heads and then using them and catching fish with them, it is a rewarding feeling for sure! Does anyone have any tips or advice for all the necessary equipment needed to do this? I am somewhat familiar with the process and know I need the following: Jig Mold(s) Jig head hooks Melting pot Lead (of course) Safety glasses which I have Pouring spoon Well ventilated spot to pour Does anyone have recommendations for reliable stores/websites to purchase this equipment at? i.e. Local hardware stores etc. I appreciate any input on this! - Al
  19. WTS PayPal or USPS MO only please Lot Prices include fees + shipping - take $10 off if buying multiple lots LOT 3 SOLD - TAKE THE REST, LOTS #1+2 for $80 ! Lot # 1 SOLD -pending payments LOT #2 LEFT FOR $45 SHIPPED Take them all for $110 shipped priority !! Some new, most lightly used - besides a few BTs, these are all in great shape, as seen in the pics - many were carried and never thrown LOT #1 SOLD pending payment LOT # 1 - TSUNAMI HEAVY SWIM SHADS (8) + Brand New SAVAGE HEAVY SAND EELS (2) + (3) Rigged Jig Heads = 12 pcs = $45 shipped - 6.5" HEAVY SWIM SHADS - 2 NIP, 3 or 4 others are new also - SAVAGE - Brand NEW - heavy 8" 5 1/3oz - 2 x Kalin Jigheads w/ RonZ + Gags tails - I think these are 3oz, maybe 4oz - random white eel - freebie LOT # 2 - RIGGED JIGHEADS - (2) 6oz Kalins + (6) 5oz Kalins + (4) Al Gags 3-4oz = 12 jigs = $45 shipped - 6oz new - rigged w/ Gag's, RonZ, and Sluggo tails - not 100% on the weights of the Gag's jigheads, see pics LOT 3 SOLD pending payment LOT # 3 - BUCKTAILS - (3) ANDRUS Cape Cod Jig-It Eels + (9) Assorted Bucktails 2-6oz = 12 pcs = $35 shipped - Andrus - 2 are New, blurple has been thrown - approx 4oz +/- - BT's range in weight, 4oz bank sinker for reference, including Andrus + SPROs - 2 are brand new LOT # 1 - $45 LOT # 2 - $45 LOT # 3 - $35
  20. Stupid question here but what type of bait should I be shooting to use...plan on beach fishing out by hendricks head (southport island) ...location is mostly sandy with a few rock out croppings
  21. Anyone on here make a spinner for heavy bucktails? Wondering if the spinners with the springs will work? I have a small one I been using that I got from The Reel Seat which is great for teasers, siwash hooks and bucktails up to 1oz but it struggles with the heavier jigs I epoxy plus I want to be able to spin larger batches.
  22. Im new to jigging and have bought myself a pile of knife jigs to get started. I figured i would build my own assist hooks since that can make em a bit cheaper and i like to play around with gear in the cold months. So first question, i bought a pile of VMC octopus live bait hooks. They have a slightly longer shank than some of the others i've seen used on assists, but the difference is minimal and the price on these is unbeatable. Anyone see a functional difference and/or problems with using them in this application? My next question has to do with hook size. I've read online that the hook width should be greater than the body of the jig. Here are two 100 gram knife jigs (green one is Hogy, the pink one is black dog) with 6/0 VMC's which are just barely wider. Here are the same jigs with 8/0 VMC's which are fairly wider than the jig bodies. Are these a better size than the 6/0's (or rather, are they the perfect size?) By the way I'll be using them to target Stripers and Blues down here on the Chesapeake. All inshore...
  23. I'm cleaning out the tackle box and getting rid of some things i bought and don't use. Saving up for another set up. See the pictures below. Metals are mostly 3.5+ ounces with the exception of the bottom one. 50 bucks or best offer, shoot me a pm. I have paypal and will ship if needed. Located in Haverhill, ma. Fish on!
  24. Costa Mag Bay, 580G Blue Mirrors, New w/case-box-tags, tried on in house: $155 shipped, $140 picked up in Bergen County NJ. Costa Fisch, 580G Blue Mirrors, Mint w/case, worn once on a boat...larger than Mag Bay (maybe the largest frame they make) but didn't fit right: $145 shipped, $130 picked up in Bergen County NJ. No scratch/ding/nick on either pair of glasses/frames. JIGS: SOLD. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mag Bay: Fisch: JIGS: 1oz Gammy hooks: 1oz Gammy hooks 7/0: 1.5 oz Swimbait Hook (2 are 2 oz):
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