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Found 35 results

  1. For your consideration, a brand new & unused rod and reel that I bought with the intent of using on party boats but instead is just collecting dust. Rod - Daiwa Proteus Inshore - PRIN66HXB-NE - 6'6" rated to cast 0.5-1.5oz, though I feel it would comfortably jig 1-5oz Reel - Daiwa Coastal TW 200 Inshore baitcaster - weighs 8.1oz, 15lb drag, 8 bearings I feel like this could be used for a lot of things like jigging for tog/fluke, casting from a yak, or targeting snakeheads. Rod has loads of backbone and has no defects nor the reel. Who just got their tax return? Asking $330 shipped OBO, venmo, paypal, etc.
  2. Need advice on how to build vertical jigging how to space the guides and the size guides I should use maybe it can be spinning or conventional IDK. just look for advice on this topic.
  3. For sale I have 5 rods (all in excellent condition) A* 3 piece (5’x3) saltiga surf 15’ custom rod 8-12 oz 25-50lbs This is my go to for bait fishing from the beach. This casts a 6-8oz and bait super far effortlessly, due to the custom reel seat). This rod was designed to fish casting or spinning. I’ve fished on beaches where I was the only one catching because others couldn’t cast out far enough $200.00 B* 2 piece(5’x2) saltiga surf 10’ mh rod 3-6 oz 15-30lbs $100 C* 2 piece (8’&2’)Abu Garcia Beast fantasista 10’1”rod 8-18 oz 60-100lb $100 D* 1 piece shimano trevala 6’9” jigging boat rod ml 20-50lbs $100 E* 1 piece wSt Croix legend inshore 7’6” medium spinning 8-17lb 3/8-3/4oz $100 I’m in Brooklyn 11210
  4. I have a Seigler SGN Lefty in new condition with box, receipt, rod clamp. No scratches and barely used. I purchased it several months ago for togging and loaded it with 30# super slick. I would be open to trades for a lefty Avet SXJ g2 plus a little cash coming my way, or a nautilus NVG 6/7 with cash coming your way. Otherwise thinking $270 for the reel without trade. It saves the purchaser $100 if you were to buy a new sgn and load it with line. Preference of person to person transaction, if not buyer responsible for shipping/fees. Thanks!
  5. Giving SOL users first dibs. Studio Oceanmark Blue Heaven L120N Hi Brand new. Never lined. Never used. * I sold my gen1 L120 regular width here not long ago This is one of the most recent models released. Hi speed version. Narrow width version. Ae100 knob. 105mm handle throw. Made in Japan. Perfect reel for medium deep to deep deep dropping, slow or high speed jigging, heavy jigging, or if just want a smooth perfected, beautiful designed reel with balls. Canyons? Tuna? 300m drops? Easy. Retail , if its even available, is $1500+ Selling for $1300 shipped insured overnight fedex.
  6. Selling my gen 1 SOM L120-B reel. Came in red or blue Blue is a very pleasing shade. in superb condition, i dont even think i have any scratches on it. ive use it only when cod slaying, and deep drops at canyons slaying tiles infrequently over 15 years. holds a ton of line PE2 1200m, PE3 800m, PE4 600m, PE5 500m, PE7 400m, PE8 300m can use for heavy jigging, speed jigging, slow pitch down to 400 meters easily. drone fishing (especially using 30lb braid, like 1000m to play with) Slide baits from pier, live lining. Bottom chunking with lead. reel has twin drag, with washers on both side of spool rated for 20KG drag. steel gears. powerful reel. has line on it, which i can remove if you like. or you can just spool new line on top to save a few bucks. instead of a full 1000m roll. for a large reel, its easy to palm. designed like an accurate, can be upgraded if you take scissors to some accurate boss 665 carbon drags washers. i didnt change to carbon, as i dont see a need to. alan tani takes one apart for servicing here if you want to see insides. i also opened it recently to reoil. its ready to rock and roll out of the box. gen 2,2.5 currently sells for a eye popping $1500+ design hasnt changed too much too. im not a fan of gen2, i like gen1's large spool lip. if youve experienced holding down braid as its peeling off, youll know why. not fun. got rid of box many years ago. thought id never sell it after paying over $1100 back then. looking for $520 shipped fedex insured 2day or overnight to your door.
  7. Thinning closet, Selling as a set, not splitting. JDM 2015 Daiwa Catalina BJ reels. Japanese market only reels. never released in US. I bought them back in 2018. one is a righty high gear ratio , stock double paddle replaced with factory JDM Daiwa SLP power handle. one is lefty lower gear ratio with double paddle. built like tanks. essentially the same design as a JDM Saltiga BJ100 reel. in great condition with light normal usage marks no corrosion, no bad bearings, everything works, Just use it straight out of the box. filled with 20lb Sufix coastal blue line. non-disengaging levelwind for superb casting, jigging, inshore, slow pitch jigging. has centrifugal brakes inside solid 15lb drags, smooth cranking. one screw, easy sideplate removal MADE IN JAPAN. IMHO much better then a low profile reel of same size. inshores, lexas, F all that made in thailand, vietnam crap. and looks a hell of alot better in machined aluminum. When released, they cost me about $360 each. +$70 for the power handle. I junked the stock handle as it sucked. boxes and all. $425 shipped insured.
  8. Selling my very rare Catalina LD 20 SH. Discontinued model. Reel was designed for the japanese slow pitch jigging market. But works great in surf, piers, boat, bottom fishing. Works great jigging down to 200m. Very high ratio of 7.3:1 . Steel gears. Monster 116cm retrieve. Alot of power. Has centrifugal brakes! Great 5-16nbait caster. Very high capacity narrow spool. Holds up to like 600-700yd of 20 braid. Same as the Saltiga LD except finished in a nice gray scheme. I have 2. One is used but in great condition. The other is completely new. Still in bubble wrap. Shipped with fedex cause USPS is a mess right now. $330 shipped for the used one $370 for the new one. $615 for both. Buy both and ill include a set of Hedgehog spacer shims and spool spring. Helps enable higher drag numbers and alleviates spool binding at high drag.
  9. going to sell everything. and step away from fishing for a bit. pics will be added shortly. Saltiga spinners - the original models, best bang for best, durable, self serviceable, use as a PPD, wont fail reels. some are my main reels, some are backups, some are backups to the backups. use it on a boat, bottom fishing, jigging, popping, surf, pier, jetty, as a hammer to a nail. it just works. scratches? no problem Krylon metallic silver will touch it right up. i never had one of these fail on me at all. pack it with grease and itll last forever. ive used them all, so it has usage marks. #1 Saltiga Blast 4500. M: 7/10 C: 8/10 I know and feel the bottom of the two pinion gear bearings going. only few bucks to change. very easy 5 minute repair 10kg drag. Made in japan. $210 shipped. #2 Saltiga Blast 4000 M: 8.5/10 C: 7/10 good reel, has scratches and marks 10kg drag. Made in japan $250 shipped. #3 Saltiga Blast 4500 M: 8.5/10 C: 7.5/10 good reel, has scratches and marks 10kg drag. Made in japan $250 shipped. #4 Saltiga Blast 4500 M: 8.5/10 C: 6.5/10 good reel, has scratches and marks 10kg drag. Made in japan $250 shipped. # Catalina 4500 M 8.5/010 C : 8.5+/10 Dark Gray model, same as Saltiga Z, less the traverse bearings. Studio Ocean Mark 4500 dark gray spool. Very clean looking 10kg drag. Made in japan $300 shipped #5 Saltiga Z 6000 M:9.5/10 C:8.5+/10 no explanation needed, legendary workhorse reel. box minor marks, but great to use. 30kg drag. Made in japan Buy both z6000 ill include the spare SOM 6000 spool $550 shipped #5 Saltiga Z 6000 M:9.5/10 C:8/10 no explanation needed, legendary workhorse reel. no box. minor marks, but great to use. 30kg drag. Made in japan Buy both z6000 ill include the spare SOM 6000 spool $550 shipped #6 Studio Ocean Mark 6000 No Limits 6000 Spool. Blue $150 shipped. Ryogas/Catalina, best tank like round reel iver ever used. Ryoga 2020H M:9+/10 C: 7/10 Has magforce brakes, great for inshore stuff. no box. $210 shipped. Pending Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020PE-H M 9+/10 C 8/10 Heavy duty BJ model, more drag than above standard 2020 model. Centrifugal brakes. Synchronized levelwind. box usage marks $330 shipped Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020PE-H M 9+/10 C 8/10 Heavy duty BJ model, more drag than above standard 2020 model. Centrifugal brakes. Synchronized levelwind. box usage marks $330 shipped Catalina BJ 100 P Lefty M 9.5+/10 C 9/10 Ryogas BJ little sister model, same platform, 100 size, lefty, centrifucal brakes, synchronized levelwind. box. $240 shipped
  10. Decided to let this go. Save for house funds. I bought these years ago, brand new. Never used. Secret stash reels. Ultimate versions of the original silver Saltiga. The last of the Made in Japan models. All recent models, made in Korea. Auto reel engage, narrow spool sizes. Z20 is same size as a USDM 10 Z30 is size of a USDM 20 Z40 is a holy grail size of the USDM 30T Perfect for jigging, slow pitch, high pitch, anything. Z40 has a wonderful on-the-fly toolless handle change mechanism. Reels are extremely well sealed. You can literally go a 5-10 years without servicing much, but i dont recommend doing this. Lol. As a set, if you get 3 proper rods to pair it, you can handle 1 meters down to 300-400m drops. So almost anything that swims. Selling as set only. Dead stock, brand new in boxes, discontinued for years already. You wont find any like these, let only a whole set at once. $1300 shipped fedex overnight or 2 day insured.
  11. Tried to jig mid sound today. Forecast lied. 5/10 was 10/20knots. Fish were there but the rock n roll was too much. Lots of big bait around.
  12. Okuma Azores 90S, spooled with I believe 100lb PP braid and 100lb mono top shot. Upgraded carbon drag washers, Gomexus knob. Light scratches from hooks or boat. Never caught a fish on it. Used as a back up. $100 shipped. Think I have the box somewhere still. Star Aerial Jigging Rod, used but in great condition. Hook holder bent up as it gets in the way while jigging. Landed a number of 50-80lb yellowfin last weekend no problem. Just want something with a bit more lifting power and length for my style. $75 pick up preferred but have a tube. Add $10 for shipping. EXJS56XH Spinning 5'6'' 40-100 Mono 50-200 Braid 5 - 12 Extra-Hvy 9 8'' EVA 12'' EVA w/ Rubber Gimbal
  13. I have 2 brand new OTI g3 6' 300g jigging rods. Spinning version. OTI 3103-60s One even still have the tags. The other probably lost it when I moved the garage around. I bought these to use as loaners whenever family or friends come onto a boat trip with me. Never got a chance to use them. Nice jigging rods. Good power. Can jig upwards to a bit more then 10oz. So you can bottom fish this also, jigging or PB. $150 each. $270 if you take the pair. Pickup only. Located in Brooklyn, NY. I dont have anymore rod tubes to ship with unfortunately.
  14. Was looking at the Shimano torium pga reels for diamond jigging and bottom fishing. I like how it has the large power handle and a Powerful gear ratio at 4.6.1 also it's got 33lbs of drag. Looks very promising. Any one use these reels and have any experience with them? I plan to get the 16 and put 65lb J braid on it and pair it up with a Okuma Cedros Mh or H 6 foot 6 jigging rod.
  15. Hello, Looking for two Phenix Titan Slow Pitch jigging rods, one casting (model TJX-68MH), one spinning (TJX-S68M), new or used. Please provide price including shipping to 01803, or can meetup within reasonable distance around metro MA area. PayPal ready. Thanks!
  16. Batson Rainshadow 1209. Built by CMS Tackle to their standard specs. In great shape, fully functional. The rod is about 5 years old, used for only a couple seasons for jigging in the Ditch. Built with fuji k-guides, Fuji reel seat, cork on handles. $275 Cash and Pick-up only. Willing to meet if location is convenient for me.
  17. Who’s ready for some shallow water blackfish jigging? Brand new Daiwa Certate LT 3000-XH spooled with 15lb jbraid and brand new Daiwa Rcs Eva power mob added (slightly scuffed getting the cap off). Original knob and box included. $400 shipped
  18. So I recently made a purchase admittedly without doing all the research I should have. I bought a Jigging World Nexus and Quantum Accurist S3 PT lefty. From what I now realize the rotation of the guides should be to the opposite side of the reel handle. I'm having difficulty finding this rod wrapped in the opposite direction. My dilemma is if having both the guide and handle to the same side is defeating the purpose of having a spiral wrapped rod and if I should make a different rod choice.
  19. So to expand my fishing knowledge base, I'm thinking of trying some jigging from my kayak on some of my future ocean, and bay trips. Now I have plenty of tackle for the version of jigging we do for Chesapeake Bay stripers, but I'm looking for advice for metal jigs to use out on the ocean over wrecks, reefs, etc. I'm not looking to break the bank, but any recs on lures in the $10-15$ price range weighing 1-4 oz max would be helpful. I kind of like the nomad line, has anyone used those? I don't think I'll be venturing into slow pitch and very technique heavy jigging, but I'm just trying to get the general technique from youtube university, and could use some lure recs, as well as tips like "replace the assist hooks since they're weak," etc. Also, does anyone routinely use heavy bucktails or jigheads, and big plastic paddletails (like eliasv), and prefer them to the metal jigs? I would probably be jigging with either a shimano 4000 or 5000 equivalent size reel, or my 4500b baitrunner, so something that has around 20lbs drag at most with around 200-300 yards of 30-40lb line, nothing major like a big Spheros or Saragosa. I don't really have the funds for a legit jigging specific rod and reel, but am looking to adapt my existing tackle as well as I can. Thank you everyone!
  20. Listing for a friend that's moving out of state. Rods in my posession, will get better pictures tonight if needed. - ODM Frontier NFX1002-4 3/4 - 4 oz Condition 8/10 $250 - Daiwa Saltiga G Jigging/Spinning SAG-J 60MHFS 6'MH Condition 9/10 like new +Daiwa Beefstick BF-BT 70HR 7'H Conventional, 10/10 new, with tags. $75 for the lot - Local Hooker MSF800f1225s 8' 1 piece rod 12#-25# line, Custom built by Bob Jenkins, great jetty rod. Condition 7/10 $75 Pick up only, North Jersey to Monmouth county.
  21. I’ve been on two offshore sea bass trips this’s year, armed with my new jigging world black widow 150 rod and my new Saragosa 6000 and I’ve done no bait fishing, only jigging. I’ve used only 8 and 6 ounce hammered diamond jigs, both with a 5/0 vmc siwash buck tail. No teaser, no squid strip. Just the jig. Ive casted out and snapped it back as well as brought it back gently, as if I were tending a sinker. Ive gently wiggled it just above the bottom. Ive done short snaps just above the bottom, letting it flutter down, with just enough contact to detect a strike. And l have squidded. Everything worked. I really had a blast catching tons of sea bass, almost non-stop on both trips. And even some porgies. Here’s my question: Almost all all the fish I caught were less than keeper size or just barely keeper size. No big fish. There wasn’t tons of big fish coming up on either trip, but I would say my jig caught fish were definitely not “larger on average” like I was led to believe by using a jig. Now I didn’t get a lot of really small fish like bait guys did, but the bait guys on both sides of me would get the occasional 16 or 17 inch fish but I never did. Is there something I should be doing a little different to get a “bigger fish on average than the bait guys” like I read like twenty times on the internet? Is it sort of an overstatement that jigs will produce bigger fish than bait??? -Paul p.s. This is my first post. I appreciate all of you who have contributed to this and other forums, I’ve spent countless hours pouring over them.
  22. Relatively new to the surf and am looking for a heavy-action conventional rod for chunking in the surf. Preferably 10-foot plus and 10oz rated, but open to investigate. Looking for a used rod, but certainly prefer high-quality. Located in Mass. but can pay for shipping. Excited to give this a try.
  23. For sale is a brand new Maxel Hybrid 20 in silver spooled with 30lb j braid multicolor. Never used. Right hand retrieve ..change of plans for reel. It is overkill for what I want.... paid over 300 for reel and line....willing to let it go for $250 Shipped. PayPal only. See pics.
  24. I just ordered the new Horus latest 2017 colors and have a couple of extra ones.These jigs are great and not easy to get (made in Egypt).4 colors left 200G17$ eachOr62$ for all 4accepting trades for stickbait and popper suitable for hots gipgang 78 mh (120g max)all prices are plus shipping.
  25. Anyone have a preference for high or low tide at the canal? I agree that there are some spots that fish great on a West tide and not so great on East and vice versa but from my experience I have much better luck during low. What are your thoughts? - Al