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Found 10 results

  1. So this sucks, I have a 2011 Jeep Liberty, I got a yakima rod rack on it, I got an OME 2" lift on it, I got a $700 pioneer radio with car play, upgraded wheels and tires. Im done paying the truck off in 2 months. I broke down cold in Montauk, they replaced my alternator and told me my computer had to be flashed. I towed my car to the dealership, they screwed me, I drove it to my mechanic. I got a new computer, radiator, battery, hoses, belt, brakes and rotor. All in I'm $4,200. Ive had my car back for a few weeks. I drove it the longest I've had (40 miles) now a check engine/transmission solenoid code went off. Mechanic said its either a $250 fix or a $3,000 fix. I drive so much to chase fish, I love my truck, I now have nightmares and stress, I'm about to get a tacoma or something but I'm done paying the car off in 2 months, would love to avoid another 5 years of payments but I need something reliable. I'm not sure what to do, would love any insight thank you.
  2. Long time Jeep owner, 1st time with a Wrangler. Just realized that my Surf Rack isn’t going to fit on the back of my Wrangler. Anyone out there have one mounted to the front of a JL? How did you do it? Front hitch with skid plate removed, or something else? Thanks
  3. While doing some research on oil for my 2000 XJ, I found the best content that I've ever seen on the roles and impacts of various oil components. Having wrenched several older rear-engined German cars, the zinc content is always a critical issue. Spoiler alert: Oils formulated for deisel engines (yes, they *can* be used in gasoline engines) have some of the highest levels of Zinc. HTH *
  4. So the time has come... I purchased a 2000 Cherokee Sport about 4 years ago for use as a project/beach buggy. While I've been able to make progress in getting it up to speed for use on the beach and have done so down at IBSP a bit, my work and family schedule makes owning and working on a beach buggy nearly impossible. Mechanically sound and physically good (for a buggy), I hate to let her go, but the time they are a'changin' and I have other financial priorities (#1 A new Chevy Colorado AND #2 A Wilderness Systems Radar 115) as well as the fact that my oldest will be needing a car shortly and the buggy isn't going to be the right fit for him. 167K Mileage, new sending unit, new brake line, new power steering lines, new hatch arms, new hood latches -- upgrades include but are not limited to Full top Curt Cargo Basket, Smitty 9K winch, Nate's 4X4 Custom Steel Bumpers front and back (coated), CB, and a bit more -- see below. Let's start at $5,800.00 and take it from there. PM me - with Christmas and all -- I should be around to show it. Jeep Sale Public Spec Sheet - Sheet1.pdf
  5. I learned about Crown Automotive (their Canton, MA location) last week from a fellow XJ guy from whom I bought a used trailer hitch. Saw great reviews of them online, called them a few days ago. SUPER helpful and savvy about all types of Jeeps, not just XJs. Visited them today, only ten minutes before they were slated to close (which was 2:30PM) to pick up some parts that I'd requested. HOLY SMOKES! Kevin could not have been more helpful, and he graciously stayed another 20 minutes past closing time to provide more parts for me, give me tips about working on my Jeep, and other good sources for parts (including "You don't need to buy those from us. Here's how ya do it...") They appear to have many locations, so you will have to use your search engine. For Boston and E MA guys, you won't regret going there. (Oh, and the prices were better than anyplace I'd found, online or local retail.) He recommended a place in Cumberland, RI (they ship nationally) for used Jeep parts, which is called DeadJeep (add the dot com and you're there), telling me about their insane volume and inventory. I haven't checked them out yet, but plan to call them on Monday for some interior parts, then go there mid-week. HTH
  6. I went to the local Jeep dealership yesterday to look at a 2008 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. While sitting in the driver's seat I couldn't find the 4X4 button. That is when the Salesman tells me that it is automatic four wheel drive. I did some research and it turns out he was right. Jeep calls it Quadra-Trac I 4X4 system. I watched the video online and it looks basically like AWD and then each tire locks in when there is a loss of traction. My question is does anyone have any experience with this system on the beach? Sounds like it should be fine. Just want to make sure before I pull the trigger.
  7. Hey guys, I've wanted an old Cherokee since I could first drive (im mid 30s now) and never had the chance to pull the trigger. I love the old body style and the fact that they are known to be tanks and if taken care of will go the distance (as apposed to the manifest obsolescence of modern vehicles - that people treat like trash and then become trash after 5 years). I have been researching for ages and it sounds like the pre 2000 XJs are the way to go. The wife has given me the go ahead to search out an old Cherokee as the weekend driver, beach buggy and camping mobile but I have been having some tough luck. My budget is ideally under $6k and would love a truck with around 100k miles but flexible on both for the right truck. I have gone out to see a half dozen trucks 97 - 00 and all of them seemed to have rough mechanical problems. I am not afraid of doing maintenance every other month or so but most of these trucks had super active coolant or oil leaks that had me running. I guess my question here is - am I too late to get my hands on a pre 00 XJ thats not going to be a nightmare or am I just running into trucks that are getting sold because an owner is trying to get out of a truck thats having issues. I dont want to walk away from the hunt so any advice as to where to look or if I am just being a baby and need to pull the trigger and just put the money into bringing it back to life - I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry for the rant!
  8. Just seen the pic of 2019 jeep pickup Anybody else see it ?
  9. That poor SOB in Hollywood who got squashed by his Grand Cherokee? ... if any of us have the relevant model, which is from a couple of years ago to 2015, go get your shifter fixed. Apparently Chrysler changed it for the 2016 model. Let's have the Jeepheads here speak up and add the fine details.
  10. Chrysler/Fiat is agreed to a $105 million fine, AND to buy back some vehicles, and to stand in the corner for several quarters, etc. The cause is a systematic and long term failure to follow up on recalls and fixes, some of them life-threatening. A LOT of this pertains to Jeeps, rear mounted gas tanks, and their proclivity to ignite when struck from the rear at some angles. If you bought your vehicle new, contact you dealer now. There will be TSBs and so on .... and while Jeeps are probably the largest single part of the recall problem, it's not the only part. Assume anything you bought that has "Chrysler," "Fiat," or "Jeep" on it has a problem, until you know that it doesn't. You may also safely assume that this will unfold in stages. If today your vehicle / particular problem isn't included, check again; it may be on the list next week or month. It is not unknown for manufacturers to drag their heels a bit in providing notice, in the hope that some particular claimants will never, ever find out.