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  1. I just got a box of these things in the mail. They look like jewelry; shiny, well proportioned, smooth, imposing. Are these hooks all 'show'? Do they hold up? I can see them spooking off certain species becasue of the shine. For those who fish(ed) them, what utility do they find in these pretty things?
  2. I just got a box of these things in the mail. They look like jewelry; shiny, well proportioned, smooth, imposing. Are these hooks all 'show'? Do they hold up? I can see them spooking off certain species becasue of the shine. For those who fish(ed) them, what utility do they find in these pretty things?
  3. thought i would upgrade some trebles on a savage gear surf walker 210 - 41 gram with VMC, fish hit almost pulled me in the river full on incoming tide, regained my balance and this is what i got ! knocked the plating off the hook and flattened it !
  4. With the circle hook law what do you guys like to use for chunking bunker? I was looking at the mustad tuna circle hooks but just seeing if there's any other suggestions out there. Thanks
  5. Considering the "blindfold and dartboard" approach to manufacturers hook sizing, would folks be interested in sharing measurements for fly hooks similar to the ABS/KBS resource on the gear forum? Shank, gap(e), point, etc. Maybe a small photo against a ruler or a supplied printed grid (I can create and supply). I'm guessing millimeters is the best, and I could convert for Americans and architects. I did a pretty thorough search of the forums for collected info, but came up short. I'd happy to head this up. See photo for source of exasperation; Top to bottom: Daiichi 1720, size 6 Umpqua U302, size 8 Umpqua U680BL, size 12 Umpqua XT050, size 10
  6. Is there a large enough single and treble hook market for any of the manufacturers to produce barbless single and 4x treble hooks? Would plug builders be willing to use them? I know it only takes a few minutes to crush the barbs on a newly acquired plug. But I'd rather do other things than tend to this task, and I think the "crushing" process may compromise the hook finish to some degree.
  7. I'm hoping to get out for Black Drum this spring. I've been surf fishing for Stripers and Red Drum for years, but I've never targeted Black Drum. I tie all my own rigs (Hi-Lo, Cannonball, Teasers...), so I'm looking for recommendations on surf setups. What size hooks do you prefer, and type of rig do you use? I know that the Jersey guys use clams, but it seems like Sand Fleas are the preferred bait at Assateague. If nothing else, it's a good topic for a cold winter day... Thanks
  8. Hello, humans. I haven't seen this addressed in other discussions, so wanted to see if there's a quick, straightforward answer. (Pause for laughter.) Basically, I'm curious if the new regs require that circle hooks be used in every circumstance. Example: Say I'm fishing for schoolies with a soft lure and a jig head. Does it have to be a circle hook jig head? (I know that charter boat associations and others groups have asked for an exemption from the new regs when trolling tubes and leadheads -- which makes sense. That said, I definitely support the spirit and most of the specifics of the current decrees regarding circle hooks.) In short, I'm perfectly happy to use non-offset circle hooks in most every striper scenario -- but I can't figure out if I'll be screwed or fined if I use something other than a circle hook jig head with a little Zoom super fluke in the Housatonic. Any clarity or insights will be most welcome. Thanks. Benny
  9. I was able to cut the eye of some 4x VMC trebles to rig a lure, but they broke every time I tried twisting to make an opening. Just curious as to why. I noticed the eye was “springy” in that it didn’t wanna hold the twist I tried giving it. Does this have something to do with it? Or is 4x not strong enough to be cut and manipulated? I’ve also heard several guys say VMC’s quality has gone down in recent years, so I guess it could be attributed to that.
  10. All, Slightly addicted to eelskin plugs and usually have 3-4 in my bag. I am having rust stain issues that are discoloring the eelskin. So: -Does stain even matter? -Mainly use VMC or mustad cut hooks. Cut top bit does most of the rusting. That is closest to the skin so they stain. -I know Beachmaster should only have cut hooks. -Don’t know if I’m motivated/organized enough to take off and put on fresh hooks each session. -What split ring has the smallest to strongest ratio? Usually big equals stronger but are there any small split rings that are built out of heavy gauge wire? Thinking here is if I attach via a split ring, maybe hook won’t rust as quick cause I haven’t cut/twisted it open. -Anyone ever try attaching the hooks via braid? -Anything I’m not thinking of? Thanks in advance and stay safe.
  11. I use 75 lb TA clips for most of my striper fishing, but they don't fit through the hook eyes on my small jigs and soft plastics. I'm looking for the following with eyes that can fit a 75 lb TA clip comfortably: 1. 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz bucktail heads (i like to wrap my own) 2. 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 screw lock hooks for small soft plastics like albie snax and flukes 3. 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz jig heads for various soft plastics like shad bodies and fin-s fish If anyone has found examples that work, I'd be greatly appreciative of your input. I'd like suggestions that aren't to costly if possible. *I'm not interested in suggestions for 50 lb TA Clips.
  12. Since it's hook replacement season, many are looking for references for our fave plugs. Perhaps some of you will find this VMC reference helpful. It has more FW than SW, but includes Cotton Cordell, Bomber, YoZuri and other SW brands. If you have any other guidelines from trusted sources, why don't you share (links or files) here? VMC HOOK REPLACEMENT GUIDE.pdf
  13. Looking for a source for SW jig hooks wiht heads on them in size 1/0 or 2/0 for salmon. Thanks, David
  14. Show your best/worst terminal failure. Let's see how that one big fish owned you and what it left you with. Provide a short story and if possible a picture included. Will also be interesting to see what brands fail more than others. Ex: hooks, split rings, swivels. Here's mine. This is a mustad 34185 8/0 jig hook bent out by a very big fish. Fish ate it me at my feet (thought I was stuck in rocks). Gave two sharp rod snaps and it took off with no turning back. Tried to set the hook couple more times and it ran faster, even with a tight drag. It rounded the bolder point I was on and spit the jig before I could catch up with it. left me with a bentout hook and seaweed on my leader for extra insult.
  15. New to surf fishing and a little confused on what hooks to use. what is everyone using and why?
  16. Hook sizing has come up in a number of threads, including: http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/649078-yet-another-split-ring-question/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/618295-changing-treble-hooks-for-single/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/638462-changing-out-tail-hooksuse-split-rings-or-not/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/639218-best-bunker-imitations-from-peanut-to-full-sized-how-you-fish-them/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/645927-inline-single-hook-experience/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/644215-beachmaster-hook-sizes/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/640007-favorite-mackerel-luresplugs-how-you-fish-them/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/639595-best-herring-imitations-how-you-fish-them/ ...and others, I'm certain. I found a guide that's published by VMC, which is called "VMC Hook Replacement Guide" It includes factory specs for lures from 23 lure mfrs. I've attached a .pdf of the file. Moderators, if attaching this isn't within the rules, please LMK, or just delete the attachment. If you search for this term, you will see that it is NLA on the VMC site, but other sites, including Alan Tani, have it available. HTH VMC HOOK REPLACEMENT GUIDE(1).pdf
  17. Hi all Been given a couple of packs of Partidge Sea streamers CS11/3 hooks. Never used them before . Bizarre looking hook .Any of you guys tried them?Does the reversed barb cause any issues? Heres a pic from the internet. Jim
  18. Is it just me or less than 10% of people use barbless hooks? Theoretically, barbless hooks allows better hookset, less injury to fish and much quicker unhook for release. Yes, I use mainly barbless hooks on all my lures.
  19. Spring cleaning! Found these pile in the basement that I might never use them. $30 for all. Prefer meet around Boston area (willing to travel) an $7 to ship. 3 pack of sand eels - 5 inch - 6 count 1 pack of 6in white curtail grub 1 pack of 2" pogy swimmin' shad 3 packs of Striper (35 hook) carbon steel set *looks like 2/0, 3/0, 4/0,5/0 and 6/0 size*
  20. Cleating out my garage. Bunch of lures (swimmers, poppers, bucktails, tins, crankbaits) as well as various plastic baits, gulp, some hooks, and some half full spools of braid. Will also add some more stuff to the lot when I find it. Hooks on several lures need to be replaced. $65 takes it. Located Hull MA not looking to ship right now but can meet up on South shore (PS not sure if this is supposed to be in the wts plugs forum. If so, I'll move it there)
  21. Bought a large tacklebox and this is stuff I didn't need, heck Not sure what some of it is. There's some large hooks and prewired metal leaders, some Hopkins tins, a large Tuna lure marked Tinker (chipped by one eye) Large Swivels, etc. Everything you see in picture $35.00 $25.00 shipped to lower 48.
  22. I've got a total of 50 Mustad Ultra Point 32786BLN 8/0 60-degree jig hooks. These are perfect for pouring ultra minnow (Spro-style) jigheads, putting springs/baitkeepers on for Hogy & Slug-Go type applications, or tying your own giant striper/musky/pike flies. I'll break these into two lots of 25 hooks each for $15 shipped each (Paypal, Google Wallet, check, or MO) Or all 50 hooks for $25 shipped Thanks for looking
  23. Just wanted to introduce myself. TimS has so graciously allowed me to sell my teasers in the CBST here on SOL. I make custom teasers, flags, dressed hooks and more. All of my items for sale are located in this forum - http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/forum/57-flies-teasers-dressed-hooks/ Ifthere is something you need that you do not see, feel free to ask. Please do not PM me for orders, you must post in the CBST threads, thanks! Thanks again Tims and SOL! Here is a little showcase of what I make. I have already shipped a lot of orders to members here in the past few weeks and all were very happy with their orders. EZ-Body Sandeel Teasers - http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/648838-ez-body-sandeel-teasers/ Dressed Open Eye Siwash Hooks and Flags - http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/648876-open-eye-plug-hooks-flags/ Dressed Inline Hooks - http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/649265-dressed-vmc-inline-hooks/ Rainfish/Spearing Teasers - http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/648842-rainfishspearing-teasers/
  24. Any one have some nice NIP 5/0 - 7/0 siwash teasers available? Thanks!!!
  25. Anyone use TROKAR hooks for stripers. If so, how well did they work. Are they worth the money or should i stick with Gammus?
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