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Found 53 results

  1. Going for Small Tuna (25 to 40 pounds). Need comments on rigging YoZuri Bonita 6 3/4 Lure (Fluoro/Knots/others…)
  2. Hi there. I've had a ball servicing my bg 4500. It went so smoothly and I'm almost finished with servicing it. I've tried my hardest to get this retention spring back in and cannot for the life of me figure out why it will not. I have repeated the bearing atleast 4 times now and cannot get the spring in place. No matter what I seem to do, it will not snap back down. I've watched tackle advisors video and many others. Can I get some support here please?
  3. I am looking at picking up either a Certate LT in the 3000D-C / 4000D-C / 5000D-C size and I am looking to get a pretty accurate size comparison. I have somewhat factored out the 5000D-C as I think its a little larger than what I want. From the internet I have heard that the 5000D-C falls just about in line with a Penn Slammer 3 4500 in terms of sizing. Given that example, I was hoping someone could provide me with some size comparisons, potentially with pictures. I really like the 3500 size of the penn slammer 3 and the vr50. I am interested in size comparisons of the 3000-5000 certate sizes, i am hoping the 4000D-C fits the bill around the slammer 3 3500 or vr50 sizing. So if you have one or any experience with one I would love for you to chime in and help me out. Looking primarily to potentially get a 3000 or 4000. Below attached is a picture of a normal sized card, penn clash 2500, penn slammer 3 3500, penn slammer 3 4500, and a galaxy note 10+.
  4. Hello, all I am having a dilemma with pairing these tools. I have vs150, vs200, gsb1201L, and gsb1081m and lb. test line. I'm hoping this would cover the Southshore, Northshore open beaches, back bays, occasional Montauk, and inlets (specifically the 2 Southshore inlets). My biggest issue last year was reaching the outer bar on the open beaches (using a 9' only). I wanted the 1201L as my all-around paired with the lighter vs150 on 30lb line. Then, the 1081m with the vs200 as my occasional Montauk and inlet rod. Do I have it backward? Thank you.
  5. Was recently handed down a vsb150. I’m currently using it on a 9ft ande m/h 1-4oz 12-30lb. I’m looking for a new rod that pairs nicely with this reel for fishing from the boat. Not looking to break the bank I’ll keep the 9ft ande for the shore and eventually upgrade to something nicer.
  6. Looking for a specific pair. They are beasts and I can’t remember the name. Yellow grips. Very powerful hook cutter
  7. so far in my fishing season this year, I have only caught one sea robin by accident. I live right off of a harbor, boats going in and out all day, and go down to my dock all the way to the end and throw plugs and swimbaits and pretty much anything. I'm in the Fairfield County area. I've even brought 4-5 rods and thrown out chunks of clams or small crabs. at this point I'm not looking for striped bass anymore, more like anything that will bite whatever I throw. even at the dead of night around 11 ish, i will watch small fish break the water and when i throw past them and catch up to them they splash on the other side of the dock. in the area where I fish its all seaweed beds or rocks so I get snagged. I've checked weather conditions, tides, water temperatures in certain areas. still nothing and nowhere. normally id go to a different pier but its been swamped with anglers recently. I've gotten fish there before so I know they are there. I just don't know whats going on. I have everything from 12ft rods to 6,6 rods. am i just having a bad season? dunno whats going on. sorry if this is in the wrong forum, first time posting.
  8. Recently, I caught 3 small dogfish fishing off of Fire Island. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the hooks out of 2 of them. I was using barbless circle hooks, but they had gotten swallowed, and because I had forgotten needlenose pliers and wire cutters, I could not get the hooks out. thankfully they were not near the organs, but I'm feeling very guilty about the fact that I could not get the hooks out. In the future, what is the best thing to do in a situation like this, and should i be feeling guilty for potentially killing these 2 sharks?
  9. Can someone recommend a affordable decent conventional rod and reel for trolling TW?
  10. Can someone recommend a affordable decent conventional rod and reel for trolling TW?
  11. Duplicate
  12. Left my 3 tube (square tubes) supreme surf bag on the roof of my car and drove off last night 6/15. It’s black and filled with stuff (buck tails, sluggos, pliers, LS69 darter, spook, needlefish and assorted plastic swimmers. If anyone found this and would like to return it, it would be greatly appreciated. ps: checked w park security/office, nothing turned up Thanks so much SOL
  13. Hi - I need some help with the details before I purchase: looking for help on power, action, and reel size. My specific questions are at the end: I'm looking at a 7' medium power, fast action St. Croix Avid Inshore rod paired with a Shimano Stradic FL in the 5000 size. I am currently using a 9' medium power, moderate fast action Tica TC2 surf rod (1/2 oz to 3oz) which is a little much for smaller lures and definitely not giving any sensitivity when I am using anything under 1oz. I love casting from the surf but there are so many awesome bays around here. Ultimately I want a 7' inshore, a 9' all-around and an 11' rod for jetties/inlets, big surf. I want something that will excel in bay fishing....looking for something that can provide long casts, sensitive enough to feel bottom with bucktail jigs, can handle stripers and blues (maybe fluke and weakfish, and can be a versatile pole I can have some fun with. I had a couple questions: Does this setup make sense for fishing in the bays around Long Island? Does a medium power, fast action pole make sense (think 3/8 to 3/4 oz lures are ok)? Or would you step up to a medium heavy, fast action (1/2 to 1 & 1/4oz). Or something else? Would you go 4000 or 5000 size for the reel? Tempted to go 5000 which gets me a nicer knob and more line (4000 and 5000 are same physical size I believe) Does 7' rod make sense here or should I go 7'6" or 8'? Also if anyone has any suggestion for quality braid that would make sense for this setup. Thanks everyone. I am new around here and basically a hack, vying for the title of 'worst fisherman on Long Island' so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Attached a pic of my latest striper from earlier this week.
  14. What are you folks using for saltwater baitcasting reels. I am using mostly Lews and Shimanos for my freshwater bass fishing now. Whose reels stand up to the salt and whose to avoid. Going to be paired with a 7' rod. Probably not going to be throwing more then an ounce and a half. Thanks in advance. Mike
  15. Im not sure what style of rods these are. The smaller ones fit in a pistol grip handle, but the larger "honey" doesn't, just a few MM too large. What is the name of these rod styles? All the information I have found about pistol grip rods they are all built and 1 piece, not interchangeable... (I have googled every term in every order I can think of.) I can take photos of the entire rods, but there aren't any markings on them. I really want to find a modern handle to find the larger one, so I can wrap it up. The rods are only 4'-5' in length. If there are other styles of handles that allow you pop in and tighten different rods, PLEASE let me know. I haven't been able to find an image of one of these yet.
  16. I was wondering if anyone could help me identifying these things. I was thinking that they were bait for something else or a baby sunfish or something. My uncle says it looks like a cunner but I don't see it. The water was very rough today so they could have been brought up from further out in the ocean. They are very small, no longer than 2 inches in both length and width. Thank you for your help.
  17. I am putting an electric trolling motor on my 14' lund. Boat and motor weighs about 425lbs. Looking for advice on how many lbs thrust I should get. Thanks in advance for your help. Tight Lines Mike
  18. Hello - I am look for a $200-$250 surf rod to pair with a Penn Battle III 5500. I haven’t bought the reel yet, but that is what I plan to purchase so if any of you think I should purchase something different I am open to hearing that as well. But looking for a rod in that price range for surf casting. I already have an in-shore mojo st Croix MH 7 footer with a 4000 series Daiwa ballistic that I use for saltwater as well. I live in Babylon and will be fishing the south shore and making a few trips to Montauk. Thanks for your view and suggestion. Tight lines!
  19. Hello All - new to the community and saltwater fishing, but I recently moved to Long Island and freshwater bass fishing hasn't been as good, so figured I would dive into saltwater. I recently purchased a 7' St. Crox Mojo Inshore MH fast action paired up with a Daiwa Ballistic LT 4000 and plan on putting 40lb power pro on it. Hoping that this will be a good all around rod for fishing on Long Island. I live in Babylon, so if there are any local Long Islanders, I would love to hear where you guys fish and any pointers. I also was wondering what kind of terminal tackle I should pick up? Thanks for any help and tight lines!
  20. Paddle board blew of rack in Spruce Creek area of Piscat in Kittery Saturday night in storm. Thought I would take a flyer here and let people know it is mine if they find it. Its red, is missing center skeg and dinged up a bit. And if you do return it, you will have good luck fishing in future. If you find it and do not return it, your days will be filled with dogfish, engine troubles and braided line knots.
  21. Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to plug building. I have messed around with some smaller freshwater lures and a couple of pencils. I don't really have any issues as much with the shaping and detailing of the lure, but more with the hardware. One plug that I would love to get into building is the metal lip. The only thing is that I would need lips. So my question is: Where do you guys buy your plug building materials. i.e. Metal lips, through wires, etc. I know I could put out a WTB thread on the BST forum, but I would rather buy them new directly from a supplier. I am also not sure if I have a PayPal account, and that seems to be what lots of the BST forum prefers. Any help would be appreciated. Salty
  22. Hey everyone. I'm new to this site but not to fishing. I'm 18, and I live about 2 hours from the cape(1.5 from the canal). I've been fishing on the cape every year since I was a little kid, now that I can drive on my own I'm looking to start going down with a friend or two. Naturally, I want to start fishing the canal as well and I need advice on a rig. Right now I'm thinking the Penn SSV 6500 paired with the Okuma longitude 10'(not sure how good it is, but it's super cheap). I'm also looking at the Diawa BG 4500 and the Penn Prevail 10' or 11'. I'm looking to make at least 1 trip down a week. I'll be throwing topwaters, sluggos, kastmasters and whatever else you guys recommend. What does everyone else think? Should I pick a better rig, or is mine fine(I'm a little on edge about the rod)? Other advice is also appreciated. Thanks, John
  23. Hello, really hoping someone can help me. I own the Penn Fierce 2 6000 Live Liner and I popped it open today just to apply some grease to the internal gears and after repeated attempts to put it back together, it still won't function properly. Something is jamming inside, the reel won't turn. I did not remove any of the internal parts when working on it, I simply unscrewed the main face plate to apply grease. Whats the secret to getting it back on properly so the reel will turn? Thanks in advance for any help and I apologize if this has already been covered elsewhere. Please just point me in the right direction if so.
  24. Hi, I wanted to buy my husband a fishing rod for Christmas but am at a loss as to what to get. We live in Annapolis and he fishes off his kayak and boat in Black Walnut Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. What type of rod should I get him? I tried looking online but all the fishing jargon is confusing to me. I have no idea what types of fish he is catching or what rod is best for the Bay. I saw a rod that was said to be one of the best out there, the Fitzgerald Versa. Would you recommend this rod or a different rod? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!