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Found 12 results

  1. Happy New year, all. We're headed to Harbour Island in the Bahamas at the end of February/early March (1 week). This will be a family trip, but looking for any recent tips on areas, guides, etc. I was in Spanish Wells a few years ago and had some action wading the flats on the North side, but never fished Harbour I. We will probably hire a guide for a day and try to do some DIY wading the rest of the week as time allows. We've got a house with a couple of golf carts, so can travel the island as needed. I'm planning on bringing a small drone to do some scouting off of the NW and SW corners/cuts before wading aimlessly for hours. Any guide recommendations will be appreciated.
  2. First build, kind of figuring it out as I go. 11 1/2 foot rod with spinning reel. Plan to use as surfcasting/any long distance cadting saltwater situations. SO I've made several rookie mistakes that cant be undone but I want to ask about one that could possibly be undone. I have every guide in place, wrapped and epoxied EXCEPT the very last guide before the tip top. I already epoxied the tip top with the 2 part Pro Paste. The problem is before it fully set, the tip top moved (rotated about 20 degrees or so when I was load testing to figure out guide placement). I didnt notice until after it fully set in its new position. Photos attached. Should I a) leave it and move forward as is. b) can I heat up the tip top and re-orient it or is it to late? c) cut off the tip and attach a new one. d) rotate that last guide a little in the same direction as the tip top. e) something else? Thanks guys
  3. Want to fine-tune my fly casting, either 2 Hand or Single Hand, so looking for guides/teachers. Accompanying my wife Aug 23 - 27 in Provincetown, have 4x4 pickup, but hear the beaches are plovered at present. Any such here on SOL? Recommendations welcome!
  4. Hello! New to rod building here. How do you ensure that your guides are straight on the rod. I have done the line of sight check, but even then they could be slightly off. Any help is much appreciated. TIA!
  5. So I just watched a you tube video that showed Ron area saying the small guys are better for braid wow I wish I new that before I bought my tfo
  6. Long story short. Went fishing last night. Using a light setup. Tried a new line, 20 lb. test braid (seaguar). Casts really smooth. First cast, bam onto a schoolie. Next cast, I give the plug back to the ocean. I'm pretty pissed because it was a brand new Colt sniper and I really like them. Re-tie a bucktail. A few casts, nothing. Feeling a little frustrated I power cast and give the bucktail to mother ocean (also a nice bucktail). Now I'm spitting fire because I never really have break offs. I'm convinced it's the line (I usually am strung with 40 lb.). Previously on this rod I was using a reel with 30 lb Suffix 832. Never had a break off. Today I check the guides and I notice that on some of them the paint is chipped. Does this mean the guides are cracked? Should they be replaced? Is it worth it to fix the blank? It's a TICA TC3 USGA90M2S, about $114 on tackledirect. What would a shop charge to replace 3 guides? Should I just put that money into a new rod? Put nail polish on the cracked paint? Need some guidance. I have a broken rod, should I take some guides off of that rod and put them on this one? Worth the time? Thank you.
  7. ISO of black perfection non fouling guides size 70 60 50 40 30 25 20
  8. I've built tons of fly rods over the years but this is going to be my first spinning rod build and a surf rod at that. The blank is a 10' Carolina Cast Pro / 1-4oz and will be used for chucking plugs and tins from beaches and jetties. The reel is a Penn SSV 6500 Bailess with 30lb braid. The question I have is about the guides and I wanted to get your opinions. I'm going with the Fuji KR-Concept and was thinking about this guide layout. RV25 - RV16 - KW12m - KW10m - KW7 - KW7 - KW7 - KG7 Tip. The KR-Concept and guide selection was a little confusing at first but has become more clear over time and any guidance would be most appreciated. Thanks y'all.
  9. Hello, excuse my little English (I do not speak much, and I write it bad). I am writing to you so that you can guide me and help. I bought 7 years ago a blank rod, the brand lamiglas, specifically the "Kenay special" model 8' 6" length. At that time install "LV" guides that were all a success fishing for Salmon King or Chinook. I love that blank, but for reasons of wear and tear over time, remove the guides Where I live to fish the Chinook salmon, I need: + Gain more distance at launch, from spoons of 30 to 40 grs + Fight against the strong wind + I use braid 15 to 30 pounds I have available "Y" model guides, with titanium frame and SIC rings, saved and ready to use. But I see that the world of guides has many advances and improvements, which I feel I am in the past. My question: will it be appropriate to buy some set of "KL" model guides or apply the KR concept with the corresponding guides? It will have some quantifiable and important gain, additional to the decrease of the weight of the guides, like to obtain more distance (that is important). I consult you. Thinking that I have available "Y" model guides in my house (new) If you recommend "Y" guides, how do I apply the NGC or 27x concept? Which running guides recommend me? KT, KB or LDB? size? Any input is very well received Egn ---
  10. Greetings, I have recently acquired a Harnell Fly Rod, Cigar shaped Cork handle, Black hollow Fiberglass, 8ft 6inches, 7 guides, 2 piece and original green bag. No Model or Serial #. It only has the Harnell logo from Santa Monica, California. After reading blogs, posts all over, I have only seen one other person post a photo of this vintage fly rod. I have read the stories about the Harnell/Harrington Co, Jean Harrington, in business/not in business. The move to Venice (which I thought was California at first) Florida and so on.. I am certain this old Harnell Rod is of serious value! Would anyone be willing to help me find more info and perhaps a buyer!? I also have a Heddon Pal, #30-7 1/2 D or E, 10 guides, not sure the year. See Photos attached..
  11. On the Surfcaster's Journal Tip of the Week #13. Anyone know anything about these - availability, cost, etc...
  12. Wts set of Fuji surf guides size 20, 16 high, 16 low, 12,10,8,8,8,8. All have been used but in good shape. $50 shipped.
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