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Found 24 results

  1. - plugs here, new never carried or thrown, with exception to the Sunkist bunker popper. All the new ones are 30$ plus 6$ for shipping. The 1 used plug I'll sell for 27$ shipped only cus its been fished and shows small signs of hook rash. Could probably sell em all for 180$ shipped. If 1 person wanted the lot.
  2. Both used but in good shape. $75.00 shipped
  3. Both new. Slight epoxy imperfection on darter eye. Excellent lures! $55.00 shipped
  4. ( top to bottom ) 1. RM GIANT SWIMMER 2. BIG FISH BAIT CO A40 3.ALANS GLIDER 4. RM PEANUT METAL LIP 75$ plus 5$ for shipping and PP for top 2 55$ plus 5$ shipping and PP fees bottom 2 If 1 buyer takes em all for 125$ I will cover shipping. Thanks for looking !
  5. Seeing what's out there before I go retail for some additions to shop.. Interested in -routers/routing table/bits (glider profiles) -lead pot
  6. 2 fatty peanuts, both were carried… 1 unknown builder has been fished but is in good shape. $95 shipped for the lot
  7. Looking for sinking Scabelly gliders new or used as long as they aren't totally beat
  8. Looking to trade a scabelly pencil for glider used is fine if its in decent shape and a new floating chicken scratch 7in floater for any 5 or 7in sinking glider one to 1 trade. I mistakenly got floating instead of sinking
  9. Looking for any scabelly gliders new or used in decent condition
  10. New in package blue mack scabelly pencil popper for sinking scabelly or mikes glider, gliders can be used in decent condition they will be used
  11. WTB Surf Asylum glide bait .
  12. Giveaway #8 is for a brand new Westin Glidebait as I believe has been endorsed by Jerry Audet in his surfcasting seminars. I recently got one of my own! Just reply I'm in" in this thread and you will be entered. Winner will be selected by random number generator and will be announced May 1st Good luck. The WINNER (selected at random) should just copy and paste this text (when creating their thread), but be sure to.. 1.Change the giveaway # in your title and message body. 2. State the item you are giving away. 3. Change the day it will end and the day you will pick your winner. Entries accepted thru Midnight April 30 winner announced May 1st Good luck everybody!
  13. All plugs were carried or used. Glider has the most use. $100 for all 5 plugs. Dustin
  14. I got these gorgeous plugs from Cross Bones Baits. A musky plug builder out of Ohio *. They come salt ready, and are tough as nails. I got a crankbait, which unfortunately won't cast far enough for the surf. It'll be good for large mouths. The glider, called the Pocket D, swims beautifully, a sub-surface walk with just reeling, and darts great when jerked. Just wish it had a little more distance, still an awesome plug. Got home tonight, and rigged it backwards, thinking it should sit in the water the same way, but act like a squid, and cast further. Any one try this? If this works, I'm calling it Cthulu or the kraken. *
  15. Upping the offer and figured if I’m asking for a Cyclone maybe I need to trade a Cyclone! Offering a 3/1 for the right plug. x-large Cyclone Mahi seimmer cyclone mahi peanut black talon carved gill glider. 3 plugs for a Cyclone trout I need. They are buried out there somewhere....
  16. Short version: Proven warrior/slayer Pikie in older, gorgeous bunker paint not seen in his current work. New small metal lip in his recent (and more complex) bunker pattern (green back fading to a hint of silver sides and pearl belly) weighs a little over 1 ½ oz. Prototype pearl glider that provides a unique insight re the path from idea to execution. Buy soon before I change my mind. The used Pikie is one of my favorite JigMan plugs and it pains me to sell it. I’m only selling it because I swore to myself that I’d cut down on the too-many plugs I own, I have a couple other Pikies that are so beat you’d never even glance at them, and—I hope—they will suffice when I need to clip on a Pikie of this size, style, and *approximate*color. (See below for more on colors.) This bad boy’s got well-earned mojo, along with the best colors of *any* of Andrew’s plugs that I’ve ever owned. My pics fail miserably to show off this older bunker color palette, with a rich color-shift green/gold back, and a purple side band that fades into a silvery pearl belly. (It's simple in a way, yet I find it perfect. I’ve yet to see *any* other of his plugs in that color.) I’ve tuned it to sashay on the surface now, but can be tuned to swim sub-surface. You can—OMG! CUE LIGHTNING BOLTS AND THE WRATH OF THOR!!—even bend the lip! (Andrew, if you’re reading this, I *know* that you’re chuckling, given all of our chats about lip bending. For those of you who don’t know Andrew, he has all but assured me that bending the lip on a plug will *not* condemn me to an angling life of getting skunked, catching shorts, or only catching sea robins. YMMV.) It has some dents and small scrapes, as you’d expect from any slayer plug. (I’ve sealed them all with Hard as Nails.) All hardware is perfect. (Note: There's no gold spot just aft of the eyes. The gold you see is just an artifact of the lighting.) The new small metal lip in bunker pattern (green back fading to a hint of silver sides and pearl belly) weighs a little over 1 ½ oz. I’m adding the prototype glider because I know that many of you are also big fans of his work and would enjoy seeing a real life example of his work-in-progress, which shows where weights were changed during his on-water testing, then quickly puttied over and painted. (If you’re looking for “gorgeous” in the traditional sense of the word, just stop reading right now because this isn’t that. If, however, you appreciate true craftsmanship, and what a great craftsman goes through during the path from idea to the realization of that idea, you’ll probably get it.) By its nature, it is indeed one of a kind. Weighing just shy of 2 oz as shown, this 5” flat-side glider has a greenish-gray back with pearl sides and belly and swims beautifully. With a very slow and steady retrieve you can make it swim lazily, with a bit of roll, in a nice smooth S-pattern some 6 to 12” wide—“la dee dah, I’m just hangin’ here, all nice n safe.” Bring it in a little more quickly to tighten up the lateral movement—“Time to move on.” (You can also accomplish both of these in current by changing your retrieve to manage the effective speed of the plug vs. the current. But you probably already knew that.) You won’t need much effort to make this glide out a foot or more to each side—“WTF??! I gotta escape!” Use a *slight* rod flick to the side (to start the glide out) and immediately drop your rod tip (to allow some slack in your line, which maximizes the glide distance). I use about a 2” tail flag to accentuate the S-shaped swimming characteristics described in the first two examples. Because flags can cut down on the lateral gliding distance, mine are usually tied pretty sparsely with a combination of hair and feathers. A shorter (say 1” or so) flag will accomplish the same thing. $56, immediate PP with USPS First Class shipping and tracking #. Not splitting. (If you’re thinking of buying this lot you should do it before I change my mind and make it either a two-plug lot or just sell the new plug by itself.)
  17. White 6 inch scabellys glider carried once and two seven inch surf asylum darters. $75 shipped for the lot.
  18. Looking to sell this gorgeous Black Talon hand carved gill, Sinister Glider. Colors on this are amazing. Has the weight on the top. $150 shipped.
  19. ODM glider & popper. $50 shipped. Payment via PP please.
  20. Looking for a GRS Brook Trout mini. I was able to grab a reverse mini, just not the regular. Offering a 2/1. My fire plug mini and this black talon sinister carved gill glider.
  21. Looking to trade this gorgeous marbeled herring, hand carved Black talon glider for a GRS. Rasta? Wb? Let’s see what’s out there
  22. Hey guys, I had an idea for a while about making a glide bait and recently dove in head first and made one. I really like the way it came out, but the side to side action isn't present. I was hoping on a steady retrieve that with twitches, it would zig and zag slightly. However, upon a steady retrieve it simply glides straight in. Does anyone have experience here that they can lend me a few tips/tricks? For reference, it has a large belly weight to keep it from going flat side up, and instead of a trailer or a tail hook I put a swivel with a colorado blade (could this be keeping it on a straight course? I haven't tried without). Also, the prototype design doesn't have much of a keel on the front, it is relatively flat. I thought maybe adding the keel could provide the action I am looking for. I have a few more blanks roughed out so I will be trying a few things myself, but I would appreciate any input you guys could give me.
  23. I am selling several lots of plugs, all of which are in good to great condition. Many of these aren't produced anymore and come from the midwest for musky. I am only interested in cash, not trades. Willing to combine lots for deals or mix and match lots. Thanks! First Lot is a pair of handmade Cobbs Lures for $40: Roundnose Glider (top) and Crazy Shad (botttom): Second Lot is $35 and consists of (from top to bottom): River2Sea Wide Glide, Rapala Subwalk, Salmon Glider, and Mania Magic Maker Third Lot is $30 and consists of (from top to bottom): Al Gags Shad, Leo Lures Jerk Bait, and Fudally Reef Hawg Fourth Lot is $35 and consists of (from top to bottom): An unkown old school jointed plug, Drifter Stalker, Mouldy's Original Hawg Wobbler, and a Crane's 208 plug.
  24. New rm smith waverer in weakfish and new linesider69 glider in parrot. $60 shipped for the lot. CCW Cigar Danny in bone and small Danny in mullet. Both carried, the bone looks new besides a little oxidation on the hooks. The small Danny has a tiny dent on the head and some light scuffs. $42 shipped for the lot. SOLD