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Found 21 results

  1. I have 3, factory new Ron Arra blanks that are ready for a new home. I also have brand new, fuji KR-concept layouts that are matched perfectly for building each. I had planned to build these for myself but haven't gotten to them. (1) XRA 1205-2 for $200 Guide layout: BCMNAT HD top 08(09) - 3.6mm tube, BCKWFG 20, BCLKWFG 12, BCLKWFG 10, and BCLKWFG 8 runners x3 - all for $60 (2) XRA 1383-2 for $275 - each (2) Guide layout(s): BCMNAT HD top 08(7.5) - 3.0mm tube, BCKWFG 25, BCKWFG 16, BCLKWFG 10, and BCLKWFG 8 runners x7 - $80 each layout Would prefer local meetup near Columbia, MD or Lewes, DE. Would be willing to take $750 for everything. thanks for looking
  2. Blank is a FSC Titan 1207. -shrink wrapped the butt end -size 20 fuji ergo seat -1/2” cork with 1/2” spacing, shrink wrap on top rv25,rv16,kw12m, and kw10 is my reduction. Kt10x 5 to the top. I used kw12m this time since it spaced out better with the kw10 choke. fuji 11/10 tip top Black w/silver trim is what I normally go for.
  3. Started on this build today. Blank is a 9’ fsc Raptor 3/4-4oz. Dunno if I want to keep it nice and light or make it fancy. KR concept with titanium torzite single foot laid out for my vs150 will be used. 20-10-7M-6L, kt6 to the tip is what I’m using for the Layout.
  4. My new rod will be 8 n bait rod using Seigler SM or avet sx. I built a 10' spinning rod using kr concept a couple years ago and its been great. What guides and ring sizes are recommend? The last heaver I built was an Allstar 1508 probably 18+ years ago.
  5. 11’ fsc marauder 1-5oz. Did My first fish pattern wrap. Anyways enjoy
  6. Rodgeeks xcomp803. teh black, gray ,light gray faded grip done at billy40's , scales wrap down with billy40 shaded pack, guides are some fuji tkwag's, guide wraps are fuji light gray,gray and black (good match to the eva). built this rod for the NC show but still havent finished it, need to do the fade on the split grip. will get to it during the lockdown.
  7. Definitely have to much inventory in stock but it comes in handy. was able to build a couple freshwater setups and get some fishing done with my son. here are some Fuji KL-H kr setups on a st croix and some rodgeeks blanks. Love these setups
  8. (I am new to the forum so please forgive potential rookie mistakes) I have recently acquired a handful of what I believe are deep sea / big game / trolling rods. I have a poor understanding of rods in general and need some help identifying and describing these rods. I have taken what I think are detailed pictures of each rod and written out any identifying marks. Any additional information or keywords to describe the rods would be a huge help! Here are the rods in question: https://imgur.com/a/FQOo95o Fishing Rod 1 - Aftco BillFisher AC80SP 8-93 - Measures 86", 7'2", Removable Aftco Base https://imgur.com/a/PKESAX2 Fishing Rod 2 - Aftco BillFisher AC50D 8-93 - Measures 84", 7' https://imgur.com/a/EVR7kxP Fishing Rod 3 - Seeker SL660XH-6' AR 50-80lb - Measures 6' https://imgur.com/a/Nor0s7r Fishing Rod 4 - Aftco ARS-2M - Measures 6' https://imgur.com/a/3w9PM7Q Fishing Rod 5 - Star Rods Handmade SUS1220HC 12-20lb Line 1/2-3 oz Lure - 6' 6" https://imgur.com/a/QhGtsq1 Fishing Rod 6 - Star Rods Handmade SUS1630HC 16-30lb Line 1-3 1/2 oz Lure - 6' 6" https://imgur.com/a/2XWoeoK Fishing Rod 7 - Fuji Seat Model FPS-D20GS - Measures 82" 6' 10" https://imgur.com/a/Ebx9DKz Fishing Rod 8 - Star Rods Handmade S812HC 8-12lb Line 1/4-3/4 oz Lure - 6' 6" https://imgur.com/a/Wfu972Q Fishing Rod 9 - Fuji Seat Model FPS-D20GS - Measures 82" 6' 10" https://imgur.com/a/Wfu972Q Fishing Rod 10 - Seeker PS85-7'S 20-40lb - Measures 7' https://imgur.com/a/gerQXOP Fishing Rod 11 - Shimano Triton BeastMaster - Measures 66", 5' 6"
  9. Found some nice instruction from Fuji site which can to be good starting point for new rod builder. It is not meant to be an absolute rule. Rather a reference point for new builders using KW/KR guides. I did some google translation work for spinner build and will post one for bait casting type if anyone wants it. I don't speak Japanese so my apologies in advance on rough translations... KR-New Guide Concept_Intro-Spinning.pdf
  10. Bunch of Fuji guides. Some vintage some more recent. Used and new - all different types. Butt caps and large reel seat. Everything you see. All useable. Not broken. $ 28 shipped. Any payment. Thanks!
  11. WTS my backup new Custom Century Stealth S-2 1326 11’ - 2-5oz Rod built by Chris Abut. It was wrapped with Fuji’s best Torzite guides. The rod is super light and can handle big fish in big current. It’s a parabolic rod that takes less energy to cast compared to the Slingshot series. $485 Stella 3000 Reel 9.5 out of 10. It includes everything that originally came with. $375 I would consider trade for other quality fishing products.
  12. What’s your opinion on this topic
  13. Many of you are now aware of Fuji's new CC (Corrosion Control) frame treatment and may also be aware of the independent lab results showing that indeed the treatment extends the life of stainless some 7 times longer vs untreated frames. Currently the CC and BC (dark grey) are available in K-Series guides only but, Fuji has recently added the CC treatment to the MN (no BC). It is available in ALCONITE only. Surf rod builders are one of the last strongholds of MN support...so if you would like to see the MN available in CC - now is the time to let us know.
  14. Want to buy 2 x size 20 fuji DNPSD Deluxe Ergonomic Spinning Seats. Let me know if you have them and your price shipped to NY.
  15. Hi, This is a Custom built on the Century Sling Shot SS1267. This is 2 pc. 10'6" 2-5 oz. This has been test casted at one outing with a bunker spoon and it casts a mile. My shoulder is not cooperating so back to bait for me Silver/Red and it has name "Just Pat" on it. 464.00 is new off the shelf price, so 375.00 paypal. (Of course this was built from the blank 341.00 plus Fuji components plus labor) Thanks for looking, Pat
  16. Hit the power ball recently and have a ugly stick that you want to spruce up? Take a gander at these FUJI limited Ruby Ring 7 guide set Luckily the JPY rate is very low at the moment. It will only set you back about a grand.
  17. Best in-class custom diawa saltiga ballistic 35. Built by Keystone Custom rods, formerly in PA. Additional pics on Keystone website. Made to showcase the Keystone brand potential. All the best Fuji components; trigger seat, titanium guides and tiptop. Weighted butt-cap system (diawa factory) with 29" to trigger. Perfect mid heaver for big fall fish and serious drum fishing. Excellent casting performace with 6-8oz. and bait. Subtle diamond decorative wrap above handle and matching guide wraps in maroon, metallic gold, silver, and red with xflock shrink handle. This is the finest conv. layout I have cast on this blank; titanuim SV 25 - 20 - 16 - 16, and N 16 - 16, with titanuim 16 tiptop. Total of 6 guides plus tiptop. Super light and super crisp. I have owned this rod since 2014. Rarely used and is in perfect condition. $425 shipped paypal Please let me know if you have questions. Best Judah
  18. I've built tons of fly rods over the years but this is going to be my first spinning rod build and a surf rod at that. The blank is a 10' Carolina Cast Pro / 1-4oz and will be used for chucking plugs and tins from beaches and jetties. The reel is a Penn SSV 6500 Bailess with 30lb braid. The question I have is about the guides and I wanted to get your opinions. I'm going with the Fuji KR-Concept and was thinking about this guide layout. RV25 - RV16 - KW12m - KW10m - KW7 - KW7 - KW7 - KG7 Tip. The KR-Concept and guide selection was a little confusing at first but has become more clear over time and any guidance would be most appreciated. Thanks y'all.
  19. Mixed Lot of 23 Guides w/some Fujis & some used - $30 PP & Shipped CONUS Fuji Lot of 7 Guides, New & In Original Mudhole bags KTAG - 7J, KLAG-8M, KLAG-7L, KLAG-7M, BLCAG-16J, BKWAG-10J & BKWAG-16J $27 PP & Shipped CONUS
  20. <p>So I just got done laying down the guides on my first build, I'm attempting a concept guide laytout for a 150 and after looking at the guides I'm just a little unsure as to weather or not I got it right. Anyone who can kindly give me some corrective criticism here would be awesome!Here's my guide layout Kwsg-30j 22 1/2" from reel face,Kwsg-16j 44" (22 1/2" from previous guide)Ktsg-10j 53 1/2" (9 1/2" from previous guide)Ktsg-8j 61" (7 1/2" from previous guide) and 6 more ktsg-8j guides spaced 4 2/8th inches apart to the tip. Rod is a phenix black diamond psw909h 25/50 with a vs150 on it
  21. 2 Old School Mildrums – $12 2 Fuji Guides -- $12 8 Guide Set – $35 5 Guide Set – $25 8 Guide Set (Fuji's & ???) – $20 All for $80 Paypal + $5.05 S&H USPS Priority - bulk S&H for 2 or more sets.
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