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  1. Bought a few weeks ago thinking I'd have the time to really get into swimbait fishing, but that doesn't look like it's happening lol. Rod is a Daiwa DX extra heavy rated 3-10 oz. Used maybe 3 times and is basically brand new. Reel and bait not included. This would also make a great bottom fishing rod if you don't mind the 8 foot length. Asking $85 picked up in or near Hull MA 02045. More pics if you need em. Thanks!
  2. Anyone have one? Not the inshore, the old model freshwater casting (believe they discontinued them). Located in MA thanks
  3. I have an 8 ft. swimbait rod built by Chris at Aubut rods. It's rated 1-5 oz and throws its range perfectly. Paired up with a shimano cardiff 301 spooled with 20 lb big game mono. I don't do much swimbait fishing anymore so it's just been collecting dust. It could also double as a light bottom fishing/kayak rod. Asking $200 for the combo picked up North shore or South shore of MA. I'll even throw in the wakebait that's tied on. Thanks guys!
  4. Anyone using the 8WT for the salt? Anyone using the 7WT at all? Casted the 7WT and it was crisp, light and accurate. Unfortunately, most rods behave this way on the grass. Would like to hear some real world experiences.
  5. Hello, I'm hoping to start a thread where people who do freshwater or saltwater fishing could share information and possibly meet up and go fishing. I live in Boston and have been kayak fishing for little over a year all freshwater throughout MA and NH, I'm looking to start doing some saltwater fishing and would love to meet/go out with others who are more experienced in inshore/offshore fishing. I was out in Dorchester Bay for the first time 2 weeks ago and caught a few stripers biggest about 22". Dealing with the wind and waves was an experience but overall I enjoyed it. I went out again this week and made a killing over a dozen fish trolling a tube and worm, none were over 22" but it was a great day! If anyone is going out and wouldn't mind me and possibly my cousin tagging along or want to tag along with us when we go out let me know.
  6. Need a recommendation on a crankbait reel that won't break the bank. Looking for something with a lower gear ratio around 5.4:1 or around there. Thanks!
  7. Looking for some smaller metal lips (4-6") preferably in freshwater colors. Thanks
  8. I have a lightly used Dobyns champion xp 867 swimbait stick for sale. It's 8'6 casting, and rated 4-16 oz but I wouldn't throw more than 6.5 with it. Would also double as a decent schoolie rod. Asking $225 picked up in Hull MA (not shipping due to length). Will post more pics upon request
  9. Hey All, I am looking for a G. Loomis GLX or NRX 9' 4 piece #6 and a #4. Let me know what you got and what you want for it. Thanks Brent
  10. Like the title states. $65 shipped. PP only. Thanks for looking.
  11. Never used. Beautiful condition. Spinning. Fast action. 7ft. 1 piece. 1/4 - 5/8 oz lure. Perfect for largemouth. Will add a never used Daiwa D-Force 2500 reel. $40 pickup SE MA.
  12. Looking for a fishing group/organisation in Mass Hi everybody ! I newly moved in the states to live with my American wife in Massachusetts. I did some fishing in salted water in the past but I am beginner. I would love to feed myself with fish and fish as often as possible. Where and how can I find in MA a group/organisation that would teach me how to fish ? I am not looking for course but for a group of friendly people ready to take me with them and fish with me.
  13. Looking for a 7' premier casting rod in the heavy model. Located Hull MA. Thanks
  14. Hello, I'm hoping to start a thread where people who do freshwater or saltwater fishing could share information and possibly meet up and go fishing. I live in Boston and have been kayak fishing for little over a year all freshwater throughout MA and NH, I'm looking to start doing some saltwater fishing and would love to meet/go out with others who are more experienced in inshore/offshore fishing. I was out in Dorchester Bay for the first time last week and caught a few stripers biggest about 22". Dealing with the wind and waves was an experience but overall I enjoyed it. I'm looking to go out tomorrow to fish for stripers, I'm not sure where I'm going, Possibly Dorchester Bay/Boston Harbor or somewhere south shore. If anyone is going out tomorrow and wouldn't mind me and possibly my cousin tagging along or want to tag along with us let me know.
  15. Never used live for bass but I wanna give it a shot. Anybody catch their own golden shiners for bait? Talking about the big 7-12 inch ones. I read that you can use bread or meal worms on a small hook but I'm assuming you'll catch alot of bluegills or perch too. Is there a way to just target the shiners?
  16. Beautiful, deep blue colored, lightly used, kept on rod rack, fantastic condition. $160. Selling new on St Croix’s website for $279. St Croix‘s description: LEGEND TOURNAMENT® BASS SPINNING RODS feature: Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) tooling technology. Advanced Reinforcing Technology™ (ART™). High-modulus/high-strain SCIV graphite with FRS for unparalleled strength and durability. Fuji® K-Series tangle-free guides with Alconite® rings and Corrosion Control™ (CC™) matte finish frames. Fuji® PTS blank-touch reel seat with built-in hood on casting rods. Fuji® TVS blank-touch reel seat with built-in hood on spinning rods. Machined-aluminum wind check and trim pieces. Split-grip/super-grade cork handle. Kigan hook-keeper. Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish. Technique-specific bass series features unrivaled technology and performance. Designed and handcrafted in Park Falls, U.S.A
  17. we can go by Region or Metro: Boat fish do count. Miami Inshore: we've had consistent East North East winds and a recent dose of King Tides. Lots of beach erosion. It appears that the Mullet have moved on northward as my evening jaunts have been without sight of schools or predators. I will hit the beach this weekend to see if the beach erosion has stirred up the food chain. The last time we saw this was after Irma and it turned on the ladyfish as well as rare reports of redfish being released. Offshore: Dolphin and Swords still showing up at the marina for the Offshore crowd. I anticipate a banner year for Sails. Wahoo tend to show up inshore when you are flying kites. Bridges: Not seeing or hearing much activity. Some snook being spotted in the residential areas, but that's a tease. Freshwater: Exotics on tap. As of last week we had a slow-pick and mostly smallish peacocks on rapalas and yo-zuri stick baits. The spawn is a little late but should pick up.
  18. For those of you that don't think LMB over 10 pounds are possible up here in New England, check out this bad Larry that some kid pulled out of a local lake a few weeks ago! Some of you might call BS but according to the shop owner who gave me the pic, she went 11 lbs and some change. Caught on a shiner and safely released. Let's hope he got a state pin!!
  19. Hey Gang! Hope everyone is enjoying their fishing while it lasts before winter comes. On that subject, what fishing, if any, can be done in the December-March months. I am on the Delaware River and can reasonably access anywhere from Trenton to Easton for a trip. I know that the shad will begin biting late winter, perhaps earlier if we're lucky. I have heard of people catching Musky and Walleye in the river, not sure what time of year. I have also been well informed that the Musky is a fish of ten thousand casts. Bottom line, what fish can be expected to be caught if I were to head out to the Delaware for a trip between Dec & March. Thanks in advance! OutdoorLover
  20. For Sale: Heddon’s DOWAGIAC MINNOW RAINBOW No. 176 WOOD BOX. Box is in original as found condition (very good condition). I did not clean it, should clean up nicely. Box is printed on all 5 sides in very good red print. There is a piece of 1.5” X 2/16” from the corner of the slide cover missing, but the printing is not affected. $135 shipped. FIRM
  21. Hi all, I am at student at UMass Amherst, and am in desperate need of some places to fish. I would ideally like to target largemouth, smallmouth, trout or anything else up here that is willing to bite. I have no idea where to fish. I have tried a few ponds I've seen on google maps, but have had minimal success. I have two spinning rods with staple freshwater lures (jerkbaits, spinner baits, spinners, jigs, plastics, topwater, etc.), as well as a fly rod with some basic flies. I am definitely more apt to fish with spin tackle though. It's also worth noting that I have a pair of fishing waders. Can anyone direct me to any spots that have shore fishing access near Amherst? I have access to a car and willing to drive up to 45 minutes away. I would love to fish some places like the Connecticut River, the Deerfield, or the Oxbow, but have no idea where these places have shore access or where to even start fishing bodies of water like that. I am new to StripersOnline, and this seems like an awesome resource for fishermen. I am from South Jersey and spend the majority of time fishing at home in the back bays or in the ocean for stripers, flounder, weakfish, bluefish, or anything else that bites. I also fish a lot of small ponds near me. I would consider myself a good fisherman, but have caught very little in Mass since coming up here. I feel very much out of my element. I would greatly appreciate any advice or tips on how to fish in the Pioneer Valley.
  22. For you fellow bass guys out there, is it too early to start night fishing? Water temps are still in the high 30s in my area, but I've heard of some people catching big fish very early in the season at night. If anybody does it and has had luck, some tips would be great!
  23. Up for sale is a huge lot of soft plastics, tons of baits, types, and colors. INCLUDES: Berkley maxscent lures, powebait, zoom flukes and brush hawgs, and strike king tubes. Here is what is available by style bait and color: MAXSCENTS: $4.00 a bag, 40 bags total 5 inch generals (senkos): 3 bags baby bass 3 bags green pumpkin party 4 bags green pumpkin 3 bags junebug 4 inch Flatnose minnows (like flukes): 3 bags brown back 4 bags blue back 10 bags white pearl 4 inchCreature hawg (beaver/craw baits): 3 bags grn pump/water 3 bags green pumpkin 4 bags south Africa special POWERBAIT: $2.00 a bag 7 inch powerworms: 20 bags of midnight fire color 3 bags green pumpkin blue fleck 5.5 inch rib snakes ZOOM: Baby brush hogs: $2.50 a bag 1 bag watermelon seed 2 bags watermelon red "The flukes": $2 a bag 12 bags of albino color STRIKE KING TUBES: $2.00 a bag 2.75 inch bitsy tubes: 9 packs of green pumpkin red flake By my counts I have 87 total packs available. I would like $4 a bag for the maxscents (which retail $6.99), $2 a bag on powerworms, $2.50 a bag for brush hogs, and $2 a bag on flukes and strike king tubes. By my math, the whole lot would come out to $256 at those prices. I'll sell the whole lot for $215 shipped, or if split buy as many as you want for listed price plus $5 shipping. Buy $40 or more and I'll cover shipping.
  24. About 3 years ago after a life fishing the surf and saltwater I decided to learn as much as I could about the fresh water fishery and explored NJ's various lakes and ponds. Had so much success that summer catchen some beautiful largemouth. Really was amazed by the tranquilty of the fishing. Very different from the intensity of surf fishing with regards to crowds, conditions, and equipment. Was wondering, any of you guys split your time up throughout the "peak" salt water months (April-December)? Really enjoyed that particular summer and thinken of sprinkling in a few sweetwater sessions throughout the coming season. Having grown up along the NJ coast, salt will always be my 1st love, but I definitely became hooked to the new world of freshwater. Just curious if any of you take a break from the usual routine of hunting for stripes, blues, and albis to go after large, sunnys, crappie, and other NJ freshwater fish. Good luck to all.
  25. Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe today announced the filing of rule amendments that will designate 749 miles of rivers and streams as Category One waterways, marking the first time in more than a decade that the state has designated waterways to this high level of protection. “Category One waterways provide drinking water and sustain important fish and aquatic resources,” Commissioner McCabe said. “In addition, the actions the state takes to preserve water quality for these waterways help protect ecosystems that provide important wildlife habitats and improve our quality of life.” Any wastewater or other regulated discharges impacting these waterways will need to meet stringent water quality standards. These areas also will be afforded 300-foot development buffers under the Flood Hazard Area Control Act, better protecting water quality as well as lives and property. The DEP filed the proposed classification changes in the New Jersey Register as amendments to its Surface Water Quality Standards Rule. Upon adoption, these will be the first additions of Category 1, or C-1, waterways since 2008, when the state designated 686 miles of rivers and streams to this high level of protection. Specifically, the DEP proposes to upgrade 734 waterway miles for their exceptional ecological value and another 53 miles for their exceptional fishery resources. Thirty-eight miles overlap both categories. These waters flow through 67 municipalities within the Upper Delaware, Lower Delaware, Northwest, Raritan and Atlantic Coastal regions. Among the waterways to be classified are portions of the Pequest River in Warren County, the Salem River in Salem County, the South Branch of the Raritan River in Somerset and Hunterdon counties, the Lamington River in Hunterdon and Somerset counties, and the Ramapo River in Bergen County. The state uses a three-tiered system to designate waterways, with the top tier being those designated as Outstanding Natural Resource Waters that are to be set aside in their natural state for posterity. Many of these are in the Pinelands National Reserve. Some 6,800 miles of waterways are currently designated as Category 1 and are protected for their exceptional ecological, water supply, recreation, and/or fisheries values. All other waterways are designated Category 2. Those Category 2 waterways not meeting water quality criteria must be improved to meet these criteria. The classification system began in 1985, when the state began using Category 1 designations for waterways within parks and state wildlife management areas as well as trout production rivers. In 2003, the state broadened the scope of the designation to include waterways providing both exceptional ecological and exceptional water-supply significance. The DEP’s proposed upgrades for exceptional ecological value are based on stringent scientific criteria, including verifications by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife of suitable habitat for threatened and endangered species such as bog turtles and mussels, species that depend on high water quality. Similarly, the DEP based its reclassifications for exceptional fishery resources on trout sampling data over the course of multiple seasons. Over the years, the DEP has partnered on countless projects and initiatives to improve water quality, including projects to reduce stormwater runoff and educate the public about its effects, The DEP also works to restore eroded shorelines, remove obsolete dams to improve water flow and migratory fish passage, remove litter, monitor water quality, implement environmentally sound planning practices and address effluent from wastewater treatment plants and other dischargers. Publication of the classification upgrades in the New Jersey Register starts a 60-day public comment process. The DEP will hold a public hearing on April 8 at 1 p.m. at the New Jersey Forensic Science Technology Center Auditorium, 1200 Negron Drive, Hamilton 08691. Directions to the New Jersey Forensic Science Technology Center Auditorium are available at www.nj.gov/dep/enforcement/pcp/bpo/directions/directions-Hamilton.pdf. For a copy of the public notice and rule proposal, visit https://www.nj.gov/dep/rules/notices.html Written comments may be submitted electronically by May 3 at www.nj.gov/dep/rules/comments or by mail to: Gary J. Brower, Esq. ATTN: DEP Docket No. 01-19-01 NJ Department of Environmental Protection Office of Legal Affairs Mail Code 401-04L PO Box 402 401 East State Street 7th Floor Trenton, NJ 08625-0402 For more information on the DEP’s waterway-protection classification system, visitwww.nj.gov/dep/wms/bears/docs/swqsfactsheet2-antideg.pdf
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