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Found 24 results

  1. For you fellow bass guys out there, is it too early to start night fishing? Water temps are still in the high 30s in my area, but I've heard of some people catching big fish very early in the season at night. If anybody does it and has had luck, some tips would be great!
  2. Up for sale is a huge lot of soft plastics, tons of baits, types, and colors. INCLUDES: Berkley maxscent lures, powebait, zoom flukes and brush hawgs, and strike king tubes. Here is what is available by style bait and color: MAXSCENTS: $4.00 a bag, 40 bags total 5 inch generals (senkos): 3 bags baby bass 3 bags green pumpkin party 4 bags green pumpkin 3 bags junebug 4 inch Flatnose minnows (like flukes): 3 bags brown back 4 bags blue back 10 bags white pearl 4 inchCreature hawg (beaver/craw baits): 3 bags grn pump/water 3 bags green pumpkin 4 bags south Africa special POWERBAIT: $2.00 a bag 7 inch powerworms: 20 bags of midnight fire color 3 bags green pumpkin blue fleck 5.5 inch rib snakes ZOOM: Baby brush hogs: $2.50 a bag 1 bag watermelon seed 2 bags watermelon red "The flukes": $2 a bag 12 bags of albino color STRIKE KING TUBES: $2.00 a bag 2.75 inch bitsy tubes: 9 packs of green pumpkin red flake By my counts I have 87 total packs available. I would like $4 a bag for the maxscents (which retail $6.99), $2 a bag on powerworms, $2.50 a bag for brush hogs, and $2 a bag on flukes and strike king tubes. By my math, the whole lot would come out to $256 at those prices. I'll sell the whole lot for $215 shipped, or if split buy as many as you want for listed price plus $5 shipping. Buy $40 or more and I'll cover shipping.
  3. About 3 years ago after a life fishing the surf and saltwater I decided to learn as much as I could about the fresh water fishery and explored NJ's various lakes and ponds. Had so much success that summer catchen some beautiful largemouth. Really was amazed by the tranquilty of the fishing. Very different from the intensity of surf fishing with regards to crowds, conditions, and equipment. Was wondering, any of you guys split your time up throughout the "peak" salt water months (April-December)? Really enjoyed that particular summer and thinken of sprinkling in a few sweetwater sessions throughout the coming season. Having grown up along the NJ coast, salt will always be my 1st love, but I definitely became hooked to the new world of freshwater. Just curious if any of you take a break from the usual routine of hunting for stripes, blues, and albis to go after large, sunnys, crappie, and other NJ freshwater fish. Good luck to all.
  4. Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe today announced the filing of rule amendments that will designate 749 miles of rivers and streams as Category One waterways, marking the first time in more than a decade that the state has designated waterways to this high level of protection. “Category One waterways provide drinking water and sustain important fish and aquatic resources,” Commissioner McCabe said. “In addition, the actions the state takes to preserve water quality for these waterways help protect ecosystems that provide important wildlife habitats and improve our quality of life.” Any wastewater or other regulated discharges impacting these waterways will need to meet stringent water quality standards. These areas also will be afforded 300-foot development buffers under the Flood Hazard Area Control Act, better protecting water quality as well as lives and property. The DEP filed the proposed classification changes in the New Jersey Register as amendments to its Surface Water Quality Standards Rule. Upon adoption, these will be the first additions of Category 1, or C-1, waterways since 2008, when the state designated 686 miles of rivers and streams to this high level of protection. Specifically, the DEP proposes to upgrade 734 waterway miles for their exceptional ecological value and another 53 miles for their exceptional fishery resources. Thirty-eight miles overlap both categories. These waters flow through 67 municipalities within the Upper Delaware, Lower Delaware, Northwest, Raritan and Atlantic Coastal regions. Among the waterways to be classified are portions of the Pequest River in Warren County, the Salem River in Salem County, the South Branch of the Raritan River in Somerset and Hunterdon counties, the Lamington River in Hunterdon and Somerset counties, and the Ramapo River in Bergen County. The state uses a three-tiered system to designate waterways, with the top tier being those designated as Outstanding Natural Resource Waters that are to be set aside in their natural state for posterity. Many of these are in the Pinelands National Reserve. Some 6,800 miles of waterways are currently designated as Category 1 and are protected for their exceptional ecological, water supply, recreation, and/or fisheries values. All other waterways are designated Category 2. Those Category 2 waterways not meeting water quality criteria must be improved to meet these criteria. The classification system began in 1985, when the state began using Category 1 designations for waterways within parks and state wildlife management areas as well as trout production rivers. In 2003, the state broadened the scope of the designation to include waterways providing both exceptional ecological and exceptional water-supply significance. The DEP’s proposed upgrades for exceptional ecological value are based on stringent scientific criteria, including verifications by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife of suitable habitat for threatened and endangered species such as bog turtles and mussels, species that depend on high water quality. Similarly, the DEP based its reclassifications for exceptional fishery resources on trout sampling data over the course of multiple seasons. Over the years, the DEP has partnered on countless projects and initiatives to improve water quality, including projects to reduce stormwater runoff and educate the public about its effects, The DEP also works to restore eroded shorelines, remove obsolete dams to improve water flow and migratory fish passage, remove litter, monitor water quality, implement environmentally sound planning practices and address effluent from wastewater treatment plants and other dischargers. Publication of the classification upgrades in the New Jersey Register starts a 60-day public comment process. The DEP will hold a public hearing on April 8 at 1 p.m. at the New Jersey Forensic Science Technology Center Auditorium, 1200 Negron Drive, Hamilton 08691. Directions to the New Jersey Forensic Science Technology Center Auditorium are available at For a copy of the public notice and rule proposal, visit Written comments may be submitted electronically by May 3 at or by mail to: Gary J. Brower, Esq. ATTN: DEP Docket No. 01-19-01 NJ Department of Environmental Protection Office of Legal Affairs Mail Code 401-04L PO Box 402 401 East State Street 7th Floor Trenton, NJ 08625-0402 For more information on the DEP’s waterway-protection classification system,
  5. Folks, I have been fly fishing freshwater for many (a lot) years, but realise that saltwater crossover is like going back to the first rung on the ladder. I can tie, cast and read a river but I would like to get some input from the forum as to what the real key challenges are. I know there will be a giant list of points, but if contributers could put down their top 3 challenges that they have experienced in moving to saltwater that would help myself (and hopefully others) understand where to concentrate our learning. I am thinking of presentation, retrieve, blind / targetted rather than kit but also input on KEY equipment is very welcome. Thanks Jim
  6. I was asked by a friend who lives in south FL to make some spinnerbaits that will imitate Gold Shiners. He referenced a Booyah color that he liked, so I made them for him. The two togegther are 1/2 oz.and molded on an Owner 5/0 hook. Powder painted, with a tied skirt. The other is 1 oz., also with an Owner 5/0 hook.
  7. Does anyone target snakehead? If so do you release them?
  8. Is anyone here familiar enough with Bolton Lakes that they could PM some info to me? My boss has an 11-year old son who wants to go fishing but neither he nor his father have any experience at all. They live in South Windsor so I thought that the Bolton Lakes would be convenient. I, however, have never been there. For a first time, I think bluegills and other panfish would be fun. So, although I will have various lures with me, we could be drowning worms and watching bobbers. Any suggestions on where - even the best parking area would be helpful. We would only be fishing from shore. It’s getting late in the season but I think we still have time.
  9. Hey guys, my fathers birthday is coming up and he really wants this reel so if you have it and dont mind parting with it id really, highly appreciate it. shimano symetre 500. He had one, he loved it, and it got damaged on his last fishing escape. It was crushed between the tailgate with the strength of a old drunk italian man... so, please let me know, thank you!!
  10. Has anybody used the St Croix musky spinning rod? If so how well can it throw lures over 4 ounces? How stiff is it?
  11. Okuma Sierra s 5/6 fly reel, loaded with new Cortland 444 peach DT6F fly line and backing, reel looks new, no visible wear. Ready to fish. Set up for right hand wind, easily switched over. Comes with neoprene reel case from Islamorada. $42.00 shipped
  12. So, I start my morning at the lake around 5:15am, sunrise is approx. 6:10-15am. (I’m lucky to work at a college, surrounded by a huge lake and every morning, I see dozens of bass boat launch) My First choice is top water poppers typically then to a different style top water, of a few different patterns, colors, sizes, etc. My retrieval starts slow, a pop at a time. At times I let the ripples fade away then make another set of ripples or I pop frequently and at faster rate. I have also used jerk baits. The Lake is smooth as glass and bass are jumping all around me. And still NOTHING!!!!! What I'm I doing wrong??? Please advise
  13. Never used live for bass but I wanna give it a shot. Anybody catch their own golden shiners for bait? Talking about the big 7-12 inch ones. I read that you can use bread or meal worms on a small hook but I'm assuming you'll catch alot of bluegills or perch too. Is there a way to just target the shiners?
  14. This fall and winter I'm planning on getting more into swimbait fishing. I'm at the point where I'd rather catch one 5-8 pounder than a bunch of 1-2 pound dinks. I'm talking about the big baits like they throw out in Cali Huddlestons, deps, s-wavers, etc. Was wondering who else has some experience with this type of fishing up here in NE and maybe if you can give a newbie a few tips?? To catch a double digit largie is second only to joining the 50 pounder club on my bucket list
  15. Ok, I have been gifted a handfull of johnson 1/8oz spoons in various colors. I'll be honest, I have never used a spoon before so I don't know techniques for temp., species, or time of year. I got a recommendation to try a silver one for skipjack (catfish bait) but would the hook on the 1/8 oz be too large? (I want this to be an open topic and maybe lead to a start of newbie threads to explain certain bait/lure presentations.) I did find some info but for that specific question I can't find answer. Thank you all and good luck fishing.
  16. Hi all, I was wondering what are some top areas to fish in the northeast, preferably in Massachusetts while I wait out the saltwater migration? Thanks, saltyfishing01
  17. Heya fellas, figured it deserved its own thread. Here are some pictures from this year with the trucktrout. These little guys are a blast on the ultralight rods and really make the spring time bearable while we wait for the striped ones to return to the salt water. Heard they're starting to drop in some brood stock to the local ponds. I like how you can see them getting bigger each week. Lets see some pictures!
  18. Hey im new here and am keen to pick up some tips from foreign fisherman. I'm from singapore and mainly fishes for freshwater fishes like the peacock bass. When i was in the UK last april i found it tough to hook up on the pikes and perches. would like to know of some tips. Fishing in singapore is very much illegal.. pressured fishing grounds but occasional surprises! i would be posting my catches from here and i hope to see more of the catches from your side too! Tight lines to all here's one decent peacock bass i caught on a lure i purchased online. pretty decent size and caught on a slow constant retrieve called the keitech rubbers, wonder if its popular at your side too? To use such soft plastcs?
  19. some of them are new, some used freshwater lures.All in good conditions.But I dont need them anymore I am looking for $35 for all of them. Cover shipping label, PP accepted. Thanks all.
  20. Hey guys, I am a beginner angler and I'm thinking of getting a trout stamp for this weekend's trout season opening. I just wanted to know if it's worth it and what types of lures to use and tips on how to fish for them. Thanks in advance.
  21. Diawa 1300 ss long cast with extra spool (bought separately), well used and maintained, no box: $75 shipped Energy 40 w/box, I believe model before current model, fished once in saltwater but otherwise new. Salt exposure removed some of the holographic color around crank - see pic - but otherwise basically unused: $75 shipped Penn 330 GT conventional spooled with leadcore 36#, mono topshot and 50# braid backing, discontinued model but only used few times with box and clamp: $55 shipped. All three $195 shipped. Cash meet up all three for $180. Check or Mo, or cash for local meet up, southern CT fast/easy, SC RI area will be up in next few weeks.
  22. Freshwater Bass Lot 75$ shipped for entire lot
  23. Hey guys, I made a video about my yearly trip to the Adirondacks in August. My goal was to catch my first northern pike, but I ended up with a lot more then that. Enjoy
  24. Hello Stripers Anglers First at all I want to thanks to Tim for helping me to reset my password, and I hope all of you are having excellent fishing days.. This time I want to share my last "How To Do" video where I did the Protoype of my last homemade lures. My new Attila Fat Minnow “S” …. “S” because it is sinking action… It is a lure made from Balsa wood and I thought to designed it with the purpose for spinning fishing from the saltwater shores or on board. In particular, I want to use the Attila Fat Minnow to catch some Flounders and Corvinas (Weakfish), but I'm sure it woill work very well with other species. This first prototype is a sinking one, but also, I am doing Suspending and Floating versions… it will depends on fishing conditions and kind of fish that I’m looking for. Actually this video is Part 1 of two videos. In Part 1 I do a quick summary of main steps that I followed to do it … Here is the list of materials and tools I used: Materials: - 4mm x 20mm x 120mm Balsa wood - 1mm diameter x 210mm Stainless Steel wire - 2.5mm x 30mm Diameter Lead wire - Epoxy Resine - Super Glue - Wood Cement - ¼” Balls bearing (stainless) - 5mm Strong Magnet - 60mm Strip Aluminium (made from soda cans) - 2mm Transparent Polycarbonate for lips Tools: - Cutter - Steel ruler, Vernier Caliper - Sand paper # 180, 200, 400 - Limes - Hacksaw, Fine saw - Drill - Vise - Pliers After this first introduction video, a second one will come as Part 2 where I’m going to show the finishing summary: Aerograph painting, holograms, eyes, gills, etc…. In parallel I am preparing and editing a four chapters series with all the details in each step. I hope you like this video, thank you for watching and please give me your comments. Whoever wants please give a LIKE after watching the video. Have a safe fishing… Here is the Youtube link to see the prototype: