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Found 13 results

  1. And Now for Something Completely Different ... I almost forgot about the date today but it was that day when one of our retired palls would do a little guiding for us at an ornamental pond in order to catch carp. The evil plan was to chum the carp up to the surface with dog biscuits and then use imitations to catch them. Not my kind of fishing but what the heck ... one day was bearable. So the dog biscuits flew into the pond and not long after that the carp came up carefully sucking down the biscuits. The fish were wary though and I missed quite a few strikes. But it was fun to watch the fish come up and most of our group except the guide caught fish. We had reserved at a nearby eatery to end the day in the style. I went for the pork chops and the nutcracker icecream dessert ... it was good.
  2. (Disclaimer: This thread will be very pretentious and both pinkies will be up.) This is our first long term vacation since the winter of 2019 due to the pandemic. Wife and I will be leaving today to go on a small ship luxury ocean cruise via Silversea cruise line. We fly out of Dulles to Reykjavik Iceland where we will spend a glorious three nights. We then will fly from Reykjavik where we will board the ship in Copenhagen. Silversea is an ultra-luxury small ship cruise line. We are on the Silver Whisper. There will only be approx. 280 passengers and 280 staff. We will have our own butler and room cleaning person (these two folks are shared between 5 and 12 suites respectively). We will have two formal or black-tie events during our ten nights on the ship. For the other nights jackets are required for men and semi formal for the women after six pm for any of the public venues on the ship. As for the cost so far for this cruise and we haven't yet left home (here comes the rude pretentious part) we have spent a little over $30,000. This cruise is all inclusive for the most part. Our first port of call will be Oslo Norway. So....for this thread starting when we land in Reykjavik, I will be posting on a daily basis many food pictures, land pictures and on and on. This will not be a Tails & Lies thread as per SIM because I could never replicate his style and wit. Any way I look forward to sharing as there might be some out there who are interested in going on a cruise or visiting the cities, we will be in. And besides the pretentious sharing of the food pics will give me great eye rolling pleasure.
  3. With the weather going downhill and rain forecast in the morning I started late. I opted for a short session at river nr.2 where the mill pool was always interesting to fish. My goals for river nr.2 where a. catch a trout b. catch a large pech c. get one a large pike. When I arrived at the pool nobody was fishing. Water flowed over the weir so the turbine was out of action. I floated a squirmy along the current seam and got a tiny perch as first fish of the day. Despite the shallowness the water was murky, I could barely make out the debis and stone on the mill pool bottom. What I did notice was a really massive pike swimming just in front of me. Like a submarine it slowly glided past me … a big sucker. Just I was about to switch to a streamer the landlord of the pub switched on the turbine. The water level suddenly rose and tons of debris came floating down. Visibility was now almost zero … could not spot the pike anymore. I fished a small streamer in perch livery with a trace but had no hook ups. Just once I noticed a large perch pursuing the fly but at a secure distance .. not fooled. I figured maybe the trace put the perch off so I tied on another streamer straight onto the tippet. Off course the next thing was that a small pike hit the fly and severed the tippet. So trace went on again this time with a nice small streamer with some flash. I tossed the fly in the same area where I had lost the pike and behold a second strike. I was pretty sure it was the same pike due to its size. A few moments later I noticed the large pike again, it had returned to the end of the pool and was right in front of me. I fished the streamer right past it but the fish moved slowly backwards upon seeing the streamer. Guess that size did not come because the fish was stupid. With the pike not cooperating I tried the stream itself with the squirmy and the perdigon nymphs but besides a small dace I only got bites from the pesky gudgeons. I had hoped for a trout but those where a rarity in that stream. Before I called it quits I tried the head of the pool right under the mill weir. By now the water had dropped and some clarity had returned. A cast perpendicular to the turbine outflow yielded a strike from a bigger pike. The pike missed but I was hoping the fish would still be around for a second try. A few casts later the fish was on and it fought pretty well for a pike. Off course fun on a 4-weight glass rod. The work had been done and so it was early off to the pub which conveniently was located next to the mill pool. There was a lot more action going on than at the African pub even though the weather was pretty poor. I opted to sit at the bar with one of the regulars and decided to do a little beer tasting. I started with the Benediktiner Weizen dunkel. When I saw a tray leaving the bar with an unfamiliar beer to me I asked what it was. Rolinck Westfalisch Alt … so I had one of those. As it was chow time I switched seating to a table and ordered the soup of the day. It was the so called wedding soup and it went down well. Main course was the Chili burger and happy to say that it had the nacho’s and peppers. To flush away the main course I opted for the Th. Konig Zwickel Keller beer just to make my beer tasting complete for the day. Off course I could not go home without the obligatory cake and koffee (cheesecake).
  4. It was nice weather so I tried chub once more. At my hotspot there was not a single fish to be seen. But I noticed some of the big chub at spots where I could not get to. High steep banks made casting impossible as you got stuck in the high grass on the backcast. Furthermore it was almost impossible to land a fish without getting wet = jump in the drink and then figure a way to get out. I tried the open field and found some fish but they where all cruising to somewhere and not inclined to take a surface fly. I was almost about to give up when I spotted a few mayflies buzzing around which made me stay and visit another spot. From a bridge I spotted a big chub and it was stationary moving about in the pool looking for food. Again steep banks but it was possible to slide down the bridge embankment and find some footing on the rip rap in order to land a fish. I went down to the bank and hid behind the high grass but could not spot the fish anymore. I feared he was on to me but suddenly I spotted him right under the bank where I was standing. A quick flip with the rod and the mayfly dropped on the water, the chub instantly moved forward and grabbed the fly. Managed to fight the fish and keep it out of the weeds, 50cm prime chub ... happy. With the first big chub under the belt I went to the upstream section to try for trout. I noticed that the big trout was still present but when it spotted me it shot off downstream to be never seen again. Luckily I got another nice one further upstream. With the work of the day done it was time to hit the pub. Went again for the feta cheese appetizer and the noodle main coarse. Topped it of with Cappuccino and a piece of chocolate mousse cake.
  5. And off course next day we did the same ... sort off. I actually overslept and when I came at the water I encountered all kind of flyfishing riff raff ... well I knew them by name. I gave my friends some intel and headed out further afield. A lot of debris from the trees on the water and since it had not rained for a considerable time the water was low. Did not get a bite until I dragged a weighted woolly bugger through a pool. It yielded a nice little trout so at least I avoided the skunk. In the woods I spotted a rising fish and as the rings where small I assumed it was a dace. I tossed a small fly near the fish and bang fish on, it was not a dace as they do not jump. Turned out to be a very acrobatic brown trout bit it eventually threw the fly. The plan was to meet the riff raff at the pub but apparently one of them had to get home early so I had the place for myself. Off course there where plenty of folk sitting outside but I preferred the quietness of the inside dining to the noise of motorcycles and farming equipment of the main road. This time I went for the Bruschetta as appetizer with as main course the pork chops with mushrooms. Finished all off with a Cappuccino and icecream ... with cream.
  6. The plans to go trout fishing today where ditched as an acquaintance had posted a pic of a large chub recently caught on a dry fly. So it was off to the chub stretch hoping I could spot one of the big ones. En route I had looked for fish in the surface but every spot I checked was empty. I had hoped to spot mayflies but did not encounter a single one. Chub fishing was best with mayflies or hoppers around. I went directly to what I figured would be the best spot to encounter chub. When I arrived I spotted two chub just moving out of range in the shallow water. Lucky for me one of the fish doubled back and came into range. I dropped a small dry fly in path of the fish and it went for it. The fish moved to the fly stopped for inspection and then inhaled it. This time I was patient enough to strike just at the right time. Not a monster fish but a nice one on the four weight rod. The weather had been nice but clouds where accumulating. In the afternoon showers where forecasted so I had to seek shelter in advance. I went to my old watering hole which I now called the African pub because the cook named Flora came from there. Just as I entered the pub it started raining, perfect timing. I had done some fieldwork and had noticed that the menu was online so I knew what I wanted to order. The menu was a bit pricey for the hillbillies of the village (including me) but what the heck … we had to try. I opted for the feta cheese hidden in puff pastry and covered by honey based sauce as starters. The main course was a pasta dish. To finish it all off I had the gooseberry cake with a cup of cappuccino. And it was good … I liked it. When I went out again the rain was heavy and thunder could be heard in the distance. Ideal conditions to sneak out to a place where fishing was not allowed. And yes … I hooked that trout but it came off. I soon was back in legal water and with the rain falling the bite was on. Nymphing yielded no fish but the squirmy did the trick on the roach as the water filled with debris flushed in by the rain. As I was fishing a shallow pool I suddenly spotted a large fish racing into my pool from very shallow water downstream. It had a brown colour and I was pondering what the heck it could be. A large brown trout in that shallow stream … hard to believe. The fish hid somewhere in the pool and the squirmy was not intercepted so I had to try something else. One of my friends had a lot of success recently with streamers. I tied on a heavier tippet with a big black woolly bugger and made a cast into the pool. That one cast was enough to get a hit from the trout and oh boy it was a big one. The fish took me all over the place and many times I believed it would come off. Miraculously the trout stayed on and after several hair raising runs I could beach the fish. 60cm of brown trout, my personal best ever and that out of the local stream. You could not wish for a better end of the day.
  7. Another session at the mill pool on a very windy day. I was not the first fisherman at the mill pool, a heron was perched near the weir. Surprisingly the turbine had been put into action so no water fell over the weir. At first I thought it was a good thing as I could fish the deeper water behind the weir but nothing showed up, not a single hit. Off course I tried a streamer with trace this time and guess what ... no pike to be seen in miles ... as if they knew. I changed plans and entered the end of the pool and slowly made my way towards the turbine outflow. That yielded two small roach and a perch but not the trout I had hoped for. The highlight of the mill pond was the stoat that came by and crossed the weir with a show of acrobatics. With the mill pool no good I tried the river and probed some of the deeper pools but only got some small perch and gudgeons to show for my efforts. To make matters worse when I walked back to the pub high on the bank I noticed a felt sole floating downstream.. I only realized later it came from my el cheapo wading boots. The only thing to do was to flush away my grief at the pub. It had been dead all morning but in the afternoon bikers came in droves with cyclists mixed in ... it was packed. It was also understaffed so I chucked a way a couple of cold ones and a cheeseburger and called it day ... wel almost. I made one more stop at a bridge downstream as the spot looked so fishy. Still no trout but at least I could two dace out of the riffle. Tomorrow I will try the other river again ... hope springs eternal
  8. Another pandemic year and again another plan B vacation. Since Joe would not let me in I had to forge other plans and so I went to the Hoch Sauerland region at the neighbors to the east. With all kinds of fall weather I chased the trout and grayling and did pretty good. Started fishing oct. 2nd and went through until the season ended on oct. 19th. The fishing was good and one of my friends decided he had to go to the same place where I was at just to have some decent fishing days this year. Hopefully plan A (SW FL) can be executed next year.
  9. Anyone with some recommendations and what to order? Whenever I go to the shore, I'm nostalgic for a slice of pizza on the boardwalk, or a hotdog at the Windmill. There used to be a great seafood place in Asbury Park called Net Lanes. It was like a diner. But I think it closed down years ago.
  10. If it is Turkey, then what other side dish do you like the most? For me, it is stuffing with gravy and brussel sprouts cooked in bacon and maple syrup until they are crunchy
  11. Anyone here follow the Mediterranean diet? I have elevated blood sugar (prediabetic numbers) and metabolic syndrome.I am considering this and working my way up to a regular regimen, but like any diet or lifestyle change, the beginning is tough. But I need to do something to change it before I reach the point where the damage is irreversible. I need to get my pantry in order with pro-diet items and purge the not so good ones. I spent a bunch of money this weekend on chicken, veg, and healthy snacks. I need to get meal plans together and meals cooked, but my work schedule make it tough to find time. Anyone on this diet, and can offer any success stories, tips, or can direct me to any online resources? I have two books that have good info I'm reading: Med Diet Cookbook for Dummies and The Complete Med. Diet by Michael Ozner Thanks all!!!
  12. Had this for an appetizer at Adriana's on Grand Ave. in New Haven earlier this year. That stuff is out of this world. Does anyone on here have recipe they'd like to share? I've tried looking this up on the interwebs with limited success. Does this mean the rest of the world doesn't know about this deliciously, tasty concoction of escarole, beans, and bread?
  13. I was never a huge fan of nitrate sticks, but recently I've had one and it was darn delicious... It was Boars Head (Natural Casing)... Killer snap on it and not super salty like other ones I've consumed in the past. What's your favorite brand wieners? I've had Oscar Meyers, Ball Park, Ball Park (Finest), Hebrew Nat, and Nathans... Pretty much all the major brands and none of those come close to the Boars Head brand IMHO.