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Found 24 results

  1. A "Jakes Snake" striper fly in classic white. (But tied by Dana at The Tackle Shop in Portland.)
  2. Selling a used silver Nautilus CCF-X2 6/8 in great condition with 8wt line and pouch. This is a great all around reel for the fresh or salt as its very light. I'm located on Cape Cod and I'm only interested in a local sale as I am not dealing with Paypal anymore. Price is $350.
  3. Up for sale is my Islander LX 4.0 reel. Asking $375 shipped or $365 local pickup. with Rio WF10 F/I fly line and backing. No longer using this size reel as I have moved back up north. Local pickup in Baltimore, Maryland or I can ship USPS priority. I have bought and sold lots of items on here and never had an issue. This is an awesome reel with a great drag sound if you like to hear the real scream.
  4. Hello people, Long time reader, first time poster. I haven’t seen any dedicated info or opinions on the airflo sniper line. I know there are a lot of anglers who use and love the rio obs series of lines. The airflo sniper is almost exactly the same dimensions but not too much info on the sniper. I’m looking to invest in a series of lines so that there will be consistency and no guess work on performance with using different brands. Is that a good idea? What are your applications? Being there are soo many options out there i feel like I'm guessing instead of buying with confidence. I was also looking into rio obs series. I’m going to be using these lines on my 9’ 8wt and echo beach boost 8wt 12’ th surf rod. I’d be using these on stillwater and the surf for any species. Thanks for the help! Cheers!
  5. Trying this again with price dropped. Lightly used Sage Response 8'6" 4 weight 4 piece rod with tube. $200 picked up western Essex County or Secaucus (where I work). Add $10 if shipping to continental US. The model shows 476-4, 7'6" but per the picture with tape measure it's 8'6". Great rod. Cash, postal/bank check, or PayPal. Thanks, MaCe1
  6. Hi Folks, New joiner here. Well versed in all things trout and now find myself in (east) NC. Can anyone point me in the direction of other local surf flyfishers, locations etc as I hope to try some surf fishing as the weather breaks. Thanks in advance for your input. Jim
  7. Hey, all i'm heading down to Ponte Vedra for the week of Thanksgiving. Would love to get into to fish on the fly while there. Any suggestions for places and presentations would be really appreciated. If anyone is looking for a partner during the week, I'd be up for that as well. (Note: I am pretty inexperienced in coastal fly fishing, but have a nice 8 wt rigged up for salt water, and fish about 20 days a year in the N. Georgia mountains.)
  8. I'm looking for feedback on shorter fly rods in 5-8 weights. I will fish them from a kayak for stripers, redfish and smallmouth/largemouth bass. Right now I have a trio of 9 ft rods, my favorite being a Loomis GLX 6 wt. However, when I set it down in the kayak, the tip sticks past the bow by 6", so it doesn't fit inside a rod tip protector. I would like to find a rod around 8 ft that casts with a nice quick action. I've been reading about Loomis Shorestalker and ShortStix. Also have read some about Sage Bass, Orvis Recon and a few others. I would like to hear about the casting performance of shorter rods from a kayak, tossing streamers, crabs/shrimp etc both in freshwater and inshore. Right now I'm leaning towards the ShoreStalker and Recon because I assume they both have a fairly fast action. I don't have a fly shop anywhere nearby where I could test drive these.
  9. Just finished this century fly rod.. century 9’ 9/10 rod teton reel 10wt. line. Orvis has anyone used the reel, it’s older, but I’m using for the first time. might be looking at a lighter 7/8
  10. I have for sale an excellent condition Tfo Pandion. It casts like a dream. It includes a Lamson Guru Reel. This is a 700.00 set up. Asking 450.00 obo
  11. Hey all, I'm looking for some recommendation's/ advice on a fly combo to learn on. I will be targeting Striped Bass and Blues on the east end of Long Island. I've done a bit a research and came across a couple combos like the TFO Left Kreh and the Orvis Encounter/ Clearwater but I'm unsure if these are suitable for saltwater use in rocky terrain. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey everyone, Thought I would start a new thread exclusivly focused on action on the south side of cape cod, pretty much from the RR bridge to naucet beach. Just trying to help out those fishing the south side find some productive water Anyway, Fished a south cape beach last night which is in barnstable last night, very crowded. my buddy got a schoolie, saw a dude pick up a blue and I caught a massvie alewive on the fly (ate a 1/0 baitfish imitation)
  13. Are there any $100-$130 8 or 9 weight combos for the salt?
  14. Greetings, I have recently acquired a Harnell Fly Rod, Cigar shaped Cork handle, Black hollow Fiberglass, 8ft 6inches, 7 guides, 2 piece and original green bag. No Model or Serial #. It only has the Harnell logo from Santa Monica, California. After reading blogs, posts all over, I have only seen one other person post a photo of this vintage fly rod. I have read the stories about the Harnell/Harrington Co, Jean Harrington, in business/not in business. The move to Venice (which I thought was California at first) Florida and so on.. I am certain this old Harnell Rod is of serious value! Would anyone be willing to help me find more info and perhaps a buyer!? I also have a Heddon Pal, #30-7 1/2 D or E, 10 guides, not sure the year. See Photos attached..
  15. Anyone use a six weight for largemouth, and what flys do you throw on it?
  16. ****DISCLAIMER**** THIS IS NOT A PROMOTIONAL VIDEO. I AM NOT MAKING ANY REVENUE FROM THIS FILM, NOR AM I AFFILIATED WITH ANY FISHING PRODUCT COMPANY. I AM NOT A PAID FILMMAKER. I AM JUST AN 18-YEAR-OLD KID TRYING TO SHARE MY WORK WITH THE STRIPER COMMUNITY. ENJOY!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!! ______________________________________________ Description: Thomas Barzilay Freund, Michael Kamsky, and Faulkner Wilson are the people behind the film Between the Lines. Over the years, these three childhood friends from New York City have fished together and documented their adventures on film. Although they’ve had the opportunity to explore many different fisheries together, they feel a deep connection to the striped bass of the Long Island Sound which they have relentlessly pursued over the years. They are all currently freshmen in college: Thomas at Bowdoin, Michael at Princeton, and Faulkner at Wake Forest. They began fishing for stripers together in high school. For the final months of their senior year at the Dalton School, the students were given the chance to work on an independent project of their choosing. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something on a topic they deeply cared about. The three decided to make a film about fly fishing for striped bass, with a focus on portraying stripers as the gamefish they believe them to be, and advocating for catch-and-release practices among recreational anglers. Between the Lines is about their quest for large, fly-catchable striped bass in their home waters. The entire film was shot during the spring and summer of 2016 in Connecticut’s coastal rivers and along the rocky shorelines of the Long Island Sound. We hope you enjoy the film; please let us know your thoughts below! -LOP
  17. Hi everybody, year is around and here we go again... for the 30th year in a row Kindly invited! Invitation to the 30th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship 2017 Fly tying section of the Slovenian Fishing Association is announcing the 30th annual Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship for the year 2017, one of the oldest fly tying contests in Europe. Tiers participate in the following categories: 1. Dry Flies 2. Nymphs & Wet Flies 3. Streamers 4. Realistic Flies Conditions of participation are as follows: 1. Each flytier is allowed to compete in each of the categories with one fly only, which must be sent in 2 samples. The chosen fly should not be a part of the tiers participation in any of his/her previous tying competitions. 2. Package with each sample should contain: - Name of the fly (Known or new); - Password to prove the fly's origin (it can be anything, formed with letters and/or numbers); - Description of used materials (Recipe); - Size and type of the hook used; - Name of the animal that is being imitated (if possible a photography as well! *This only considers category - Realistic Flies) Jury will automatically reject all samples that will contain natural insect parts (such as wings, legs, etc) as a part of the fly! 3. In the accompanying letter tyers must write their names, addresses, e-mails, telephone numbers, country for which they compete, names of the flies and passwords. Letter should be in the enclosed envelope together with the fly. Copies of those letters must be kept by the authors until the end of the competition. 4. For the judging of flies jury will consider the following criteria: - Proportions of the fly, - firmness and technical aspect of the tying, - suitability of the chosen materials, - general impression and - innovativeness; - in the 4th category the “level of imitation” will be the most important criterion! 5. Jury holds the right to classify samples in different categories if necessary! 6. Decision of the jury is final! 7. Please send flies in a package that prevents them to be destroyed during shipping! 8. Deadline for sending your patterns to us: 31st January 2017 9. Flies should be sent to the following address: Ribiska Zveza Slovenije (for competition 2017) Trzaska 134 SI-1001 Ljubljana SLOVENIA Considering previous criteria jury will impart the best 3 flies in each category with practical prizes, licences for the best Slovenian fly fishing districts and diplomas. All participants will be previously informed about their achievements. FAS-Flytying Section President: Luka Hojnik President FAS: dr. Miroslav Zaberl You are all kindly invited to participate in one of the Europe's oldest fly tying contests! Tight lines, Luka Hojnik
  18. i just ordered a tying tool combo online,i dabbled with tying 15 years ago but never picked it up all that well. i'm thinking clousers and i want some teasers for regular surfcasting---how long does it take to actually get good at tying?
  19. Hello, In my effort to make more room and please my lovely wife, I'm jettisoning the gear I no longer use. First up is a Fenwick H 43207 pb966 8' rated for 15-25 lb test and 3/4 - 2oz lures. I have never fished this rod- It was given to me by a patient long ago as a gift I know its a special rod, but it doesn't suit my kind of fishing- I'm asking $100 OBO- feel free to make an offer on it- the worst that can happen is I say no. The rod is for Pick up only- I live in Hampton Bays NY Next up is another Fenwick. Its a Fly Rod E80-6f rated for #6 line 8' 2 3/4oz- with a pflueger medalist 1492 DA reel on it- Another gift from the same patient- I've fished this once or twice- it's a hoot of a rod caught some snappers and taylor blues on it- she's in great working order nothing wrong with it- I'm asking $120 OBO. Again, feel free to make an offer on it- the worst that can happen is I say no. The rod is for Pick up only- I live in Hampton Bays NY
  20. This summer starting July 4th, my family will be driving down to Gulf Shores for a week and I would just like some information for the flyfishing in the area. Would it be legal if I were to just go down to the beach and start fishing? I know that I will need an out-of-state fishing permit. I looked it up and Alabama has a 7-day Saltwater Trip license. I've got a 9-wt. Cabelas Stowaway 6 fly rod and I am currently looking for a reel. What reel can I get without breaking the bank? Also, what fly line would be best for fishing the surf?
  21. am looking for a 10 wt reel to match my xi3 and was wondering what others would recommend ?
  22. As title says, WTB the Scientific Angler Sharkwave Anadro WF7F.... looking to spend about $75... Prices on fly line are crazy these days! Thanks, Collin
  23. I am selling a lightly used spare spool for a Colton Torrent 789 Spare Spool that is in good condition and loaded with backing. Sell for $100 + shipping/paypal fees.
  24. While at ICAST I had the opportunity to cast a new((prototype) fly line manufactured by Monic. The coating on this new line is not PVC like most other lines. My first impression of the new line--after one cast was, "Wow, this is definitely different. With only about 15' of the head out, my first cast was about 50 feet. I practically begged Bob Goodale for one at the show I received a 9wt prototype of this line a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, since the line came, we've had close to 3 feet of rain so I've done almost 0 fishing. For lack of anything better to do, I loaded the line onto an old Orvis Battenkill on a 9WT Colton Tradewinds and drove down to a local retention pond. I am not a great fly caster but I can cast this line all the way into my backing--whether I ever need to or not. I added 15' or more to what this rod could do with an Outbound Short. The finish on this line is very hard when compared to other lines I have. The hard coating on this new Monic fly line allows the line to slip through the guides with far less drag and makes me a better fly caster. I made a few casts with a really big Bass bug and a few more with an 8-9" Flatwing before the rain hit again. The rod/line combo handled both just fine. ( No, I couldn't cast the entire line with either of the flies) I don't know what the specific gravity of the line is but it darn sure floats high making it easy to lift off the water into a back cast.. The line color is a light blue that I can see well on our tannin stained water. I have no idea when this new line will be available in stores. In the meantime, if you pass through the Crystal River, FL area, give me a call and make a few casts with the prototype.