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  1. A new 2022 year has pretty much gone by. Another year to be thankful for what we have and to look forward to the future, especially everyone's thought about the fact that most all have been improving since their COVID situation. For those that have not, I truly hope that things for them move toward a positive direction. Some years ago Dick Perry (Bonefishdick) did an annual Fly Fishing Forum where he posted at the beginning of each new year with a thread for everyone to post new subjects. Seeing that for the most part forum threads have been both positive as well providing many folks with new and helpful information, I figure that why not keep this going for yet another year. To all a very happy, healthy, and safe 2023 and hope you have the opportunity to fulfill your fishing ambitions whatever they may be. Also remembering those who have contributed to the Fly Fishing Forum who may have passed during this last year. If you remember a forum post that you found from one who has since past, feel free to send along a previous post that we found to be useful. I'm sure there's information that we could all wish we had remembered. HT Bonefishdick and the Betsy :
  2. Trying to clean out some of my materials that I don't use (I mostly tie saltwater). Would be great for someone learning how to tie and doesn't want to spend too much on materials. EYES: (all for $30 shipped) - 9mm Red, Silver, & Gold Flat Eyes x 200/ea - 13mm Silver Flat Eyes x 100 - Tab Eyes; 14 Large & 22 Small - Assortment of other eyes, see photo HOOKS: (all for $20 shipped) - Eagle Claw Circle Hooks (1/0?) x 20 - Ahrex NS150 Curved Shrimp #6 x 18 - 5/0 LongShank hooks x 22? - Ahrex NS156 Traditional Shrimp #6 x 18 - Ahrex N172 Curved Gammarus #8 x 18 - Ahrex NS172 Curved Gammarus #4 x 18 - Ahrex PR378GB Swimbait 4/0 & 2/0 x 8/ea May have some more stuff down the road so follow the thread.
  3. Hey All, happy holidays. Lookin to buy my a fly tying vice for someone interested in tying. Looking to spend under 200 for Vice and materials and some stuff so let’s see what ya got!
  4. I keep losing the dumbbell eyes on my clouser minnows. It is driving me nuts. Not sure if it’s a casting problem or if I’m tying wrong or if I’m using a bad batch of dumbbells but I swear nothing is more frustrating than pulling in a weightless clouser after less than 10 minutes of casting, and then to have it happen again ten minutes later. I am relatively new to shore fishing big rods on the ocean, mostly a 2wt for Brookies kinda angler, and lots of my flies have lasted me 15 years so far... but maybe this is just an aspect of the surf game? Anyone else experience this? How often do you blow through flies?
  5. Wtb, set of jaws for Renzetti Traveler 2000 Series vise. Seeking like-new condition - part #8044. Thanks.
  6. Please excuse the ignorance here, but I have always wondered what a “material clip” is actually for. I have never seen it being used in tying videos, nor can I seem to find its usage detailed anywhere online. I am really curious to see how you all put thing thing to use! I received my first really nice vice a a gift for Christmas, and it comes with a “material clip”, and I have no idea what material I acutely clip to it….or what function it actually serves. I tie saltwater flies, (flat wings, deceivers, clousers, & other northeast usuals as well as the stock BTP flies for use in the keys/Bahamas) Who uses this thing, and do you have photos? Thank you all!
  7. Anyone have any recommendations for teasers that would represent the sand eels found in NJ? I'm just starting out tying and really want to tie up a bunch of these. I was planning on using Mustad 34007 hook in size 2/0. Am I heading in the right direction?
  8. I have for sale a lot of Squimpish Materials and EP Fibers. Some of the Squimpish (light blue, blue/purple) are rare limited run blends. Free shipping, selling as lots only. Squimpish $40 EP $40
  9. Get yourself a nice vise for Fly Tying Season!! I have a used Wolff Atlas Rotary Vise for sale. It's in great condition but shows some use on the base from epoxy/various materials landing on it, nothing horrible but it is not 'NEW' What is included: - Vise - Clamp and Heavy Base - Bobbin Holder from Wolff Will add pictures shortly. Selling because I got a Norvise vise. Looking to get $200 shipped for it. https://wolffindustries.com/products/atlas
  10. After over a decade of wanting and waiting, I am finally getting into saltwater fly fishing. Even though I did not settle on which rod or reel to purchase, I have this constant itch to own saltwater flies. So I tried my local bait & tackle shops first and they do not sell any flies or fly tying supplies at all. So I took it upon myself to attempt to create my own saltwater flies from scraps of material around the house. I did not follow any tutorials or manual on these (clearly). Because I did not have the proper size or style hooks, body materials or even the right clear epoxy. I know they are tied crappy (no vise/clamp), their heads are flat and their eyes keep drooping because I used the wrong epoxy (table top). Be gentle, it's my first crack at this with zero experience. I've never seen a saltwater fly in person, no less attempted to tie one. Regardless they are the first three to make it into my empty fly box. Yellow/white/mylar is 6" on 3/0 hook Blue/white/mylar is 5" on #1 hook Gray/white/mylar is 7" on 3/0 hook
  11. I'm looking to frame some flies that I tied and haven't found a good starting point. I'm hoping to start with a premade frame and make it work from there. How have you guys done it?
  12. Hiya. I was wondering if anyone could help me find a local source for Some pole dancer flies I ordered a few off the auction site and am still waiting for them to arrive from Australia. I’d like to add these to the box for my first light missions
  13. Pandemic reading it’s almost done for me. Want to move some books from the shelves. Very entertaining and fun reading from Chris Santella. The art of fly tying book it’s a must to have not to a fly tyer but any outdoorsman. Books are only few months old. $45 buyer takes the actual shipping cost and PP fees please. Local pick up near 08753 also available. Thank you SOL
  14. Looking to start selling few books from my personal library, from saltwater to freshwater fly fishing, fly tying to instructional fly casting. Great therapeutic books for pandemic times. Books are used but in great shape, only 3 to 5 months old, smoke and pet free home. $35 for the lot Shipped included PP or MO please. Thank you SOL
  15. I have two complete turkey wings. From a gobbler. Not a jake. Dried in open position. Was going to add to a mount but decided otherwise. Will trade for......?? Don't think legal to sell. Pick up Harrisburg area or will ship on your dime. Whole or cut.
  16. After two weeks of borderline losing my mind trying to tempt one of these grass carp in a local lake here in Boca, I finally succeeded to get one to commit to eating a fly. These fish are damn difficult to target on a fly rod. I was hiding behind trees trying to cast, crawling on my hands and knees to get close enough to a fish, climbing trees with a pair of binoculars to try and spot the next target, and probably looking like a crazy person in general to anyone watching. The other issue was the flies. In the past two weeks I managed to get a good number of accurate casts to multiple fish, but they wouldn't pay attention to anything I tried, and obviously there's no shops open to stop by and pick anything up, so I had to do my best to tie some flies that resemble grass with whatever materials I could scavenge around the house. I cut up some cat toys and the pull chain from the ceiling fan for bead chain eyes, and was able to put together a few flies that eventually caught the attention of the one fish I landed. If anyone can recommend any flies or tactics I should try out I'd love to hear them. But yea, happy to have landed my first carp. Here's some photos....
  17. Hi all, I am looking to get into fly tying. As of right now I only fly fish freshwater mainly for trout. I am planning on getting a 9 wt setup so I can target stripers and blues in the back bays and surf too though. I am looking for advice on what to get for tools, a vise in particular. Ideally I would be able to try tying both trout flies and some saltwater flies on this one vise but I am just graduating college and budget is a major limiting factor so I know this may not be a possibility. I mainly want something that is going to give me a good idea of if I like tying or not but that is not going to set me back a crazy amount. If I do end up liking tying I will be willing to upgrade after a few months but don't want to go all in right away and not like it. Any recommendations? The vise that I have been looking at a little is the EZ rotary vise. It is only $69 and seems to be decent. Does anyone have any experience with this vise? Thanks in advance!
  18. Looking to get into fly tying. Basically looking to build a starter kit of sorts. Definitely looking for a vise if nothing else. if possible some of the basic tools needed like scissors and bobbin too and even some materials if willing. I am just graduating college so budget is definitely a factor. Would like to be able to tie both freshwater and saltwater flies(including teasers and bucktail hooks for stripers with spin gear). I would like to keep things under $150 if possible.
  19. My first time tying up the Betsy. I’ve never fished the fly before but I just really liked BFDs pattern, use of materials and the story behind it. I tried it in a few different sizes and colors but I’m still trying to work out the right amount of materials. I’m using supreme hair, sf blend, and crystal flash/ lateral scale. If anyone wants to throw out some pointers or tips it would be much appreciated. Also if anyone can let me know if these are better tied sparse or a bit thicker.
  20. Sorting through a large batch of Canadian pelts, mask, fur and wings. Will update as sorted. Coyote Masks: $7.50 per ea. (grey/brown or grey/white) Raccoon Mask: $5.00 per ea. An incredibly versatile fly tying material, you can create many different patterns and styles of flies from a single Coyote Face Mask. While the fur around the ears and forehead can be used for dubbing and tying nymphs, the hair on the back of the mask and outer edges is great for streamers. Racoon Tails: $10.00 per ea. Raccoon tail hair can be used for wings or tails on steelhead and wet flies. Complete tails average 12 or more inches in length withbands of light and dark colors. The length of the guard hair is xx inches. The guard hairs are soft and supple throughout the tail. All natural products are vacuum sealed to preserve freshness and eliminate cross contamination. Shipping is $2.00 for first item, $0.50 each additional)
  21. Looking to purchase a saltwater fly vise, I am looking for a vise that can handle 4/0 sized hooks. Thanks, Dylan
  22. Maybe a long shot but looking to buy a Regal Revolution vise. Could be interested in something of similar design/quality. Ideally the base mounted style and the big game jaws. Thanks!
  23. Curious to see how fellow flatwing tiers respond to this question: If you could only tie flatwings with the same three saddles, what three colors would you choose? Not that color always matters to fish, but I am interested to see how you all think through this question.
  24. After years of fly fishing Rhode Island's East Bay, I am ready to share my knowledge with others in the form of a new blog: S.K.S Adventures. The blog is still in it's infancy, and I still have much to learn, but I hope that those who are interested in learning more about striped bass fly fishing will add the site to their regular rotation of online fly fishing content. There are posts about a whole range of fly fishing topics, with lots of content scheduled for the future. So far this blog has been a lot of fun for me. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! Website: sksadventures.com Facebook page: S.K.S Adventures
  25. Hi all Been given a couple of packs of Partidge Sea streamers CS11/3 hooks. Never used them before . Bizarre looking hook .Any of you guys tried them?Does the reversed barb cause any issues? Heres a pic from the internet. Jim
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