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Found 5 results

  1. In between some axe work to split wood (gasp) (wheeze) I am snelling hooks. First up are a bunch of blackfish hooks. Puppy drum and big drum next. Never mind the claims that fluorocarbon is less visible. I am not convinced it matters for blackfish or triggerfish or any other critter that sticks close to rocks; I don't think it matters for drum, either. Abrasion resistance does matter ... so which is more abrasion resistant; the old hard Mason mono sold in 47" lengths, or fluorocarbon? I think it's the Mason, but I'm not sure.
  2. What material is better for snelling blackfish hooks, hard mono or fluorocarbon? And thereby hangs a tale ..... OK, caught a blackfish trip with Joe ( ) on the King Cod. I always let the mate rig me up, first time fishing a new boat in a new area. My own habit is a sharpened Virginia snelled on # 50 hard mono, the kind of hard Mason mono that stores sell in 47" lengths. The boat was doing something similar, #50 mono, albeit they were using a Gamakatsu-like hook, almost an Octopus pattern. The fish were picky, picky, picky and mostly small, even though the King Cod had a choice of baits; green, white and hermit crabs. I love hermits as a bait. So do spiny dogfish, though I proved that I could catch a doggy on all three. (Got to like a boat that has hermits on board.) Anyway, we're playing with these smaller fish. I'm thinking about TimS' recent comments that 'tog can be leader shy (the mate said the same thing) and I put a hermit on, and dropped down. The sinker rattled down the side of some bit of remaining structure on whatever wreck we were fish, and I got a terrific hit that bent the rod double and actually took drag, the other guys let out a yell, I got him up a few feet and POW! no fish. The snell of the hook was cleanly cut, with just a little abrasion, and smeared with a bit of dark paint from the wreck. He got back into his hole. I got a new one-that-got-away story. Hey, at least none of my knots failed. That would be embarrassing. This is one of those it-comes-with-territory events, like losing lead to mystery obstacles. So: assume you're rigging up and tying for big blackfish. What material do you want for max abrasion and cutting resistance? Is fluoro any more abrasion resistant then hard mono? (I doubt it, but someone here may know.) P.S. Sudsy and Scooby were right, the Lexa HD 400 is a very comfortable blackfish reel. Otherwise, sea conditions and wind were as mild as a November day gets. The water was dirty, the mate (Greg) was muttering that the recent weather's ground swells had badly messed things up. Capt. Joe likes 60 lb. mono, as I was using, for that last 15' or so. We fished 8 and 10 oz. Water was too deep for jig experiments.
  3. Looking to sell new 1 660yd spool of Sunline Super FC Sniper 25lb. $65 shipped
  4. Is fluorocarbon necessary for fishing the south shore of Long Island for Stripers or can I get away with a Mono leader?
  5. I fish bait caster reels with 15 lb braid on them. I started to use fluorocarbon leaders(15lb) but I have been snapping my line a lot at the knot recently. Sometimes I will snap it on the cast so I think the problem is in my knot. I have been using the double uni knot with a drop of superglue in it . What is a better knot for joining braid and fluorocarbon