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Found 52 results

  1. Getting jigs made up for this season if anyone is interested. Up to 1.5oz
  2. For sale are 12 packs brand new and on used. Assorted colors, salmon, blue fusion, new penny, pink shine, nuclear chicken. $90 shipped.
  3. So, I've been on a homemade sushi kick this season, and this was a dish I made a few weeks ago. The basic technique is to briefly salt the fillets, then layer them between sheets of kombu (kelp seaweed) to cure for several hours. This method adds a subtle depth of flavor to the delicate flesh of the fluke. For those of you into sushi, I highly recommend this method for fluke, tog, etc.
  4. Anyone have any time on these rods that can really give a good opinion. Was looking for the 7’ MHF Avid inshore spinner for fluke and tog. Occasional Striped bass. Only had the heavy. Ended up going with the same rated Legend Tournament Inshore. Is it sensitive enough for fluke? Can these handle Striped Bass? Or is it more of a schoolie rod and it will get manhandled by a good 30lber or 15lb blue fish? This is all boat fishing tossing bucktails, kastmasters, Diamond jigs. Also, I’ve heard way too many St Croix horror stories. Should I be worried?
  5. As the the title states, who has one and how do you fish it? I'm curious, as a learning experience, as to how people are setting it up for fluke, tog and striped bass. Especially if you're from the cape or long island, montauk, jersey... What test braid are you using for each specific species. What are you finding it can handle real world in terms of sinker weight, diamond jigs... I appreciate Kil's perspective, but he also may be fishing a different technique and I'd like to know how it's working out for others.
  6. Want to have a rod built for fluking from shore and occasional casting to bluefish/ striper or albie etc. Want an 8-8.5ft max length but want a 2 piece (60-40 or 70-30 split) so I can fit it in my tdi golf easier. I tried out the Century ss1025 but it felt a little too whipey/ light and not able to throw 2- 2.5oz if needed as the rod specs say... will pair with a VR50 spooled with 17lb braid. Any thoughts on having a ss1025 blank tip cut down to like 8ft or 8'2" to make it a little stiffer to impart better action on the jig? Open to to other blank suggestions. I tried the ODM Frontier x 8ft 6 but it was too heavy (action and the factory rod build weight). The ODM DNA 9ft is a bit closer in action (however too fast maybe) but its 9ft. Thoughts on cutting the butt end down by 6 inches could be an idea perhaps? I want to be able to throw 1/4oz -2.5 with the primary range of 1/2oz -2. Last I heard about the Weapon... are they all 1pc though? I just got a Star VPR (pictured below) and fished Jersey with it last week. Right weighted rod for the vr50 but action was a bit heavier than I would like. Cheers
  7. Fished once. Seagate 20 with 15lb jbraid. Tsunami classic 7’ XH rated 20-40lb. Used for a few drifts in montauk. Picked It up for friends to use. No longer needed. Washed down. Box included. $215 or best offer picked up in Queens/Nassau
  8. Lost several Bucktails fishing structure off (a jetty). Is there a particular rig that is least likely to get stuck on rocks and other bottom structure? What would you use for Fluke?
  9. The Old Man passed away Monday. He would have been 85 in August. The older guys down at Giglios knew Ted Wheeler as “Ten Pound Ted”. Whenever Dad had some free time, he went fishing. He grew up in Hoquiam, Washington, which is on Grays Harbor, which opens up to the Pacific. Fishing in the northwest corner of Washington state was mostly done on inland rivers and streams for Cutthroat, Steelhead, Rainbow Trout and Salmon and away from the surf. Back in the '40s and '50s, hardly anyone fished the Washington State Pacific surf. The surf was too big and the first break was a mile or more out to sea and probably nobody knew there were any fish in the swirling whitewash. Ted’s Old-Man Roy (my grandfather) must have gotten anxious waiting for the Steelhead or Cutthroat Trout season to start, or he got bored of throwing spinners at Dolly Varden Trout, (Steelhead and Dolly Varden were the Striper and Bluefish equivalents, in that order, of Pacific Northwest streams and rivers), so he took my dad to the beach to find something to fish for. Dad always claimed his father discovered that you can catch Surf Perch on those huge Pacific Beaches with a piece of clam, which is what they did when they needed to fish, and the trout and salmon seasons were closed. When Dad was in the US Army he did not have much time to fish. After the Army he went to Clemson and found out you can catch trout in the streams of some of the Appalachian foot hills. On one of his trips, his fishing buddy, a 270 pound offensive guard for the Tigers was bitten by a cottonmouth. Dad said he couldn’t get the guy to leave and go to the hospital because the Football player was not going to let a snake bite ruin his fishing trip. In 1970 “Ten Pound Ted” moved to Little Silver and stayed there until Hurricane Sandy forced him and mom to move to Shady Oaks. After a long stretch of little or no fishing while in the Army or college, or starting a career and family, moving to the “Jersey Shore” in 1970 allowed him to fish whenever he wanted to, and he did. He would tell you the trout and salmon fishing was better on the West Coast but the surf fishing was better on the East Coast. Dad probably went 10 years before he caught his first Striped bass. It was not for lack of trying. In the 1970s and early 1980s, Stripers were extremely rare. When he wanted to catch “a fish”, any fish, he would usually take me. When we wanted to catch bluefish and probably a weakfish or two, we would drive to the Monmouth Beach Club Jetty and wait for the Bluefish to trap the spearing, tinker mackerel and other baitfish in the northside corner of the jetty. If not the Monmouth Beach Jetty then Tradewinds, or the Asphalt Jetty, or Surfrider or any of the other jetties up to the Hook, that are now mostly covered with sand. When the fish were stacked up on the Ocean Avenue sea wall, and the birds were diving just on the other side, we would scale the wall with our fiberglass polls, Penn reels and Hopkins or treble hooks. If my mother knew at the time, as an 11 year old, dad let me climb down the ocean-side of the sea wall, with waves crashing, to gaff a twelve pound weakfish stuck in the rocks, she would have killed my father for letting me do that. There was a run of “Tide Runner” weakfish back in the early eighties. The Monmouth Beach Car Toppers would bring in fish close to 20 lbs. and occasionally those fish would come in close enough to catch from the wall. I remember the old man hooked into one that nearly pulled him off the wall, which easily would have killed him. That fish ended up lost in the rocks buts we had fun. If the blues and weakfish weren’t running, and at a time when Striper Fishing was mostly futile, we would find other species to catch. Dad liked a good tasting fish so we went out for blackfish a lot on the local jetties. That’s when he started making his own sinkers for easy breakoffs. The jetties in Northern Monmouth County were usually productive though those blackfish were usually on the small size. We also fished Sandy Hook for blackfish a lot. Our favorite place was where that large chunk of white concrete stuck out of the sand at low tide. Besides some decent sized blackfish, those rocks produced kingfish and the occasional sea bass. If it wasn’t bluefish, weakfish or blackfish, fluke were a good diversion in the middle of the summer. I remember hiking up to the tip of the hook at 6:00 AM with him and then sprinting when we noticed the thousands of mosquitos we attracted while crossing through the swampy parts of the dunes. The huge ships that passed within casting distance in the Sandy Hook channel were always impressive. By the time the Stripers had recovered and catching one wasn’t so rare, I was involved in too many high school sports to fish for them, or was in college, or lived in the city. When Dad retired in the 1990s he was in his full fishing glory. He could still hop the rocks, walk miles of sand, or just stand at the end of Peninsula Avenue in Sea Bright to fish and “shoot the breeze” with guys with funny nicknames. His nick name was “Ten Pound Ted” because he couldn’t catch a striper that weighed more than 10 pounds. Dad’s retirement and the peak years of the Striper cycle lined up perfectly. He had the most time to fish when there were the most fish to be caught. His “retirement” from fishing was long and enjoyable and in stages. First he stopped going on the rocks, and hung up his cleats. A few years later he stopped wading in the surf and hung up his waders. As he got older, Dad stuck to the inside and liked to fish Peninsula Ave and then Branchport Park, where he probably did more talking than fishing. Finally, visiting Giglios, having a coffee and cigarette, and listening to fishing stories was his version of a fishing trip. When I moved to the Jersey Shore in 2009, my 20 year hiatus from fishing was over. The old man of course had collected tons of equipment over the years and he was pretty happy to hand it all over to me instead of letting it collect dust in the garage. I still use his Penn 700 series reels, which he always swore by, and the rod Jim Cousins gave him as well as any number of plugs and lures. These last few years, the closest Dad could get to the fish was to ask me how the fishing was. I would show him a phone picture of a fish I caught, or tell him the “black ducks of death” had landed out front and it was over for the season. Even in his last few days Dad wanted to know if I was catching anything. He liked to fish calicos and sand bugs in July and August. I told him I’ve been floating bugs just off the drop and had a few hits earlier in the week. He liked the sound of that. -------- A Memorial Gathering will take place at the John E. Day Funeral Home, 85 Riverside Avenue, Red Bank, NJ 07701, on Thursday July 18, 2019 from 4-8PM. A Memorial Mass will take place at 9:30AM on Friday July 19, 2019 at St. James RC Church in Red Bank.
  10. Hello everyone...Im looking for recommendations for a fluking spinning rod to be used off the surf, inlet, or jetty. Length probably 7' or under. The type of fishing I'll be doing will be jigging bucktails off the bottom. My budget for this rod is under $100. Under $75 would be even better. What do you guys recommend?
  11. Looking for some recommendations on a surf rod for bucktailing summer flounder from the open beach. Something in the 8’ range that won’t break the bank too bad. Mostly throw 3/4 to 1 oz bucktails with a teaser. Thanks
  12. Selling a ton of my extra gulps. Amazing fluke baits (as pretty much everyone knows by now). I have 8 packs of 5 inch jerk shads (5 cts), all in sapphire shine color, and 13 packs total of 3 inch gulp shrimp (6 cts)- 7 in pearl white/chartreuse, 5 in natural color and and 1 in molting color. I'll do $80 for all 21 bags shipped (about $3.80 a bag), or $4 a bag +$4 shipping if split up. PayPal or venmo accepted.
  13. Looking to do some kayak back bay flounder fishing this year. I see quite a few hobie peddle kayaks doing it but not as many paddle. Is it a pain to bucktail out of a SOT paddle kayak? A lot of times the channels are narrow and feel that the paddle might be in my hands more than the rod
  14. Benchmark Assessment Finds Resource Not Overfished & Overfishing Not Occurring Virginia Beach, VA – The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (Commission) and the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (Council) approved revised specifications for the 2019 fishing season and set new specifications for 2020 and 2021. The revised specifications are based on the results of the 2018 benchmark stock assessment, which found the stock is not overfished and overfishing is not occurring. The new limits are consistent with the recommendations of the Council’s Scientific and Statistical Committee. The Commission’s actions are final and apply to state waters (0‐3 miles from shore). The Council will forward its recommendations for federal waters (3 – 200 miles from shore) to NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Administrator for final approval. The table below summarizes commercial quotas and recreational harvest limits (RHL). The Council and Commission decided to set commercial quotas and RHLs for all three years, with the intent to maintain regulatory stability. The revised commercial quota was approximately a 49% increase over the previously set 2019 quota. While the revised RHL represents an approximate 49% increase over the previously set 2019 RHL, the Commission chose to maintain status quo recreational measures, which are projected to achieve a harvest level close to the revised RHL based on the calibrated recreational harvest data from the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP). As a result, regions established under Addendum XXXII may submit proposals to make minor adjustments to their 2019 recreational measures, such as adjusting the start and end dates of the season, but must hold projected 2019 harvest at 2018 levels. These proposals will require Technical Committee review and Board approval. Additionally, the Commission and Council approved the use of conservation equivalency, allowing state measures to be extended into federal waters, pending acceptance of final state measures by the Regional Administrator. Based of the findings of the 2018 Benchmark Stock Assessment and Peer Review, the stock was not overfished nor experiencing overfishing in 2017. Spawning stock biomass (SSB) in 2017 was estimated to be 98 million pounds, approximately 78% of the biomass target of 126 million pounds. The fishing mortality rate was estimated to be 0.334 in 2017, below the fishing mortality threshold of 0.448. Recruitment in 2017 was estimated at 42 million fish at age 0, below the time series average of 53 million fish at age 0. Recruitment has been below average since 2011. Data analyzed by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center for the assessment indicate increasing relative abundance of older fish and an expanding age structure. However, the data also indicate a decrease in relative total abundance since the late 2000s, as well as decreasing trends in average lengths and weights at age for both sexes, suggesting slower growth and delayed maturity which impacts the biological reference points. The assessment shows current mortality from all sources is greater than recent recruitment inputs to the stock, which has resulted in a declining stock trend. Additionally, the assessment found the spatial distribution of the resource is continuing to shift northward and eastward. A key attribute of the assessment is the incorporation of revised recreational catch data. In July 2018, MRIP revised the previous recreational catch estimates with a calibrated 1982-2017 time series that corresponds to the new MRIP survey methods. For comparison with the previous estimates, the revised estimates of 2017 recreational landings and discards are over three times the previous estimates. The revised recreational catch estimates increased the 1982-2017 total annual catch by an average of 29 percent, ranging from 11 percent increase in 1989 to 43 percent increase in 2017. The increase in estimated removals resulted in an increased population estimate compared to previous assessments. For more information about please contact Kirby Rootes-Murdy, Senior FMP Coordinator, at
  15. I hesitate to start yet another thread about the current state of striped bass, but here is the unofficial summary of the 66th SAW/SARC meetings. SAW/SARC report
  16. Scooby did a great tear down video on this reel earlier this year. Then I found out they had a P (5.1 ratio) version. I picked up a 15P for my dad as he doesn't fish much and at $225 (no tax, free shipping, ebay bucks), I figured it was a perfect buy. Hasn't been fished yet, but looking it over, I have to say this is one very well made reel. No it doesn't have 10 bearings. But it has 4 CRBB's and that's more than enough. At least I know the bearings I have are corrosion resistant. 17 pounds of drag is more than enough and even the star drag itself feels comparable to the saltiga. It's very smooth. It's not heavy at all but it feels solid. I was so impressed, I purchased the 20 size for my wreck rod. Figured I didn't need to spend $400 for my least used set up. That all being said, I think for the money it's a better value than a trini, ocea jigger, or saltiga (not to say I wont/dont own them and like having super nice reels).. No, it doesn't have the same amount of refinement, smoothness, high level of gearing, protection and so on and so forth... But it's just a really good reel at a really fair price and you barely hear anything about them. Would've thought the toggers in the North East would have been all over them.
  17. Have two Tranx 300 for sale. One is literally out of the box. Never fished or spooled. $250 local pickup Queens/Nassau The second has never been fished. I’ve added a jigging world power handle to it and spooled it with 20lb super slick. Original handle included. $275 local pickup Queens/Nassau Both have boxes and paperwork. Please add 8.95 for shipping.
  18. Trying to decide between building on a 7'6mh Blackhole Challenger or a United Composites CE700L. I've used the CE700L for blackfish and it held the weight (up to 12oz) very well. Just wanted your input on which works the bucktails and highlows with weight better. Party boat fishing, block island, 80-100ft of water. Also, does anyone know the standard fuji trigger grip size that fits on the blackhole? Is it the same as the 7'3M? I assume neither would fit on the CE700L.
  19. For sales is a custom United Composites CE700L made by Bobby at causeway. Fished once and rinsed down. Very nice black and blue threading. 8 fuji guides. Fuji trigger seat with eva cushion for the palm and shrink wrap fore and rear grips. Used this rod once togging and the action is beautiful. Will load better photos when I have a chance. $275 local pickup in New York, Queens/Nassau Feel free to make a fair offer. Will also trade for a Phenix M1 inshore 7’3mh plus a few bucks.
  20. For sale is a never been fished Phenix M1 inshore. Tags have been removed but i still have them. Beautiful rod with great action and perfect for the next fluke season or schoolie stripers. Great for light jigging tog. $140 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  21. $250.00 cash. Will not split or ship. Will meet within a reasonable distance from 02743.
  22. I was wondering how well I would be able to go fluke fishing in Montauk on a 16 foot stiegercraft with a 30 hp? If i would be able to fish any areas that are worthwhile if its possible?
  23. I gave up on my boat years ago because of a lack of time. head boats can be really tough to fish but can produce. i had luck with the Frances fleet for cod and fluke during 2016 season. They fished the block for fluke and big ones were caught every trip i noticed what seemed like a change in attitude over there recently. It started on a cod charter last year. I swore I’d never go back. Well the fluke bug bit me this season and I made the mistake of wasting my money with the Frances again. even though they had done well on block island the day before the skip decided to bring us to another location bordering Westport. Of 42 men on board only 12 fluke were caught. We only tried 2 spots both within 2 miles of each other. Drift conditions were perfect. There was no sense of Urgency to find any fish. The mate basically told me on the way out that the fishing sucked where we were going, and it did. later that night I read a report on the day that the Frances puts out on their website ( they are great about updating their “ reports “ ) it was a blatant lie, the only truth to their story was the size of the biggest fluke caught that day. The rest was a lie trying to entice people to come fish with them. Bad trips happen. It’s not cool that they lie about them though. Shame on them. I asked the owners son Corey ( desk boy ) if there was any way to find out if they were fishing the block ahead of time. He said no, it’s a game time decision for each skip AKA if they have enough people on board then they will spend the money on fuel to get out there. If they don’t then they won’t.
  24. So, are we doing our annual fluke contest this year? Ray, you up for doing this again? Who is in?
  25. Hey fairly new to this website. But i was wondering if anyone would be willing to accompany me in the ocean. Looking for a buddy to go out with. Feels a bit safer out there with someone else. Trying to go soon maybe get some seabass for the table. Located in north jersey area