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  1. I have been fishing for fluke but just recent hear about using a bucktail with a teaser. i always just used a sinker and a single hook with the a strip of squid. I am sure there are all different kinds of rigs that people use. Which one do rig do you use? Are there any other kinds of rigs that you think are better than using a bucktail and a teaser?
  2. Anyone have any time on these rods that can really give a good opinion. Was looking for the 7’ MHF Avid inshore spinner for fluke and tog. Occasional Striped bass. Only had the heavy. Ended up going with the same rated Legend Tournament Inshore. Is it sensitive enough for fluke? Can these handle Striped Bass? Or is it more of a schoolie rod and it will get manhandled by a good 30lber or 15lb blue fish? This is all boat fishing tossing bucktails, kastmasters, Diamond jigs. Also, I’ve heard way too many St Croix horror stories. Should I be worried?
  3. I am looking for advice on buying a conventional rod for targeting fluke in deeper water. I have a light set up, then a medium setup, but I need a rod that will allow me to fish for fluke off head boats all around Long Island and Montauk in deep ocean water. I like to jig bucktails and just regular bait #1 what should the length be? #2 what lure weight should it be rated? #3 what action and power should it be? I am open to any brand my price range for the rod alone is between $2-400
  4. I have (5) Quantum Smoke baitcasters in right hand retrieve for sale. Great condition, imo (1) XPT. Gear ratio = 8.1:1 Used = Spooled up, 3 boat rides in a rod locker. Some pitches at home in the yard. Maybe 5-10 pitches, tops. Cosmetically 9.5/10 & mechanically 10/10. $120 shipped (2) SPT. Gear ratio = 6.1:1 Both used for about 10 fishing trips. Cosmetically 9/10 & mechanically 10/10. $110 shipped (2) HPT. Gear ratio = 7.3:1 Both used for less than 30 trips. Cosmetically 8.5/10 & mechanically 9.5/10. $100 shipped
  5. Please congratulate Bill Proulx with a new state record Summer Flounder. It weighed in at 15.3 pounds, at 32 5/8 inches long with a girth of 26 1/4 inches. It surpasses the previous record caught by Michael Maffucci of 14lb 13.76 oz and 31.5 inches back in 2019. Awesome fish!
  6. Custom CTS BJ700 7’ spinner built by Atlantic custom rods green blank fugi alconite guilds, Winn grips, beautiful wraps foregrip 4.5 inches and rear grip with buttcap 14.5... can handle 4oz jigs, excellent fluke, blackfish jigging rod asking $350 pickup westchester county or queens thanks
  7. Tsunami Slimwave spin 6’4” 1/2-2.5 Tsunami Trophy Slowpitch jig spiral wrap conv 6’6” 1-4.25 $95 for Slimwave, $70 for SPJ or $150 for both. Local pickup only central NJ. Buyer covers PayPal or Venmo fees.
  8. For your consideration, a brand new & unused rod and reel that I bought with the intent of using on party boats but instead is just collecting dust. Rod - Daiwa Proteus Inshore - PRIN66HXB-NE - 6'6" rated to cast 0.5-1.5oz, though I feel it would comfortably jig 1-5oz Reel - Daiwa Coastal TW 200 Inshore baitcaster - weighs 8.1oz, 15lb drag, 8 bearings I feel like this could be used for a lot of things like jigging for tog/fluke, casting from a yak, or targeting snakeheads. Rod has loads of backbone and has no defects nor the reel. Who just got their tax return? Asking $330 shipped OBO, venmo, paypal, etc.
  9. Fluke opens Sunday! May1st. New Regs for this year. Goes till Oct 9th. When did it close last year. I feel it was 10days earlier.
  10. There was an article in "On The Water" about fluke fishing from the Miss Montauk that was remarkable for the lack of information it provided. The boat does full day fluke trips, including to Block Island. What kind of lead, and what # line, is de rigeur for that boat? I'm guessing the sinkers rarely go more than 12 (6-8 more typically) and there's no need for more than 20 or 30 lb. line, but if we have a boat regular here, please confirm or contradict.
  11. Next week, the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (Council) and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Management Board (Board) will consider final action on the Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Commercial/Recreational Allocation Amendment during the Council’s December 2021 Council Meeting. Final action was previously considered in April 2021 but was postponed until December to allow further progress to be made on the Recreational Harvest Control Rule Framework and Addendum. The purpose of this joint amendment is to consider adjusting the allocations of catch or landings between the commercial and recreational fisheries for summer flounder, scup, and black sea bass. Details on the specific alternatives being considered are available in the Decision Document and in the Combined Briefing Materials. Additional background information can be found here. Meeting Details: This agenda item is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 14 (please note that this start time is subject to change). Members of the public are welcome to attend in person at the Westin Annapolis (100 Westgate Circle Annapolis, MD 21401) or online via Webex webinar (Meeting number: 2330 933 4966; Meeting password: ncKMj56xX6p). Please see the December 2021 Meeting Page for additional details, including health and safety precautions. A live stream of the meeting will also be available on our YouTube channel. Public Comment: Members of the public participating in person and remotely will have opportunities to provide oral comments during the meeting. There is no need to pre-register for public testimony. At the appropriate time, the chairman will provide instructions on how to indicate your desire to speak. You may also submit written comments through the December 2021 Public Comment form or via email to cmoore@mafmc.org. Comments submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 9, will be combined and posted as supplemental materials on the meeting page(please note that comments submitted by December 1 are already included in the briefing materials). After December 9, comments may only be submitted through the comment form (no email). Questions? For questions about the amendment, contact Kiley Dancy (kdancy@mafmc.org, 302-526-5257) or Dustin Colson Leaning (dleaning@asmfc.org, 703-842-0714). For questions about the meeting or public comment procedures, contact Mary Sabo (msabo@mafmc.org, 302-526-5261).
  12. I've reserved a spot in the Helen H inshore Nantucket fluke trip back in March. I think the vessel spec'd for this trip is F/V Angler. The site used to have vessel profiles on it but it looks like they've removed all such references. Does any have any insight to this vessel? It helps to know the vessel in order to get some idea of what sort of arrangements I will make for the trip. Thanks. P.S. I called them but I got a voicemail and I'm itching for any info asap.
  13. Accurist in box. Flipping switch. Great fluke reel. Sells for$100. Pickup for $75 Suffolk County, Long Island or will ship for whatever shipping costs.
  14. As the the title states, who has one and how do you fish it? I'm curious, as a learning experience, as to how people are setting it up for fluke, tog and striped bass. Especially if you're from the cape or long island, montauk, jersey... What test braid are you using for each specific species. What are you finding it can handle real world in terms of sinker weight, diamond jigs... I appreciate Kil's perspective, but he also may be fishing a different technique and I'd like to know how it's working out for others.
  15. I am a college engineering student so I really like making things rather than spending money on them as money is tight at the moment. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make teasers that go on the popular bucktail rigs when fishing for flounder. I know people make their own bucktails but is there a way to make the teasers that go on the second hook? Thank you all for any ideas.
  16. I was looking thru a Mepps catalog I got the other day and saw these called Flying C. Made for West Coast salmon fishing but my mind went right to fluke & weakfish! Tons of colors & combos. 5/8s & 7/8s weight. Treble or single hook. Single hook is a Permasteel hook and I think the hook is replaceable. I was thinking maybe a squid strip or some GULP. Any West Coast folk out there tried these? How do they hold up with saltwater? Any strength issues? I did order some so I'll try em myself.
  17. Getting jigs made up for this season if anyone is interested. Up to 1.5oz
  18. Interested in picking up all-purpose rigs I can wield from the kayak to catch schoolie sized stripers, weakfish, and fluke with. I'd also be using these in land-based backwater situations. I'm a spinning reel guy, but only because that's what I use all the time. I wouldn't rule out a conventional setup. I'm in South Jersey but can help with shipping for non-local deals. I'm thinking of a setup that can throw light (3/8 oz.) bucktails and jigs, but also throw up to, I don't know 1+ oz. Something that would take 15-20 lb. braid nicely, have enough feel to work the light bucktail for fluke while having enough backbone to handle the occasional nice-sized bass. I'd consider the right 8' setup or down to 6'6". I don't need anything crazy nice/expensive and I'm not terribly picky. I have kids that like to fish and we need general purpose gear, so I'm looking for value. A decent, lasting setup at a decent price, or a known cheap but properly functioning setup at a cheap price.
  19. I'm looking to buy a new fluke spinning rod. I'm between the St. Croix Premier 7mh fast action, the St. Croix Triumph 7mh fast action, the Lamiglass black inshore 7mh fast action, the Dark matter 7mh fast action and the Jigging world nexus 7mh fast action all spinning rods. I'm going to be pairing it with a Shimano Shpheros sw 4000. Right now I have a tsunami classic. Or if you have any other suggetions that would be great.
  20. I’m taking my friend fishing tomorrow from our kayaks. We were going to hit the triangle around Eaton’s neck for fluke. We don’t fish the north shore often but we wanted to switch things up. I’m not looking for anyone to give up their honey holes but would we be in the right area? There seems to be a lot of depth changes around that area. Also if anyone who fishes out there often can offer any details about surf/chop I know the sound is usually pretty tame in the bays. If we’re completely off with our plan any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. -Mike
  21. I live about an hour W-NW of the closest good access to the salt. I love plugging the freshwater and salt, and have spent most of my time fishing for bass in both biomes (largemouth and striped in case there's any confusion). I love simplicity, so my observations from years of fishing the Cape Cod Canal (I'm a transplanted MA boy) led me to see that whenever stripers were being caught, I could catch them on my Bomber Long-A. It's remained my go-to for many years. I've begun to diversify my interests (being away from the canal will do that) and I'm looking to occasionally eat some fish. So I want to target fluke. We'd eat fluke, bluefish (a bit grudgingly), and the occasional striper. In lurking around here and reading the NJ Fishing reports, I've come to the following conclusions about fishing way down here in S. Jersey, an in particular trying to put together a starter pack of knowledge for fluke fishing: 1. If you have a yak, you should get out back (particularly here in South Jersey). 2. Find some places with 8' or more depth, other than that kind of use my striper instincts as a general rule when deciding "does this place seem fishy?" [Dropoffs near sod banks seem like a good option] 3. Contrasting with my experience in the canal with stripers, daylight doesn't matter for fluke. 4. For fluke I can get away with using my more sturdy freshwater tackle, though a 7'+ medium action rod with a 2500 sized reel and 10' braid would be good (Christmas list). 5. There's not much use plugging if wanting to maximize my chances of catching fluke. 6. Use a bucktail (1/2 oz., but since right now I only have heavier I am encouraged some guys are catching on bigger) tipped with gulp bait or fresh baitfish, and a teaser with something shiny and slightly different. I've seen guys with their teaser 12-18" up. 7. If I transition to targeting stripers more out front as the water cools this Fall, check out bugs (use a med size split shot a foot or so above a 5/0 hook w/ a few bugs on it for this). My kids are always catching the sand crabs anyway, might as well put some to use. One other thing I've been interested in the past,and which resurfaced when seeing the rigs guys are using for fluke, is how versatile bucktails are. As a long-time plugger I've only dabbled with them for stripers (I bought a few from someone one this site who makes them) and never caught (just tipped with pork rind, and I didn't really know how to fish them, and I wasn't real confident with them which can torpedo the effort in my experience), but I'm super interested in transitioning to "bucktails for everything approach" due to their versatility. I'm just looking to be pushed one way or the other on this (that's a terrible idea. or it can totally be done with great success). So, is my list on target? Any big holes in it so far? Thanks in advance. Tight lines.
  22. Hey Everyone, Just seeing if there was anyone in lower Rhode Island area that would maybe like connect. Just picked up my first Hobie kayak to get my feet off the shore. Looking to possibly locate others to get out there and fish with.
  23. Took 4 inch rubber tube baits in white placed them on a jig head and one on the drop loop..But I loaded them with fish oil vitamin capsules.. They made the tube baits very productive...Destroyed a dozen tubes because of the Blue but who cares as long as you are getting hits.. Guys try it and you will be sharing your fish oil vitamins with the fish.. Everyone keep your distance and stay healthy..
  24. Looking for a 2000-4000 series spinning reels for fluke fishing. If you don’t have Daiwa or shimano reels what do you have in that range? Thank you.
  25. For sale are 12 packs brand new and on used. Assorted colors, salmon, blue fusion, new penny, pink shine, nuclear chicken. $90 shipped.
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