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Found 5 results

  1. First build, kind of figuring it out as I go. 11 1/2 foot rod with spinning reel. Plan to use as surfcasting/any long distance cadting saltwater situations. SO I've made several rookie mistakes that cant be undone but I want to ask about one that could possibly be undone. I have every guide in place, wrapped and epoxied EXCEPT the very last guide before the tip top. I already epoxied the tip top with the 2 part Pro Paste. The problem is before it fully set, the tip top moved (rotated about 20 degrees or so when I was load testing to figure out guide placement). I didnt notice until after it fully set in its new position. Photos attached. Should I a) leave it and move forward as is. b) can I heat up the tip top and re-orient it or is it to late? c) cut off the tip and attach a new one. d) rotate that last guide a little in the same direction as the tip top. e) something else? Thanks guys
  2. Hi everybody, I hope you are having a great day. I bought a used hobie kayak, old one. It has 2 problems. 1 is the drive : the chain scratches the cable when pedaling. 2 is the hull. there is a crack. right above the screw. I haven't tested it yet. But the price was really good so I bought it. One pic of the drive shows the damaged cable because of scratching (hard to see from the angle, but it does scratch the cable). The other shows the position when the scratch happens. How to fix these 2 problems? Thank you very much.
  3. I was on the water this past weekend on my Hobie Revo 13, and after pedaling 40 minutes to my fishing spot, one of my turbo fin masts broke. I always carry some spare Hobie mirage drive parts in my dry bag, such as an extra gear chain, idler pulley and cable, extra stainless nuts, corresponding wrench, rudder pin, and a leatherman wave, but don't carry an extra turbo fin mast. I keep all these items in a ziploc bag in my drybag which is stored under the center hatch. Because I couldn't fish with a broken mast, I had to paddle back to my car to pick up a spare mirage drive. From now on, I plan to carry an extra mast pin in my kayak, but was wondering where the best place would be to store this. I can't keep this in my drybag as the size of the mast isn't conducive to keeping in my dry bag at all times. I'm thinking that I could keep this in a ziploc bag, and tape this under my front hatch or something but if anyone has any better suggestions, please let me know. Would rusting of the mast become a factor with permanent storage in the hull? Also, what else do you guys carry in terms of emergency repair that I may be missing?
  4. Hello new to this and new to fixing my reels. Is there a way to tell what Penn I owned if the little sticker came off the reel. I fished a Luxor, a Squidder, Penn 65(?) for years many years ago.....Spinning, I only used the Luxor and Garcia Mitchells as a kid. Anytime I fixed something it ended up in a box in parts. About ten years ago I purchased a Penn (704z???), the line kept coming off the lip of the spool and I became totally frustrated. I have fished only Shimanos before and after. I fish the surf hard and I am very hard on my reels. Buying, up the food chain, from the $75-$100 range to the $250 + range. No VS for me.... So my PENN question- I recently took all old my reels and cleaned and oiled them. The baitcasters from 1960 are running true and I fished them last week. I heard good stuff about PENN so I'm buying another...I changed the line and cleaned the old penn , in parts with LTC, She rose from the dead. Got everything oiled, greased and running like a dream.. When I went to put the spool on.. I was missing the top drag knob. The label on the reel came off long ago but I'm just guessing it was a 704z since I always wanted a greeny. So anyway to tell what reel I own? Can I get that knob or new spool?
  5. Hello, I've started fishing last year and bought myself a Mitchell avocetto silver IV 4000rd. Today I was casting along and it started making a grinding noise so I stopped and went home to try and fix the problem. I suspect that there's something wrong with the gears. I tried opening it and did not succeed, I've taken out all the screws that I can see but it would not open. Does any one the same reel or know the locations of the screws? Help would very much be appreciated many thanks
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