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  1. Hey guys, I am new to fishing and am looking for tips to help me catch more fish. What is one thing you wish you learned earlier about fishing in these waters? What is the most effective method of fishing here? What is your favorite type of shore based fishing here? Any advice is much appreciated! Best, Steve
  2. Hey guys, I recently went fishing for stripers with night crawlers because the I didn’t want to pay for bloodworms or sandworms. I was only fishing for an hour and I didn’t catch anything. The nighcrawlers kept on coming off the hook. Is there a way to use night crawlers for stripers without this problem? Are blood or sandworms effective and worth the price? Will fishbites work instead? Will fishbites work at this time of year? I fish the western Long Island sound if that makes a difference. Thank you in advance for any advice given! Best, Steve
  3. I have bloodworm fishbites (cold water and warm water versions). Is it worth trying them for striper or should I just invest in some real worms?
  4. Hey guys, I am relatively new to fishing and have only fished the western li sound in summer. Lately the weather has been really nice and I would like to get back into fishing. I would like to catch stripers but I know that they are not many around. Would bunker chunking work at this time of year? What methods should I use to catch any fish at this time of year? I am okay with catching anything if striper fishing is not viable.
  5. Which one is better for striper fishing? I can’t afford to buy live bait each outing.
  6. Hey guys, I am relatively new to fishing and have only fished the western li sound in summer. Lately the weather has been really nice and I would like to get back into fishing. I would like to catch stripers but I know that they are not many around. Would bunker chunking work at this time of year? What methods should I use to catch any fish at this time of year? I am okay with catching anything if striper fishing is not viable. Thanks in advance for any advice given! Best, Steve
  7. Hi all, I bought a conventional setup from a garage sale 2 years ago and wondered if it's good for shark fishing at the surf. I would mostly use it to catch browns and spinners from Cape Cod or Long Island. Here's the setup: reel- Shimano Torium 20HG, Rod- Shimano TMC-E76H 7'6" Heavy power and fast action,n with 50lb braid. Obviously, I won't use it now and wait till the summer but I want to make sure that it could handle a decent shark or if I should just use it for bass and blues. Thanks!
  8. Greetings, I just joined and was interested in those who collect lures and what screw tails Bomber Long A's any one had. I have over 200 and I know I am missing 80+ colors. Bomber made so many variants on top of all the different color patterns. I am still missing a Pumpkinseed color.
  9. Buncha weenies , just went on a tuna trip it blew 27 knots with 12’ sees the whole time for 3 days I never left the rail.
  10. Almighty forum, there is a problem that has been bothering me. There is a place in front of the house, which is very convenient for setting off the pole, but the aquatic plants grow to directly touch the water surface (this is the case in all water areas). There are fish, but I have tried all known baits (Texas rigs have also tried it, and the lead head of the bullet also hangs on grass), and except for the frogs floating on the water's surface, none of them can avoid aquatic plants. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to solve this problem?
  11. Looking for opinions on your favorite spook-type lure in the 1-2oz range. Something that rides high and of course, has great action.
  12. Maybe I missed it or I just couldn’t find it with the search but is there a thread running for the 2022/2023 fishing shows/flea markets in the Tri state area?
  13. my wife says you have one too many kayaks. Purchased in June 2022 $1500 OBO this unit is barely used. If you are looking for a budget friendly kayak this is the one. 13 ft long with seat risers, Yak Attack safety flag, scuppers. A very stable boat, used in freshwater only. I live in NH willing to deliver within reason.
  14. Going to Aruba in Sept. Has anyone had any luck and what lures to bring. I'm going w lam insane 9' Salt x4000 then a 7' abu revo x. prob staying from shore. I see the island has some big waves and current on one side of the Island. tight lines thx
  15. It’s been 24 years since I last caught a Maine bluefish. This morning was a nice surprise with multiple mid to high 30” blues. I know many people that have been catching them the past few years up here, but I’m not one of them. I sure hope they stick around for a little while!
  16. My first attempt to go go surf fishing in august was really incredible. Here is it.
  17. These kayaks are 2018 Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game 2 with a custom **** electric motor on them. - 45lb Minn Kota Saltwater electric motor (installed 2020) - Multiple speeds, turn knob throttle with (3)reverse and (5)forward - Motor Lift kit that lets you raise the motor while in the kayak - Steering is controlled by the peddles - Kayak’s have a side anchor/drift anchor attachment - Garmin Fish-finder - These kayaks have visible signs of usage which is to be expected. There are NO leaks. The kayak weighs approx 70-80lbs. The motor can be removed is not required for function. What is included: - Kayaks - Garmin Fish-finder - Motor - Fishing rod holders - Paddle’s - Batteries What is NOT included: - Lifejackets The motor will require a few adjustments to properly work for you, I will provide the instructions on how to make those adjustments. They are a great fishing kayak and the motors only makes it better. The weight capacity of these kayak are 600lbs. Please, serious inquiries only. I am selling these kayaks because I no longer have the room for them. Asking price $4000
  18. I’m reaching out to see if anybody else fish off of a Jetski? I’ve recently purchase a Fish Pro and I love it. I want to start going off shore 10-15 miles. But I don’t want roll out there solo, having that second Jet Ski could be a life saver. Tight lines!
  19. I haven’t fished in several years due to time and raising kids. My oldest is going with me now, did I read it correctly that you can only harvest 1 striped bass and 3 bluefish?
  20. So, I’ve decided to get my feet wet and start fishing some custom plugs at the advice of some other members here! Although I don’t like to admit it, I don’t know a whole lot about custom plugs! I’m definitely learning what some of them are and who the makers are! I’ve played around with a couple different plugs, mostly top waters, as I love to work pencil poppers and always have! So, I don’t really need any help with the pencils! I guess my big question is, what plugs should I start out and stick with? I know everybody’s big on metal lips and darters and I think swarters lol, Pikies! I know there’s a bunch of different types of wood swimmers and such! So if anybody has any advice on what sizes and weights to start out with, I pretty much know what colors work around here! But, I would love to hear what most of you feel are the most productive costums, here in the Jersey Shore waters! And if it’s been asked before, apologies in advance lol! Thanks! EA
  21. I am just beginning to get into surf fishing and I’m looking to purchase a rod and a reel. Any suggestions on an affordable set up for a rod, reel, line and etc.? What brands are best for rod and reels? Looking to spend less than $200 for everything. Thanks!
  22. I am searching for any information regarding the action and how to fish each type of plug. Unfortunately I have not grown up using plugs, nor do I know anyone who has. I have searched videos, articles, and on here. If anyone has any tips or can point me to the right direction, I am in great appreciation to all of you. Thank you.
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