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Found 146 results

  1. I'm Selling a Custom Made Cape Cod Canal Lure Bag that I purchased 25 years ago and I also added the Van Staal Patch. It's a Heavy Duty Surf Bag as pictures will show. It measures 7 3/4 inches in height and 12 inches long top and bottom and 8 inches wide. Back Pocket is 4 1/2 wide and Front Pocket 3 1/2 inches wide. It also has 6 Bucktail Holders. I don't know who made bag maybe SC will know. I'm asking $550.00 or $575.00 shipped. I'm in Suffolk County Long Island. Thank You rreelman!
  2. Gentlemen et al, Tomorrow I am playing hookey and hitting you know who and going you know where to catch you know what. Wish me luck.
  3. I think it's time, a lot of the other forums on this site have's time for the Main Forum to have one Pictures of fishing, fish, fishing trips, lures, tackle, people fishing, etc, etc, etc - let's see them Couple guidelines - please don't post images that are water marked with promotional logos or URLs - please don't post promotional or commercial/advertising type images - and if you are posting pictures of girls fishing, please make sure they are appropriately attired I'll start I've got miles of pictures...I'm sure lots of you guys do - let's see some! TimS
  4. Wtb a Thule Hullavator Located on Long Island.
  5. Selling Viking Profish Reload with both the tackle pod and chill pod $1200. I will sell with torqueedo motor for $2200. I am located Long Island NY.
  6. I have a Torqueedo 403 Ultralight For sale. Located Long Island NY. Looking for $1200 for it was not used often and always garage kept.
  7. I've got cabin fever. I just ordered some European Nightcrawlers, some small bobbers, put a couple of rods & reels, a net, and my fishing bag in my trunk. I'm ready! I live on Long Island and I'm old, so I am looking for some easy access spots to fish from shore. Any suggestions?
  8. While waiting for the Spring fishing to get here, I've been thinking. What's the feasibility of buying property in South Jersey that would provide access to forest land and wetland, with access to productive saltwater creek/tidal river habitat? Far-fetched? Cost-prohibitive? How would you go about searching? In my pipe dreams, purchasing property where development cannot occur (due to wetlands restrictions, for example), could be relatively cost effective. I'm likely still years away from being able to think seriously about this, but it's fun to dream.
  9. Temps will be in the upper 50s' Christmas Eve. Will Santa bring you a fish or a lump of seaweed?
  10. This reel was lightly used. I am the original owner and have original receipt and box. The reel was just serviced a few days ago by Mike at Saltwaters Tackle in LI. Reel also has brand new 40lb or 50lb Suffix 832( I can’t actually remember if it’s 40lb or 50lb I have too many darn reels. it’s brand new though I know that). Cosmetically 9.5/10 and mechanically 10/10. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Asking $425 Thanks for looking. Lee
  11. So I usually launch my kayak on the bay side or in the sod banks. But I want to start launching from the surf. I would like your suggestions of kayak friendly beaches and accessibility to launch kayaks. I appreciate all your help thank you. John
  12. I have 4 Okuma Makaira 130SEa in gunmetal finish all spooled with 130lb momoi diamond hollow core gen 3 9/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. Reel covers and boxes included. 950$ each plus PayPal fees shipped or picked up in FL 772-473-0675 Mickey
  13. So... This is a new one for me. I went surf fishing this morning and saw a random person picking up a gun and shooting it into the sand. I had my GoPro and was able to capture it. Unfortunately, the sound of the gun going off isn't as loud as I heard it in person. There are two angles that I was able to record. Second angle might be better... Anyone else ever have a gun going off while fishing on the surf? It's open carry in Florida for people who are fishing, hunting, or camping. Still, I never considered bringing a firearm. I recently bought one, but it will stay inside the house. Whoever left the gun on the surf needs his license taken away. It's like leaving kids and pets in a hot car. Negligence. Anyone, including kids, could have picked up the gun and shot themselves or others and caused harm. Drama starts at 4:30 minute mark.
  14. 9 shark sightings in one week on the south shore alone. Time to get out the sharking tackle.
  15. Hi y’all I’m trying to get into some saltwater kayak fishing. I currently don't own a fishing kayak, so any tips on purchasing an ideal one would be a great help whether it should be used or new or paddle or peddle. I am mainly going to be fishing in the Narragansett bay, and in rivers and estuaries. I have mainly been fishing from boat and land and this would be the first time I start up the hobby of fishing from kayak. The fish that I’m gonna be targeting will be striped bass, bluefish, fluke(summer flounder), tataug(blackfish), black sea bass, and scup(porgy). The types of fishing methods that I plan on using will be casting plugs and lures, chunking, trolling tube and worm and umbrella rigs, and bottom fishing. I mainly already have all the rods reels and tackle equipment, but extra tips on certain setups that would be ideal for kayak would be great help. I have a 2012 Ford Fusion sedan so transporting it would definitely needs some planning. Do you guys have any tips of a beginner set up that would work good for me. Mainly looking to spend relatively cheap but not too expensive, anywhere between $500-$1500. Also, what extra equipment would you recommend such as a fish-finder/depth finder, anchor, transporting equipment, and any other extra helpful accessories. Thanks
  16. I am just beginning to get into surf fishing and I’m looking to purchase a rod and a reel. Any suggestions on an affordable set up for a rod, reel, line and etc.? What brands are best for rod and reels? Looking to spend less than $200 for everything. Thanks!
  17. $80 shipped LS 69 5.5" Darter in Chartreuse over yellow LS69 6.5" Pink SP Minnow LS69 6.5" Schoolbus SP minnow LS69 5" Sp Minnow
  18. Hello! I’m looking to learn more about surf fishing. I have some experience with surf fishing where I would tag along with a friend of mine when he sets out to fish at the beach out on Long Island, NY. Although I have a pretty good sense on casting out and reeling in, I know that there is much more to fishing than just casting and reeling. I am seeking for more knowledge when it comes to rods, reels, lines, lures and etc. Any advice, tips, techniques and guidance for a beginner wanting to become good at surf fishing is appreciated.
  19. We all have a lot of free time now.. So I spend every day couple hours or our local lake. We have some trout, bass, crappies, sunfish, and cat fish there. This year trout was not stocked in our lake because of carnivorous... but we still have some of them left from the last year stocking.. Will be interesting to see what you have on your lake! Good luck and stay healthy!
  20. What is everyone’s favorite type of braid to use on their saltwater fishing reels from the surf? Like what do you feel gets you a longer distance? Thanks
  21. Hello name ant from the north jersey area 25 minutes away from the gwb, looking for people to meet up go fish and if you do have a boat would love to go out when you take it out! I have the gear i just need to find someone thats docks in the hudson river NJ side!
  22. My uncle lives in Connecticut and I have been wanting to plan a trip and I would like to go fishing while I’m there but I’m not sure what to use when it comes to bait and how tides affect fishing I am from Florida.
  23. The stripers are here! Time to get the reports going. Please, be considerate in your reports, i.e., don't be so specific that you could spot burn but share enough to contribute to the spirit of "sharing is caring".
  24. Hello! I have been to the Beverly pier many times. I have fished at the pier and at the marina place where the parking is. I have not caught anything at the marina, just a squid. However, on the pier, I have caught mackerel. Has anyone had the luck of catching other species like flounders or stripers? I think the crabs get to the bait before the fish can. Has anybody caught tog there maybe when dropping down to a piling? Info is appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Anyone know any spots to (legitimately) pitch tents close to montauk? I know now about Hither Hills but they are always booked and East Hamptons is far, been nearly 40/45 minutes to the point. Anyone know now any good spots to pitch tents in and around Montauk? I called the state park “Teddy Roosevelt” but apparently they don’t allow tent camping. Many ideas and thanks in advance.