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Found 173 results

  1. Hi last year was really my first year kayak fishing for fluke. I got a older petal drive kayak in fall. I would like to go out for blue fish and stripers this year with it. How do you guys organize your tackle. There’s limited space that’s within reach and no room under the seat of my yak. I normally surf fish and I don’t see my surf bag being a great option.
  2. Fiberstar Composite Predator blank with Fuji and American parts custom wrapped. Blank is about $220, parts/materials about $150, labor about $200. Reel is a new Penn Torque II 5000 with 40lb power pro line $700 Take the total package for $800 before the season start.
  3. I'm Selling a Custom Made Cape Cod Canal Lure Bag that I purchased 25 years ago and I also added the Van Staal Patch. It's a Heavy Duty Surf Bag as pictures will show. It measures 7 3/4 inches in height and 12 inches long top and bottom and 8 inches wide. Back Pocket is 4 1/2 wide and Front Pocket 3 1/2 inches wide. It also has 6 Bucktail Holders. I don't know who made bag maybe SC will know. I'm asking $550.00 or $575.00 shipped. I'm in Suffolk County Long Island. Thank You rreelman!
  4. Forgive me if I'm not asking this is the correct area. Now don't get jealous I just bought a Swifty 9.5 for fishing on a small local pond. Why you may ask, I need something I can pull on a cart behind a small segway. Due to the amount of wind on the pond I believe that skegs would be a huge plus since the pond catches a fair amount of wind. The swifty does not have a flat surface on the back to mount a skeg. What I am wondering if I can use 2 small skegs one on each side at an angle or am I better off to install a rudder?
  5. Not really a question, just sharing a funny little story at the intersection of politics and fishing. Unless, of course, people have strong feelings about the Mayor resigning or the fact that ice fishing shanties are apparently used for prostitution.
  6. I'm sick of going to the same spots and getting skunked over and over. At what point do you say this isnt fun anymore I'm just wasting time and money with nothing to show for it except a fish or two you cant even keep. And Ive noticed more often than not the crowd of people along the water with me arent finding fish either. I'm going to try surf casting this season and experiment at new areas along the coast instead of digging through forums for a popular place to fish only to go there and be disappointed. But Im not sure what I should be looking for, what are promising signs of fish. lIf im going to explore I want to at least do it methodically based on logic instead of just hoping this is a lucky spot. Obviously theres increased activity at dawn and dusk. Is the middle of the night a time of inactivity like middle of the day typically is? Then you have the tides that play a role. From what Ive gathered the moving tide creates underwater movement and turbulance that releases food and nutrients for baitfish and/or disorients them. Our target fish then move in on these vulnerable bait fish. Ive read the sweet spot is 2 hours before or after high and low tides is that right? Why would you want to start fishing 2 hours before high tide? i can see 2 hours after high tide, the water starts picking up speed and carrying baitfish from their inland waterways toward the open ocean, forcing them through chokepoints along the way that Target fish exploit. But 2 hours before high tide, the water is moving lazily inland I dont understand why that would be beneficial for action. And im not sure why there is an advantage of fishing around low tide. What other environment features can you read like you can a chokepoint? In a cove for example are you more likely to find fish at the entrance or deep inside? in shade or in shadow ? are they attracted to current eddies or calmer water? I know fish like structure would it be useful to study underwater topography charts where can i access detailed charts on a specific area?
  7. I started getting serious about surf fishing this season. My main goal is to start targeting sharks. I just bought an okuma solaris surf rod. 12ft heavy action. It has the ability to lob up to 16 ounces of lead. I also have a df100a on the way and some carbon washers to boot. It's nothing fancy and I still plan on getting a penn prevail or airwave rod for my bg 8000. Anyone else wanna share what they started with for surf sharks?
  8. Fish

    Hello, I recently tried to make the Holly Cattell bangle from the cookson project book. Using my little butane torch, I had real problems soldering the 5mm bead onto the ends of the 3mm silver wire. I spent all evening trying, and eventually gave up. The next day, out of interest, I tried again using my plumber's propane torch. No finesse whatsoever, but with a big roaring flame, it soldered perfectly first time. So, was my problem that the little butane torch wasn't up to the job? A friend told me it should be sufficient because it gets hot enough to melt the solder, but surely it's not just the heat, but the amount of it that also counts? (the little torch didn't even make the silver glow red, the big one did very quickly). If I do need to buy another torch, would something like a Sievert do? I have read the forums and a lot of people like the Smith's little torch, but it's a bit out of budget at the moment. So i I decided to Google if are there any free torches I could get luckily I came that promised free torches but I just have to pay for shipment only so I did. Guess what? I got delivery 2 days ago.
  9. Greetings, I just joined and was interested in those who collect lures and what screw tails Bomber Long A's any one had. I have over 200 and I know I am missing 80+ colors. Bomber made so many variants on top of all the different color patterns. I am still missing a Pumpkinseed color.
  10. Just removed this great ladder rack from my F150 in order to install a cap.... This is a Thule black steel ladder rack made to fit all full size pick up trucks. I've used it to carry rods, kayaks and just about everything ... $300 Pick up in Southeast Ma will deliver within 15 miles of Middleboro... rack
  11. Hello all, looks like the majority vote on my last post was the Sea Robin! I will be starting the article tomorrow, article should be out on Friday, thanks for your patience!!
  12. Hello all, looks like the majority vote on my last post was the Sea Robin! I will be starting the article tomorrow, article should be out on Friday, thanks for your patience!!
  13. Any ideas for species I should do research on? I will be posting the article for the species in a week or so depending on which species is requested the most. I have already done false albacore and striped bass.
  14. Hello all, here is the ROUGH DRAFT for my striped bass article, I will be adding to it depending on the suggestions in the comments, and please, do not comment if you are going to say something negative, only comment if you have something positive to say or a suggestion, keep in mind I am only a kid and I do not support the people talking negatively about me in my comments, but anyways, enjoy the article, thank you. Striped bass research.pdf
  15. Hello all, I am now working on a research article about striped bass and their feeding patterns in the fall run and their migratory patterns in the winter. The article should be up by Thursday 10/14/21, thank you for your patience.
  16. Hello all, I have recently edited the article about false albacore research to all of the people's liking that commented on my post with the original article, I will keep on editing this article until all are satisfied. Most of the information has been kept on the article, I just added some more information towards the bottom of the article and in the baitfish section of the article. I hope you all enjoy. Here is the link to the new and improved version of the article: False Albacore Research by Anthony Carbone (3).pdf
  17. Hello all, I have recently made a document about false albacore and different things about albies, let me know what you guys think and what I should edit! False Albacore Research by Anthony Carbone.pdf
  18. I will start. I fished for 2 days in a row in NY with my foot in the scupper due to sporty conditions. We come home on a Friday and Saturday morning Pete said what's up with your foot. I look and my toe is splayed. I do a Google search and plantar plate tear comes up. I go to the podiatrist and she sends me for an x-ray to rule out a dislocation or a fracture. Then I have to wait 6 weeks to get sent for an MRI. I had to wait for an authorization to get the MRI. I went last week for the MRI and Thurs I get the results. I have a plantar plate tear at my 3rd toe. I've been taping my 3rd toe to the 2nd toe and wearing an adhesive felt pad on the bottom of my foot since 7/31. Now I have to get insurance authorization to have an orthotic insert made for my shoe. Just my luck!
  19. Sorry if I haven't followed the procedure correctly, this is my first post here... Wondering how effective topwaters are in the wind for striped bass. I've been able to have luck with topwaters and bluefish when they're on the feed, but haven't had much with topwaters and striped bass in the wind lately. ALSO... If it's calm, are topwaters always the go-to lure, even if I am fishing from a boat? If not, when should I know when to switch?
  20. Can anyone ID this thing, or offer any suggestions on how I could restore it to fish it myself? The metal lip appears a bit offset, maybe it warped?
  21. Recently came into possession of these lures, wondering which ones are the top performers of the bunch.
  22. Hey Everyone! I have a lightly used Orvis helios 2 and hydros large arbor V combo available. It is in excellent condition still as it has mostly sat in the case since I bought it. Comes with original rod tube, reel case, reel box with warranty info. The only piece that is not original is the rod bag itself. I do not remember what the exact brand of fly line and backing is, it seems to still be in good condition. I would still recommend replacing the line as it is old. Asking $900 shipped in the lower 48 Thanks!
  23. So, I currently have a TICA 8 footer medium-heavy action rod that's an absolute winch with striped bass, but I'd love to be casting further especially during windy days, as well as when that bait is just out of range. But, I still want a rod that makes catching schoolies a bit entertaining. Same goes for the reel, a baitrunner might be nice. Any suggestions? Fish from shore and boat, this would probably be a shore rod/reel combo. Thanks!
  24. Hypothetically, if one wanted to learn how to get started on building their own lures and plugs, how would they get the stuff and make the lures? I've got a metal lathe that should also work for wood - that seems to be the important thing. Basically just wondering where to begin - I want to keep it small at first, upscale if I like it. Any books/videos/other informational outlets you would recommend? Thanks! Patrick
  25. Title is pretty self-explanatory, I'd love to hear some opinions!