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Found 1 result

  1. Even with the line testing machine constructed and given to me, I'm still too lazy to test more line. I do however, test the ABS at least once on all line I've purchased from EBAY just to make sure it's real. I need to weigh them to get an idea of line diameter. Basically line weight per ft correlates to line thickness. Here's the link to see the testing so far. I mainly test FG and Bimini KBS since that's what I found to test the highest and I can tie an FG knot blindfolded. Line 1 to 45 are a friend's test results. He tests the higher test stuff. I mainly test the 20lbs and under line. The line per foot method basically weighs 10ft of line to get an idea of the thickness. If you want to compare the thickness of one 30lbs line to another 30lbs line, look at their weight. The heavier one per foot will always be thicker since they are all mainly spectra or dyneema. Look at 30lbs Seaguar Smackdown. It's ABS is 31 lbs and it's line weight is 14 mg. So of course it will test lower than say power pro 30lbs which weighs 21 mg and has an ABS of 46.2 lbs. Looking at the Strength to Weight ratio will give you an idea of which line has the best strength/diameter ratio. It will also help you look past the marketing gimmick like my 10 lbs test is the strongest in the world or my 30lbs test Seaguar Smackdown is the thinnest 30lbs braid in the world. They can all make that claim by just varying the diameter of the line. Make the 10lbs test thicker and claim to be the strongest 10lbs braid in the market. Make the 20lbs thinner(yet still breaks around 20lbs unknotted) and claim it to be the thinnest 20lbs braid anywhere(Gliss is a good example and so is Samurai Braid and Daiwa Saltiga Surf). Most people who use those really thin but highly rated line eventually dumps the line since it breaks MUCH lower than the LABELED strength when you add knot to the equations(Nanofil(notoriously bad KBS using anything but FG knot), Gliss, Samurai Braid, and Smackdown are good example). Yes Seaguar Smackdown 30lbs braid is expensive and is the thinnest 30lbs braid in the world(as far as I know), and that's because it's diameter is about the same diameter of most USA 10lbs braid, and its ABS is also similar to those 10lbs braid. Compare Seaguar Smackdown 30lbs braids to Spiderwire Stealth and Suffix 832 in 10lbs. Both of those weighs a hair under the Seaguar Smackdown 30lbs and they break just a hair under also. Fireline Crystal in 10lbs is also very impressive at 28.55 lbs and a weight of 13.5 mg. You can also see that Gliss 24 lbs is about 9 to 11 mg depending on which spool you get. It's ABS is no where near 24 lbs and it is indeed thinner than any 10lbs braid. And of course, it's ABS is also lower than most 10lbs braid. When doing KBS, I find that lines that are smooth seems to have better KBS/ABS ratio with FG and Bimini knot. Course line suffers with Bimini knot. There are exceptions and there is no way to know until you test it. Also it is a given that line will lose 10-20 % knot strength after it's coating wears off. No one line is perfect for every situation. Sometime you need those extra thin line to cut thru currents. Some time you need those stiffer line for reels that don't handle braid well. I wouldn't give my kid a reel lined with Gliss but I can give them a reel full of 10 lbs Fireline Crystal and not worried about loose loops and wind knots.